WWF Weight Gain


Hunter, I can’t believe I lost the women’s title last night on RAW, complained Stephanie, as she opened another bag of crisps.

Well, Steph, that Chyna is just too strong for you, and let’s face it: you’re not the most technically skilled wrestler in the WWF.

Well, I want that title back, Hunter, so can you help train me today, so I can get it back? asked Stephanie, putting the first few crisps into her awaiting mouth.

Yeah, sure, Steph, but what kind of wrestler do you want to be? A high flyer, technical, speed, it’s really up to you, said HHH, climbing to his feet after completing his daily 100 press-ups.

Well, let’s see how things turn out; I will have a go at them all, and what I do best in, I will use to beat that human wall, Chyna, muffled Stephanie through a mouthful of crisps.

Steph donned some sports wear and went to the ring to have a little sparring session with her husband. They first tried technical, but Stephanie, not being the most coordinated woman in the world, couldn’t get the holds right at all. They then moved onto speed, but she wasn’t anyway near fast enough to avoid her husband’s shots. He never actually made contact with her but stopped his fists right in front of her face.

They then moved onto high flying, where Lita came to watch. She wanted to use the ring for some practice, but couldn’t as the daughter of the WWF’s owner was using it. She took a seat with an armful of junk food and started to stuff her face as Stephanie carried on practicing. She was starving from a 3- mile run, which she took a few hours ago in the hope to shift the 5 lbs she had gained quite recently. She laughed as Steph climbed up onto the turn buckle time after time and failed to perform drop kicks, moonsaults and hurricanes.

Stephanie was getting very frustrated by her failing attempts and hearing Lita laughing out loud at her wasn’t helping. Steph tried to ignore her, but she finally snapped when she tried a dropkick and landed on her ass.

Hey, Lita, shut the fuck up! Nobody asked your fat ass to come down here and watch me, so just fuck right off! screamed Steph from the ring down to Lita below.

Lita was stunned. Stephanie was clearly fatter then her, even though Lita was a bit more heavy than usual. Lita wanted revenge for Steph’s comments, as many of the other wrestlers heard and she felt very embarrassed. She stormed off, with her food in hand to plot her revenge. She went to the woman’s locker room and carried on eating as she planned.

Hey, Lita, having fun? asked Trish Stratus playfully, gesturing to all of Lita’s food. So what you doing, just sitting here? she asked.

Oh, I am just planning my revenge on Stephanie McMahon. That bitch had the nerve to call me fat!

Well, sorry to tell you, but you are putting on weight.

Yeah, I kinda knew that, but she is fatter then me and I want her to pay, cause all the other guys heardI have got it! I can make her fat, really fat. She is trying to become a wrestler, so if she can be persuaded that putting on some weight would give her the power to beat Chyna, she would pile on the lbs. I can’t exactly tell her to put on weight, but you could. Come on Trish, do this for me, please!! begged Lita from her seat, looking into Trish’s eyes.

Ok, ok, but she will want someone to go out to eat with her; you have to make it up with her and then take her out to stuff her face. The lbs will soon arrive, and you will have your vengeance.

Lita agreed, and Trish went off to find Stephanie, who was in the toilet washing her red face to cool herself down.

Hi, Steph, I heard you’re not doing so well. Apparently you have tried everything', but it’s not working. But you haven’t tried everything. You could try some power wrestling. But let’s face it: you’re a bit too skinny for it. You will have to bulk up if you want the power to get your belt back. But that’s only if you really want that belt back.

Yeah, you’re right Trish, but I don’t want to gain weight. HHH won’t like it too much, but he said for better or for worse and its only until I get my belt back. Yeah, a few lbs will give me the power I need to beat Chyna. Thanks, Trish, but can you come out to dinner with me? I don’t want to eat alone, said Steph with her puppy dog eyes.

Trish agreed and they both went to change before heading out. Trish would go out with her for a few times until Lita befriended her.

They went out to a nearby restaurant and enjoyed a four-course meal and a very good time. They had a great chat over the masses of food and really got along. It looked like the beginning of a beautiful friendship, and Trish felt sad to say her good nights to her new friend. She, like Steph, was stuffed but got on the phone and called Lita to go to Steph’s room and make it up with her. Lita agreed and, after her second Big Mac, went to Steph’s hotel room down the hall to her own.

Hi, Steph I have just come to apologize about today. I shouldn’t have laughed as it took me a while to get wrestling down to a T. I just hope we can be friends.

Oh, yeah, I was going to come to you tonight to apologize, too. I shouldn’t have said you were fat as you are obviously having a little trouble with your weight at the moment, and I shouldn’t have bought it to the other guys' attention. Friends?

Friends, replied Lita, then the two women met for a hug. Lita could feel Steph’s full stomach, and Steph could feel Lita’s softer gut. Lita was tempted to stop her vendetta but decided not to, as she really wanted to see Stephanie fat and now she seemed to be committed to her weight gain.

Lita stayed in Stephanie’s room, as they snacked out of the mini-bar, and Stephanie told Lita she was deliberately gaining weight for her wrestling career. Lita went back to her room, feeling the way Trish did; she had really started to like Steph.

The next day Lita talked to Trish about making Steph gain, and they both decided to keep it up to see what would happen. Steph walked into the room after they had just finished talking and asked if they wanted breakfast on her. The two agreed, and they all went out to a nearby greasy spoon. Steph ordered two stacks of pancakes, and Lita and Trish just had salads.

Hey, you guys, I don’t want to have all that food, while you just have a salad; come on eat with me, said Steph after hearing their order.

They both shrugged and had the same as Stephanie. The food arrived, and they all dug in, enjoying a conversation over their meal. Trish eat her first stack but couldn’t finish the second half of her second, so gave it to Steph who squeezed it down. Lita managed to eat her two on her own, though, and felt full.

The girls then went back to the arena to see who was fighting that night; it turned out that Matt Hardy was against Al Snow, so Lita would have to come out to ring side, Steph also had a role as she had to just talk about The Rock being suspended from the WWF. Trish was free that evening, so she decided to prepare the dinner for the night. She fixed up three huge portions of spaghetti bolognaise, followed by a fat, greasy burger and fries for each of them and for desert an apple pie each. She finished and watched the end of smackdown from a monitor and waited for the two to come for dinner. Lita wore some sweat pants and a longer top than usual to cover her weight gain, and she was successful, as it wasn’t noticeable. Steph’s weight gain wasn’t much so far, so people didn’t notice either.

When they were both done, they came over for dinner to Trish’s room, which she booked for the evening, and they started eating over a bottle of red wine. While Stephanie was in the toilet, Trish told Lita to lay up on the food, so Stephanie would eat all the food they didn’t and she would gain quicker. Lita agreed, and both Lita and Trish finished most of each course, but when all of the leftover food was put in front of Steph, her eyes widened. She slowly ploughed through but could quite finish, so Lita finished up, saying she felt better enough to eat the last bits.

They then just watched TV and snacked through the night until HHH came back from the bar; he took Stephanie home, and when he started some foreplay, he rubbed her stomach and felt it jut out.

Jesus, Steph, what happened to you? Hunter asked, bewildered.

Oh, I haven’t told you yet, have I? I have decided to gain a little weight, so I will have enough power to beat Chyna and get my belt back. You don’t mind me getting fatter - do you, Hunter? she asked slyly.

Well, to honest, yes, I do. You have always been chunky, and I could handle that, but you getting fatter I don’t think I can handle. No, Steph, if you’re gonna gain, then I can’t be with you, said Hunter, giving his ultimatum.

Well, sorry, but you said for better and for worse, and I really want this title back. I am sorry, but you can piss off if you think I won’t have a career to please you in bed. Now get out! shouted Stephanie, pointing to the door.

Yeah, sure said Hunter, pulling on some jeans and top. I don’t need your fat ass, anyway. I can get any woman I want, so I don’t need you

Stephanie started to cry and called over her new girl friends to consol her. Lita had the idea to console her with comfort food, and it would help her conquest to make her fat. But Trish also had the idea, and they both showed up with bags full of junk food. They gave her a hug, and they started to talk about what had happened, and they also gave her the food, which she started to wolf down even though she must have been full from her dinner.

Lita and Trish started eating, too, and they all fell asleep with junk food in their mouths in the wee hours of the morning. In the morning, Lita went back to her room, while Steph and Trish went to breakfast. She wanted to see Matt, and the two went out to eat while she did.

She walked into her room and saw Matt was getting dressed. She had written a note to say where she had gone last night and Matt was ok with that.

Hi, babe, is Stephanie ok, then? said Matt as he heard her come in; he was tying his laces so he hadn’t seen her yet.

Yeah, she will be fine, so what are you up to today, babe? I thought we could go shopping and get some new clothes.

Matt asked, Why do we need new clothes? I thought we got some new gear the other day, said Matt as he looked up. Then his mouth dropped. Lita’s stomach was poking out from under her bra top.

Geez, Lita, I think I know who needs the new clothes; you’re busting out of the seams, hun.

Yeah, I know; you don’t mind, do you?

Well, let me just find out, he said as he embraced her and felt the warm soft layer of fat on her stomach. He then undid her trousers, and her stomach fell out a little more. They kissed and fell onto the bed and went at it like rabbits.

A few hours later, they were lying on the bed with smiles from ear to ear. God, that was fantastic hun; I think I am getting to like that pot belly of yours. If the more weight you gain, the better our sex life, then just carry on, baby. I never knew I was a fat lover before, but I am loving your fat, said Matt, giving her growing waistline the thumbs up.

Lita smiled, and then they went out shopping to sort Lita out with some new gear a size larger than her old stuff. Matt then took her out to a nice restaurant and stuffed her silly, as he now wanted her to gain. They then went home after the huge meal and enjoyed even better sex then that morning, as Lita was now fully stuffed and her potbelly was nice and firm.

The next day, Matt was helping pack away the ring, as they were moving on to the next state of their never-ending tour of the U.S. While Matt was working, she caught up with her girls, who were still recovering from yesterday’s stuffing. They still went out to eat, and Lita told them all about yesterday’s events and how Matt wanted her to gain. Steph grew jealous but couldn’t do anything apart from eat. The girls just sat and talked in a nearby caf all day and never stopped eating all day. They decided to have an hour break to have a large dinner, as Steph wanted to gain her weight to get her title back and Lita wanted to gain her weight to improve her sex life. Trish had no reason to gain; she was just spending her time with her new friends, as she had nobody in her life. She hated being alone, and gaining weight was a small price to pay to be with people.

As a few days passed the girls had barely stopped eating and had all gained a lot of weight. Lita was at 123 as she had been previously skinny but had gained roughly 13 lbs including her 5 lb gain at the start. She took her weight to her belly, which pleased Matt as he found her was a bit of a belly man.

Trish was up to 134 lbs as she wasn’t too light from her large chest. Her gain had landed to her ass and thighs, and she had developed a nice wobble.

But Stephanie was the heaviest. She now clocked in at a whopping 152 lbs, as she was already ‘quite chunky’ as HHH put it, and she had gained the most weight. She took her weight to her hips and stomach, and her gain was very clear, just like the others.

But now they all had a role on RAW: Lita would be at ring side as the Hardys took on Edge and Christian; Trish would come out with Vince McMahon as his sweet heart but not back stage. And Stephanie would be at ringside with HHH as he took on Chris Benoit. The girls wanted to hide their weight gain, so they all donned corsets and baggy clothing. They managed to pull it off as nobody noticed, and nobody noticed for the next few weeks as the lbs piled on and the Christmas holidays approached.

Lita was up to 149 lbs with a fatter ass and bigger tits; Trish was 157 with a fatter gut and bigger tits. But Steph again was the fattest at 171 lbs; she had been eating nonstop, and her lower half took all of the weight other than her double chin and thicker arms. Steph thought she would now start weight training to gain her power and started on her heavy weights.

The girls had managed to get the whole of December off and half of January, and in this time they planned to go back home. Lita would go with Matt to her momma’s in Italy; Trish to her parents in Washington and Stephanie was going to her in-laws in England. She had always got on with them, and they were happy to have her, even though HHH wouldn’t be there, as he didn’t want to spend Christmas with her.

Lita’s Christmas

Lita had rung her mom, saying she would come over and she had gained weight and didn’t mind gaining more. This made her mom happy, as she loved to feed up her daughter. Maria (Lita’s mom) was also happy as she could finally meet Matt. They had been going out for ages now and hadn’t met Lita’s mom.

They boarded the plane and arrived 10 hours later. They went right to Maria’s house in Rome, and Matt was surprised at her sheer size. She was huge and gave her daughter a hug and a kiss on the face; she also gave the same to Matt and welcomed them in. They went to unpack while dinner was being served. They found Lita’s old room and put away their stuff. They then came downstairs to see the table groaning with rich Italian food. They looked at each other with a smile, and they started to eat. Matt had a modest share of the food and left Lita and Maria to eat the rest. Lita stuffed herself with plate after plate, and her exposed stomach grew fuller and fuller. As Lita was slowing down, Matt started to hand feed her and didn’t receive any kind of weird look from Maria. Matt figured that it was ok for Latino women to be big and their men to like it.

Matt carried on feeding Lita as Maria threw questions at him like: where he was from and why he was with her? Matt managed to answer her questions correctly, and she was happy with him after their meal. Matt then offered to help wash the dishes as there was a lot of them, but Maria wouldn’t hear of it. So he just stayed at the table rubbing his girl friend’s bloated stomach, as she continued to eat from the only plate left on the table. It was piled high with pasta. Slowly, it all disappeared into her stomach, and she practically passed out afterwards. Matt took her to bed, as she was jetlagged, too, and carried on talking to Maria who now seemed to trust him.

The next day Lita woke up hungry, as she hadn’t eaten since she’d gone to bed at three in the afternoon. That day would be hard for Matt, as the family was coming over to check him out. He didn’t eat much, as he was a little nervous, but it left all the more for Lita - which she devoured with vigour.

Soon the bell rang and five large Italian men made their way in. They kissed Lita on the cheek, and all commented in Italian about her new weight. They then shook hands with Matt and started to talk with him in the lounge as Maria and Lita remained in the dinning room to finish eating and keep out of the men’s business. They shot questions at him quickly, and he answered them as best as he could. After half an hour, they took him out for a drink to prove he was a man. They made him have a slammers contest, and Matt held his own for a while before giving up. He had done better than any man who had taken out Lita before, and now they gave Matt their blessing.

They then took him to the high street and watched him to make sure he wasn’t checking out any of the girls that passed. But Matt didn’t even look, as he was more then satisfied with Lita.

They took him back to Maria’s, where he went in to see Lita, and saw she had been eating nonstop since he left. He was happy with this and started to kiss her but then fell asleep, as he was too drunk to stay awake. Lita couldn’t get up to put him to bed, so she just held him until her mom came in to get him to bed.

The rest of the month was a nonstop binging session for Lita. She was deeply in love with Matt, and getting fatter was fun as she could stuff herself with her mom’s cooking and have the greatest sex ever. Matt was loving it, too, having the woman of his life becoming more and more beautiful as she burst out of outfit after outfit. As it hit Christmas day, Matt had gotten Lita whole new wardrobe, which was the same style of revealing clothing but larger. He also got her a huge chocolate cake, which was over a foot high and a meter round, but she managed to eat it in two days. And he also got her an engagement ring. Lita was amazed and said yes to her man.

They were on cloud nine and Lita redoubled her efforts to gain to be as fat as she could for the honeymoon.

The two weeks of January were spent by Lita in the dining room; her mom was working nonstop to keep her fed, and Matt was loving it. He would have to carry her to the bathroom, as she couldn’t walk from being too full all the time. He also took her to bed where he would enjoy nights of supreme sex, as his plumping girl inflated a little more every day.

As they packed their bags, Matt was a little curious.

Hey, hun, I was wondering what you weigh? Come on let’s have a look, suggested Matt as he opened the bedroom door.

Lita followed him to the bathroom and climbed up onto the scale. 100120 140 170 190 225 224 the needle rested on 224 lbs! Lita was stunned at the news and looked over at an ecstatic Matt.

Well, haven’t we turned into a right fatty, Lita? he said jokingly, poking her in her exposed, fat stomach. Lita was truly a sight for sore eyes: she had grown a nice double chin and chunkier cheeks. A larger chest that allowed her to wear a 44DD bra. Her soft gut seemed to defy gravity just like she did in the ring. In any other woman it would make a nice overhang, but for Lita it was just a huge potbelly that jutted out past her tits. Lita’s love handles spewed over her waistband and had grown so much from just love handles to a lot of love to handle. Her hips her wide and very broad. Her ass shot out behind her and made a nice shelf at the bottom of her spine. But it, like her gut didn’t sag, this meant she knocked over things whenever she turned around a corner. Lita’s thighs also grew and were now so wide that they rubbed together when she walked and gave her a nice waddle.

Lita went into Matt’s open arms, and they hugged for a while before remembering they had to go. Lita and Matt said their goodbyes and thank yous and left for the airport. On the way Matt noticed that he had barely left the house while in Rome and the city was very beautiful. He also saw that he had gained a little weight while being in the house all the time, but he had the discipline to shift it in a few days, unlike Lita’s gain.

They checked in their bags in and waited for the plane. They then boarded, but as Lita sat down, she found it kind of hard to fit herself into the seat. Matt lifted his armrest up and moved over a bit to let his girl have enough room. On the flight Lita ate the food cart dry and fell to sleep with a smile on her face and Matt’s arm around her (as far as it would go anyway).

Trish’s Christmas

As soon as Trish was free she headed off home. She packed her bags and flew over as soon as possible. She soon landed and caught a cab back home. She knocked the door and was met by her mom, who wasn’t too happy to see a bit of meat on her bones.

She put her bags upstairs and prepared for dinner. Her mom was rich: she funded Trish’s boob-job and did anything her daughter wanted and what her daughter wanted was food. Her appetite has large from the previous weeks, and her parents got enough food to feed her twice over from the cook. Trish sat down and started eating and put away more than her fair share and a half. She sat back, rubbing her tummy, feeling full, then desert was bought out. It was apple pie, her favourite, and the cook had made three for her. Trish couldn’t resist the smell, even though she was full, and started to chew down the pies.

Her parents watched, quite amazed at her appetite, and she forced herself to eat all three pies, leaving her red in the face and almost crying, holding her stomach. Her parents then both left to go to the golf club and decided to leave Trish behind to digest her food.

Trish just chilled out at home and, as the evening passed, got some snacks bought to her to keep her full. She felt really lonely and empty inside, so she used the food to fill the void in her life. Trish, in fact, fell asleep on the couch mid-snack.

The next morning she felt really hungry from her stomach being stretched the night before and pumped three and a half stacks of pancakes and a few rounds of toast into her awaiting stomach. That day she chilled out by the pool in her tight black bikini, never stopping ringing her bell for more food. She ate until she felt ill, then slept in the warm sun, and then, when she woke, ate some more. The food she was eating turned right to cellulite, and as the days passed the layer of cellulite around her body grew thicker and thicker.

As Christmas day arrived, Trish received her gifts, which included jewelry, new and bigger clothes as Trish was still somehow squeezing into her original clothes and was frequently bursting out of them. She also got a new car, money and - which was a little weird but very gratefully received - a three foot wide and one foot deep apple pie. She - to her family’s amazement - after eating a Christmas dinner for four people, ate the entire apple pie. But, afterwards, she passed out holding her fully exposed, rock hard stomach. She had exploded out of her outfit mid-meal and was just left in the remains of her top over her huge chest and the bottoms of her trousers over her ankles.

Trish didn’t eat it all very quickly, though; she took two toilet breaks and had long rests, but she still managed to somehow eat all that pie.

At New Year’s Eve, Trish’s parents went out, but she wanted to stay in. She got in front of the TV and started the largest binge of her life. She had pizzas, Chinese food, donuts, crisps, chocolate, ice-cream and a whole lot more. She ate deep into the night, and right up to the point where she passed out with a big smile on her food-covered face.

The rest of January Trish ate, but not as much as she could have, as she was a little worried about going back to the WWF. She decided to weigh herself to see what she weighed and was stunned when it landed on 218 lbs. She used a hand held mirror to see the read-out as her chest prevented her seeing. She now wore a 42FF, but her once firm tits had lost all their perkiness and sagged to each side of her stomach. Her ass sagged down the back of her thundering thighs and was dimpled with cellulite like the rest of her body. She not only had a waddle but a wobble not anybody could ignore. She packed her bags and thanked her parents before leaving.

She checked in her bags and boarded her plane to find, as Lita did, her seat was too small. She couldn’t do anything as someone was sitting there, so she had to remain confined throughout the short flight.

Stephanie’s Christmas

When Stephanie could go, she packed her bags and made a last call to the UK to say she was on her way. Her in-laws said yeah and were looking forward to seeing her. She boarded her plane and devoured half of the food cart before landing. She had arrived in time for dinner - as the other two had -which wasn’t too weird as they’d all left at different times. She received her hugs and went to put her bags upstairs.

She came down to find that her in-laws knew that she was gaining weight to purpose, so they said they would help her out. Stephanie went through to the dining room to see the table groaning under the weight of being covered with fish and chips. Steph took a seat and started eating. The family - HHH’s dad, mom and little sister Sally, who herself was overweight - all eat their portions of food and left Stephanie with far too much food for her stomach. She began to soon lag as the greasy chips filled her up. But then they all started to cheer her on. Come on, Steph, you can do it! Just a bit more, then you will be strong enough to get your title back - and many other comments that gave her the energy and will to choke all of the remaining food down. Afterwards, she was truly stuffed and the Helmsleys were happy she was done.

That evening, Steph was forced to snack and went to bed holding her full stomach. The next morning, she was woken by the smell of a cooked breakfast. She came down to see 28 plates full. She asked who was coming over, but when she heard it was for her, she felt a little weird. The three took their plates, leaving 15 for Steph. She started and slowly made her way through. It took her until lunch but she managed to eat them all. She sat back rubbing her stomach, when she heard that she would have to do a little work. The family had recently bought a fish and chip shop, which last night’s dinner, had come from.

Steph put on her uniform and was taught the ropes. She was told to put twice as much fat in the fryer to make everything twice as fattening. And - as she was gaining and business was very slow in the little town they lived - if a fryers of chips wasn’t bought within an hour of being cooked, than she should eat them and eat them all, as Mr. Helmsley hated waste. She was also told to do the same with the fish, and, after being told how to do some other things like wrapping and using the till, he left her there.

Stephanie was bored, and in the first day only five people came in, which meant she had to do a lot of eating. She spent the whole day with a mouth full of potatoes covered in fat and came home barely able to walk.

She took a seat and was told dinner would be ready in a few minutes. She groaned but they persuaded her to eat, even if was just a little bit, and lifted her to her feet. She then took her seat in the dining room and began to eat her dinner, which was a British Sunday dinner, but for Steph it could have fed four. She didn’t have the strength to lift her folk, so Sally helped her out and hand fed her the remains of her meal.

For that month, Steph worked most days, and she absolutely stuffed herself to bursting. If she was off work, she would lounge around the house and be fed a nonstop meal by Mrs. Helmsley. Steph’s weigh shot up, and she quickly outgrew her clothes. She went into the town and bought several sweat suits in her size and larger, as she wasn’t in the hunt of men, so didn’t really care about her appearance.

For Christmas dinner, Mrs. Helmsley seemed to work especially hard. She started work in the middle of the night, and, when it was done, Steph was stunned. She came in to see five turkeys, large bowls of almost every vegetable on earth, a colossal gravy boat and several bottles of wine.

Steph took her seat and started on the first turkey. She just tore handfuls of meat out and shoveled it into her mouth. Time passed, and there was a dent in the food on the table. It took hours, but Stephanie slowly but surely made her way through the plates of vegetables and turkeys. She downed everything in the rich gravy and over the course of the meal had devoured four boats full. Steph could feel her trouser waistband dig into her tender stomach, so she just pulled it down under her hips; she also took off her top to give her tremendous stomach room to breathe. The Helmsleys didn’t seem to mind, as she was wearing a bra and it would help her eat.

The food soon disappeared and Stephanie lent back with a groan to celebrate her finishing her meal. At this point Mrs. Helmsley stated, Time for dessert. Stephanie couldn’t believe it, but sat back up with a little pain in her stomach and prepared for her dessert. Mrs. Helmsley brought out a giant Christmas pudding, and at this Steph thought, Ahh, there is only one, so the others will have some, too. But then her hopes were dashed when Mrs. Helmsley then went back out and retrieved three smaller puddings.

Steph took a deep breath, as she started to choke down the cake. It took about an hour and a half, but she pushed the remaining crumbs into her mouth. She sat there, half asleep, red face and a tear in her eye.

The family let her rest as she drifted off to sleep, holding her stomach and groaning from the pain of her tightly packed stomach.

Steph woke up fro breakfast the next day. She clothed herself again and went to the toilet then started on her breakfast. It was a fry up as usual, but she managed to down it in record time, as her stomach was very stretched. She then went to work and happily stuffed herself with chips and put on as many as she could, so she could eat all the more.

January passed the same way. She’d gorge down a fattening, large breakfast, then stuff herself silly at work and have to sit on a stall, as she was always too full to stand. She would then go home to a colossal dinner, leaving her asleep in the dining room. By mid January, Steph was huge. She packed her bags and went into the bathroom; she then saw the scales and was a little curious. She hopped on and looked down, but her stomach was in the way. She grabbed a nearby hand mirror and looked at the reading and was stunned. 249lbs!!!!! Steph got off and tried it again, and it hit 251. She then looked at herself in the full-length mirror for the first time in a while. Her chubby face floated on a ring of fat that went around her neck. She also saw her face was really greasy from all the chips and the starts of some spots coming through. She looked down some more to her chest; it had grown but not that much and only filled 44CC. She then looked down some more to her stomach. It was a large wobbling blob that hung down onto her pussy like Trish’s. But, of course, her stomach was bigger. Her hips were wide, and her ass was huge. It hung down onto her thighs and was covered in cellulite dimples. Her thighs were much thicker and rubbed and wobbled leaving the fat Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley with a large waddle.

Steph thought, well, this should be enough, washed some of the grease off her face, went down to say her goodbyes and left in a cab for the airport. She put in her bags, boarded the plane and squeezed her ass into a first class seat. She felt very confined for the whole flight but felt happy that she was going to get her belt back.

After the flight she, like the others, headed for the hotel, ready for RAW the next day.

They all squeezed into the room and were all amazed at each other - that they had all gained loads of weight in such a little amount of time. They were all covered in stretch lines from gaining so much weight in such a short time.

They were having a ball catching up and called for a few dozen pizzas for dinner. They all wanted to inspect each other’s bodies to see where they gained, so first they checked Lita. She was already wearing a bra top that showed off her huge potbelly. And then she took off her trousers, so she was just in her trademark thong. Steph and Trish were curious how she seemed to defy gravity, and she told them that’s what she was like in the ring.

They then checked Steph. She took off her sweat suit and stood in her bra and knickers. Lita saw that the 25 extra lbs had gone right to her gut and ass. They wobbled her belly a bit before moving onto Trish. She had a beautiful suntan, and her fat, wobbling body was almost totally covered in cellulite. They examined her dimples as she stood in her underwear. Once they were all done, they didn’t bother putting on their clothes as everybody’s outfits were tight, and they needed room to grow.

The pizzas came, and they all dug in, wolfing them down at a high rate. After they had eaten all of the pizzas, they called room service and ordered as many desserts as they could think of. And when it came, they ate that, too, making them fell better, fuller.

They talked for hours deep into the night, and when Matt walked in, he almost came right then and there. He hugged each to welcome them back and got to feel their warm soft bodies against his own. They said goodbye, and Lita grabbed her man and fucked him.

The next day they all prepared for their roles. Lita would accompany the Hardys as they took on the big show in a two-on-one match. Trish was going to take on Ivory, and Stephanie was getting her shot at the women’s title with Chyna.

The first match was Trish’s. She came out in her sports top and hot pants, and the whole crowd was almost silent. She came into the ring and started her match. Her weight made her slow, but Ivory couldn’t get her off her feet. When Trish got a hold of her, though, she took the wind out of her with a scoop slam then a Bonsai drop - which is when you stand above your opponent’s chest and drop down so you are sitting on them. She did this three times and won the match. As she heaved herself to her feet, the crowd her cheering, as if they didn’t mind that the once slim and beautiful Trish became a real fatty. She waddled back up the ramp with the crowd cheering, and she felt really good about herself.

The next match was the Hardy Boys match. They came out, and Lita followed. The crowd was once again silent, and as the match started the crowd started to concentrate on the match. The Hardys were getting their asses kicked, but when Matt managed to hit the twist of fate, Jeff followed with a Swanton bomb. Lita knew that wasn’t enough and climbed onto the turn buckle. It was really hard for her, as her stomach got in the way, but when she was up, she hit the big show with a devastating moonsault, almost breaking a rib. The audience loved it and again supported her weight gain, as her performance had greatly improved with her new bulk. She waddled back up with her winners, the Hardy Boys and kissed Matt just under the Trinitron, before they retired to their changing room.

The match after the Hardys was Steph’s; she was wearing her sweat suit as she waddled out. The crowd was still amazed as three of the WWF’s most beautiful women had blimped out. Chyna then came out, and she looked more muscular than ever. They started the match, and Chyna was dominating. She used her speed to leave Steph chasing her all the way. Chyna then knew she could tire her out, and then win easily. She hit Steph over a flying forearm and waited for her to get up. It took her a bit of effort to get back to her feet, when Chyna dropkicked her in the chest back down again.

Chyna did this over and over again, and Steph was breathing heavily, red in the face and sweating heavily. Steph then managed to avoid one of Chyna’s blows and just dived at her. With her weight Chyna went flying, and Steph decided to copy Trish’s tactics. She did three Bonsai drops, and Chyna was left gulping for air. Then she decided to climb for a frog splash, which would seal the match. She slowly made her way up, and as she leapt through the air Chyna rolled over and managed to avoid the attack. Steph was lying on her stomach in some pain from the move. Chyna then picked her up and laid her with the pedigree to win the match and keep her title.

Steph was devastated and wobbled up the ramp in tears. The crowd was clapping for her, though, as they loved her devastating moves and courage to gain weight to succeed in her job.

They all showered and changed and met up in the cafeteria, where they all managed to empty the whole kitchen for food. They then decided to go out for a night on the town. They went to a nearby club, and, after the first dance, they were all tired. They took some seats and recovered before going out for another bite to eat. They went to a greasy spoon and ordered several plates of highly fattening food each.

The weeks turned into months, and they were all still gaining. Stephanie had managed to steal the women’s title and was over the moon. The three had also decided to make a little group, and as a threesome they could beat all of the women in the WWF. Matt loved his growing girl, and the wedding was soon coming. Lita was going all out to be as fat as she could for the wedding and was doing well. As it hit April she weighed 327 lbs! She didn’t have a chance to get rid of her stretch marks but managed to get plenty more. Her tits were 56EE, and her stomach was colossal. It had lost its battle with gravity and now sagged to mid thigh. Her stomach was perfect: the brown skin was smooth and soft and wobbled when she moved. Her hips were wider and her ass jutted out a bit more but sagged down the back of her thundering thighs. Her waddle was much bigger, and so was the amount of cellulite on them. Her double chin had turned into a triple, and her arms had huge sacks of fat that hung from them. She had lost any kind of muscle definition a long time ago and was happier then ever. Her career was going well; she was soon to marry a great guy and she had great friends.

Trish had stopped gaining too much weight. She was always with the other two, so she ate what they eat - but not quite as much. As it hit April, she clocked in at 298 lbs. Her chubby cheeks and triple chin made her face more beautiful, and her whopping chest was now 52FF! Her two huge tits sagged to the side of her belly that fell down, completely covering her pussy. Her body was still coated in cellulite, and the deep dimples showed up in any outfit she wore.

Steph, even though she was the champion, wanted to keep it so carried on her training. She now weighed 322 lbs, which meant she was now second, as she was doing some weight training, too, to gain her much needed power. Her arms were thick and muscular. Her chest was 48D, and her belly sagged down even further than Lita’s. Her wobbling thighs gave her a huge waddle, and her ass was covered in cellulite dimples. Steph liked her life; she was the women’s champion and had good friends but wanted HH back. She went to see him, but he just slammed the door in her chubby face. She wouldn’t give up, though, and called him frequently, but he just told her to lose all of the weight before coming back again. Stephanie couldn’t do that, so decided to leave him and carry on with her life and her training.

The wedding was fast approaching, and Lita and her friends sorted out all the arrangements, the flowers, chairs, food, location and, of course, the dress. Lita didn’t want a traditional dress that covered her all up; she wanted something in which she could let it all hang out.

She had her designer, the woman who had been making her clothes as soon as she outgrew the largest size, than those particular stores where she bought her bra tops, thongs and tight trousers. They went through many designs, until they found the perfect one for her. It was a two-piece; the top was an uplift bra top that showed off her handsome cleavage. Then some hot pants that allowed her stomach to be fully exposed and her ass to be hanging out the top and out of the bottom. She would also wear some high heels to finish off the look. The veil would also be there to show it actually was a wedding dress, and her flowers were picked out to suit it down to the ground.

So, shall I make it up now or a few days before the wedding, so it will fit better? asked the designer.

Well, make it up now. I want to the thing to be tight, so I am all hanging out, beamed Lita with a wicked smile on her face.

She also had similar dresses made up for her bridesmaids, Steph and Trish, but not quite as stunning, as she wanted to be the main attraction at her own wedding - which was fair enough.

There were only 20 days until the big day, and her mom came out to be with her on her wedding day. She also got her mom to cook for her, with the help of Lita’s cook who was on standby 24-7. Maria spun out a nonstop meal of pastas, pizzas and other Italian fattening dishes to fatten up the bride for the wedding.

Lita wanted to push herself to new limits, so she got Trish or Steph to hand feed her when Matt wasn’t there and she was too full to lift her heavy arms. They were all only too happy to help, a little curious to see how fat she could get in the 20 days, and, boy, did she get fat!

She supervised the last few arrangements as she ate and planned her honeymoon in Barbados for a few weeks of sex, food and sunbathing.

When the big day arrived, Lita was really excited; she had a large breakfast to make her stomach bulge from her dress. She had a full make-over the day before, and Steph and Trish sorted her hair and make-up. They then pulled out the dress. First they put on her top. It was a tight fit, but Lita breathed in and Trish zipped up the back. When she breathed out, her chest spewed over the top, giving the desired effect.

They then began on the bottoms. They weren’t so easy; she pulled them up her shins, past her knees and most of the way up her thighs until they stopped. They all knew they wouldn’t have a hope of fitting, so Steph took them off her and let hem out as much as she could, which was four inches. They tried again and managed to pull them up further, and this gave them hope in getting them on her.

Lita lifted up her stomach, and Steph pulled from the front and Trish from the back. Slowly but surely, they started to rise; Lita sucked it in as much as she could, but they only could manage to get the hot pants onto her hips. They then made her lie down: this flattened her stomach, and then all three pulled at the front while Lita sucked it in. They managed to pull the front right up; they then turned her over and then with great effort managed to get the hot pants up her ass. Once they were on, Trish and Steph fell back onto the bed Lita was lying on, and Lita breathed out. The hot pants groaned under the pressure but stayed firmly on her body.

After a small rest they re-did Lita’s messed up hair and make-up and decided to weigh her. They pulled out the scales and all, apart from Lita (as her stomach was in the way), looked at the read-out.

The numbers flew past and eventually stopped at a whopping 374 lbs!!! Lita was amazed at her weight, as she hadn’t weighed herself in the last 20 days - and so were Trish and Stephanie, who were now much thinner than her. They had eaten more than their fair share as they fattened up Lita, but they hadn’t eaten as much as she, so there would be enough food to pump into Lita’s never ending stomach.

The other two then got changed into their outfits, which were low-cut white dresses that showed every curve. First they helped Trish dress: she stripped to her wonder bra and thong and then stepped into the dress. She asked the other two to help her out with the zip. She breathed in, and Lita forced the two sides together while Steph did the zipper. It took a while, but she managed to get it down. She breathed out, and she almost burst out of the zipper, but it, too, was strong and stayed put.

They then helped Stephanie into hers; she, too, stripped down to her underwear as the other two previously had. She then stepped in and the others helped her. The zip went from top to bottom, and the top was easy, as her chest didn’t gain much weight. Then more tension came as they went down. Steph sucked it in and pushed her stomach as flat as it would go. Lita was forcing the two sides together, and Trish pulled it down. It took a while, but they managed to do it, and all three were ready. They touched up their hair and make-up and looked at the clock. They had an hour before they had to leave for the church, so they called for pizza. They were very careful not to get themselves covered in tomato sauce, and they all stuffed themselves for the 45 minutes they had once the pizza arrived. Lita ate the most as she had a bigger appetite and was a little nervous.

As she stood up to head for the limo, she could feel her hop pants were close to bursting. She knew they would last, though, as she would only use them for the wedding day. That night Matt would rip them off her on their honeymoon.

They rode the limo to the church and made their way to the back, where they met with Lita’s grandfather who would be giving her away. Her farther had passed way years ago, and she wanted him to do it instead. They gave the go-ahead, and Lita came out to a bewildered crowd. She started her wedding march, but with her thighs, she couldn’t let her legs meet after each step, so she just waddled her way down to a well-groomed Matt in a beautiful Armani suit. Matt got hard as soon as he saw his beautiful fat bride coming down the walkway. When she met up with him she whispered into his ear.

Guess what, babe, I just weighed myself and I now clock in at 374lbs.

Matt was shocked but very very pleased at the news. The ceremony then began, and, after Lita managed to squeeze her ring on, they went off to the reception. They decided to have it in Vince’s mansion, and he was only too happy to oblige them, as there weren’t too many weddings between wrestlers.

Lita and Matt headed right for the buffet; Lita took a seat next to the food while people came up to her and said what a good wedding it was. Lita ate for the next few hours, not moving from her seat by the buffet other than a dance with her dad then Matt before having a rest by the buffet and carrying on eating and talking.

As Matt and Lita were ready to go to the airport, Lita stood up and burst out of her hot pants. They fell to the floor in tatters, and Lita went to cover up her pussy, even though she was wearing a thong. But her stomach was in the way. One of the bonuses of being so big: not having to wear underwear to cover your modesty. She instead covered her dimply ass as well as she could. Matt then put his jacket around her while she threw the bouquet. One of Lita’s relatives caught it, and they both headed for the limo to go to the airport and jet out to Barbados. Their bags were already in the boot and they drove off, kissing and holding each other in their arms. Lita loved his hard, toned body, and he loved her big, flabby body.

In the car Lita managed to get into the boot and retrieve a case. She donned a pair of trousers but kept her top on. When they arrived, they checked their bags and boarded the plane. They first raised all of the armrests. Lita had the window seat, and her fat spewed well onto Matt’s seat, but he put his arm around her and moved up for her.

The flight was a few hours, and in that time Lita devoured hers and Matt’s meals and the whole food cart before the flight was half over. She then drifted off to sleep with Matt massaging her soft, stretch mark ridden stomach.

When they landed, they headed right for the hotel for a night of raw sex. They first made an order from room service - and, boy, was it an order. It took the whole hotel’s bellboys to bring it all up, and Lita tore in as she was starving. She ate most of the food until she grew too full to eat under her own power. Then Matt came in and hand fed her, which Lita had began to really enjoy in recent weeks. She just kept on asking for more and Matt gave it and them some. He fed her all the food, and she was in a state of bliss. Matt then mounted the whale, and they carried on with their passionate night sex, which ended early in the morning after they had both climaxed for the fourth time.

The next morning was spent in bed, carrying on the way any decent honeymoon should. But Lita soon grew hungry and wanted to get out into the sun, as she hadn’t really been out much since she started gaining.

She put on a bikini and sarong, and Matt put on his swimming shorts and a vest. They went down to the restaurant for some breakfast. As it was very hot, Lita decided to have some fruit to start her day and filled her tray, and Matt filled a tray for her, only having bites here and there. After a few more trays, they went out onto the beach to take in some rays. They found some sun beds and put them next to each other, so they could hold hands as they tanned in the hot sun.

An hour or so later Matt decided to cool off in the sea, but Lita couldn’t be asked to get up, so she just watched as her man’s glistening body made its way though the waves. Lita then saw a phone on the side of her lounger. She picked it up and knew it was room service for the beach. She took advantage or the offer and had some drinks and a few plates of food bought out. After which she followed with four more orders of the same things.

The rest of the day was spent by Lita on her lounger, eating with Matt at her side or him in the sea. She couldn’t go in as she rarely spent any time where she hadn’t eaten for half an hour. As the sun started to go down on their first day, they went back up to their room for a night out. Lita dressed up onto a boob tube, three-quarter length trousers, some trainers - as they would last more then a night with her weight - and her hair and make-up down. Matt donned a shirt and trousers.

They first went out for a quick meal to tide Lita over for the night. They went to the hotel restaurant and Lita devoured a five-course meal and four desserts. They then went for some drinks before going to a club. They had about two dances before Lita was tired. She took a rest and then was back dancing with her man. They danced for hours, Lita having to rest every other song, but they still had a great night out as a couple.

They then went for a walk along the beach before heading back to the room for Lita’s feeding and a night of passionate sex.

Once they got back to the room, Lita went to freshen up and wondered something. Matt, babe, do you think I could become too fat for you? asked Lita from the bathroom.

No, babe, whatever makes you happy; if you feel too heavy, then shift some weight, but I love every pound of you, honey. If you’re happy with your body, so am I, but, no, I don’t think you could get too fat for me, baby. I just love you too much.

Lita seemed happy with that response, and she did feel happy with her weight and enjoyed eating. So it was settled: she was going to keep on gaining. With that she waddled back into the room naked and ran over to the bed and jumped on it. As she ran, every part of her fat body wobbled, exciting Matt, and when she jumped onto the bed the base snapped under her bulk. She felt a little embarrassed, as the bed dropped a few inches, but it excited Matt all the more so, and he grabbed her and started kissing her. As they were getting started, the food arrived - which Matt had ordered when she was in the toilet. He set it out all around the bed and started to feed it to Lita. She was feeling hungry after all that dancing and ate for the next few hours. After Matt had stuffed food into her as fast as she could swallow it, when all the food was gone, their night of sex began. And it was a good as the nights before.

The three weeks flew past. In the morning Lita would enjoy a large cooling breakfast then spend her day in the sun with Matt as her fat turned to cellulite, stuffing her face. As it cooled down they would dress up after a quickie and then go out for a quick meal to tide Lita over, then go out dancing before coming back to the room for a night of hot sex and binging on Lita’s behalf. There were days, though, just spent in the room getting an endless supply of room service and a bit of you-know-what. When they were out and about, Lita was bursting seams on all of her clothes - and, mostly in public, which was very embarrassing for her. She needed a new wardrobe, so she and Matt went into town the day before their flight to get Lita some new threads. They went right to the fat woman’s shop, as she was far too big for any normal stores. She selected some dresses, trousers, shorts and tops and left the shop finally feeling able to breathe in her clothes.

A few hours before they had to leave for the plane, Lita wanted feeding. They packed their bags, so they could go right away and went down to the hotel restaurant for dinner. Lita asked for five dishes in the five-course meal. Once the first came she inhaled it and moved onto the next. Soon the whole thing was gone and Lita was still hungry. She then saw they had a buffet. Matt jumped up and went back and forth with trays of food; when he returned with one, she had finished the previous, which meant Matt barely had time to sit down in between trips. Lita eat as quickly as she could to get as full as possible for the last meal of their honeymoon.

The hour flew past, and Lita managed to get her fill from eating quickly. They jumped into a cab, after paying the bill for their honeymoon, which was a large amount of money indeed as the hotel was so nice, and Lita had eaten so much room service. They arrived at the airport and checked in their bags; they then went to board the plane but found that it had been delayed. They had to amuse themselves for the next few hours so headed right for the in airport restaurant, KFC.

Lita squeezed into a booth; Matt had to help push her in as her stomach was wedged into the table. Matt then came back with three buckets of boneless chicken. Lita started eating with a smile on her face but felt some discomfort, as the table was quite uncomfortable on her paunch. As the buckets emptied, Matt went and came back with more. He was coming back and forth with more food for Lita, and the clerk at the desk just kept on adding to their increasing tab. As she swallowed down more and more chicken, she was having more and more fun getting turned on, as Matt pleasured her under the table - which wasn’t too easy for him as her girth got in the way. The minutes turned into hours, and Lita was soon having to be hand fed by Matt as she couldn’t do it under her own power and was in a lot of pain as her tender stomach was being crammed into the table.

As Lita finished a bucket there was a call for their flight. She could barely move, and Matt started to try to tug her out, but she was stuck. He tried and tried until the manager saw their dilemma and unscrewed the table and Lita’s stomach jutted forward. Matt thanked the man, paid the bill and helped Lita to waddle onto the plane and into their seat.

The chair was an even tighter fit than when she arrived, as she was fatter and very very full. She sat on the aisle seat and sat up to Matt as much as she could but still hung over the side of her seat into the aisle. They just talked the whole flight about how happy they were and about Lita’s weight.

I don’t know, Matt, if I carry on like this, than I will be out of control soon. Did you see all the food I had to eat just to get me full?

Well, honey, I know you loved the food, right? asked Matt, and Lita nodded. I know you love your new, increasing body, right? Again, Lita nodded. And I sure do. So I don’t see a real problem quite yet; we are in love, and you are healthy with all your weight. I love it and you love it, so I don’t think we have to worry yet, said Matt, holding her fat hand.

Lita nodded her head again, and they hugged each other and carried on talking about their lives and careers.

While Lita and Matt were living it up, Steph and Trish were working back at the WWF. The day after the wedding, Chyna had another shot at Steph’s title; she had decided on a tactic and would take out Steph’s legs so she couldn’t move. The match started and Chyna knocked her to the ground with a drop kick to her left knee. Once she was down Chyna put her legs in many, many holds, messing up her legs badly. She then carried on her attacks, moving up Steph’s bloated body, and picked her up and finished her off with a pedigree. Steph was stunned as Chyna walked off with her title and went right into training with Trish. Her legs were in bandages and she was told with her weight to keep off her feet at all times. Which meant she was bedridden for the next month. And Steph took advantage of this and started to eat like she had never done before, and Trish would hand feed her when she couldn’t move any part of her body other then her mouth.

Steph never left the bed other then to bathe and go to the toilet, and, even then, she used crutches to reduce all effort used for her to move. The lbs flew on, and she quickly outgrew all of her clothes; she just sat on her bed in her tighter, but still wearable bras. She wore nothing down below; she didn’t need to as her stomach covered her up completely, and she had her covers over her lower half.

When Lita waddled back in - all tanned and newly married - to see Steph wolfing down a pizza, it was obvious that she had gained lots of weight. They helped Stephanie to her feet and over to the scales. Trish went first and clocked in at 332 lbs, which was a lot smaller than her friends but was a lot of weight to carry around - and most of it on her tits and gut. Next Steph climbed onto the scale, and the needle went flying up and finally stopped at 372lbs. She took most of her new weight in her lower half again, but her bras did certainly feel tighter. Then it was Lita’s go; she stood on the scale, and the needle flew right to 397lbs!!! Lita was a little shocked but pleased that all of her hard work had paid off.

They all went back into Steph’s bed room to carry on eating. They increased their order to make room for Lita and her large appetite, and they ate all night, well until Matt rang her and asked if she wanted to go home. She jumped at the chance and waddled home, full, to a banquet that would push her further then she had ever been before. She started eating, and soon Matt started hand feeding her while massaging her bloated stomach. The night went on and the food slowly disappeared, but a little too slowly for Lita as she felt she was going to burst at any minute and still had quite a lot of food to go.

She slowly but surely swallowed down her meal, and as she sucked the last bite down - tears in her eyes, totally red faced and feeling extreme pain in her stomach - she fell into a state of painful bliss. Matt then had his way with the beached whale, and it was fantastic for him, and she absolutely loved it, being kind of half awake while enjoying the pain of a full stomach and the joy of her man. She was hooked and asked Matt if she could do it again that very night, and he was extremely happy to comply.

The weeks passed, and it had been a month since Lita had come back from her honeymoon. The girls were still eating large and their weights had all climbed. Trish Stratus now clocked in at 376 lbs, as she had been eating a lot with the others as their appetites were through the roof. Her belly now had a huge sag that clearly covered her pussy and some of her blubbery thighs. Steph, once her bill of health was cleared, had decided to carry on her training. She wanted to bury Chyna in record time and having a huge layer of fat around her would cushion the blows she would get. She could then attack with her weight and crush her opponent to regain her title. Once she could waddle again, she borrowed some of Lita’s clothes and went to buy a whole new wardrobe for her training. She had decided to become more technical and learn some moves, so she asked for Matt’s help - which he was only too willing to give. A man like him couldn’t say no to a fat beauty like Stephanie, and he taught her some moves to help her campaign to regain her title. She also carried on with her eating, and the lbs flew on again, making her have to keep on upgrading her wardrobe for garments that would fit her colossal frame. She had also bought a new scale, as her old one stopped at 400, and she knew she would be passing that mark soon enough. And when she stepped on, she was pleased to see she weighed 411 lbs. She beamed with pride as she held her vast stomach in her chubby hands and then gestured for Lita to have a go and see what she weighed.

Her month was amazing for her; she would eat with the others all day, and then, when she went home, would be pumped with food to the point where she was on the verge of passing out from all the pressure in her stomach. Then Matt would fuck her rotten, having his way with her vast body. She went flying out of the seams and did so several times in public before waddling off home for something bigger to wear. She went up several sizes, but maintained her original dress sense, and the way she showed off her wobbling body turned on Matt all the time. He was walking around with a constant erection whenever she was around. When she stood onto the scale, she just waited as the needle flew past; she got the others to see, they all couldn’t see their own readouts anymore as their bodies made it impossible.

She waited, then they told her, 463 lbs! Lita was shocked that she had gotten that fat but sort of knew she would be huge as she wolfed down far too much food every day. She looked at herself in the mirror: her face was really chubby, but her cheeks weren’t starting to sag yet. Her chins were bigger than ever, and her chest was now a whopping 74GG! They had lost lots of their perkiness from being in the sun and sagged to the sides of her tremendous stomach. It spread right over her huge hips and flowed forward, down onto her supple thighs. Her ass was wide, jutted out and sagged down onto her thighs as her stomach did. Lita’s thighs were so wide they were in constant contact, and when she waddled they would start to burn from all the friction between the two huge tree trunks of fat. She was truly a sight.

Her career was still going well. She didn’t have any single matches whatsoever; she would just wait until her friends - Matt and Jeff or Trish and Steph - were in trouble and then knock the wind out her enemies with a devastating high flying maneuver. Or if the match was going in the way of her friends, she would still finish off her enemies with a move of a slightly different kind. Her extra baggage would make climbing the turnbuckle very hard, indeed; her tits and stomach would make it hard to get close enough, and her thundering thighs would make the climb very, very slow. But when she landed nobody could kick out.

Again more time passed, and all three women’s weights and wrestling popularity climbed. Lita tried to slow down a bit, as she was losing a lot of maneuverability with every new lb that entered her body. Trish carried on eating with the others, and the lbs steadily climbed onto her frame. She didn’t seem to mind, as she wasn’t gaining for any reason, other then being with her friends.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley carried on her training, and the lbs carried on, making their way onto her ever increasing frame as she started to catch up with Lita - who was still gaining, but not quite as quickly. In fact, Stephanie managed to equal out with Lita when both girls clocked in at 517 lbs. Steph took it all on her lower half, and Lita took a nice share to her colossal tits that Matt now liked wrapping over him as he lay on her tremendous stomach. They were now both finding it harder to get around, and Lita was growing reluctant to fly as she thought she may fall onto the concrete below and seriously damage herself, as a fall from that height with her weight could be career threatening.

She, like Steph, had taken to more ready moves like a belly-to-belly suplex, which with their bellies would hurt quite a bit. Meanwhile, Trish topped her scales at 449 lbs, and her tits had reached such great heights that she was planning to have 15 lbs removed from each one, to help out her balance and to get rid of the back aches from carrying around those HH’s. They caused her more trouble than Lita’s pair, as she was four inches smaller, so the weight on hers was a little more. Not that Lita was perfectly ok with her two; they were starting to cause her some back pains, too, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as Trish’s pains.

All three women’s weights carried on climbing, though Trish’s temporarily went down 30 lbs - but she soon got that weight back and carried on climbing up the scales, as Lita and Steph did before her. Neither of then stopped; in fact, they kicked it up a little. Lita grew jealous as soon as Steph passed her, as she liked being the biggest and wanted it back. So she went back into her old habits, eating all day then going all out at night for Matt, which cheered him up no end. As soon as Steph realised that Lita was eating, again she re-doubled her efforts to try and stay in front, but the cushion between her and Lita’s weight was closing all the time as Lita had Matt to feed her and make her eat more and more all the time. So she invited Trish around a lot more and got her to help fatten her up so she could beat Lita.

Of course, this meant both of the young women’s weight escalated dramatically, and within a month Lita topped her specially made scales at 574 lbs with Steph just behind at 568. Lita had the advantage with Matt as she would go all out for him, and he wouldn’t stop feeding Lita, even if she was in tears, red faced and on the verge of passing out from the tightness of her stomach; it just turned him and her on even more.

As their waistlines grew, so did their hared for each other, and soon they had torn the group apart. They were now divided: Trish stayed with Stephanie, and Lita spent her time with the Hardys. In no time, Vince McMahon couldn’t resist putting Lita against Stephanie in the women’s title match. There would be no interference and would be the main event at Summer Slam. Lita was kind of glad about the match as she had the chance to take Steph’s precious title, and she knew she was more of a technical wrestler. Steph, on hearing the news on her up coming match, got worried. Her only asset, her weight, was canceled out as Lita shared the several hundred lb cushion of fat around her body. She also knew Lita could out wrestle her any day.

The night of the match came, and they separately waddled out to the ring, and the match began. Lita got the main advantage and started throwing Steph around the ring, making the canvas shake dramatically. Steph could barely get to her feet and after a few moves found it even harder. Lita then began to do some submission moves on her knees and ankles to take out Steph’s legs and keep her down until she could climb the ropes. Lita dropped a Bonsai drop before making her way up the ropes. She had to lift her stomach up then climb up after it, with her thighs making it all too hard. Once up she looked down at Stephanie lying, close eyed in the middle of the ring, Lita then jumped up as high as she would to get the distance required to reach Steph. She glided through the air with an amazing agility then connected with Stephanie. The boom created as the total of 1142 lbs crashed its way through the ring to make one giant hole in the middle of the canvas. The referee could see Lita was on top and gave the three count. Steph couldn’t move as her weight kept her down, and then Lita’s girth on top of her and the fact they were in a hole meant she couldn’t move anywhere other then up - which wasn’t possible.

Lita herself couldn’t get off Stephanie and had to wait for some assistance from Matt, Jeff and several referees. She waddled back up the ramp with her new title and was on top of the world, while Stephanie was in hell from great pain in her legs and the fact she lost her precious title. Also, she was in need of her man, HHH, who she really missed.

When she finally got up, she waddled her ass to Pizza Hut and ate until it closed. Lita was ecstatic, and she and Matt went to bed for a night of fun after a huge feast. Lita knew Stephanie would carry on eating to get her title back, so she carried on too, and she was also doing it for her sex life, which improved with every lb.

As both women gained more weight, their wrestling careers grew less and less important. Lita sometimes wouldn’t come out to Matt’s matches as getting around was becoming too hard; the same true was for Steph, who spent weeks not showing up for any of her scheduled appearances. She stayed and ate in her bed, and Lita stayed and ate in her bed. Lita’s free time was being reduced every day, as it took more and more food to get her to the state she had to reach - half way between pain and pleasure - which turned her and Matt on all the more.

The week after Lita won her title, she lost it to Chyna in a very quick match; indeed Chyna took out her legs and won the match when she pinned her for the third time. She just went for cover after cover, knowing it would tire Lita out.

Lita then knew she didn’t desire having the title back and concentrated on her eating habits, knowing the sex would get better and better, and knowing Stephanie would challenge her soon enough. Her fast approach to immobility wasn’t an issue for either of them; they just wanted the weight.

Trish herself wasn’t losing weight. A month after Lita won her belt, Trish topped her scales at 483 lbs, with her tits gaining weight back, but nowhere as big as before. She just spent her days with Stephanie, feeding her when she couldn’t feed herself anymore. Steph weighed 638 lbs, giving her a tremendous belly that slowly made its way further and further down her blubbery thighs. Lita now weighed 651 lbs, as she was being fed all day; Matt would stuff her while he was there, but when he was out he would just leave her to it, and, boy, did she do it. She could have felt lonely if she wasn’t too busy eating, whenever Matt wasn’t there, anyway.

On the first of each month, they would meet up and have a weigh in, to see who was bigger. They still moved around with the WWF but didn’t bother making any appearances; in fact, both of them didn’t have a contract anymore, but Steph could always come, as she was Binve’s daughter, and Lita could always come along, as she was Matt’s wife. When it reached the first of the next month, Steph weighed 702 lbs and had an extremely slow waddle to get around, but she didn’t do much of that. Lita then stepped onto the industrial scale and it showed 727 lbs. Her stomach was almost as big as Steph’s, but her tits far surpassed the billion-dollar princess’s. With the news that she was getting a bigger cushion on Steph as more time passed, she went back to her room to have a celebrational meal, while Steph ate with the desire to beat Lita at her own game.

Lita waddled to her own room with Matt’s help and found she had to take a rest half way down the corridor as she was getting so unfit. Once she was on her bed she picked up the phone for room service, as she felt a bit peckish. Matt smiled at her as he watched his wife sweating and breathing heavily from just walking down the hall. He also got turned on when he had to help her to stand up whenever she needed be it to go to the toilet or the shower. He also had to help her off the toilet, as she found it too hard herself, and she also liked the attention she got from him as he waited on her hand and foot.

The following month bought Stephanie to 768 and Lita to 799. Lita was turned on by the fact that she was on the verge of 800 lbs and made her way smugly back to her room with Matt. That night Lita eat with more vigor then ever and as she lay on her bed, stomach lying out in front of her, making her look about 18 months pregnant, she realised she needed to go to the little girl’s room.

MattI need thetoiletmmmppphhhcan you helpme up? moaned Lita, rubbing her stomach.

Yes, Ms. 800, here, let me help you, said Matt, climbing onto the bed, over Lita. He grabbed her arms and started to heave. Lita would usually slide across the bed a little until Matt had gotten her to the side of the bed then help her to her feet. But this time Matt heaved and she didn’t move an inch. The fact that she didn’t have the strength to move a muscle and the fact that her stomach was almost rock hard, filled with food, her weight was much higher then usual. He tried time after time, getting more fatigued every time.

Come on, MattI need a shit and you’renot exactly helping she mumbled, as she felt her turtle’s head coming closer to peaking out.

Matt tried time after time but couldn’t shift his blob of a wife more then a few inches. He tried from a few angles, but it didn’t seem to work, and Lita was getting desperate. Then she couldn’t hold it any more; it started to flow out and all over her ass and up her back. Lita then started to cry as Matt came over to comfort her about her little accident and wiped away her tears. Then, with Matt holding her, Lita fell asleep.

The next morning Lita needed to pass last night’s dinner, but now she had energy and with Matt’s help got up and went to the toilet. Matt then stripped her off and cleaned her up before showering her and clothing her. Lita seemed to be in high spirits, as if last night never happened, and Matt didn’t want to bring it up.

Stephanie was also having similar toilet problems, and Trish being weaker then Matt and heavier, so she could lift as easily meant that Steph wet the bed a bit. She then decided to have a mini crane that she could take to any bed, which she needed as she would be moving around a lot. When the crane was attached to her back Trish could use it to get her to her feet then help her into the toilet. Trish herself would have to wash Stephanie and then clothe her, but she didn’t mind doing it for a friend as close as she was.

Next month it took more effort for both of the girls to even get onto the scale, but the results again went Lita’s way. Stephanie weighed 841 lbs, with her tits getting a large share of the weight, but Steph topped the scales at a whopping 878 lbs. Her waddle was much wider and her steps much slower and smaller, as her ass and stomach prevented her feet going too far forward and backwards. And her thunder thighs increased her waddle even more. Lita went off smiling back to her room. Matt now had to help her waddle, holding as much of her up as he could. When she got back to bed and got comfy, she was covered in sweat and red faced from the great exertion. But there was no need for a shower, as she was going to get sweatier as Matt jumped onto her great stomach.

After some great sex and a huge order of room service, Matt helped Lita eat for about three hours, then he had to go out with Jeff as he had been neglecting his brother for a while as he was too wrapped up with Lita. Lita kissed him goodbye and carried on eating. She ate everything she could reach, which was a lot, and she just sat their rubbing her stomach and watching some TV. Life was good for Lita as she reached new heights with her weight everyday, and she had a man who worshipped the ground she waddled on and, of course, an endless supply of food - which could be easily afforded as Matt was taking in more then his fair share of money from the ever popular WWF. Stephanie on the other hand was bitter; she spent every waking moment wanting what Lita had. She didn’t have a man, and she wasn’t the fattest. When Stephanie did something, she went the whole hog, and when somebody outdid her, she got really pissed.

Lita’s approaching immobility was bothering her a little, though, and seeing Steph’s mini crane gave her the idea to have one of her own. But it had to be able to lift her great girth. The hydraulic crane was soon installed, and Lita kept the harness on her all the time, so Matt could just press the button and she could get to her feet. Once the crane was installed, Lita’s worries were all gone, and she carried on her great binges to increase her weight daily. The next month’s weigh-in bought Stephanie to a whopping 903 lbs! She was now finding it almost impossible to even stand up without the crane’s help, and she needed Trish and Matt to get her onto the scale, which was just one step away. Trish herself had packed on the lbs a lot and was now weighing 627 lbs! Her tits had almost reached their old size, and her stomach had grown leaps and bounds. But as her weight increased she couldn’t help Stephanie like she used to. She could only eat with her and flick the switch for her crane. That’s why Stephanie hired somebody to help her out with the toilet. She would get to her feet, and then the woman would collect her waste in a bucket and pour it away. When she needed washing, it would be just with a wet cloth, and when her back needed washing she would just be rolled over.

But again, Lita was the star of the weigh in when she clocked in at 948 lbs! She was a little amazed herself but very happy with the result, and so was Matt as he instantly grew hard. Lita’s mobility was even worse than Stephanie’s, though. Her stomach reached to the tops of her fat ankles, and her ass hung down the back of her legs to her knees. Her stomach didn’t just go down but also outwards and across. Her love handles cascaded to her thighs, and her thighs themselves meant Lita had to sit with her legs as wide open as possible to make room for all the cellulite. Her chins rested onto her chest, and her face was barley even recognizable; her cheeks jutted out and her eyes were just slits, her nose just a dimple and her mouth a gapping hole, constantly ready to eat. Lita got to Stephanie’s room with the help of Matt, Jeff and Stephanie’s helper, and it still was a real struggle for all of them. They had to rest on the way up the hall several times.

When Lita was back in her room she and Matt went at it. Penetration had become impossible months ago, but Matt loved sucking on her tremendous tits, and feeding her for hours on end, until she was between agony and climax. Then they would both cum in unison as he massaged her and fed her at the same time. The sex was different but very good for the both of them, and they both had no intention of stopping yet.

As the month rolled on, Lita was eating all day, nonstop, and the weight gain was increasing all the time. She also grew more lazy, finding it too much effort to get out of bed and would simply get Matt to roll her over so she could excrete, Matt wasn’t too fond on cleaning her up like this, but would still do it for her.

As it hit the end of the month Lita asked Matt to turn the crane on to lift her for her monthly weigh in with Stephanie. He flicked the switch, and then a little explosion happened inside the electrics box. The crane just wouldn’t work. Lita was stuck; there was no hope of getting her up without the crane, so they all had to think how they would weigh her? Matt went to Steph’s room and saw she had the same problem with her identical crane. It must have been the electronics on them or something - or just the fact that they had to lift either Stephanie or Lita. For the time being both of them were bedridden, and Lita and Stephanie weren’t bothered too much. They just wanted to get weighed.

Matt came up with an idea. He would have to roll Lita onto another bed by the side of her own, then put a scale under the original bed after altering it so the actual bed’s weight didn’t show up. She would then be rolled back onto her original bed and then they could weigh her, and then do the same thing for Steph. It took a while to set it up, getting an extra bed for each girl then all the effort in rolling them

Stephanie was told over the phone, but had her nurse verify it, and she was pissed and started eating. Meanwhile, Lita was ecstatic and started eating - well, being fed by Matt - as it was becoming too much effort to eat for all the time that both of them did. Matt had to be on hand 24-7, but he could go out for a few hours, a couple of times a week in which Lita would feed herself until she tired then just watch TV until he came back. But when he did, she would eat until she was falling asleep.

As the next month went on, feeding Steph or Lita was becoming too much work, and Matt got an idea when looking at some FA sites on the Internet. He had read about a feeding machine and went right out to get somebody to build one for her. Lita didn’t bother asking where he was going, as she was enjoying a nice southern fried chicken. Matt soon returned but wouldn’t tell Lita what was going on. The next day several builders came in and constructed something weird for Lita’s eyes.

It’s a feeding machine, babe. It’s just too hard to keep you fed, and me doing it by hand 24-7 is too much of a strain. That’s why I got this thing. I can put up to five gallons of food in the top, then it will be pumped down this pipe into your mouth. You can control how fast it comes out with this little switch. I can just fill it with food and then add equal amounts of liquid to the food, so it will flow down the pipe. I was thinking we could use chocolate milk or something

Lita seemed impressed with the idea, and she knew that Matt couldn’t keep her full. She waited while Matt filled it up with all the food in the room. He then started to pour container after container of chocolate milk until it was full. He hit a button, and it all started to mix up into a thick liquid. Lita was then given the switch into her fat hand, and she turned it to full. The mix started pumping into her mouth; she was a little taken aback at the start but then was going for it. The fastest was a little too much, so she turned it down to a pace she could sustain.

Hey, darling, I have to go and talk to Vince about some stuff, so I will be back soon. Just carry on drinking; I want all 5 gallons gone when I get back, ok? said Matt, as he kissed her on her great stomach then headed out. Before he left, he put the remote into her other, free hand so she could watch TV while she drank.

Over the next two hours Lita started to inflate like a balloon. This was fantastic for her: she could eat nonstop and as fast as she wanted. She played with the switch turning it onto fastest for short bursts, but she could only do it for a few seconds. As she drank more and more, her stomach grew higher and higher; it soon started to impair her view of the TV, but she wasn’t that interested in it really though she did like watching wrestling - which she did miss, but she wouldn’t go back now for the world.

When Matt walked in he was amazed. Lita’s stomach was almost perfectly round; Matt stood next to her and her stomach went to the top of his chest. Even though she was on a bed, that was pretty big. Matt then looked into the tank and saw there wasn’t too much left in there, so he added a few pizzas and some chocolate milk and then started to massage her stomach. It was quite firm, but with her stomach being so big, there was a lot of room left until it would cause real damage. At this point Lita didn’t even notice Matt come in as her bloated stomach was hurting bad. She didn’t seem to be bothered about what was being pumped into her either, as long as it was fattening. She noticed when he started to massage her stomach and let out a little moan to say hello. Matt then took the control out of her fat hand and then started to slowly turn it up. Lita’s eyes almost popped out but didn’t signal for him to stop. He then stared to put it onto full for bursts but slightly longer than Lita’s ones. She liked the sweet liquid pumping down her gullet.

Matt kept on pumping and didn’t stop until Lita said she would pass out. Matt could see her stomach expanding, as it grew harder and shinier. Matt then looked up at Lita’s face and saw she was passed out. He stopped the machine and removed the mouthpiece. A bit of the brown liquid spilled onto her cheeks, but he cleaned it off and then stared to massage her stomach. He spent hours softening up her tight stomach as his beautiful wife slept with a smile on her face. He soon fell asleep lying on top of her with a smile bigger then his wife’s.

The rest of the month was like cloud nine for Lita and Matt. She would be on the feeding machine morning noon and night, all day, nonstop, and it was great for the both of them. Lita was consuming much more calories per day, and her weight climbed at a much higher rate. Lita had stopped wearing clothes hundreds of pounds ago, as she outgrew them too quickly. She would spend her days naked, but when she was being weighed, she would just wear a sheet or two. When the day of the weigh in came, both Matt and Lita were excited. They both swore not to look at the read out all month, so it would be a surprise for the both of them. Stephanie went first, and she weighed a measly 1036 lbs; Trish Stratus was now 718 and was spending her days in bed next to Stephanie. But when they looked at Lita’s weight, Matt was gob smacked. She now weighed 1107 lbs!!! She had almost gained 100 lbs in a month, and she and Matt were over the moon. Steph had it checked, and when she saw the feeding machine, she had one drawn up right away. Lita and Matt, meanwhile, had decided to make the tank larger. They had it replaced for a 10-gallon tank, which Matt kept fully stocked at al times.

Next month bought Stephanie to 1125 lbs. Trish was still eating by hand and was now 783 lbs as she had been eating all she could as she wanted to catch up to the others a bit. But Lita had been using the machine longer than Steph so had enough experience to have it on a higher rate, and, boy, did she turned it up a little more every day - just slightly but that was enough to bring her up to 1224 lbs. She had done it and had overshot 100 lbs in a month by a lot.

All three women carried on gaining. Trish soon moved onto a machine of her own, and Stephanie and Lita were at log heads trying to out gain each other. But Lita would gain more then Steph each month, expanding her lead. They soon outgrew their scales but didn’t have any way of getting off their beds, as they were just too fat to move. They just watched each other’s weight climb as they grew fatter and fatter, and the last I heard they were still gaining.