“Why Not?”

“Why Not?” By BPPump

“None of my dresses fit at all any more, Mike!” She sobbed into the phone, “I know you can’t stand to see me like this and neither can I!” Then before I could speak a word of protest, she said, “I am moving away Somewhere no one will have to look at me for a long time At least not till I lose all this weight. I am so sorry that I got so fat Goodbye Mike.” And with that the phone slammed down. I was at a loss. I had been seeing Kelly for six months now, and fattening her up for about four. Without her knowing, of course. I always felt that if she knew she would run from me. Now she did not know and she ran from me.

I looked over to the shelf. On that self sat the formula that I had discovered some time back. It was developed to fatten cows, chickens, and pigs so that they would produce more meat. However, the meat was fatty and not very marketable in today’s lean conscious world. And then a Government agency called to tell me that they would use my formula to put needed weight on premature babies. I was thrilled that my serum could be put to such good use and to SUCH a great profit to me. And plus now I knew that it was safe to use on humans.

You see ever since I was in high school, I have been obsessed with big women, and I don’t just mean big, I mean huge! The bigger the better. And when I started dating girls, I would fatten them up by giving them larger and larger amounts of food. None of my relationships ever lasted. The girls always thought they were getting to large and, just like Kelly would run off so “I would not have to look at them any more.” How wrong they were. But I could never bring myself to tell them that. I was always afraid that they would hate me if I told them the truth.

So, feeling lower then ever about my luck with women, and not having the chance to use my formula on anyone, I walked a block or two to a local bar to get good and drunk and forget about life for awhile. The night was young when I settled on a barstool and began downing drinks. The bar slowly began to pick up business until by 11 PM it was in full swing. I scanned the room with my alcohol-fogged sight. Then I saw her. She was the girl I had looked for so long. Her long blond hair shimmered in the bar’s low lights, framing her oh so cute and chubby face. My eyes traveled lower to a pair of breasts that would have made cows jealous, resting on a huge belly. And all of it set on two tree trunk legs.

In my addled and suddenly aroused state I guessed her to weigh at least 300 pounds. I slowly raised myself off my stool and, gripping my drink in hand slowly moved to her side. Trying not to slur I said, “Is this seat taken?”

She looked up at me and gave me the biggest smile and then said, “Not as long as you don’t mind sharing some of the space with my thigh.” She giggled, an action which sent waves rippling through her breasts and belly. Being more then a little drunk I said that I would love to and she giggled again. I found out her name was Lisa and I started telling her about myself and the things I had done in my life. The whole time trying to imagine how she would look with a few hundred pounds more on her. When she finally noticed me looking and my obvious hard on, she laid her hand on it and as she gripped it lightly, “Do you like what you see? Or are you just too drunk to care?”

Well, that was it. In spite of myself, I heard myself telling her how beautiful she was. But that she would be more beautiful if she gained 200, 300, 400 pounds. I told her that I loved her fleshy body and her sexy rolls of fat. And also I told her that I would love her more the fatter she got. This whole time she looked at me with a small grin on her face. When I finally finished she looked at me and with a twinkle in her eye, said simply, “Why not?”

Soon thereafter, the bar began to wind down. Seeing my opportunity, I invited her to my place for a late night snack. I walked behind her as we made are way to her car. Her ass rolled and bobbed with each waddling step she took. I was in awe of that flabby seat and the rest of her body that swayed from side to side in time with her steps. The drive back to my house was quick and as we drove she asked me if I would take care of her when she got too fat to take care of herself. I told her of course and the more we talked of it the harder my dick became.

We arrived at my house and I led her inside. After putting away our jackets I took her to the bathroom where I have an industrial scale. I had her step on to the scale and since her belly was too large for her to read it I knelt down by the numbers and when they stopped rolling 337. Bigger then even I thought. I smiled told her the weight and wrote it in a ledger. I then lead her to a room that I had specially made in hope of this day. A large couch sat at one end. On closer inspection it was also a bed. Much like a hospital bed but much larger and with a built-in scale. The room was filled with all the modern comforts. And every thing was built in super size. She grinned and moved quickly to the couch. She looked over at me with a playfully pouty look and said, “You promised a snack, Mike. I am starving!”

I smiled and moved to a large industrial sized refrigerator in the corner. I brought out first a cake and then a cherry pie. I placed them on a cart and wheeled them over to her. Then, just as the first forkful was about to enter her lips I said, “Wait!” and ran up stairs. I jogged back down with the vial of fat formula. I then quickly dripped one drop on each, the pie and the cake. I smiled and reminded her what it was. She returned my smile and dug in greedily. The two were gone in no time flat. She looked at me; her double chin covered in chocolate and blueberry and said the words I had longed to hear, “More, Mike. Make me fatter, make me so fat that I can’t stand, so fat I can’t move MORE!”

I gave her what she asked for, this time filling the tray with all kinds of sweets and pastries. She began eating and I brought her two gallon jugs of whole cream. I called for one of my servants to come and feed her as much as she wanted. I then kissed my soon to be so much fatter piggy and went to bed.

I awoke then next morning and wondered if it had all been a dream but when I saw the chocolate stains on my shirt collar I smiled and ran off to her room. When I opened the door I was shocked at what I found. There she lay on the bed. Her clothes had ripped off her body at some point and now hung in tatters on her huge frame. Her body seemed to have doubled in size over night. Her breasts looked like hugely outsized watermelons. The nipples each as big as my thumb. And the belly they sat on was amazing! It flowed out like a huge slope and her huge thighs spread to accommodate it. Her ass was now like a growing shelf of fat behind her.

I took in the scene of her lying there in blissful sleep for a few long moments. Her whole mass shifting and bobbing as she breathed. I walked to the bedside and pressed the scale button. After a few seconds the number registered and I could not believe my eyes. 540 pounds!

As the scale beeped, she stirred. She looked up and grinned. “Good morning Mike. What’s for breakfast? I’m starving” I chuckled and called for my servants to bring in a huge table full of food. I proceeded to sprinkle a few drops of my formula on the food before her and without hesitation she dug in. Pastries disappeared dozens of eggs, loaves of bread, pounds of bacon and steak. As she ate, a process began inside of her that at first was hard to see. Her stomach began to creep through her wide spread thighs, covering her knees and working towards her toes. Her breasts began to accumulate fat quickly and soon the distended nipples brushed the bed on both sides as they rolled off her stomach. She seemed to grow taller as her ass grew and ballooned her upward. Her arms grew heavy with large rolls of fat and her thighs struggled to peek from under her mountain stomach.

I watched with glee as she began to eat the last platter of food, a large porterhouse steak She smiled as she looked at my cock straining at the zipper of my jeans. “Come here baby and feed me the rest of this. My arms are tired” I moved alongside her and began to feed her bite after bite. As I did she reached with one fat hand to open my zipper and began to jack me off. She stroked me to orgasm as I stuffed the last bite in her mouth. She grinned and took my cum in her mouth to wash down her meal.

I quickly zipped up my jeans and kissed her goodbye as I had a meeting to attend. I left the servants with instructions to feed her as much as she liked and what ever she wanted, but not to put any of the formula on the food. I then quickly dressed and was off to my meeting.

That night as I dragged myself home, I thought of all the wonderful things to come for Lisa and me. I had more money then I could ever spend and solid investments that would make sure it stayed that way. I planed to feed her to well over 1000 pounds. But never to pressure her into any thing more then she wanted. She seemed to be a wonderful person and since she had no family, I had called to have her things relocated to my home.

I pulled into the driveway and way puzzled by what I saw. My butler was waiting at the door, wringing his hands. I quickly jogged up to him and asked him what was wrong. “It’s the young lady sir It seems she got her hands on your formula”

I looked at him, not comprehending and said, “What do you mean?”

He mumbled, “You will have to see for yourself”

I ran inside and to her room. I was shocked by what I saw. Her head was now just a fat ball on her huge body. Her arms stuck out straight from her sides and were larger then most fat women’s thighs. Her breasts were beanbags and covered the ground around her. Her ass was two mountains of fat with a canyon between them. Her legs however, could not be seen. They were buried under the landslide of flab that was her stomach. It flowed away from her body in rolls and bulges. Her navel was now just a dark hole. She looked up and smiled. Food was everywhere and she ate as she spoke to me.

“Hello, honey, I was soooo hungry and then I saw that formula that you have I kinda drank it all”

I was speechless, not to mention hard as a rock. She saw my look and said, “You’re not mad, are you?”

I looked at her with love and said, “Lisa, I could never be mad at you But let me just see something.” I moved to her, straddling her huge breast, and pressed the button on the scale. After a few seconds the numbers came to a stop, 2265lbs! I almost fainted as all the blood in my body filled my dick. She smiled at me and asked me the weight as she caressed my dick with her swollen fingers. I told her and told her how much I loved her at over a ton. She giggled; sending never-ending waves through her body, and asked if we should go for two tons. “Are you sure?” I asked.

“Why not?”