Who Does the Chores?

Who Does the Chores?

Megan and Stephanie rented a two-bedroom apartment together close to the college campus. Neither girl had known the other before they moved in together. Stephanie was a petite girl standing about 5'4 and weighing 110 pounds. Megan was bigger at 5'6 and 145 pounds. Megan had struggled to control her weight in high school. Now that she was in college there was no telling what the ‘Freshman 15’ would do to her.

Stephanie stayed fit by eating healthy, lifting light weights, doing yoga, and jogging. Whenever Megan wasn’t doing her homework she was on the couch snacking and watching TV. By the end of fall quarter Megan was up to 160 pounds. Megan had always been curvy, but now she couldn’t fit her big hips and butt into her jeans. Megan made it her New Year’s resolution to diet, even asking Stephanie for help and encouragement.

So, the first day of winter quarter, Stephanie tells Megan that she is going to the gym and that Megan should come with her. Next time, Megan says. Stephanie just shrugs and leaves for the gym. Megan sits down to watch TV with a bag of chips.

Three weeks into quarter Megan is up to 170. Now she is starting to get concerned. She can’t fit into any of her old jeans, so she must wear tights. Her thighs, hips and butt bulge in her tights as she sits down on the couch one night. Her t-shirt is noticeably small on her. Her belly hangs slightly over her tights. Megan is tired from going to school and working all day. She just doesn’t feel like going to the gym. She doesn’t feel like cleaning the kitchen she has been making a mess of the last few days. She just feels like chips, soda, and TV.

Soon Stephanie returns from her evening course and puts on her workout clothes to get ready for the gym. Stephanie peeks into the living room and sees Megan sitting on the couch. The smaller girl informs her chubby roommate that the kitchen is a mess. Look I don’t care if you aren’t interested in going to the gym, Megan. You can sit around and get fat. just CLEAN the kitchen! Stephanie yells.

Angry over Stephanie’s getting fat remark, Megan gets off the couch and walks over to confront the girl. She insists that chores be left to the loser of a physical contest. Figuring that she is much more fit than Megan, Stephanie eagerly asks what the contest should be. Megan suggests a wrestling match. The smaller girl knows Megan has the size advantage. However, Stephanie feels she is quicker, has better endurance, and is more athletic than Megan, so she accepts.

The girls square off and lock arms. Megan large thighs and butt come in handy as she pushes her smaller opponent around the room. Suddenly, the quicker Stephanie breaks away and slips behind Megan. She tries to take Megan down, but finds that Megan’s 60-pound advantage is difficult to deal with. Stephanie is persistent and scrappy and both girls stagger backwards and nearly fall. Stephanie is on Megan’s back now and Megan loses her balance and falls to her hands and knees. Both girls grunt and moan as they roll around on the floor. Eventually Megan winds up on top, and Stephanie is unable to push her off. Stephanie knows she’s in trouble. She squirms, but Megan is just too big. The heavier girl uses her weight and leverage to pin Steph’s arms over her head. Ok, you win, Stephanie sighs. Megan laughs and gets off her roommate, who proceeds to clean the kitchen before leaving to workout.

After her victory, Megan was positive it was her size that enabled her to triumph. She began to snack even more in hopes that her fuller figure would keep her winning and away from chores. Everyday on the way to class she would stop for a large mocha with whip cream and 3 donuts. For lunch she would go to the cafeteria for a bacon cheeseburger, fries, couple cookies, and a soda. Dinner was often nachos with extra cheese and sour cream. By winter quarter finals, she was up to 193 pounds.

It was during finals week that she came home exhausted from studying in the library for hours. She went to her room, took her sweater off and examined herself in the mirror. Her t-shirt looked so tiny on her. Her pudgy arms fit the sleeves tightly. Her belly hung over her tights and she had started to get rolls and stretch marks on the sides of her midsection. Her breasts had swollen in size. But more than anything else her hips and butt had gotten much bigger. Her calves were thicker than ever and her thighs were simply enormous. Megan wanted to cry.

Suddenly, there was a knock on her door and Stephanie came in. She told Megan that she was tired of being the only one who cleaned, shopped for household supplies, and took out the garbage. So Megan suggested another physical match. If Megan won, Stephanie would have to continue to do all the chores. After their last match, the smaller girl was a little reluctant to wrestle Megan, so both girls agreed to play basketball one on one. A basket would be worth one point and the first one to 10 would win. There was a hoop behind the apartment building they lived in. They went outside and started to play.

Megan’s inside play is just too physical for the thinner girl, causing her to take outside shots. Unfortunately her outside shot keeps rimming off. Megan uses her huge butt to box out her roommate and always gets the rebound. Then she uses her big butt and powerful legs to clear the way to the hoop for an easy lay up every time. Megan is not particularly good at basketball and misses several easy lay ups, though. But her size enables her to get more rebounds. Every shot she misses she just pushes Stephanie out of the way and gets the rebound and tries again. With the score 9-1 in Megan’s favor, Stephanie’s shot is yet again off the mark and Megan now has the ball. She backs her smaller roommate down until she is standing directly under the basket. She pivots and shoots. With a final score of 10-1 Megan turns to Stephanie but the smaller girl is already walking away her head hung in disgrace. Megan smiles.

Over spring break, Stephanie and Megan didn’t see each other much. Stephanie left for several days on a vacation. Megan stayed at the apartment and continued to eat like there was no tomorrow. She woke up one morning during spring break and went to the bathroom and stood on the scale. The scale read 196. She hung her head in shame, realizing she’d gained 51 pounds since she got to college. She knew how hard it would be to lose those 50 pounds. She sighed and headed to the kitchen. Bacon and waffles smothered in butter were on her mind.

Time flew during spring quarter, and Megan didn’t talk much with Stephanie anymore. Midterms came and went, and so we fast forward to the end of the quarter a week after finals.

Megan has not weighed herself all quarter and is scared to get on the scale. She waddles up to the scale and lifts a big huge thigh up on it. Then the other leg. She looks down and slowly opens her eyes. 230 pounds!!! She can’t believe it. That’s an 85 pound increase since the start of fall quarter! She walks out in the living room to find Stephanie watching TV. Megan asks Stephanie if she will stay in the apartment during the summer. Stephanie gets up from the couch and puts down the TV remote. Not if it means doing everything around here because my roommate is a fucking fat cow.

What did you say? yells Megan as she gets in Stephanie’s face.

I said you are fat and lazy! Your butt weighs more than most guys so you’ll never get a boyfriend!

Megan slaps Stephanie across the face. Take that back, you bitch!

Ugh! No! You have a huge ass and you have huge thighs and I’m sick of doing all the chores I’m moving out!!

Oh no, you aren’t!! Megan yells as she lunges at Stephanie, grabbing her by the wrists, and forcing the skinnier girl to the floor. Stephanie struggles in her grip but is unable to get free. Meg, that hurts, let go! she yells at her fat friend. Megan ignores her cries. Instead, she pulls Stephanie back to her feet, before pushing the smaller girl down again. Still holding Steph’s wrists, Megan again pulls her from the ground. Please let go, Meg, I’m sorry! Stephanie begs as she begins to sob. Megan pays no attention to her cries for mercy as she continues to hold her Stephanie’s wrists. The big girl forces her roommate over to the couch where Megan sits her huge butt down before pulling Stephanie onto her lap.

Megan continues to grip her wrists tightly, while she wraps her enormous thighs around Steph. Her powerful legs hold Stephanie tightly as Megan decides to finally release smaller girl’s arms. Megan laughs as Stephanie struggles in a vain attempt to get free. She starts to squeeze Stephanie tighter and tighter with her huge legs. The smaller girl starts to punch Megan’s legs with her free hands, but it’s hopeless. Megan is squeezing so hard now that Stephanie can’t breathe. Gradually the thin girl struggles less and less as Megan just wears her out. She just squeezes and squeezes until Stephanie is just limp between her massive thighs. At this point Megan releases her victim, and watches a barely conscious Jennifer slump to the floor. You’ll do what I say, Stephanie, or I will just dominate you more. I weigh over twice as much as you so get used to things being my way, you skinny little girl! she commands her smaller roommate.

Summer went by and Megan continued her weight gain. As fall rolled around, she once again stood on the scale. 255 pounds. In one year of college she’d gained 110 pounds. She wasn’t ashamed, though. She loved her new body.

Not bad. With Steph doing all the chores and going to my classes for me, I guess I don’t need to move off the couch except to get another bag of chips, she thinks to herself. She smiles college life is great for big girls.