Water Balloon

Water Balloon By David Sladky

Tamara closed the door to her apartment and sighed as she tossed her jacket on the chair. Her first week at the Lab - and she gets locked in when a spill happens. It wasn’t like she was worried; the Lab techs told her that the BioFlex formula was for anti-aging, not virulent at all. She went into the bathroom to turn on the shower. Tall, shapely, green eyes and coco colored skin. She was fine, even if she said so. She let the water run and took off her shirt; her large breasts stood out from her ribcage. She ran her hands over her full hips; her slim belly showed she worked out. Not one ounce of fat, she was happy to say. That jerk Jamain didn’t know what he was missing, leaving her for some fat white girl. She shuddered: God, I don’t know what I would do if I got fat, a blimp begging to be screwed.

She slipped out of her pants and left her silk underwear on. Something in the back of her mind said drink something. She walked into the kitchen and took out a bottle of spring water from the fridge. She took a long drink and thought about her job. The money was too good to give up. This spill was more of a nuisance then anything. She just happened to be standing near the vial as it hit the floor; she’d never get the stains out of her jeans. She looked into the fridge: nothing but diet this and lo-cal that - a good figure was hard to keep. Unlike her 200 pound sister who didn’t give a damn how she looked; after the first baby she’d blown up like a balloon, and that was five kids ago. Tamara smiled and rubbed her firm belly: no babies are going to blow me up anytime soon.

She looked down and saw the bottle was dry. One quart? she thought. Must have been open. She took another bottle out and started to drink. Going back to the front room, her thighs rubbed together. She started to feel strange. She looked, and the bottle was drained again. She rubbed her belly; it felt full and round, her skin felt like rubber. It can’t be my time yet, she thought, and I’ve never swelled up this much, maybe there was some MSG in the Lo Main this afternoon. She heard a sloshing sound coming from somewhere - must have been the shower. She walked back to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Her beautiful, brown body was swollen. Her eyes were wide as she looked at her round form. Her slim legs were round at the thighs; her hips flared out dramatically, making her look like a large, brown pear. What the hell? she said to herself.

Her breasts had swelled and now rolled back and forth as she moved. She cupped them in her hands; they felt like the water balloons she used to play with as a child. Her dark nipples stood out like tootsie rolls; she felt bloated. The sound of the running water seemed to mesmerize her. She turned and stepped in. Taking the showerhead off the stand, she opened her mouth and drank deeply. Her body swelled rapidly; her breasts filled and sagged; her hips widened - she was being filled with water and she was helpless to stop it. Her belly pushed out and touched the shower wall, water rushed into her legs, and her butt pushed out. Water swelled every part of her body; her feet and toes plumped; her belly swelled up like a round ball pushing her heavy breasts up and to the sides; her skin looked like shiny brown rubber. Then next door, somebody flushed the toilet, sending a wave of cold water in Tamara’s face. She broke out of her spell and dropped the showerhead. She took a sloshing step and walked out of the bathroom. The water rippled in her massively swollen body; she let out a moan as the heavy water pressed on her skin.

She looked in the mirror and saw her once lean face, round and swollen; her lips looked like a mad doctor had gone insane with collagen. She put her hands on her back and leaned back, her massive breasts and belly almost pulling her forward off her feet. She had a hard time moving, as the water in her sloshed back and forth. She sat on the couch and was about to call the lab when she felt her panties cutting into her big belly and riding painfully up the crack of her ass. She couldn’t see them, as her swollen gut sat almost to her knees. She reached down and slid the panties off; as she did this, the water in her body rushed forward, and she rolled onto the floor, landing on her back. Her inflated boobs bobbed like twin water balloons on her chest. She heard a faint hiss and looked in horror as she started to swell up even more!

The phone rang, and her answering machine came on. Hi Tamara, it’s the lab, we found a problem with the spill and need you to come back, and the spill may have affected your body in a strange way. And don’t drink any water, it will be converted to gas; we don’t want you to pop. Tamara would have screamed if she could have caught her breath. Her legs were forced apart by her swelling thighs; she saw her dome-like belly rise higher and higher in the air; her two beach ball size breasts blocked her view after a while. Her arms stuck out at her sides; she was a helpless blimp. She watched in horror as honey colored stretch marks formed on her swelling breasts. Her bloated ass pushed her off the ground. The sloshing water pressed harder with every passing second, then she felt water. No! she thought; she was going to explode, pop like the water balloons she used to overfill when she was young. She looked up as water started to dribble from her distended nipples. She let out a sigh. She knew the pressure was going to wane, but it didn’t. The dribble flowed harder and faster as the pressure in her body increased; it started to spray out of her like a garden hose. She heard the sound of a balloon popping, just before she passed out………

The Lab was able to keep the strange explosion at one of their lab tech’s apartments out of the papers. Mary came home and took off her coat. It was a shame that Tamara left, she thought. Oh well… God, I need a drink…