My Uptown Girl

My Uptown Girl

Part One

On a sunny afternoon, Roderick, a twenty-something professional, decided to go out for a drive thru the city in his flashy 2-door blk coupe, he enjoyed so much. He drove thru The Bronx, where shortly around the Concourse he saw her. Waiting for the bus outside a certain big-girl clothing store, she stood 5'5 about 250 her pudgy abdomen revealed under her small top, jeans nice and tight. Just envisioning the honey brown skin and long curly dark reddish hair, almost caused him to crash into a livery cab that suddenly stopped in front of him. He saw her enjoying an Italian ice, cherry flavored in a nice large paper cup, as she just licked it in slow motion enjoying it to the last drop in fact; he opened the car window spoke to her in Spanish trying to get her attention, at least make contact with her eyes but to no avail. It saddened him to see her waddle slowly with the bags she had into a cab that had just arrived across the street behind him.

Driving back home, he slowly looked thru his side mirrors to catch a glimpse of anyone who made him feel the way that girl that, but nothing. Nothing but the tiresome keyboard waiting for him once again. Hearing promises from dates he’d never meet or disappointed seeing how they were once away from the comp and in public view; seeing their personas change instantly in front of him. From talking of being carefree and liberated in eating non-stop, not caring who was watching to suddenly only sharing a few niblets from his plate at a well known steakhouse, with a salad on the side.

Roderick’s frustrations grew with each disappointment, with each talk show he’d watch, or nightclub outing as he’d see women of his dreams literally bursting in scantily clad outfits but unable to find one to truly fulfill him. He cursed his desires, as they did him more pain than good. As time passed his desires got stronger especially in his sleep. He even focused on himself, 5'10, 185, average build, thinking of himself swelling. How warm his belly felt after being so full, with finally letting loose enjoying everything he always wanted to without concern of other’s opinions or images. Seeing the shadow of his shape round and bulge out further from the recliner he spent more and more time in watching tapes of past talk show guests and music artists from Mama Cass to Kelly Price (pre-diet) to Liz Torres (John Larroquette Show) as his mind drifted even further to images on his computer.

His love affair with fat growing even stronger by the day, wanting it, needing it, feeling so warm soft, it just giving that feeling of true glee inside. Enacting his dreams as they got too strong to just let them remain as dreams. He started enjoying a 12" hero sandwich in his recliner, night after night, relishing over the gobs of mayonnaise, along with melted cheese singles trapped by such fresh tasting slices of ham just waiting to be devoured. It was stretching out his belly, having Roderick looking like that expectant female he saw last summer wearing only a small white shirt bulging all over for all to see, almost ready to drop.

Grazing and feeling the new stretch-marks about to form, knowing he’d have to lower the sash on his robe before it gives way on its own. Though with his belly too full, his heart was still empty, as he still yearned for someone to share in his love and passions. Roderick’s long wait and endless frustration would soon come to an end.