As Time Goes By

As Time Goes By by JC

I was invited to friend of mine’s place for a party. I had just moved into town from Phoenix. It was a small town in Kansas not much to do so I jumped at the chance to get out of the house on Saturday night.

There were a lot of single women there I didnt realize that there were so many in town. While I was at the punch bowl getting a cool drink I turned around and knocked a drink all over this gorgeous blond. I felt like an idiot and told her so. She said that didnt mind it was a party and things like happen. After cleaning up the mess I had made, we sat down ant started getting aquatinted. I said my name is Frank I have been in town only a short while setting up a new computer service for the city. She said her name was Linda and she just moved her from Maine. She said had got a job managing a grocery store. We talked for quite a while when I thought it was time to go I asked here for her phone number so we could get together some time. She said that would be nice and gave me her business card and wrote her home number on the back. I did the same for her.

I was excited about meeting a new girl after having my other girl friend leave when I left Phoenix. She was kind of skinny for my taste about 54 and 115 pounds. Her measurements were 33-24-33. I thought if I ever got into bed with her there would be a good chance of getting bruise marks from her bonny hips. Out of the blue she called me Wednesday afternoon and said she had nothing to do Friday evening would I like to go out to dinner and a movie. She said she had found a nice restaurant serving all you can eat Italian that was really good. I said should I pick her up about six oclock she said fine the movie started an 8:15. I could not wait to see her again.

When I picked her up she was wearing tight shorts and a blouse that showed her flat tummy. When we got to the restaurant we were seated in a nice quite booth. The food was excellent as promised. I had two plate full of food she had two big plates and said she was stuffed and had eaten way to much. After hearing that it got very excited about our future. I thought that there would be plenty of potential for Linda to grow into the girl of my dreams. On the way to the movies I stopped by 7-11 got two candy bars to take into the theater. She ate all of hers and have of mine I was getting more and more excited every minute.

We have been seeing each other for six months on a daily bases. I asked her to move in with me and she agreed. It was in May everything was great she developed a routine. On Mondays she would go to work early and stay late and we would do laundry together after she jogged when she got home. On Tuesday she would go to work early then stay late and go to the her health club after work. On Wednesday she would come home and jog. Thursday was the same as Tuesday. On Friday she would come home after work and jog. Saturday she would jog then go to the club on Saturday afternoon we would do something together. On Sunday we rested all day.

In June the president quit for a new job and the owner offered the job to Linda. She was doing most of the work any way but it took longer hours to do the job. In August after she proved her self to the owner, he decided to take a month off to tour the US to see the sights. At the same time a friend from my college days named Rick came to town. He was a real party animal and we he had some very wild parties. I thought this was the opportunity I was waiting for.

On Friday evening I envied Rick and a few of his friends over for a party. Linda liked parties and was looking forward to Friday night after hearing some stories about Fred. As the evening progressed Rick broke out a drinking game we had played in college. Before the party I told Rick I wanted to get Linda drunk on her ass. It worked she got involved in the game and drank a lot of vodka shots. She got so drunk she could not stand and had to crawl into bed. On Saturday morning she woke up with a real bad hangover. I told her I had a cure I had discovered in college and made her a bloodymary with four fingers of vodka. After the first was drank I made here a second one just the same. She had quite a buss on and decided to skip the club and jogging for that day. We ordered out for pizza and she ate a lot for lunch. For dinner we went out to a Mexican all you can eat buffet. Linda ate and ate until she could hardly move.

It was the beginning of football season pre games on TV. I did not realize she was such a fan. She got a cooler and filled it full of beer and ice put in the living room between us. She sat down and started drinking beer at 10:00 oclock in the morning and did not stop until the last game was over. I ordered out for pizza again for lunch and made a dinner with lots of fattening food and calories. By dinner time she was to drunk to notice and ate the big meal until she was full to bursting. On Monday she went to work early came write home and sat in front of the TV for Monday night football. She got the beer going again and she ate another fattening dinner until she was about to burst. On Tuesday I decided to go to go into town to take her out to dinner. She was very grateful having work so late ours she was glad to get out of there. We went to the Italian restaurant again she ate and ate till she could hardly walk. Instead of going back to work she went home and went to sleep. Sense we hadnt had time to laundry I asked if we could do it Wednesday night she said sure. After the laundry was done I volunteered to do the grocery shopping. She agreed after putting so many hours at the store she did not want to go back to do shopping. Then I could by the high calorie and fattening ingredients I had planed for future dinners plus plenty of beer and vodka. On Thursday I went to her work again and took her out to dinner at a new place and she ate plenty. But didnt have time to go to the health club or jogging.

When Friday came around again I asked Rick over for another party. I Made sure he understood Linda was to get shit faced again. Same party with the same results. Come Saturday two bloodymarys with four fingers of vodka each. She was to drunk to go to the club again. Linda ask me if I would take her I said no. So she called Helen another member of the club she had gone with in the past. Helen said she would happy to give her a ride to the club. When she got there she started riding a stationary bike. When her blood started flowing because of the exercise Linda fell of the bike. When the manager came to see what had happened she puked all over him. She had to be helped out to her Helens car and was told not to come back ever again. Her friend was so embarrassed about what had happened she told her never to call her again for any reason. When She got home Helen helped her into the house her and explained what had happened. I looked shock about what had happened and said I could not believe something like that could accrue. Instead inside thats what I was hopping for. She went into the bedroom to sleep it off. At about 4:00 p.m. that afternoon she woke up with a hangover I gave her my hangover bloodymary with four fingers of vodka. When she had finished her drink we out to dinner to the Mexican buffet she ate to her harts desire.

It was a normal Sunday she woke up and went jogging when she got back she complained that she was only able to go half as far as normal. Because she didnt want to miss any of the football games. She already set the beer cooler up before she left to go jogging. She sat down in the chair and started on the first one again at 10:00 oclock. I ordered out for pizza at 1:00 she had a good buzz going by the time the pizza came. At 6:00 oclock during have time she ate the dinner I made was very fattening she was to drunk to notice again and ate until she couldnt move.

Wednesday after work it was time to do laundry again. Linda tried to put on her tight shorts to do the laundry in because all her other close were dirty. They were very tight around the butt and small around the waste could not button them. She was surprised and went into the bath room to way herself. I heard a sound of amazement after she weighed herself. Linda had put on ten pounds in two weeks. She put on her workout close from the club and used those to do the laundry in. The changes were evident, her butt was a little fuller and her body was softer she had small roles of fat peaking out around her sweat pants.

We had another weekend the same as the last two. On Wednesday she weight herself again she had put on another five pounds. She said it was time for a diet. I said she looked good with the extra pounds on her. She frowned at me and said it was definitely time for her to diet and get more exercise.

Linda went to six different health clubs to start a new membership. The manager from the old club had spread the word what had happened at his club to the other managers. No matter how she tried Linda could not start a membership anywhere. So she started a shake diet instead. One in the morning and one at noon. When she was at work I tasted one. I told her that sense she was going to do one of those diets we should get a large container so it would be cheaper in the long run she agreed. I went and found some weight gain formula that tasted the same and changed the diet mix to the weight gain formula she did not notice the difference. Linda was happy to have her two shakes during the day and I was happy because she was taking in the extra calories.

As another week went by it was starting to develop into a routine. Drunk on Friday night, Saturday morning, then all day on Sunday. I was feeding her larger portions and higher calorie meals when she was drunk she didnt notice. On Wednesday when she weigh herself again it was six pounds more. In four weeks 21 pounds. None of her close fit anymore so we went close shopping on Saturday afternoon. She tried on size eight they would not fit then size ten settled on size twelve.

The next Wednesday when she weighed herself again she hat put on another six pounds. She could not understand why. I suggested that she drink the diet shakes at night with her meal maybe that would help curb her appetite. She said she would try it and see if it would help. As Wednesday came around again seven pounds this week. Her size twelve didnt fit anymore we had to go shopping for close again. Her butt was sticking out filling in her shorts nicely and there was a real roll of fat hanging over her shorts and a nice potbelly. She still liked wearing close that showed of her tummy that made me happy no end. On next Wednesday another six pounds. She could not understand why she was getting so fat. I said she looked better all the time.

Wednesday came again another six pounds for that weekend. That was 25 pounds this month altogether 46 pounds in two months. She was starting a nice double chin. But most of her weight was going to her thighs and butt. Linda was at 161 pounds altogether she looked a lot better filling out her close more to my liking and I didnt have to worry about bruise marks anymore.

As the third month came to a end she was eating more during the week. The owner of the store came back said she was doing a great job gave her a bonus and left for a around the world cruise for three months. At the end of that month she had put on another 30 pounds. At 191 she said hell with the diet and started eating what she wanted when she wanted. After gaining 76 pounds in three months. Her butt was nice and plump almost fat. She started wearing sweet pants for there stretching ability over her large rear end. No bra because her boobs had grown so much she was tired of buying a bra once a month. Next month roles a round sense she wasnt on the diet any more she put on 40 pounds. She was knocking things over with her new wide hips because she was not use to them yet. She was getting to the point where I like my women another 40 or 50 pounds would do it. After the next month came and went another 50 pounds a new record for her.

Again the routine changed Fred got a new job out of town. We tried a few more parties after he left but it wasnt the same so no more parties on Friday night. Then there were no more bloodymarys on Saturday morning. Still football Sunday for a few wore weeks. The owner of the company came back from his cruise started working at the grocery store again so she was able to get back normal hours. That meant no more dinners on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Her weight began to stabilize at about 300 pounds. She was 48-44-65 a big difference from when she started. She said she was happy with her new weight and did not plan to lose any of it my plans had worked out great.