The Great Tightness

Author stuckfan15

AN: I don’t own the character Winry, she belongs to Terrell. This is not Canon

A soft breeze blew through the forest, gently rustling the verdant green leaves of the trees surrounding the dusty trail. The bright, clear sky blinked in and out of view as the hefty canopy shifted and stirred, casting shades of azure against jade punctuated by brilliant light. The day was reaching its peak, and as noon fast approached the trail found itself joined by a bright, smiling traveller.

The girl beamed as she admired the beautiful scenery, taking in every step with a broad smile and a song in her heart. She hummed said song as she walked, her pale flesh seeming to gleam from her pleasure as she walked. The brightness of the girl was echoed in her golden blonde hair, which was tied into the usual twin buns atop her head, and the bright yellow and red she wore. Winry stretched her arms and grinned.

“I’m so glad it’s a nice day,” she chirped to herself. With how warm it was on her walk, the chubby girl was glad she had changed her normal outfit slightly, changing her normal yellow bike-shorts for a pleated school-girl style yellow skirt. “The air is wonderful today…” A soft growl caught her, making the girl chuckle. “Must be noon. Guess I should…”

She trailed off, spying something through the trees. The girl paused briefly, before changing her course and slipping down the narrow opening through the trees. Coarse bark scratched at her as she made her way through, poking and prodding at her exposed fleshy middle, until she finally staggered ungracefully into a clearing. Winry straightened her skirt and turned to face the middle of the clearing, and the item which had grabbed her attention.

In the clearing, tucked away from sight at first, was a fairly sizeable hill, on which was a cap of lush green grass. A less observant person might have thought nothing more of this hill, but Winry had spied a tell-tale hint of what this really was already. Perched atop the hill, over on the far side of the mass of earth, rose a simple chimney formed of grey stone bricks, and from this wisps of pale smoke plumed from the top, giving away the hill as someone’s home.

As Winry looked around, walking around the house and admiring it in awe, she had not spotted the windows embedded in the side of the hill, nor did she notice that she was not alone.

“Um, hello?” came a voice, making Winry jump and turn sharply. The voice squeaked. “W-who are you?”

It took Winry a few moments to realise where the voice had come from. Set into the wall of the hill was a round hole, and poking out of this hole was a brown-haired girl. She seemed to be Winry’s age, her mouse-brown hair tied into middle-length pigtails low on her head and draped over her shoulders. Winry could not make out much passed this as the girl was leaning her head out of the hole, most of her body tucked inside. Winry gasped softly and crouched down to meet the girl.

“Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t realise someone was home!” she said, feeling quite silly for not realising before. She stuck out a hand sweetly. “I’m Winry.”

“Rebecca,” the girl nodded curtly, smiling softly and reaching out to shake Winry’s hand. “What brings you here, Winry?”

“Just out for a walk, enjoying the sun,” Winry smiled obliviously. “I didn’t know anyone lived out here, or that there would be such a cute home tucked away off the trail!”

“Well, such is the life of a nomad,” Rebecca chuckled softly. She opened her mouth, and was about to say something when a growl from Winry’s middle interrupted her. She smiled softly, realising what the time was. “Would you like to come in? I was just about to have some lunch, if you wanted to join me?”

Winry had the good graces to look embarrassed by the sudden vocal outburst from her belly, but at the offer of lunch she nearly lost her composure. She swallowed softly and smiled, nodding.

“I’d like that,” she smiled, wanting to get to know this mysterious girl. “Thank you, Rebecca.”

Rebecca smiled to Winry once more as she disappeared back into the house and went to prepare lunch for her guest, leaving Winry to enter. The portly girl crawled forward and carefully fed her arms through first, then she squeezed in her shoulders and slid forward, her head and shoulders making it inside. She pushed on the wall around the doorway to help get her boobs through the opening. Here, halfway through the opening, Winry stopped to look around the interior of the house.

The home was simple, plainly furnished with minimal items, however everything was well kept and neatly arranged. Winry could see lacy curtains covering a handful of small windows, allowing faint sunlight to come through, enough to light the house without being overly bright. The main room had a tidy rug set in the middle of the floor, beyond which sat a small dining table with a couple of wooden chairs sat alongside it. In the back, on the left was a closed door leading further in, and to the right side lay a kitchen area where her host busied herself over a teapot.

From her place at the front door, Winry could now see Rebecca properly. The brunette was slight of frame and pale of skin, seemingly standing at a relatively short stature even from the distance. Rebecca’s outfit was fittingly plain yet neat; a tan t-shirt with beige knee-length shorts, hidden under a white apron of sorts. Winry took a moment to smile, thinking about how cute the look was, before pressing her palms to the wall and pushing to resume her entrance.

As Winry entered further, she realised her observations held greater weight than first thought. Thanks to her small build, Rebecca’s door was likewise small and not very… Winry-sized. As the girl squeezed her way inside, she felt her belly and hips being pressed on all sides, slowing her progress little by little. With her backside halfway into the hole, Winry came to a sudden stop, held in place by the opening. She furrowed her brow, and pushed hard, gritting her teeth as she tried with difficulty to get inside quietly before Rebecca turned around. The blonde girl looked to see her host pouring out the tea and preparing to take up the tray the cups sat on. In a frenzied burst of desperation, Winry gave a great tug, and finally came inside, landing unceremoniously in a heap atop the rug. Rebecca turned to her guest with a confused look.

“Are you alright, Winry?” she asked, unaware of the struggle the visitor had faced. Winry blushed and hurriedly picked herself up, dusting off her outfit.

“O-oh, I’m fine,” she smiled sweetly. “Just slipped is all!” She hummed softly as her belly growled once more. “Oh, e-excuse me.”

“It’s alright,” Rebecca replied kindly, setting the tray down. “Please, sit, I’ll bring over something to eat.” Winry nodded and sat in one seat while Rebecca turned to a pantry. Winry took a cup of the tea and sniffed it softly, noting a more floral scent than normal tea. “I hope you like jasmine tea.”

“I’ve… never tried it,” Winry replied curiously.

She was not sure if she should ask for milk and sugar, or if that would be rude. It was then she noticed the flower sprouting inside her cup, adding to her confusion. Rebecca returned and noticed the perplexed look.

“Oh, I’m sorry, it is a little unusual,” she admitted, picking up a small cup from the tray. “It’s a bit odd, but it’s a really nice, delicate flavour. I like to have a little lemon juice with the tea, if you would like to try that?” Winry nodded, letting Rebecca add the lemon juice. The girl fished the stem of jasmine from the cup and set it aside before stirring the tea. “There.”

Winry smiled kindly, thanking Rebecca before blowing the cup and taking a sip. The tea tasted pleasant, but it was somewhat sour and floral, and not something she was fond off. Despite this, she did her best to not pull a face so as to not appear rude. Rebecca sipped her own tea, before hearing yet another growl from Winry’s middle.

“Oh, forgive me,” she said, standing. “Lunch. Um… tell me, what do you like?”

“Oh, well, sweet things, mostly,” Winry admitted. “Chocolate… jam…”

“Honey?” Rebecca offered. “I have plenty of honey and bread, if you would like that.”

“Oh! Yes please!” Winry said eagerly, before quickly catching herself. “Th-that is to say, I would like that, if it was not too much trouble.”

Rebecca laughed softly, fetching the bread and a fairly large honeypot. She set the items on the table, along with a pair of small plates with steep sides which she place in front of each of their seats. She sat down, noticing Winry staring in awe at the honeypot, but said nothing on it.

“Well, please, don’t wait,” she said kindly. “Help yourself.”

This was exactly what Winry had hoped Rebecca would say. Without another thought, she thanked her host and poured a hearty helping of honey onto the plate, practically filling the edged vessel to the brim. She then took a thick slice of bread and started tearing it and dipping it into the sweet golden honey. Rebecca helped herself to a more reserved portion.

As they ate, the two made small talk, although Winry’s answers soon became shorter and more sticky-sounding. Rebecca finished her lunch, but Winry went back for seconds.

Then thirds…

Then she forwent the bread and had another heaping portion of honey. By now, the honeypot was emptied, but, not wanting to say no to the first visitor she had had in quite some time, Rebecca obliged and fetched another. Winry picked this up as it stood and raised it to her lips, pouring the sticky substance into her mouth and practically drinking it down in great gulps. Rebecca looked on in a mix of surprise and shock, yet she did not speak up from fear of offending her gluttonous guest.

A couple of hours passed, the sun starting to lower in the mid-afternoon, before Winry finally stopped, several honeypots lay empty around her seat and a surprising amount of honey stained her face and t-shirt. The girl took a moment to wipe the last dregs stuck to her mouth and cheeks, and patted her stomach, which sat full and very round in her lap. The red t-shirt had retreated, sitting on the topmost curve of the distended gut but unable to cover it, more so than normal.

“That was wonderful,” she smiled, softly rubbing her enlarged belly. “Thank you, Rebecca.”

“You’re… welcome,” Rebecca replied, still in a state of shock.

She picked up the pots and set them aside to refill them later, and collected the plates and cups, taking them to the kitchen to clean them up. Winry heaved herself to her feet, not noticing how much bigger her form had grown, and thought. She wanted to do something to repay Rebecca’s hospitality.

“Say,” she offered. “It’s still early in the day. Would you… like to come for a walk with me?”

Rebecca was surprised by the offer, but smiled; a little more time with her new friend would be nice.

“Sure,” she accepted. “Just let me clean the dishes and I’ll be out.”

Winry nodded, taking this as her cue to leave. She waddled to the door, looking and feeling very full from her gorge, but thinking nothing of it as her mind filled with excitement at taking a walk with her new friend. Without considering her surroundings, she threaded her arms through the hole and started to climb out. It was not long before she had to twist and wiggle her shoulders, trying to get her boobs through, but with some force and a little tact in her movements, she lurched outward. Smiling, Winry pushed again…

And was surprised to find she did not move.

Winry frowned. It had not been this hard before, had it? She shrugged and planted her palms to the wall, heaving hard, yet still nothing happened. With a furrow of her brow, Winry dug deep, pointing her toes to push from behind while her arms pushed at the front. She groaned as she heaved, and felt herself shuffle an inch, but this came with a new problem; being so far in, Winry’s feet left the ground and could no longer help her. As her strength left her arms, Winry felt herself snap back, pressing her shoulders and boobs against her firmly as it did.

“Oh bother…” she frowned. “I suppose I should go back.”

She tried to manoeuvre her legs to push backwards, but she found herself unable to reach anything useful. Her stomach bumped her knees and pushed them back, keeping them from reaching the wall. She tried and tried, but only managed to kick and flail her legs awkwardly.

“Uh oh… M-maybe I can go forward now?” she asked herself hopefully, grabbing hold of the wall and heaving with all her might, but to no avail. “Oh, help and bother… I can’t do either…”

By now, Rebecca was just finishing the dishes, and was ready to head out and join her new friend. What she faced when she turned around, however, surprised her and stunned her for a moment. Inside the front room, illuminated by the afternoon sunlight coming in through the windows, was Winry’s legs and lower body, sticking out of the wall where the front door had once been. Thanks to her enlarged form, Winry’s yellow skirt did not cover her backside very well, revealing a pair of tight-fitting white and blue striped knickers barely concealing the pale flesh beneath. The sight was quite startling, but Rebecca soon realised there was a problem, indicated by the light wiggles and kicks.

“W-Winry?” she asked, approaching slowly. “Are you alright?”

“O-oh, um… F-fine!” Winry called back. “Just, um… resting, and thinking…”

“Are you… sure?” Rebecca frowned. “You… look stuck…” She paused, looking the girl’s hindquarters over. “A-Are you?”

“Um…” Winry tapped her fingers together softly, blushing deep red. “Y-yes… I-I’m sorry, I don’t mean to b-be a bother.”

“Oh, n-no, don’t fret,” Rebecca pressed. “Um… Here, let me help you.” She moved boldly, taking a firm grip of Winry’s bottom and pushing hard. She was surprised by how soft Winry’s backside was under her grip. “O-oh my… Perhaps you… had a little… too much for lunch…”

“Ngh… I-I noticed!” Winry grunted, grabbing hold of the wall around her and heaving. “I… barely got through… the first t-time!”

The two friends struggled, pushing and heaving, shoving and struggling, and yet they simply could not move poor Winry. The opening held her fast, resisting their efforts to free Winry’s well-stuffed middle and preventing her escape. Rebecca did everything she could think of for more than an hour, pushing every way she could think of, using her hands, shoulders, anything and everything, but it was no use. Try as they might, Winry would not budge.

“Oh dear… Oh my… It’s no use…” Rebecca puffed at last, her strength leaving her. She slumped down, leaning against Winry’s bottom like some immense cushion. “Oh, Winry… I’m sorry.”

“No, I should be the one apologising,” Winry sighed softly. “If I hadn’t been so greedy, I wouldn’t be stuck in your door…” She paused, her mind catching up with what she had said. She groaned, her head flopping downward dejectedly. “Oh, no… Do you have a back door?”

“I-I’m afraid not,” Rebecca replied. She took a moment to realise what this meant and frowned. “Oh… So I’m stuck in here while you’re stuck in there.”

“I-I think so,” Winry frowned. “I’m so sorry, Rebecca.”

“It’s… okay,” Rebecca sighed. “It’s as much my fault as it is yours, after all.” She stood and stepped away, looking the round bottom which blocked her doorway over once more. “I wonder if you would mind me… using you, while you’re here?”

“By all means,” Winry nodded. “I think it will be a while, it’s the least I can do.”

And so, for the days that passed, Winry and Rebecca went about their imprisonment however they could, with Rebecca rationing her supplies to outlast her door being plugged while Winry tried to find ways to pass the time while they waited. They would talk through the wall, getting to know more about one another and becoming more and more acquainted. Winry told Rebecca about her friends, her pleasures, and in return Rebecca told Winry about herself, and how she became the nomadic person she was. Winry smiled, promising to bring her friends to meet Rebecca, or vice versa, if she wanted.

While Winry’s bottom half was stuck inside Rebecca’s home, it was left to the trapped home-keeper’s discretions. During this time, Rebecca using Winry’s legs for a place to sit, a spot for drying some of her washing… At one point, she took some paints and used the girl’s bottom as a canvas of sorts to help her cope with the passing days, although the design did not stay long, changing every few days to give Rebecca a change of pace, going from a sunset, to a lake scene, even a hunting trophy at one point.

It took several weeks, but finally the day came. Winry snoozed in the door while Rebecca finished washing off the previous painting, preparing for another redo. She thought about what to do, leaning on Winry’s bottom as she did, and felt something unusual, yet well-received…

She felt Winry budge!

Wasting no time, the girl grabbed hold of her guest’s backside and started to push, desperate to get her out of the door. Winry awoke and realised what was going on after a few minutes. Together they heaved, they shoved, and Winry slowly inched forward. The portly girl gritted her teeth as she struggled, wiggling with all her might in an attempt to get loose. It was still a tight fit, and as her hips began to fill the opening, progress slowed further, yet the blonde girl refused to give up.

Inside, Rebecca was likewise reluctant to let Winry stay put; she was ready for her guest’s behind to be gone from her home. She shoved and pushed, kneading Winry’s plump backside through the doorway, each motion growing harder than the previous one, until they reached the stalemate point while Winry no longer moved. She kicked her legs hopefully, trying desperately to get herself out.

Rebecca grumbled, stepping back as far as she could in the front room. She had one last idea. Once she was at the opposite wall, she took careful aim, then ran. She ran as fast as she could, from as far as she could, and slammed into Winry shoulder-first as hard as she could.

In an instant, Winry went through a number of sounds. First she grunted. Then she said ‘ouch!’, and finally…


…swiftly followed by a thump and another groan of ‘ow’.

Rebecca peered up from her place, dazed but soon aware of what had happened. She grinned, realising that she was sticking through her own front door, and there, laying in front of her, was Winry, free at last. The brunette hurried to scramble of and help her new friend up.

“We did it!” she cheered. “You’re free, Winry!”

“I’m… free?” Winry asked, confused for a moment before catching up. “I-I’m free! I’m not stuck any more!” Winry grinned, pulling Rebecca into a warm hug. The brown-haired girl tensed, surprised by this action. “Thank you, Rebecca! Thank you so much!”

“I-it’s nothing, really,” Rebecca managed, somewhat stunned, but she softened and smiled, returning the hug. “Anything for a friend.”

“Right,” Winry smiled as they pulled back from one another. Winry took Rebecca’s hand firmly yet kindly. “Now, come on.”

“Where are we going?” Rebecca asked, confused. Winry smiled, leading her friend to the trail she had come down on.

“We’re going for that walk, silly,” she smiled warmly. “And… maybe I can be as hospitable as you have been to me, if you wanted to come over.”

Rebecca was somewhat amazed by this, but she felt herself smile, the warmth of her new friend invigorating. She held Winry’s hand, affirming her grip.

“I’d like that,” she beamed as they set off, travelling down the path as the afternoon sun shone down on them.