The Good-bye

The Good-bye By Thump

She felt the tears bubble up inside her throat but swallowed quickly and scrubbed the tears away before he saw them glisten like diamonds in her eyes. She knew that his ardor had cooled for her and that he only was with her tonight to fulfill his obligations as he did not want to hurt her, but the distant look in his eyes and the practiced tone of the “honey” and “baby” cut deeply like a knife in a slice of thick apple pie. She needed this night with him - to remember him by and to seal a memory for them both.

He noticed when he came in that something was different, oddly out of place and how she looked like she was crying. He had asked her about the tears, and she told him that a movie on TV had made her cry before he came. She did have a soft heart, and he had seen her cry many times over the silliest things on TV - she could not even watch Animal Planet without bursting into tears. He sat down on the couch and wondered how he was going to tell her that his feelings had changed - he did not want to hurt her, but he needed to be honest with her. Their time had been well spent, and he certainly had loved her, but it just was no longer right and he was restless to move on.

She came in from the kitchen, wearing a lovely white negligee that he had purchased her. She looked lovely tonight a high blush to her cheeks and her brown eyes so bright. The negligee molded itself to her thickened thighs that now helped support the heavier hips that jutted out, allowing a hand to sit on a hip. Her calves were thicker also, resembling sweet curvy legs on an elegant chair. He closed his eyes, remembering the time he had kissed and sucked each little pudgy little toe that he had laughingly dipped into the Cool Whip.

He admired her full breasts now that showed soft rose petal pink nipples that peeped teasingly through the pale white shear material. Her breasts fuller and rounder than before - just waiting for the brush of a thumb across them and so ready for a wet mouth to make love to them. He closed his eyes and leaned against the pillows of the couch and remembered the taste of those delicious breasts - so warm and so inviting as he suckled on them and the sound of her purring against him as his hand floated down and tickled her deepened navel.

Her face was rounder as well and so soft and feminine: the face of Eve that could be so innocent, so full of wonder and yet so female and wicked in her feminine charms. He could remember the look of surprise the first time he had caressed her stomach and how she had trembled like a scared fawn when he first had smoothed warm oil across her round stomach. Such innocence had thrilled him, and with each moment of new discovery for him and the added pounds that followed, he had felt such pride and such love for her. She turned around to turn the lights down, exposing her round buttocks that the white satin seemed to caress, splitting each cheek and defining it as a cuppable and caressable part of her.

“I thought we would just sit out here and enjoy some coffee together?” She was so soft and so feminine, and her rose perfume gathered around her like a cloud of seduction. “Coffee would be nice,” as he extended his own cup, letting her pour him another cup. “Why did you call me tonight?” She leaned back further onto the couch and replied, “I just needed to see you - just wanted to be with you.” He saw that look in her eye again - a quick flicker of doubt, perhaps?

“Are you all right?” She answered him with a kiss, and he responded in kind, deepening it with his warm tongue as he could hear her sweet little hummms and sighs. He buried his face into her breasts, and his hand touched her stomach, amazed by the plumpness of it, and he felt such a rush of desire for her. He stood up and extended his hand quietly for her as she took it, and he embraced her. She held on for a long time, kissing the side of his neck, tickling his earlobes and chin with her tongue, and the press of her softness made him shudder down to his own toes. She seemed different somehow tonight, he thought, but the blur of passion was so strong inside him that he brushed that aside and concentrated on the taste of her instead.

He smoothed his palms against her round buttocks and pressed her fullness against him as he kissed her deeper and more possessively. She pulled her mouth away long enough to look at him, “I have the bedroom ready for us.” He raised his eyebrows in curiosity but followed her, holding her hand as she led him in. “Sit down on the bed,” she whispered to him as she begun lighting scented candles. The softness of their warm glow only accented her own softness. She turned on soft jazz that seemed to curl around them both, suspending time - preparing them for this important moment.

The covers were pulled back, and on a pretty tray was a dish with an assortment of chocolates and cookies surrounded by ripe strawberries, pineapple and kiwi. She stood before him and slowly, very slowly dropped a strap of her negligee, all the while watching him. Then the next strap as it began to fall down across her breasts. She bent down showing him her deep cleavage as she took off her white thong panties, and he sighed with the memory of what they covered. She smiled and shimmied out of her negligee as her skin shimmed and jiggled as well.

“I am yours tonight and yours only.” Her voice seemed to tremble. “Are you sure you are okay?” “Yes, I am okay…just need you to touch me and make love to me tonight like you never have before.” She stood before him - a fat, ripe, soft, full Venus - and he felt the beginnings of desire flicker and flame like a match to dry wood. She smiled and turned and looking over her shoulder said, “Shower time.” He quickly stood up and followed her. She turned to him and began undressing him. A button here, a caress there. Where a button was, she replaced it with her mouth, and when she unbuckled his belt, he felt his own knees unbuckle and he quickly finished the job of undressing as he embraced her and kissed her mouth with a sweet savagery that surprised them both.

She sighed and then took his hand and turned on the warm shower that sprinkled them both as they continued kissing and touching. He took the offered rose scented soap and begun lathering her sweet flesh. Across her round breasts, her buttocks and her stomach as he stood behind her and washed her roundness as the water caressed and teased them both.

His hands could not get enough of her as he smoothed the soap across her skin. Dipping it between her new sweet little fleshy rolls, the curves and valleys and dimples that now framed her beautiful body. He could not take it much longer as he wanted to bury himself inside her, but instead leaned over and turned off the shower. The beads of water teased and slid off her roundness, pooling into her navel and streaming down.

“You must be cold,” he said as he helped her out of the tub and covered her with a thick towel. “You will keep me safe and warm, wont you?” Her voice thickened with emotion as she blinked away the brimming tears. She turned her head so he would not see them - she must not spoil this moment by tears. She took his hand and led him to the bed as she began toweling him off and rubbing the soles of his feet, briskly pressing her naked body against his calves. He sighed and leaned back and thought of how sweet this moment was. She leaned up and kissed him deeply as he laid back. She now straddled him, her soft breasts falling forward like plump peaches as her mouth discovered water in his navel. Slowly, she lapped it out and then moved on up to his chest that was lightly sprinkled with dark hair. Taking his nipples into her mouth, she lazily tasted them as her stomach slide across him making him tighten with excitement.

He was so tense and so ready that he could not take her caresses much more. He stopped her with his hands, “I cant take much more - I need to touch you.” She smiled with pleasure as he began caressing and kissing and using his tongue to seek out each little droplet of rain that clung to her. He cupped her sweet flesh and used his warm tongue as a guide although he knew her body more than his own. His dark head bent down to envelope a breast into his mouth as she ran her hand down his spine and cupped his buttocks, encouraging him to drink deeper.

She felt the scratch of his beard across her tender skin and smiled at how her body would look in the morning after a long night of lovemaking - like leaving little personal messages for her from his beard and mouth that said, “She is mine and I am hers.” She paused at that thought and remembered that this was to be her last time with him, and she felt herself falling apart. He felt the hesitation and looked up at her. “Cold?” “No, how could I be cold with you next to me?”

He smiled and teased her navel with his tongue as his fingers sought out her wet warmth. Her hips lifted her up instinctively with his touch, and when his mouth parted her, she gasped. His tongue deepened and moved with in her as his hand cupped her buttock, pressing her sweetness deeper to him. Her stomach rising up before him like a hill of his own making - so feral, so rich and so sensual that he felt the need to be inside her. He lifted himself up, cupping her closer to him, and slide into her with practiced and familiar grace.

She was so ready for him as he met her stroke for stroke, gasp for gasp, shudder for shudder. He could hear her call his name out, but as if in the distance, as he was in such rapture. He felt himself float, and the tenseness seemed to flow off of him as he nuzzled her softness with his mouth, as he pushed in deeper and she took him into her wet softness. She was blinded by the passion that she felt, the heat of it, the bliss of it, as she could feel his comforting body envelope her own. The tears gathered, and a sob threatened to tear at her throat, but she covered her mouth with the back of her hand and opened herself up more like a blossoming flower as he slid in deeper and she clenched and held him tighter like a hand in a velvet glove.

They came together, and each felt the dizziness and the joy that their lovemaking always brought. They laid there together - deep inside one another, the candles sputtering and the forgotten chocolates on that cold plate. She could feel him disappearing from her arms even before he left her. “Why the tears?” as he noticed them sliding down her round cheek. She could only shake her head as she cupped his sweet face with her hand and traced his bottom lip with the pad of her thumb." “Tired?” “Yes, I am tired, but content once more.” He smiled as he blew out the candles and removed the forgotten chocolates from the bed. He bent down and kissed her as he gathered his clothes and re-dressed. She watched him trying to memorize him and this moment.

“I have to go now,” he said as he sat by the bed and brushed back her hair. “I know you do - and I also know that this is good-bye.” He was taken aback by this, “I didnt mean to hurt you.” She sat up and placed her finger against his mouth, “Please, dont say anymore - just know that I love you and I always will.”

He bent down and kissed her and saw the tears, and his own heart tore at that moment. But he could not stay; he could not be dishonest with her… He nodded his own head, as he knew that he was not able to speak either, and took her hand and pressed it to his mouth and kissed it, savoring the last taste of her skin. He stood before her - looked at her one last time and left the room.