Katie and I had been married about six weeks, when I noticed we were changing. I mean our bodies. I started to notice my own body was gaining weight. My bride, too, was becoming plumper. I tried to think when did this change in lifestyle that led to our increasing girth take place. It started out as a gradual change; meals started to get larger and richer. We started eating out more. I did not exercise as much as I did before we got married. Katie snacked more between meals than she had before we got married.

One night in mid-November we were lying in bed; I could not get my eyes off of her plumper figure and I decided to ask if she was as aware of our expansion as I was.

Dear, I said, have you noticed that I have been gaining weight?

Yes, honey, I have, she said, I’m sure that you have noticed that I have been gaining, too.

Yes, I have now that you mention it, I said, and I like the way you look.

Oh good, I am so glad, I was worried that since you were in such good shape when we got married that you would not care for me if I gained weight, Katie said. Does it bother you that you have gained weight and you are not exercising the way you used to? she asked.

I have thought about it, and to tell you a deep dark secret; I am turned on by thinking of gaining weight and becoming fat, I said.

She started to cry a little then she sobbed, I’m so happy - mom wanted to know if we were putting on weight. You know how she feels about, fat couples are happy couples.

She thinks we should start gaining weight; she said that she and dad gained a lot in their first year of marriage and how happy they were.

I told her how I loved to stick out my belly in front of mirror and why I wore brief style underwear instead of the popular boxers. She was so happy and relieved; we made love that night, the best ever.

The next morning, I made a point of sticking out my belly while I was getting dressed and feigning having a hard time getting into my pants. She giggled as I patted her soft round bottom, in her tight panties. She made us a huge breakfast, I told her I didn’t know if I could fit behind the wheel of the car! Katie reminded me that we were going to the Springs for Thanksgiving. Her mom and dad live there and we were to get there Wednesday night.

Katie’s mom, Meg, is a beautiful round woman, about 5'2, and nearly as round. When I first met her, all I could think about was Katie’s destiny to look like her mom.

Bill my father in law, is about 5'6 and weighs around 230. He loves to eat, and being retired he does not get much exercise, which he doesn’t mind at all. Meg can really cook up storm. The meals are huge, there are no small portions, and she will load your plate for you, if she does not think you are eating all you can. I should have known what was in store for us for the long weekend.

We left Junction after work. Katie made sure we had some provisions for the trip. We arrived and Meg and Bills around 6:30PM, just in time for a huge meal of spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread, salad and pie for desert. Meg filled both our plates heaping with rich food. We both managed to clear our plates and then before we knew it, the plates were filled again. After three helpings, both of us were STUFFED!

I undid my belt and unzipped by pants; my belly was bloated with rich food. Katie’s belly was bulging against the fabric of her dress. We just sat back and watched Meg and Bill go on to a fourth helping. I was able to get up and help clear the table. Meg said we could wait a while for desert. She suggested that we change in to more comfortable clothes. We staggered down to our bedroom. We dumped the bags on the floor, and both us peeled off our constricting clothes.

I stood in front of the mirror in my briefs, patting my bloated belly in front of the mirror. Katie came over in her tight panties and bra and grabbed my love handles from behind. She placed her bloated belly in the small of my back and whispered, I think we are going to have a very fulfilling holiday weekend, and giggled.

We fooled around for a while admiring and caressing each other’s bloated bodies. After about an hour Meg called us up for desert. Katie put on her nightie, and I put on a t-shirt and sweats and headed upstairs for our second feeding. It was apple pie, served a la mode. We each had two mandatory helpings. We sat on the couch, rubbing our now distended abdomens. Meg and Bill headed to bed and bid us good night. Katie and I managed to get up and staggered to bed.

Katie got up early to help Meg with breakfast. Meg was very pleased when Katie told her about our conversation a few nights before. She hugged Katie and told her how proud she was of her. She wanted us to weigh ourselves before breakfast. It was very early only about 5:00AM. Katie and Meg made a huge breakfast, stacks of pancakes, French toast, omelets, scrambled eggs, sausage and bacon.

She woke me up and said we need to weigh ourselves; I asked why and she just said it was mom’s thing. So we weighed ourselves. I weighed 204; I was 185 when we started dating, at 5'11. Katie weighed 140; she was around 122 at 5'6 when we got married. She was delighted that I had gained nearly twenty pounds. We measured ourselves, too. I had a 39 waist, up from 35, 45 chest up from 42, and Katie insisted that a measure around my butt, which was 46. She was next - 34 chest, 28 waist up from 24, and 38 hips.

Breakfast began a feeding frenzy; Katie and I stuffed ourselves with the rich breakfast foods. I had piles of pancakes and French toast smothered in butter and syrup. Katie loves eggs and she gorged herself on them. We both ate piles of bacon and sausage. By around 7:00AM we were stuffed and bloated. Meg sent us back to bed to rest after such a huge meal. Katie protested that she wanted help get dinner ready with, but Meg insisted that there was plenty of time to help later. She poked Katie’s bloated tummy and sent us back to our room. We were both so stuffed; it felt as though we could hardly walk!

We slept until 10:00AM; we showered together, admiring each other beautiful round bellies. Dressed in sweats, I would rather have worn just briefs and a t-shirt, but we are not at home, we went upstairs to see what was going on.

Meg took Katie aside and admonished her that we should be constantly eating. She said that I should have some beers to keep my appetite up for dinner in a few hours. She said she expected us to eat everything this weekend, NO LEFTOVERS.

I snacked all afternoon, drinking beers with Bill and watching football. Around three Katie and Meg started to lay out dinner on the table. I took one look and my belly growled, much to Meg and Katie’s delight.

The table was loaded with all the rich thanksgiving goodies, a huge 22# turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, pistachio salad and Jello. We sat down at 3:15PM and began the feast. Katie and I had three plates full of food. We all drank four bottles of wine and glasses of whole milk. We slowed down for a while and watched Meg and Bill lay into the rich food. After a rest we managed another plate of food. We were all stuffed by 4:30PM.

Not without considerable effort Meg, Katie and I helped clear the table. Meg said everyone to take a nice nap, so we all staggered off to our respective bedrooms. Katie and I stripped down to our underwear and climbed into bed. We were so full; it almost hurt to lye on our backs. We slept for three hours. Getting up around 7:30 at this point decorum went out the window, I went back upstairs in my briefs and t-shirt. Katie wore bikini bottoms, a bra and one of my t-shirts; none of hers covered her tummy anymore.

Meg had gotten up and warmed up all the pies, there were seven or eight of them laid out on the kitchen counter. Ice cream and whipped cream to top them off with.

We all laid into the rich deserts and abandon. I had seven slices of all varieties and Katie had six. Meg and Bill, well I lost count. By 10:00PM we all were so full we could hardly move. After cleaning up, we all waddled to our bedrooms.

Katie and I went to bed in what we had on. I looked down toward my feet while lying in bed, and all I could see was my bloated and engorged belly sticking up in the air. I couldn’t believe how stuffed I was. I patted and rubbed it to try to settle my stomach. Katie looked as though she was pregnant. Her belly stuck up in the air almost as much as mine did. She lay there in bed with a smile on her face. She told me the Meg was so proud of us at dinner.

The next morning I got up to use the bathroom, I was shocked when I looked in the mirror and saw how big I was. My belly stuck out in front as if I had a basketball under my t-shirt. I don’t know why, but I thought I should get some exercise. I struggled into by jogging brief jock, the leg opening pinched by cheeks out and my belly stuck way out over the waistband; the t-shirt rode up on my belly and the running shorts barely covered my butt. I went upstairs to go outside.

Meg was in the kitchen already preparing a post feast breakfast. She frowned at me and asked, Where are you going, Ned?

I said, I wanted to go for a little jog or walk.

Katie came upstairs and looked at me. Where are you going, honey?

I said, Well, I thought I should get some exercise.

She started to cry and asked, But why, I thought you wanted to gain weight and get fat with me.

I thought, oh no, what have I done now? She now waddled back down to our bedroom, crying.

I looked at Meg; she said, You know what to do now.

I patted my belly in the tight t-shirt and said, Yes I do; fill it up!

I plopped down into a chair, Meg starting bringing over plates full of bacon, sausage, pancakes, French toast, donuts and rolls. There were bottles of syrup, butter, whipped cream and cream cheese on the table. I started shoveling food into my mouth as fast as I could. I just ate and ate and ate. All I could think of is how hurt Katie had looked when she saw me in my running stuff.

After about two hours I was so bloated and stuffed even Meg was a little worried I might have hurt myself. I staggered to my feet; my t-shirt had split a seam and still rode up on my now huge round belly. The running shorts had also split a seam. The brief style jock was tighter than ever; my cheeks bulged out of leg openings.

I could hardly walk or waddle. I kissed Meg and thanked her for helping me out.

She said, You go down and show your honey how much you love her. As I waddled around the table, she patted my huge, bloated belly.

I waddled down to our bedroom, I knocked on the door and said, Honey, may I come in? I (BURP) have a surprise for you (ERP).

I could hear her sobbing. I stripped off what was left of the shorts and t-shirt. I stood there in my bloated, distended glory with nothing on but my little white jogging briefs. I rubbed a little baby oil from the bathroom on my belly so it was now huge and shiny.

Through the door I heard her sob, Come in, but this had better be good.

I opened the door and waddled into our bedroom, I placed by hands in the small of back arched my back out. Katie looked up from the bed and cried, Oh Ned, you look so wonderful.

She got up and moved as quickly as she could to me, our bellies bumped together. She led me to our bed caressing my belly and pinching my cheeks. She loved the way I looked in the tiny briefs with my huge belly and bottom squeezing out of them. I was so stuffed that all I could do was lie there and let her play with my body.

I woke up several hours later; Katie had gone upstairs. I got up, not without some difficulty and went down to the bathroom. I admired my huge, round belly in the mirror, struggled out of my briefs and took a shower. When I was done, I grabbed a towel in a futile effort to cover my new glory and waddled down to see if I could find anything to wear. Katie was there, smiling looking radiant in a new top and matching stretch pants. The pants showed off her wonderful bloated belly, making her look pregnant. The top hugged her breasts and the top of her belly. She smiled and opened a bag of cloths. She said she and Meg had done a little shopping. She pulled out a couple of XXXL t-shirts, two pairs of sweat pants and two packages of bikini style briefs. She put her hands on my belly and gave it a shake; to both of our amusement it jiggled.

She patted my round bottom and said, Put these on, big boy; Meg has wonderful lunch ready for us.

I put on the briefs; they looked great, accentuating my round bottom and allowing my big belly to bulge forward with no restriction. I pulled on a big t-shirt, she said not to bother with the sweat pants; those were to go home in or outside. She led me upstairs where a sumptuous lunch was laid out. Katie fed me lunch; it was the greatest experience of our young marriage. I again got so full; I thought that I might burst.

Katie helped me up and we waddled to the living room to sit and digest the huge meal. My belly bulged against the material of the new t-shirt as it swelled out onto my thighs. Katie had been feeding herself at the same time she was feeding me. Her stretch pants were now nice and tight showing her bloated belly and panty lines across her lovely round bottom. We stroked each other’s bellies and nodded off to sleep.

Our engorging weekend continued in the same pattern for next two days. On Sunday afternoon we got ready to leave. Meg fixed another huge lunch to top us off. We waddled out to the car, with our new clothes and headed back to Junction.

We got home in a couple of hours, Katie fixed us a big snack and some beers. After several beers she wanted to measure and weigh us again. I weighed in at 230#, a gain of over 25#; Katie weighed 145# herself, a 23# gain for her. My waist was now 45 around my big belly. My butt was 49. Katie’s belly was 33 and her hips were now 41. Boy, being married sure is great!

Meg called; she told Katie to bring her two big presents for Christmas, Katie smiled and patted our bellies and said she would.