Talk Show Fat Camp

Talk Show Fat Camp By FantasyofFat

Tina was a snotty girl, the kind that you see on all the major talk shows. She thought her parents were stupid, and she also thought that she could get her way by having sex with any man around. Her parents were terribly concerned by this, but did not know how to stop her behavior.

Enter talk show host Moira. Moira was one of those celebrities who had weight….er…..issues. Sometimes she looked thin as a model, and then two months later she would look as if she was very near to bursting out of her outfits. Occasionally, her guests would comment on it, and this would enrage her. After a while she came up with some ideas, but more on that later….

Tina’s parents decided to take her onto the talk show. Not only did they want to solve their problems, but they also wanted the money that the producer had offered them after the screening interview. They were asked to sign some long contracts, and assumed that this was normal. Both of them marveled at the medical portions, but didn’t give it too much thought.

Tina appeared on a show for troubled teens. After very little talk she had stood up and flashed the crowd and flaunted her body, which did leave very little to be desired. She was tall for her age, thin, and very busty. Moira proceeded to tsk tsk her behavior with men. Tina responded, “Oh, just because you’re a big blimp and can’t get a man, that’s not my fault”

Moira replied, “Excuse me?”

“Well,” said Tina, “maybe you ought to go to one of these teen boot camps you endorse, I mean, look at that gut….you must eat like a pig.” Moira nodded to her producer….commercial break.

After the break, Moira began very cheekily, “We have experimented with many ways to keep snotty little girls from whoring around, but I have a new one. Tina’s parents have signed off, and we are going to see how many boys Tina can get when she’s a little……thicker.”

Tina looked disgusted, “You can’t make me eat like a hog like you, no matter what!”

Moira smiled at the crowd and said, “We will be sending ‘Tina’ to our ‘fat’ camp, tomorrow we will see the results….good day, everyone!”

The minute the cameras were off, two big men dragged Tina off the set kicking and screaming. Her parents shrugged a bit; after all the abuse they had been through, they didn’t much care what happened to Tina.

Tina was taken to a room and fitted into some clothes that read 2X maternity. The shirt was button-down, and the clothes hung off her and looked huge. Moira smiled and informed Tina that they were going to focus her “growth” into a nice little pot belly.

A small shot was administered into Tina’s arm that relaxed her limbs and had some “other” side affects. She was kept completely aware and a mirror was placed on the wall across from her. Moira herself attached the tube into the girl’s mouth.

Tina meanwhile was moaning, with tears running down her eyes. “Awww, poor baby, not so brave when you aren’t in front of America with your big mouth….of course…your mouth isn’t what will be big when we are done.”

Moira had her private health dietician look into alternative weight gain diets that were used by feeder/feedees. She came upon a drug that, when mixed with highly caloric serum, would literally blow a person up. First, the full amount of the drug would be administered: a gallon of it per fifty pounds of growth. This would seep throughout the person’s body, and then after about ten minutes, they would pork up to full size.

For Tina, she had loaded the vat with six gallons. Moira got off on these fantasy fattenings and looked forward to watching the maternity clothes burst off in the initial filling……she started pumping the mixture. Tina tried hard to get away, but her limp limbs barely swayed for all of her efforts. Suddenly she felt a tightness in her belly. Rising like a ball of dough, her belly began to push forward.

Moira patted it, “Aww, someone looks a little porky.” Soon the girl was looking more and more terrified as her belly was being blown up like a balloon. Her breasts were not expanding, but were being pushed apart by her rising gut. Her lap was disappearing under the round turgid mass of belly that surged forward.

“Wow,” said the technician, “that girl is 14 months pregnant!”

Moira watched with a certain feeling of moistness as the girl’s buttons became tighter and tighter and more and more spread apart. The bulk of the six gallons was filling her belly, but some had begun to move to her ass, which was pushing out the back of the chair. Finally, the girl groaned as her shirt and pants were much too tight. With a loud “pop” the buttons blew off and her giant belly came to rest on her lap.

Moira went over and jiggled the belly, which was full of highly caloric material and drugs. She assumed that three hundred pounds would put this girl at about four hundred, and most of that weight would be belly weight. She was turned on by big paunches.

The tube was removed from Tina’s mouth so she could catch her breath, and she sobbed. “Look you bitch, you turned me into a big fat pig!” Suddenly, a sound emerged from her gut. It gurgled and rumbled. “Ohhhh, I feel so ……..” Suddenly the fattening had begun.

Tina’s arms began to swell and drape down with fat. Her fingers filled like little sausages. Her chin began to swell and droop and swell until it was round and low and another began to form. Her cheeks swelled up and caused her eyes to narrow a bit. Her thighs filled with fat and swelled like an inflating inner tube. Tina’s ass was huge and growing, there was nearly a foot of ass on each side of the chair. Her thighs continued to fill, but one of the techies had to pull them apart to make way for her mammoth belly. It had drooped and filled like a giant bean bag with large purple stretch marks. Her breasts had not grown much, but they drooped to either side of the belly as her chin came down closer.

Tina continued to groan as the softness engulfed her. Her gut was immense and jiggled and shuddered each time she moved. Her arms were so fat she doubted if she could lift them even if she wanted too. Suddenly a cracking noise was heard; the chair beneath her quivered and suddenly collapsed, as it could no longer hold the weight. Her body jiggled like a Jello mold as she hit the ground. Finally she let out a loud fart, which caused the techies to laugh. “Looks like the serum causes a little gas,” said Moira with a chuckle.

Tina sat and cried until she realized that the drugs had worn off. She got up and ran to the door. Everyone in the room laughed hysterically when they saw her running, it was a slow and ponderous waddle. She could barely move across the floor, but she finally made it to the door. The room had narrow doors, but not much narrower than usual doors. Tina was there, at the door; she was gonna escape! But as she ran to freedom, she noticed a little problem. Her big fat belly was too big to fit through the door. She pushed and shoved, placing her hands beneath the glorious gut and trying to force it through the doorway. “Fatty needs some Crisco!” shouted the techs.

Moira quickly tranquilized Tina again and Tina fell to the floor. “Roll her over to the dressing room!” she shouted. She had some techies enlarge the doorway as the human blimp was covered in a purple muumuu. Tina slept like this, passing gas every few minutes. The guards poked her belly and made her oink like a pig before they would feed her. With her new body she needed a lot of food.

Finally, it was time for the show. Moira came out and said, “Well, Tina survived our fat camp. Let’s see if she can get any boys like this!”

Out waddled the 450-pound teenager, her belly swaying from side to side. The audience gasped at first, but began to laugh and laugh, remembering the rude girl. Moira wasn’t done though. She told Tina to sit in a chair, and as Tina sat, the chair collapsed, leaving her and her big belly sitting on the floor looking bewildered. Moira went up and patted the monstrous belly.

“Well, it looks like someone put on some weight - oink for us, little piggy, oink!” Fearing what might happen Tina oinked like a pig. “Now, look at this fat pig we have here; any guys want to take her home?”

The guys in the audience laughed and shouted names at Tina….blubber butt, fat ass, jelly belly. Tina then let out a huge fart, which compounded the laughter. Finally, Moira had her led off the stage….well, rolled off stage. And then returned to the camera to give her final thought and a warning to teens everywhere. Moira was so aroused by fattening and degrading Tina, and the ratings for the show were so high, that she was looking for some new girls for her…..Fat Camp.