A Swedish Young Woman

A Swedish Young Woman by The Humanist

 She was sixteen. Like most Swedish girls she was tall and blond with blue eyes. Her long golden hair reached her just below the neck. She radiated health and happiness as she walked down to the beach in her little red bikini. When she reached the waters edge she realized that she was alone. She took off her bikini top and let a pair of saggers fall out on her chest. As she bent over to wriggle out of the bikini bottom they swung freely with the red erect nipples describing circles pointing to the sand. She left her bikini on a rock and walked out in to the sea. The sun was gazing in her beautiful face. She had a face of a cover girl like many young Swedish women do. Delicate skin, high cheekbones and a generous mouth, her lips full and red. Her eyes were blue like the sky a clear summer’s day. She had the height of a model too. But she could not be less interested in that kind of world. She loved to read and to walk naked in the sun like this particular day. But more than anything she loved to eat. Anyhow, her big, sagging breasts would not have fitted any model-sized outfit.

She strode out into the water, her large but bouncing and her breasts moving from side to side. She never exercised and it showed in the flabbiness of her youthful flesh. Her hourglass figure was almost a travesty of femininity. Like a Marilyn Monroe with 40 pounds excess fat stored in her hanging tits, her tummy and her broad but!

 She fooled around in the water then came back and sat her fat but on the rock and dried in the sun. She leaned back on the rock and felt the warmth against her back. Her but formed cellulite, from the pressure and her tits fell to each side of the chest. She moved her hands over her little tummy. She started to play with her tits, trying to make them rest on top of her instead of falling to the sides. She gave up and let them hang free to the sides. What a woman I am! She felt the soft flesh on her little pot belly and remembered that the nurse in school had told her that her 180 pounds were healthy, but that she should try to change her eating habits as she had put on 40 pounds the last two years and was on the upper limit for what could be considered normal for her age and height. “Eating habits! Well I eat when I am hungry and I am hungry all the time! I am not fat, I am curvy!” she had responded.

The trend was clear though. Two years ago, she had been a slender female, with a firm body, now she was a full figured woman, some would say fat. .

-MMMMMM I feel so good, she thought. A little hungry though. I had better have something to eat. She put on her bikini. Lifted her drooping tits into the top. She noticed the stretch marks. What can you do? It’s pretty womanly anyway, she thought.

She walked up the little path leading from beach to the summer cottage where she lived. Her parents were in Stockholm and she did not have a boy friend. Her best friend Aida, a fat very pretty girl with Turkish parents was staying with her.

Eva came in the door and Aida greeted her from the kitchen.

-Hey Eva! I am cooking for us!

The kitchen was steaming hot and she was standing in her knickers only. Her tummy was much larger than Eva´s, starting do sag over the white knickers. Her back had formed rolls of fat and her tits seemed to defy gravity by pointing straight out in front of her.

-Great Aida, I` m starving.

Eva went into the little kitchen. The sun was gazing through the window. The steam was coming from the pan and sweat was gleaming on the fat bodies of the two young females. “My God Aida has really become fat,” Eva thought. She must weigh at least 240 pounds! She remembered Aida when she first met her three years ago. She was the new girl in the class, and she was really skinny. Too see that fat woman, with her hair put up to reveal the fat on her neck and the big hanging rolls of fat on her back, and the white knickers stretched out by a sagging tummy was like seeing another woman all together.

-Sit down, said Aida, and I will serve you the pancakes. Get ready!


Eva noticed that the bikini was wet, and took it off. She sat down naked by the table. Her ass spread over the wooden bench and her tits fell over to cover her entire chest all the way down to her belly button. Her nipples big and red pointing down towards the sides. The tummy folded once under the shapeless breasts and formed a tire of fat. She stretched her long legs and felt how she gave some air to her sex. Aida handed her first pancake and she spooned on lots of ice cream. Hmmm I love it! One more! She commanded.

They chatted and Eva ate pancakes, ice cream and washed it down with creamy full fat milk. After eight pancakes, a gallon of ice cream and two pints of milk she exclaimed:

-Thanks, that was really a treat!

-I am glad you liked it! I hate girls that do not eat properly. It makes me uncomfortable. For us Turks fat means

Health and well-being. I had a really hard time with my family in Turkey so now we really appreciate a country

where everyone has enough money to eat properly. As you can see I have made up for those poor days! Aida

said and started to perform a belly dance that made her flabby tummy role over her knickers and make waves. She moved in slow circles pouting her stomach forward, then moved it increasingly faster making her fat body shake. She moved her arms and hands graciously making the fat on her upper arm move back and forth. Eva applauded.

-Teach me, teach me!

-To be a belly dancer you need a belly my dear, not only those two sacks of fat! Aida said and patted Eva on her flabby breasts.

Eva jumped up and started to move her hourglass body imitating Aida. Her ass choke and her thighs fluttered. Her tits went up and around all over the place. Her little potbelly, extended by the milk and pancakes also jiggled a little.

-I’m impressed! Exclaimed Aida.

-The way I am eating I will have a fatter tummy than yours soon I am afraid. You should have seen me when I was 14, I had the body of a model and my mother took me to an agency and all. They wanted me to loose 5pounds…. And look at me now! Muh Muh I am a cow! She said lifting her fat breast up, revealing the white skin under them, and letting them go with a slapping sound. I have gained 40 pounds instead of loosing 5.

Anyhow all that model business is nonsense, and now when that is out of the way, I let myself go! I can’t diet anyway.

Next week the two girls enjoyed the in-doors life, as it was a rainy summer as it often is in Sweden. They read books, watched films, made great make-ups and constantly nibbled on something. Potato Chips, high fat milk, ice cream, cakes and heavy chocolate fudge cakes with whipped cream. By the end of the week, Eva walked around in her knickers all the time letting her loose and flabby ass jiggle. All her pants were getting a bit too tight. She had gained at least 8 pounds so far this summer. Aida always took the opportunity to pinch her shapeless behind and Eva had to, while giggling, save herself by running away witch caused her saggers to move in all directions as they hung unsupported under her white T shirt.

By the end of June, the two girls went to Aida´s parents house. The whole household greeted them. The mother embraced her daughter who in comparison to her mother’s bulk of female flesh looked skinny, the father smiled.

Alex, Aida´s elder brother kissed her on the cheek.

-Lets eat! Said the mother. And they ate for hours. Eva just tasted everything and answered yes every time they offered her another dish.

-You have a good appetite! Said Alex.

-Yes I can always eat! Eva answered with a smile.

Her blouse revealed an impressive cleavage and she had to be careful not to drop food down on her naked, exposed tit flesh. Her breasts looked incredible under the tight blouse supported by a support-bra. Her only bra. Her nipples where lifted up to point straight ahead through the white fabric. It was almost obscene the way they were visibly erect, but nobody seemed to notice.

The evening came. They all rose from the table to take a walk in the garden. When Eva rose, Alex got a view of a pair of white linen trousers revealing a big fat ass with deep dimples. Far too flabby to belong to such a pretty 16 years old girl. He kept some distance as they walked so that he could observe how the young beauty’s behind lived its own life as she slowly and gracefully walked beside his mother. Eva was not by far as bulky as the older woman, but she was almost as broad assed and her body was less firm.

The sun shone in through the window to great Eva and Aida who shared a double bed on the second floor of the old wooden house. It was 8.30 in the morning and already getting hot. It was going to be a great summer day. Swedes are not spoilt with sun and warmth and revel in those few days they are offered by Nature. Eva had slept in her knickers. She swung her large thighs over the bedside, sat up and raised her arms, bending them backward over her head. From behind her Aida could see the back sides of Eva´s formidable hangers. She also saw that Eva was developing roles of fat on her back. Eva put on a T-shirt and ran down to the kitchen.

She was greeted by the mother who was making breakfast for her husband. She invited Eva. Eva sat down and ate heartily. Four sausages dripping of fat, three eggs, six slices of toast with butter and cheese and four glasses of full fat milk. Nobody else was up yet. Aida´s parents went up to their bedroom, and Eva found herself alone in the kitchen. She felt stuffed. Her tummy was pouting as if she was pregnant. There was scale in the bathroom and it had shown 195 pounds. She went up to the fridge and took out an ice cream cone. Aida´s mother had said that she could take whatever she wanted in the fridge. She had encouraged her daughter her ones skinny daughter to eat constantly and now when Aida was decidedly fat she still kept the fridge full.

With a book in one hand and the ice cream in the other, Eva went out in the garden. She sat down on thick red blanket. She took of her T-shirt. Lay down on her side to rest her tummy and started to lick her ice cream. There she lay on her side, one leg over the other exposing her swollen fleshy thighs, letting her tongue play over the cold creamy surface. A big meaty creature: an extensive behind dimpled and loose, a round pot belly and her breasts resting one on top of the other stretched out more than one feet in front of her.

-Good morning! Aida said. Is that not a little belly you are getting!

-Yes, what did I say, I am getting fatter by the day! Eva turned over on her back causing her buttock to spread sideways, and pouted proudly with her potbelly.

-Well, you have some way to go yet, Aida said and picked up her sagging tummy with both her hands: this is what constant eating gives you! Come on I am having breakfast!

-I´ll join you! Eva walked in to the kitchen with the almost finished ice cream in her hand, her naked breasts, heavy and drooping, with stretch marks and veins moving over her chest. She hated bras and gravity had already won. Her nipple that only two years ago pointed bravely upward, now pointed right down encumbered by saucer sized aureoles. Under them a belly was fighting for attention. Most of the 15 pounds Eva had put on this summer seemed to be stored in her tits and her behind. Perhaps 3pounds in each tit and 10pounds in her sagging buttocks and only 2pounds in her belly.

-Hey you are not shy!

Eva smiled. She was so comfortable with Aidas family that she did not think about covering up her heavy bosom.

-You have heavy breasts, but you need a big tummy to help you carry them!

Aida´s mother then told her that she needed to put more fat on her frame to counter balance the weight of the heavy bust, to avoid back problem. Eva loved that idea; I can overeat for my health’s sake!

She had a second breakfast, and she now felt so stuffed she had to lie down in the garden again. There she lay in all her youthful splendor reading and occasionally made trips after ice creams in the fridge. At 14pm she ate lunch, then she lay down in the garden again till dinner. Dinner normally lasted till bedtime.

It was a regular feeding of the beauty.

They stayed all July in Aida´s parents house. Everyday repeated the same drowsy, pleasurable rhythm. They woke up around nine and had a large breakfast, they then went down to lake and sun bathed. One o clock it was time for the big lunch that extended till around three they then went back to the house for siesta all to stuffed to do anything. They woke up around four and then lounged waiting for the big dinner. The dinner lasted into the night with wine and conversation.

Eva felt so at home with Aida´s family that she wore her white panties and her thin white t shirt all day. In the garden she took off her shirt and let the huge breasts move freely as she lay reading on a blanket. Sometimes she was in her knickers in the kitchen getting some extra sandwiches from the mother.

One summer day by the end of the summer the two friends decided to go out dancing. They stood in their knickers in Aida´s room trying on different outfits. Eva did not have any party outfits with her and she would not go out in her favorite T-shirt, so they had borrowed a heap of oriental looking dresses from Aida´s mother, that would not ever fit her again. The dresses hugged Eva´s impressive hips. Her breasts was hanging too low in the dress, stretching out the material were the waist section was designed to be. Eva tried to squeeze into her only bra but they could not fasten it. Aida had to go down and ask her mother for one of her bras.

It was an old-fashioned contraption of the highest quality silk lace. It was also extremely large. Eva lifted her fat swollen hangers in to the cups and Aida secured it for her. Her tits were lifted so that they stood straight out from her body and they were living their own life floating in the cups. The dress showed quite some cleavage and Eva thought with satisfaction about what an impression she would make on the boys!

The summer was over and Aida and Eva parted. Eva was off for a college year in the US, so they would not meet until next summer.

The following year the two girls came back to Eva´s house by the sea. They waited for Eva at the train station. Alex was excited about seeing Aida´s pretty friend again. “She was a bit too chubby last summer, I wonder if she has lost that baby fat by now,” he thought. He also thought about those heavy drooping breasts, and that jiggling fat ass.

The train arrived.


It was Eva´s voice but it was hard to recognize her! She wore a large T-shirt with a College logotype on it, over a pair of loose linen pant. Her pretty face was changed, it was rounder with dimples and the beginning of a second chin, no, a second chin!, she was holding a bag over her shoulder and the t shirt stretched tight over a massive chest, two immense breasts hanging all the way down to, and a bit below the waist line of her trousers. Under the breasts a hanging bag of fat, her stomach protruded and jiggled with each motion. The linen pants were filled to the brim with her fat thighs and her rear stuck out behind her sagging low.

Aida hugged her and her hand could not meet around Eva´s massive fat teenage body.

The girls and Alex went down to have a swim before lunch.

 Eva, now seventeen was obese, but her face had not changed and was as stunning and model looking as before. When she sat down on the blanket beside Aida and she raised the XXL T-shirt over her head and revealed tits that reached down to her lap, spreading all over the upper body. They were marked with long stretch marks and veins were visible under the extended white soft skin. The aureoles were as big as saucers, and the red nipples stuck up half a finger as broad as thick sausages. Her tummy rested in her lap. They were looking at a young woman of about 380 pounds!

She slowly got to her feet and wriggled out of her trousers. She only kept her knickers, huge white panties stretching over her shapeless, hanging buttocks. They looked like containing at least 50pounds of fat each! Her grotesque breasts reached below the panty line. She was too fat even by Turkish standards.

She took sun oil and oiled them in one of them at the time, lifting each tit to get oil under it. She then leaned backwards, let the breasts hang to each side and admired her fat round tummy. Her ass spread outwards under her revealing deep cellulite. She smiled at Aida.

-Please put some cream on my back Aida!

Eva got up on her arms and knees. Her tits swaying uncontrollably to all directions, her tummy sagging under her and her enormous ass vibrating, she lowered herself pulling her tits up in front of her so that she could rest her pretty face on them. She looked into Alex eyes as she wriggled her shapeless globes of fat causing ripples that seemed never to want to stop, shaking her deformed cellulite ass, shaking it, smiling, shaking it again…

-This is my version of belly dance!

They laughed. Eva slowly got to her feet. Took of her knickers and waddled naked out towards the water. Her tits moving over her flabby stomach that just barely revealed her big swollen fat sex and an ass that lived its own life, the obese Swedish girl welcomed the summer.