Summer Holiday Fun

Summer Holiday Fun By Mink

Part One

Wane danced to his music in his room, athletic body turning and riveting, an absolute picture of masculine appeal. Just then, his door burst open and he was tackled onto his bed by a soft ball of blubber. Jesus? What the hell? Who is this? Wane thought, furious.

Hey man, it’s so great to see you!!!!!! The stranger said, his voice oddly familiar. His pale blue eyes and blonde hair were the features that gave him away - his facial feautures were blurred with a thick coating of fat.

Suddenly it clicked - Danny! This was is best friend! But - Oh my god, what happened to you guy? Wane nearly shouted. Sitting up and brushing each other off, Danny turned red. Wane ran his hands through his short red hair, hazel eyes wide with shock, and secretly turned on.

HahaWell, after I moved away, I got real depressed, and well, ha, it’s kind of obvious what happened, isn’t it? Danny laughed, embarrassed. He tugged his shirt down lower, obviously uncomfortable.

Wane yanked his shirt back up and grabbed a handful of fat. Would you look at this he said wonderingly. Guy, where are your muscles? His strong fingers probed into his best friend’s soft body, looking for the muscles that used to be there. He suddenly realized how good it felt and looked down into Danny’s face, grinning.

Danny’s eyes flicked up but lowered again quickly, unable to maintain eye contact. Wane was immediately concerned - Danny had always been outgoing and high spirited. Now thoughHey man, whatsamatter? Wane wrapped an arm around his shoulders and sat beside him on the bed.

Danny twitched slightly and forced a laugh. Aw, s’nothing man! Hey, wanna do somethin'? he asked, trying to change the subject.

Wane stood up and rubbed his tight muscled stomach. Yeah, let’s hit the fridge man, I’m hungry as hell!

Unable to help himself, Danny retreated into himself even further, sure that was a dig about his weight. But no, Wane wrapped an arm around his shoulders and guided him to the kitchen.

Want a beer? Wane asked, glancing at him.

Thanks but no, I don’t drink, Danny smiled. Just water for me. Feeling very self-conscious, Danny promised himself to stick with his diet.

Wane blinked but got him a large glass of ice water. He wondered how he cold make Danny feel more comfortable - the only way he knew how was to make his weight seem like less. So, taking a large container of ice cream from the freezer, he made both of them up a large bowl, ignoring Danny’s protests. He slid the bowl in front of Danny and pointed at him with his spoon.

Eat it, man, or I’ll shove it down for you.

Danny finished it off easily, but sucked in his stomach the entire time. After his bud was done, Danny suggested they watch some flicks, which they did. Danny tried sitting at the other end of the couch, afraid his weight would make his bed friend - and secret admirer - uncomfortable.

No fear there, however. Wane leaned against the side of the couch, placed a pillow or two on himself and pulled Danny to him. Wane had known he liked Danny this way for a long while, but it was only after seeing him, clad his flab, that he was ready to make a move. At first Danny felt awkward, but after a couple minutes he relaxed and began enjoying himself. Wane unconsciously rubbed Danny’s fat laden middle until he heard a moan. Surprised at first, he realized what had happened and mentally grinned as well as kicking himself. Well, at least Danny hadn’t protested. Looking down, he saw that Danny had come in his pants and shirt, and was trying to hide it.

C’mon man, strip, I’ll throw ‘em in the wash for you. When Danny hesitated, Wane merely stripped him himself, ignoring his protests, right down to his boxers. At that point, he was struck dumb. WowWane thought, eyes widening and cock rising, unnoticed.

Danny’s once trim waist now sported a hellava gut. It was so large that sitting, it rested on his thighs. This roll of flab extended sideways into large love handles, and downwards into a lovely overhang. And his boxers - they were so tight that they forced the surrounding fat up or down. Not even knowing he was moving, Wane reached forward and explored his best friend’s belly with first his eyes, then his hands, and finally his tongue.

Moaning, Danny shuddered. He was in heaven. Wane’s tongue massaged his blubber ceaselessly, and when Wane buried his face in his hanging paunch, Danny came shot after shot, sinking to the floor.

Wane stroked his lover’s fat-ridden body and took one of his man-breasts into his mouth, sucking until Danny cried out in pleasure and shot another load onto Wane’s chest. Wane wrapped them both up in blankets and curled an arm over his new (fat) partner. Danny turned into Wane and sighed, tired but excited.

Time enough to deal with this tomorrow