Snacks to Stuffing

Snacks to Stuffing By BBWLVA

I pulled into the driveway; it’d been a hard day at work. I work at a snack food company that specializes in food intended for weight gain. I used to be into the feederism scene, but I kind of lost touch once I met my wife. Anyway, back to the details of the company I work for, “Chubby’s Snacks;” we’d been working on a range of new foods that had been developed for feedees. You see, the foods had been developed with a formula that slows the consuming party’s metabolism, increases their appetite and as the food is eaten, it forces the stomach to expand to house more food. We’ve got a whole load of the stock made up, but our warehouse ran out of room to stock it all - right before it had all been labeled, too. So, being the nice guy that I am, I said that I’d hold a few dozen boxes back at my place.

So, I pull up to my house in my van and start unloading the boxes and taking them into our spare room. My wife, Sandra, comes outside and says, “Hey, hon. what’s with all the boxes?” looking a little puzzled.

“The warehouse had no room so I said we’d store a few boxes in our spare room, I hope that’s okay with you?” I reply.

“Sure, hon. What foods are in the boxes?” she asks,

“Awe, just some chips, dips chocolates and milkshake formulas,” I cover for myself. Sandra smiles and walks back inside.

Sandra was about 6ft; she had medium length blonde hair. She had always been average weight, but a little bottom heavy, although she did have an adorable chubby face. We met in a bar one night around the time I gave up on looking for a feedee; it was so hard to find one, let alone ask someone to be one for me.

Later that night, Sandra turns to me while we’re watching a movie and asks, “Hon, can I try some of them snacks you bought home? Surely they wouldn’t mind if we had a box to ourselves?” I think on it for a bit; letting Sandra have some of the foods would get her a lot bigger in no time. But maybe I should just let her have a few packs and see if she got addicted; I’ll tell her about the food when she’s gained a little weight. Yeah, that would be perfect.

“So, hon? Can I try some?” she asks.

I look up out of daydreaming and reply, “Sure, hon, you can have some, but I’m not that hungry.”

So she goes and grabs a box of the chocolate bars; she opens the box and takes out a bar, unwraps it and takes a bite into it. “Wow, these taste great, Hon!” she says as she wolfs down the first bar.

“Ah, cool, I’m glad you like them,” I say.

Sandra grabs a few more of the bars. “Okay, now that I got my snacks, lets watch the rest of the movie,” she says.

About an hour later after watching the movie, I realise that she’s had a good 20 odd bars of the gainer chocolate bars. Finishing the last piece of the chocolate that she’s eating, she looks at all the wrappers and says, “Oh my, I’ve made a pig of myself. I’m sorry, babe”

She looks a little upset but I reassure her and say, “It’s okay, Sandy; you’re not a pig in my eyes; you just had a treat for the day.”

I smile to her; she looks up and gleams saying, “Yeah, you’re right; thanks, babe. Though, they are really nice; it’s like I could eat them all day.” She gets up from her seat; I notice that her belly is a tiny bit bloated and go to bed with her for the night.

The next day is Saturday, so I sleep in. When I wake up, I notice that Sandra isn’t in bed. I wander around the house, looking for her and find her in the lounge, where she is asleep and has finished the rest of what was in the box of chocolate bars. There were a good 200 bars left in there, too! Her belly has started to fill out, and her hips have gotten a little wider; her breasts are filling her bra more, and her legs are a little thicker.

I wake her up and say, “Hey Hon, have you been in here all night?”

“Ah. Yeah, I got hungry around midnight. I finished the rest of the chocolate; I hope you don’t mind. It’s just that I felt like my stomach was eating me from the inside,” she said, looking a little nervous.

“It’s really okay, honey, if you’re hungry you do have to eat, right?” I reply “Tell you what, I’ll ring up the warehouse and say that I’ll buy all the boxes. It can be a gift from me to you. All the snacks you’ll need for a while.”

She looks up and says, “Thanks, honey, I’ll try not to eat it all at once.

“I’m going to try a bag of the chips with the dip, okay babe?” Sandra says, walking into the spare room.

“Okay, hon, tell me what you think of them,” I reply. She finishes them within 5 mins and comes into the kitchen and grabs a spoon, eating the rest of what’s left in the dip jar.

“Your company makes the best food, hon,” she says as her stomach rumbles. “Ugh. I’m still hungry.”

“How about we go out for lunch?” I ask.

“Okay, hon,” says Sandra.

We drive around, looking for a restaurant, and come to an all-you-can-eat buffet. Just thinking of Sandra eating all that food makes me a little excited. “Here, how about this place, babe?” I ask.

“Sure, hon. This should stop me being so hungry, hehe,” she giggles.

We get into the buffet and are taken to a table; we both go and grab a plate of food each. After finishing my first plate, I realise that Sandra is just finishing her third. “You must be hungry,” I say.

“Yeah, I am; I’m starving still and this food is so nice.” She grins. After Sandra finishes her 18th plate, she rests back on her chair and says, “I am so full now, I don’t think I’ve eaten so much in my life.” She has eaten so much that her tummy is pushing out of her clothes.

The next morning, I cuddle up to Sandra. Overnight she’s blimped up. Her ass is about twice as big as it was, and her hips have expanded to a good 5 inches on each side; her legs are really thick. Her bra snapped overnight due to her breasts increasing in size, and her belly has filled out. Sandra wakes up and walks past our mirrored wardrobe and says, “My gosh, I’m huge. I’m sorry I ate so much, babe. God, look how fat I am!”

I walk up and put my arms around her and say, “What would you say if I told you that I think you look more beautiful than ever?”

She turns around to me, her belly pressing up against me, and says, “You really don’t mind me being this big?”

“No, Sandra, I’ve always loved bigger women and you’ve bloomed into a goddess,” I reply.

Sandra rubs her belly, looking in the mirror at her body and says, “You know, my body does feel a bit nicer… But I’m hungry again, hon.. I’m going to be twice the size by the end of the week.”

“We’ll see what happens, babe,” I say.

Sandra gets back into bed and I tell her that I’m going to make her breakfast in bed. I make her eggs, toast, bacon and a gainer milkshake. “You know, I’m starting to feel strange when I eat,” Sandra says.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“Well, lately when I eat it turns me on. And the main reason why I haven’t stopped eating is because it feels so good stuffing myself,” Sandra says with a smile on her face. “You really don’t mind me eating this much? If you don’t mind, I was thinking of putting on some more weight. It’s a turn-on as much as eating is,” she finishes.

“You know, it’s a turn-on for me, seeing you pack on the pounds, eating so much, and to tell you the truth all that food I bought home is intended for weight gain. I just wanted to get you a little bigger, but you’ve become all my dreams, like a gaining goddess,” I say as she looks up.

“So you want me fat? Okay, honey, you’re going to have the biggest wife on the street,” she grins. “I want to eat all that gainer food today, honey and I’m not going to stop eating until I do.”

By lunch time, Sandra has eaten 100 lbs of chocolate and chips. While she’s eating all the chocolate, her pants give way to her hips and tear all down the side as the zipper on the front bursts open. I’d say she’s a good 250lbs now.

Sandra walks up to me with a grin on her face and sits on me, saying, “How do you like my progress?”

“You’re beginning to have the perfect body, honey,” I reply.

“Well, all this eating and weight gaining has made me horny and you’re all mine,” Sandra says as she grabs my head and starts kissing as if she’d been in heat all her life. She rips her shirt off and starts pulling off my clothes. “Oh my god, I’m horny,” she shouts as she puts my cock inside her and starts pounding at me from on top. I rub her soft body up and down as she goes at it; I lose count of how many rolls she has to grab onto. She moans and says, “Oh, sex never felt this good. More food!” She rolls off of me and starts stuffing her face, eating into the evening, finishing all the boxes.

Sandra crashes onto our bed; her belly is twice as big. Her legs are so fat that you can’t see through the middle when she stands. Her ass and hips are about 15 inches bigger on each side, and her arms are bigger, too. She’s eaten so much that she has a double chin, and her cheeks are rosy red. I lie next to her and rub her belly as she says, “Oh, babe, you’ve made me so happy, and I never thought being this big would do that.”

And I reply, “It’s okay, honey. You look perfect now; I don’t think anyone else will ever turn me on as much as you do now.”