Sexy Piggy

Sexy Piggy by Ebonyfeedee

Come here beautiful, her feeder says…let me look at you. She’s wearing a sexy red lace catsuit, it’s fitting rather snug. It’s almost a second skin, the way the soft supple rolls are flowing together with the stretchy material. He grabs a handful of fat and squeezes, hmmmmm, he squeezes tighter, you have really gained the weight girl. Your belly rolls are so much bigger than I remembered….you must really be stuffing yourself lately..

He leads her to the scale…..let’s see how good you’ve been…WoW!!!!!! 395…that’s up 10lbs from 2 weeks ago….they both smile and embrace.

You need to be rewarded…I know you’re hungry, it’s been and hour since your last feeding. I’m starving she says….please feed me…..she takes her seat at the head of the table like a queen piggy. Her lover is making heavy tracks from the kitchen to the table setting up three large platters of sinful delights. On one, there’s pecan fudge brownies, another milk chocolate Godiva truffles with honey roasted almond centers, and finally, 12 mini cheesecakes with cherries on top in a sweet graham cracker crust. Her eyes light up and her mouth waters as she anticipates the feeding.

Wait, what’s the funnel for, she says? Just in case you decide to be a bad girl…I’ll have to puree the food and pour it down your sexy throat, he says as he puts down two half gallons of milk. She didn’t let him know, but her intention this night was to be a VERY bad girl…she longed for that funnel feeding, to have a mixture of the chocolate pureed and effortlessly poured into her, the thought was so erotic. She could feel herself getting excited.

She admired his red silk boxers as he took his position in front of the extra wide chair she sat in. Open up….he placed several chocolates in her mouth and watched as she hurriedly chewed and swallowed……then some pecan fudge brownies…her double chin jiggled as she chewed…hmmmmmm these are so good, give me some more she said…he fed her more as she licked the melting chocolate from his fingertips….

He grabbed a cheesecake and slowly shoveled it past her lips…..watching her beautiful mouth in motion, chewing chewing and chewing….never wanting her to stop, he grabbed another and continued on until she had eaten 8…he put the rim of the milk jug to her lips and turned it up, he loved hearing the gulps as she swallowed big mouths full…go piggy! go piggy! drink it down, wash all that fat and calories down to that bottomless pit of a belly I know you have….you can do it!!!

She grabbed the jug and moved it away from her lips….only 1/4 left girl, you are soo good he told her. Finish the rest, make room in that hippo belly for the rest of the cheesecake, and you have to finish the chocolates too. Make your piggy master proud….

She opened up wide, moaning in pleasure, she finished the milk and accepted a hand full of chocolates, eat these brownies piggy! Hmmmm, she was so hot now, he was so sexy when he demanded her to eat! Hmmmm, baby I’m getting so wet. I need to touch myself…..

He shoveled another cheesecake past her lips as she attempted to reach her wetness…..Hmmmmm……your belly has gotten so fat, you can’t reach your love nest baby…This only made her hotter…feed me! Stuff me! Give it all to me!

He put the leftover cheesecake in the blender as she frantically massaged her clit, Hmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmm, yes…he gently tilted her head back and inserted the funnel into her mouth and began to pour….he could see her belly swelling with each gulp of the mixture….yes yes yes he said….Swell piggy!! eat piggy!! swallow piggy!!! Blimp piggy!! Make it disappear!!! Get fatter and fatter!!

She could no longer reach her wetness, her belly was spreading like melting sweet cream butter in a hot skillet. She wrapped her stubby hands around his erection and began to massage it as he finished pouring the mixture….he thrusted his hips back and forth with pleasure as her pudgy hands kept his cock hard.

As he reached for the other half gallon of milk, she said, No, I can’t take anymore…the seams of her catsuit were beginning to shred, her fat was creating tension on the already skin tight suit. The fat was oozing thru the worn material, the suit could no longer hold the fat, it was oozing out from all directions like a fat blob. Please, no more….she turned her head away, I’m too full!!!

He grabbed her double chin, it swayed in the wind as he turned her back around…finish it…you only have a little bit left he begged…only 15 more chocolates to go…..he fed them to her one by one….she chewed and chewed and chewed, she never looked more beautiful to him…..he touched her belly, it had busted out of the catsuit and rested atop her thunder thighs…like a massive heap of gelatinous flesh.

Wow! Its so tight…you’re a real blimp belly girl…a real piggy…he touched it again….it was shiny, so tight, so pretty, on the verge of popping. Just touching it sent his passions to the sky….Ohhhhhh piggy!!!!! Ohhhh, girl……he exploded his love juice all over her massive belly…..Such a good piggy…..such an exceptional feedee……

He kissed her and helped her up from the chair, her belly fell to her knees like a big flabby piece of meat. She waddled to the scale, he lifted her leg and placed her foot on the scale, then the other foot…….

405!!!! Ohhhhhh baby!! Such an exceptional feedee….let me give you a belly massage, we need to make room for your next feeding….