Sex on the Beach - VII

Sex on the Beach

Part Seven: The Second Day

John got up about 8:30 a.m. and when he came out of the bedroom, I was going to ask him how he slept. But when I looked at him, he had a big hard on so I asked him, ‘if he was up or what.’ He said he didn’t know if he was up, but it was. I see that, as I smiled at him. Do you want to go back to bed? No, but if you want breakfast, it’s up to you. I smiled. and pushing him in to a chair, I sat on his lap with a hand on each hip and he grabbed my soft tits. You know I owe you or your sexy cock a suck off. Oh yeah, yes I do big boy.

As he pulled on my fat tits, I said that he had a nice saddle horn as I sat on his lap. Oh yes, oh there I love that harder! as I tickled his balls, I couldn’t believe how turned on you got after last night. Well, I love when you do that, Baby. I love the way they hang so low, as I grabbed on I played with his balls. Ahhh, as he spread his legs so I could rub his balls harder. You do that so good, Baby. Ahhh oh yes, go Baby go. But I could see he was uncomfortable. Let’s go to the couch, I told him. We got up to go to the couch and as I did, he fingered my wet pussy. Oh Baby,you are hot, but you said you owe me. I do. I got on my knees and leaned forward to suck his balls. He grabbed his big hard cock and pulled up so his balls came up high. Yeah, Oh yeah. You do that right. Ohhh Yes, Baby. I wanted to suck his cock, but he pulled it away from me so I’d go back to his balls. I knew he loved it as I sucked his balls. His hand was going so slowly up and down on his iron hard cock, and he was moaning loudly. His cock looked like a monster as I squeezed his balls. Oh God, Baby. That feels sooo good. Now suck my balls and when I’m about to cum; put your mouth over my cock. I was sapping away when he said he was going to cum, so I put my mouth over his big cock just as he was blowing his cum. His cum was running down my chin and cheek. We lay there for a short time, and then he got up lapping his cum off my chin and cheek. Thank you. I’ve always wanted to do that. Wow! I owe you, Baby, but first let’s have a good hot breakfast.

After breakfast we went shopping and then went out for dinner. All in all, it was a long day. After walking around all day, we went home; we both were feeling sleepy, and when we did get home we watched TV. But it was an unusually bad night for TV, so at 10 p.m. we went to bed. We were both so sleepy and exhausted that we got in each other’s arms and fell asleep.

In the morning I woke up about 7 a.m. and put the coffee on, then went back to the bedroom to see if John was up. He was still asleep, but he had the biggest hard on that I’ve every seen. I mean, his pecker was up there, stiff and hard and shaking while pointing to the ceiling. I looked to make sure he was asleep, and he was. I would have loved to get on top of him and sucked him off, but I knew he was sleeping so I decided to have a cup of coffee. But his big, hard cock was all I could think of, so after a few minutes, I went back to the bedroom and got in bed with him, laying my hand on his belly. I was horny as shit, so I looked at his hard cock and cum-filled balls. What can I do with that? jack him off, or suck him off? I just rolled over of top of him, spread my legs and rammed his cock deep inside of my hot snatch and humped away like crazy for a minute or so before he woke. He looked up at me, sleepily, and told me Boy, you are horny as a spring chicken, Baby, as my fat ass was going up and down on his cock. He grabbed my big tits as they jiggled and squeezed them as his cock rammed all the way into my snatch. It took 10 minutes to get him off I felt his juices coming up from his balls, rushing through his throbbing cock then bursting out and into my pussy. It was terrific, and I drained him completely.

When we were through, he got up and went to the bathroom to take a piss. I went with him so I could clean up, but his cock was still hard, so I grabbed his sticky cock and kissed it and put it in my mouth. I started sucking and at the same time squeezing his balls, then I put my tongue in the tip of his pee hole. I knew he liked it he looked at me and said, Thanks, Baby, it’s terrific, as he spurted cum into my mouth. You are one horny girl, he told me as we got into the shower together. He cleaned my pussy, tits and ass, and I cleaned his cock, balls and ass and then got out of the shower. I looked at john and told him, I love to suck your balls: they’re big round and squooshy and they’ve got all that delectable cum in them. I can suck on them and prod them with my tongue and feel those nuts filling up my mouth. In fact, I would like to get them both in my mouth at once. Oh, how I love to suck on your big balls. I get in a really hot mood. I love to stretch and expand within my hot mouth. I love to feel the ridged veins. I could suck on your big balls for hours it gets me on fire when I can feel them swell in my mouth and I love to squeeze your swelling balls and feel them tighten up when they tighten up I get . . . Well, my cunt gets so hot I cum. I love to roll your squishy balls around in my mouth. The flavor tastes good and I enjoy it. I have to tell you how much I enjoy sucking your balls. John didn’t say anything, but I wonder if he was thinking I was a slut.

Then he said, That’s hot and if you don’t stop Ummm, Ummm, as he gave his cock a few stretches and nuzzled each of his balls, I’ll need to fuck your hot pussy if you don’t stop talking about that. Oh, yeah, I said to him and got on my knees. I’ll do it for you. Do you need relief? as I coaxed him,

I don’t now bad and it won’t get up. Well since you put it that way, just lie back I’ll run my tongue over your big balls and we’ll see. He didn’t say anything, he just came over to me and laying him limp cock passively in my mouth, Ummm mmm, do it. It does feel good, and I knew I was going up get to suck his big balls.