Sarah’s Betrayal

Sarah’s Betrayal By ~Max~

In a cheap motel room, Sarah laid in bed, staring at the ceiling. The pillow under her head was damp from her tears. Her afternoon “lover” had already gone. She could not believe that she had done such a thing.

She had already decided that she must tell Max. But, what would he do when he found out?

Max and Sarah had only been married for 6 months. It had been a difficult 6 months for the both of them. Sarah wanted to “party” and have fun. After all, she was still only 18 years old. Max was 36. After a disastrous first marriage to a woman who “could not say no” to any man in a uniform (including UPS drivers), Max was determined not to let that happen again, so he tried to keep a tight rein on his young bride.

He had to, because Max knew that men lusted after beautiful young women like Sarah. Her long red hair, saucy green eyes, and full sensuous mouth, along with her curvaceous body, made her the epitome of feminine beauty.

Sarah dragged herself out of bed and removed her clothing from the floor. She noticed that it smelled like cigarette smoke and beer from the bar where she had allowed herself to be picked-up a couple hours ago.

Sarah just prayed that he would forgive her, as she drove her car home. When she approached her driveway, she briefly considered driving on, and never going home. But she wanted to make the marriage with Max work, in spite of his controlling ways.

As she turned in, she saw that Max’s truck was in the garage. She parked her car, took a deep breath, and then entered through the front door.

Max was furious! She had never seen him so angry. Sarah told Max that she loved him. She promised that it would never happen again, and told him that she would do ANYTHING, to make it up to him.

Max could not stand to look at her. As he drove away, he thought that Sarah had betrayed him, just like that other “bitch” had done. She said that she loved him. He wondered if he still loved her. He wondered if he had ever loved her. Or was he just infatuated with her tantalizing body. He wondered if it had been a mistake to marry such a young and seductive woman.

In a flash, he knew exactly what he had to do. He turned his truck around, made a couple quick stops to buy the things he would need, and then headed for home.

Sarah thought that Max was gone for good. When he walked through the front door, she was overjoyed.

Max asked Sarah if she meant it when she said that she would do ANYTHING it took to make it up to him. Sarah swore that she meant it. Max then said that he was going to make it so other men would not find her so desirable. Then Max announced that he was going to make Sarah very fat.

Even though Sarah disapproved, she obeyed when Max ordered her to remove her clothing, and get into bed. Before she knew it, she was laying spread eagle in her bed, propped-up on some pillows, wearing only her panties. Max was busy tying her hands and feet to the bedposts with four of his old neckties.

After Max finished tying her up, he told Sarah that until he told her otherwise, she would only be allowed in this room and the adjoining bathroom.

Setting on the nightstand next to the bed, were donuts broken into mouth size pieces, several cans of whipping cream, and a carton of milk into which Max had added the weight gain powder he had purchased from the health food store.

Max ordered Sarah to open her mouth. When she did, Max immediately stuffed a donut into it. As soon as Sarah chewed and swallowed, Max commanded her to open her mouth again. This time, he filled it with whipped cream. The next time, it was the weight gain formula.

This pattern was repeated over and over again. At one point, Sarah tried to tell Max that she was too full, but as soon as she opened her mouth to complain, Max filled it with another fattening mouthful.

Sarah was relieved when after about an hour, all the food was gone, and Max stopped stuffing her. She expected to be untied, but instead, Max just stood up and left the room.

Sarah felt like she was going to burst. She had never been this full before. When she looked down, she was unable to see her feet because her belly was so round and swollen. She felt so uncomfortable; she decided that she would try to sleep to ease the pain.

She did not know how long she had been asleep, but when she awoke, Max was once again by her side, and he had brought more food with him. When he ordered her to open her mouth, she obeyed, even though she was still full.

She had no idea how she managed it, but once again Sarah was able to eat everything that Max stuffed into her mouth.

After this feeding, Max untied her. Then he told her that he would be sleeping in the guest bedroom from then on.

Sarah did not move for a long time after Max had gone. She couldn’t. Her belly was so stuffed that it hurt to move. Eventually, she fell asleep.

Sarah woke up the next morning hoping that Max had changed his mind, and no longer wanted to make her fat. But when Max showed up, he had news that proved that he was more determined than ever to continue. Max had arranged to take a leave of absence from his job, so he could devote the next 6 months to making Sarah fat. He then told her that she had one hour to attend to her personal needs, before the feedings would start again.

So Sarah rolled out of bed and slowly walked into the bathroom feeling discouraged. After a shower, and her other necessities had been completed, Sarah wanted to weigh herself. She looked for the scale that was normally in that bathroom, but she could not find it. She started to look around for it one last time, when she heard Max calling for her.

Sarah only had time to pull on a pair of panties before Max ordered her to get back into bed. As Sarah crawled into bed, she noticed that the elastic in the waistband of her panties was digging into her belly.

Max told Sarah that if she was cooperative, it would not be necessary for him to tie her to the bed. Sarah agreed to do whatever he said.

They were going to add something to her feedings, Max told her, as he handed her a drinking glass that was full of what looked like water. Chug it down, he said.

Sarah raised the glass to her lips, and then hesitated when she realized that it contained vodka. When Max ordered her to drink it, and Sarah forced herself to gulp it all down.

Max knew that if he forced Sarah to drink booze just before eating, her system could only metabolize the calories in the alcohol. All the other calories that were in the food she ate, would be stored as fat on her body.

Sarah thought that it must have been the vodka, because soon after drinking it, she felt much more relaxed, and maybe a little “buzzed”. She didn’t even get tense when she saw Max bring in a platter full of greasy hamburgers, and a gallon of weight gain formula.

And this feeding wasn’t as hard as the feedings had been the day before. She was certainly stuffed when it was over, but she did not feel quite as uncomfortable as yesterday.

This became Sarah’s daily routine for the next 6 months. She would awaken in the morning, and attend to her personal needs. Get back into bed, and drink a glass of vodka, followed by a high calorie feeding, which always included the weight gain formula. Then she would take a nap for about an hour. Then more vodka, another feeding, and another nap. This regimen continued until after she had her seventh feeding of the day. Then she would be permitted to sleep through the night.

In the beginning, Sarah hated what was being done to her, but soon she grew accustomed to it, and eventually she even found that her new lifestyle agreed with her. She no longer had to do much of anything except lay around, drink, eat, and sleep.

At first, Sarah detested the taste of the vodka, but before long, she got used to it, and enjoyed how it felt to be constantly drunk. The feedings at first were unpleasant, but after a couple weeks, they became enjoyable, even stimulating. Many times, especially after an exceptionally filling feeding, Sarah would be aroused and would “pleasure herself.”

Sarah did not wear any clothing, after the second week, because she was unable to squeeze into a pair of her panties. But even though she was always naked, she was never able to see her entire body. While she was lying down she could not see past her inflated boobs. If she pushed them to the sides, she could still only see her bulging belly, and there were no full-length mirrors in either her bedroom or bathroom. When Sarah looked into the vanity mirror in the bathroom, she could only see her face.

What Sarah couldn’t see was that a lot of the extra fat had settled on her hips, butt, and thighs. It would surprise her when her fuller hips would bump into the sides of the bathroom doorway, or when her thighs would rub against each other when she walked.

Of course, Sarah knew that she was getting fatter, but as time went on, it was easy to put that out of her mind. She did notice that it was becoming more and more difficult to walk, and much harder to get out of bed each morning. But her alcohol-clouded mind even made these thoughts fade quickly.

Sarah soon lost all track of time. She only knew that it was another day when Max told her that she should cleanup in the bathroom. And she had no idea what day of the week it was or what month of the year.

Then one day, Sarah’s life was turned upside down. She woke up not remembering if she had been taking a nap or if she was asleep for the night. She assumed that it was morning because she was incredibly hungry, like she always was in the morning. But Max was not there to help her get out of bed. Sarah figured that Max must have overslept, so after a struggle, she was able to get out of bed on her own, and make it to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, she did her usual things, but when she came out, Max was still not there.

Sarah didn’t know what to do and started to panic. She decided to call out to Max, but when she did, there was no reply.

She thought that Max would be upset with her if she left the bedroom, but she did not know what else to do. So she opened the door and squeezed her wide hips and overblown butt through the doorway and into the living room.

She had almost forgotten what the living room looked like. When she passed by the large mirror that hung over the mantle, she saw the reflection of her entire body for the first time in 6 months. Sarah was shocked by what she saw. She had no idea that she had gotten so big. Her entire body was covered by a thick layer of soft fat. An apron of fat hung from where her waist had once been, and completely covered her private area. Her hips were vast. Her legs were massive. And her rear end was enormous.

Sarah waddled into the guest bedroom, and again called for Max, but he was not there. She went into the guest bathroom, but Max was nowhere to be found.

On the bathroom floor was a scale. Sarah was hesitant to weigh herself, but after seeing how big she had become, she had to know. When Sarah stepped on the scale, she realized that she could not see the numbers unless she pushed her massive boobs to the side with one arm and pushed her bulbous belly in the opposite direction with her other arm.

She gasped when she saw the dial indicated that she weighed 299 pounds! She couldn’t believe it, so she stepped off the scale and then back on. The numbers sped by and the dial came to an abrupt stop when it hit 299. Then Sarah realized that the dial only went up to 299, and it was likely that she weighed more!

Tears were rolling down her face as Sarah walked into the kitchen, still looking for Max. On the kitchen table was a half empty bottle of vodka, a glass, and a letter from Max.

Sarah was nervous and afraid of what the note would say. So to calm her nerves, she poured herself a glassful from the bottle and in one gulp, chugged the vodka.

Sarah -

I was crushed when you told me that you cheated on me and betrayed me, just like my first wife had done.

I told you that the reason that I was going to make you fat was because, then no other man would want you, and you would not be able to cheat on me again. But, because I know that there are lots of men out there that adore really fat women, I knew that would not work. You would probably cheat on me with one of those guys anyway.

The real reason why I made you fat is because I needed to find out if I truly loved you, or if I just “had the hots” for your body.

Well, now I know.

I have left you, and I will not be coming back.

There is no food left in the house. You ate it all. I left the phone number for the pizza delivery place, because I’m sure that you are starving by now.

There is only this half of bottle of vodka left, so I also left the number to a liquor store that delivers.

You are on your own. Good luck.


Sarah was stunned. She let the letter drop from her hands and on to the floor. She poured herself another drink. And tried to figure out what to do next. Then it came to her.

She picked up the phone and ordered some pizza.