Fully Processed Pudding - II

Fully Processed Pudding - II By Cat Tac

Miss Y had become an established member of staff immediately on her joining the big accountancy firm (over 400 employees world wide) and was already head of her section after a single year, answering only to the boss on the top floor.

She remembered how on her first few weeks with the company she had always made a point of running up the five floors to the boss' office instead of using the lifts, but those days had long gone, she thought, as she looked at the clock on the corner of her desk. She remembered that she still had to interview a potential employee, a Miss X, and could see she was already five minutes late. She spent another 10 minutes finishing off the books of one of her most prestigious clients.

She phoned down to the receptionist to prepare the candidate with a drink from the calorie-laden drinks machine. The drinks machines existed all over the building and dished out high calorie coffee and chocolate addictive drinks which also contained herbs that relaxed its patrons.

Miss Y lumbered up to the lifts, making her sedate progress to the personnel office to pick up Miss Q, head of personnel and another junior employee who was getting promoted by Miss Y when her old position could be filled.

The whole company had a very relaxed culture, which nurtured its employees into a certain way of work and encouraged an active social calendar so that all employees mixed with each other after work time. By now the three ladies in the lift on the way to the interview suite were good friends or, at least, had a good professional working relationship.

On entering the interview suite they could see Miss X had not arrived and sat their ample posteriors on the soft comfortable chairs awaiting her entry, which was almost immediate. They could see her body language was very uncomfortable and decided to let the candidate sit down and drink her coffee.

Miss Y remembered how slim she had been when she had joined the company and felt a little jealous of the tiny frame poised in the chair. Miss Q had remarked on Mrs X’s lack of qualifications, but in her favour she had been with her current firm since leaving school.

Miss Y saw Miss X was beginning to be ‘hit’ by her first delicious drink from the drinks machine and noted that she had relaxed completely before she began. She had not been talking long to the candidate when she was asked about a company gym. She thought to herself, You won’t need that here, little Miss X. She let the junior member of staff tell her that the gym had been axed and its space given over to extend the staff restaurant. Miss Y remembered the junior member of staff had joined the company about the same time as her and initially they had shared the desire to fight off the affects of the nurturing affect the company was having on the people they worked with. Miss Y had succumbed after only a few weeks when the gym closed whilst the junior member of staff had lasted for a further three months. Eventually she too gave up her fitness drive, as the drinks from the machine and huge meals at lunchtime had left her to tired to go out training after work.

Miss Y felt proud, taking Miss X to her first company lunch. She had no doubt that she would accept a job offer and could not wait for her to be fully indoctrinated into the company on completing her notice at her old firm.

Now for some fun, thought Miss Y as she could see Miss X’s eyes widen at her first course sitting on the table. The first signs that Miss X was feeling some discomfort from the huge meal came during the second course. It was at this point that Miss Y started talking about bonuses, company cars, free medical care and housing benefits. Each new subject seemed to capture Miss X’s attention, and Miss Y noted her greedy interest, not to mention the fact that Miss X was no longer showing signs struggling to swallow the gourmet food. In fact, she seemed to be swallowing faster in an effort to keep up with her fellow diners.

It was an achievement, but Miss X finished her chocolate pudding and could hardly move. She wanted to go to the ladies to relieve herself and loosen the belt and undo her top button on her trousers.

Miss Y had asked politely if she wanted seconds and enjoyed the fact that Miss X could not say no, indeed accepting the offer with a smile and excusing herself with the head of personnel who needed to go to the toilet as well.

Miss X managed to guzzle down the last offering of the two-hour lunch break and felt obliged to commend the diners on such good quality food their restaurant offered. Miss Y could not resist the temptation to prepare the processed candidate for her brief meeting with the Chief Executive. She had deliberately dipped her napkin in the chocolate sauce that came with the pudding. She pretended to offer to wipe non-existing pudding from the candidate’s mouth. This was extremely forward but the candidate offered no retort and let her wipe the sauce all over her mouth.

The other ladies had grown wise to this and giggled amongst themselves as they got up from the feasting table. The three fat ladies bid little Miss X goodbye, but not before Miss Y had given Miss X her orders to immediately visit the Chief Executive’s office at the top floor.

They left Miss X in the lift and left for their offices on the ground floor. Miss Y ordered the junior member of staff into her office and spoke to her about what was to be her new clerk. I don’t want her having any time off for the first six months, and I want her fully indoctrinated into the way we do things round here.

The junior member of staff was mostly thinking about all the extra money she would get after her sudden promotion, but she told Miss Y that she did not think the candidate would be any problem and that she would soon fit into the routine.

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