Pudding By you_know_nothiming

Author’s Note: Erm, believe it or not this is a LOTR weight gain fantasy. It involves two male Elves and homoerotic sex so if you’re not into that you won’t enjoy this girthy tale. But if the idea of pretty pale Legolas growing huge jazzes you, then come on and have fun. I certainly had fun writing this piece.

PS: Disclaimer: No profit is being made from this fic. No copyright infringement intended.

As we cuddled together in his large bed, Elrond suddenly ran his long fingers over my slender body. “Legolas, we have been together for a long time now, correct?”

Smiling in adoration, I nodded in eager acceptance. “Long enough to know that I love you above all others.” Yes, even to an Elf 200 years counted as long.

“Thank you, my glorious Elf. You know how much you excite me. Now…” To my surprise, Elrond actually looked embarrassed. It was a highly unusual expression for my mighty lover. He rested his lean hand on my tight waist. “I have a request to ask of you… actually it’s a wicked indulgence I have long dreamed of but I needed a sweet willing Elven lover.”

I trailed my fingers through his long black mane and smiled in anticipation. “What are you after, my dearest?”

Elrond gazed at me with a completely serious expression. “Legolas, my dear, I want… you to grow extremely fat for me.”

What? Now I blinked in sheer confusion. “My lover?”

As he spoke, Elrond sat up and looked extremely excited. “My darling, I have a serious confession to make. I have always been attracted to massively fat humans. I don’t know why… it’s a curious taste I discovered back when I was with Gil-galad during the Wars. While I adore my slim lovely Elven Lovers, for some reason when I see a human swollen round with a huge fat belly I… almost go mad with wet desire.” My lover paused and stared intently into my eyes, he trying to read my initial reaction.

Hmm, Elrond’s unexpected confession was so odd that I wasn’t sure how to react. I finally asked a question. “Have you… made love to fat humans?”

Not to my surprise, Elrond nodded in excited agreement. “Indeed I have. There was one human general who owned a huge hanging gut. He was this tall barbaric blonde, loud, boisterous and ale-swilling. Mmm, I wanted to touch him, to feel that massive weight pressed against me so I… actually seduced him. I had little trouble; humans are dazzled by Elves so he instantly wanted me. But the problem is… humans are not Elves. As much as their thick heavy weight excites me I… am always sadly let down because they do not possess the exquisite grace and the beauty of an Elf. My fat general would grunt and snort his way through our lovemaking, so, as much as his tremendous weight covering me excited me, his technique did not. That’s is why it’s always been my wild dream to have a wonderfully fat Elven lover.”

This bizarre news proved totally unexpected. Frowning Thoughtfully, I cocked my head. “But no one would do this for you?”

A small smile creased Elrond’s stern lips. Once again, he almost looked embarrassed. “Well, after Gil-gilad my only other serious Elven male lover has been Glorfindel. I confess that during my marriage to Celebrian I did stray, although when she was pregnant with my children I adored her big heavy belly.”

How sweet. “Well, I feel sure she loved your special attention.”

“Of course, my wife appreciated me kissing and licking her baby-swollen belly. But I still wanted a fat male. When I finally brought up the nerve to ask my big blonde lover, Glorfindel laughed until his handsome face turned red. I felt mortified. I begged Glorfindel not to tell anyone my secret desires and to my relief he proved true to me.” As he leaned close against my relaxed body Elrond tenderly kissed my forehead. “My beauty, you are not laughing at me.”

No I wasn’t; instead I was thinking how to accomplish such an unusual feat for my precious lover. “That’s because I adore you and would never laugh at you. But, my lover, how could I grow so vastly fat? My natural metabolism is not inclined to let me grow fat.”

Elrond’s long fingers massaged my slim waist. “Well, of course you’d have to eat a tremendous amount of food but there’s something else that will make you heavy. I have created this wonderful pudding. The concoction is a rich butter and cream fantasy and I know if you ate it all the time your sweet pale belly would begin blossoming into a round heavy shape.”

Now I did laugh. “Mmm, I adore eating pudding.”

Elrond smiled in mutual delight. “My darling, I know you do… I see how you take seconds of the dessert at dinner. Imagine eating gallons of rich, sweet chocolate mint or chocolate cherry pudding. Imagine filling your tight little belly until you fell full and content.”

To my amusement, my mouth actually watered. “And I could eat as much of this delicious pudding as I wanted?”

“I’ll have Chef make enough so you can eat the sinfully luscious pudding all day long.”

I laughed again. The image of me sitting around eating pudding all day and growing extremely fat seemed hilarious but oddly sexy. My fingers stroked my own flat belly. “And you want me to grow a huge soft belly for you? A big round fat belly that wiggles like a sack full of creamy pudding?”

As his hands adoringly caressed my tight belly, Elrond actually moaned in acute desire. “My beautiful darling, you have no idea how much the idea of your middle swollen into a huge round sack excites me.”

My long fingers wrapped around my lover’s strong hard cock. “Oh, yes, I do. I can see and feel your excitement.”

I began my quest to become a fat Elf the very next afternoon. Elrond advised me to eat slowly and not force myself. He felt confident that as I gained my new weight I’d be able to consume more and more pudding. First, I needed to accustom my inner belly to being stuffed full of rich food. For a start, I ate seconds of everything then I consumed a huge bowl of the most delicious chocolate cherry pudding I had ever tasted. After consuming such a massive lunch, I felt so bloated with food that I could hardly move. My swollen inner belly pressed against everything else inside me! An already excited Elrond felt delighted at my first attempt.

During dinner, I did the same thing. Gods, after eating so much my inner belly had to be bloated into a big round ball! And that evening, as we curled in bed, Elrond spooned a tremendous serving of pudding into my waiting mouth. He almost came in excitement. Little did I know that my lord had such a strange desire to feed me. We shared messy chocolately kisses and when Elrond drove his huge cock into me I swear he acted sexier that ever before. I know I screamed in supreme delight. The next morning, I laughed; a brimming serving bowl of mint pudding arrived with my huge breakfast. A large three-cheese omelet, heaps of scallion fried potatoes and almond pastries flowed into my mouth then I attacked the pudding. Delicious. After Elrond finished his usual Spartan meal of melon slices and honey cakes, he sat there and adoringly watched me devour my meal. Yes, it did feel easier to cram food into my body, but my poor confused belly still ached from the pressure of all that food filling it almost beyond capacity.

At 10:00, I took a break from teaching archery lessons and devoured another bowl of heavy cherry pudding. My darling was right; I had already become addicted to the creamy buttery concoction. I loved how the silken texture flowed across my tongue and into my food-swollen belly. For lunch, I ate three times the amount I usually consumed. I noticed as we ate together that my food was different; everything swam in butter and heavy cream sauces. To Elrond’s delight I even licked the serving bowls clean. My handsome lord became so excited that after he stuffed the chocolate pudding into my willing mouth we leapt into bed for a quick hard fuck.

This strange experiment certainly had its side benefits! I broke from my afternoon archery training class and slipped away to consume my mid-after noon pudding. Mmmm, raspberry swirl. My inner belly felt so decadent and full. Although I looked no different I certainly felt heavy and expanded inside.

Dinner was a wicked event. I laughed and watched the retainers set the table in Elrond’s sitting room. There was a tray just for all the thick creamy cheese and butter sauces. Everything looked and smelled amazing.

Yes, Elrond decided that since we experimented we’d eat alone. I confessed that I might feel self-conscious eating so much in the family dining area. Beside, this way I could act wanton and wild about my eating. I tested what my Elrond enjoyed; obviously the sight of my long fingers scooping thick cheese sauce into my mouth made him groan in delight. When I seductively licked my fingers clean, I feared for Elrond’s leggings.

Elrond ate poached salmon and crisp vegetables; I consumed salmon drowning in an herb butter base. The sharp cheese sauce added extra delight. The mountain of whipped potatoes drenched in butter and chive cream sauce tasted lovely. The fried cheddar cheese topped with another blue cheese sauce made me laugh. Fried cheese? How decadent.

After I ate an obscene amount of food, I playfully drank the remaining sauces from the serving vessels and released an appallingly rude burp. Mmm, I felt like complete wanton pig. My swollen belly muttered in sated relief.

Elrond laughed and clapped his hands like a child. “Legolas, I do believe I have unleashed a secret glutton in you! Seeing you eat so heartily excited me so much. If you keep this up you’ll be deliciously round for me in no time at all.”

Beckoning one long finger to me, Elrond held up the pudding bowl. Mmm, dessert. I smiled seductively, stood then I rested in Elrond’s lap, my belly feeling too bloated and stuffed to move. As Elrond spooned the orange cream pudding into my eager mouth, I felt my lover’s huge cock grow hard and taut against my tight ass.

This was becoming fun!

Five nights later, after a hilarious round of overeating, I leaned back and rested my hands on my middle. “Elrond, I think…” I lifted up my thin silk tunic. Ha! A small curve had definitely appeared, discretely pushing against my pale skin.

My ecstatic Elrond rushed around the table and ran his long fingers over my little curve. “It’s begun! We’ve managed to break your strict Elven metabolism. My darling lover, now I think you’ll begin to grow at a more rapid pace.”

I stared down at his powerful fingers stroking my little belly. Now I was the one to feel a raging hard-on. Elrond saw my reaction and smiled in sexy delight. “So becoming round is making you happy?”

“Your delight is making me happy. I admit I feel so… strange stuffing myself so full of food but now my demanding belly is expecting to be filled until I can stuff no more into me. I’m starting to feel hungry all the time and find myself dreaming about eating and eating so I can swell large and round. My slender body is being primed to grow extremely fat. Believe me inside my huge belly already feels fat and swollen. Now my outer belly is finally responding to that feeling.”

“Excellent! Now let me feed you your pudding then I need to take care of this luscious treat…” Elrond’s long fingers wandered across my stiff cock pressing hard against my leggings.


I found it difficult to concentrate on giving archery lessons to the younger Elves. All I wanted to do was have dear Elrond feed me my fattening pudding. I knew talk of how strangely we acted flowed around Imladris. Erestor thought we were acting too sex crazed which was hardly proper for the Lord. Too bad. Our pudding ritual drove us both into a state of sexy frenzy so of course we had to jump into bed and solve the problem of two hard cocks. The usually meticulous and punctual Elrond was late to meetings, to council… he didn’t care. He told me he was having the time of his immortal life.

His new happiness made me feel giddy with love. Elrond’s sexy obsession with my slowly growing belly drove me wild with pure passion. Yes, once I swelled a little I seemed to grow fatter with a new ease since I piled so much food into my growing gut. My new curve still looked discreet but when I was naked my plump new weight was quite obvious. My growing middle was beginning to look plump, soft and round. Delicious. Elrond thought so too; he spent long sweet minutes running his eager lips across my swollen belly. It felt so odd to have my middle growing round.

Two weeks later, my new fat belly had grown into a nice plump curve, so I began wearing looser tunics. As much as Elrond desired me I still felt a little odd about becoming so fat so I hid my swollen condition from Imladris.

But I still ate tremendous amounts of food. I sat during our meals and shoveled portion after portion into my mouth. Elrond fed me mountains of pudding until I had to beg for him to stop since I felt like my inner belly, although vastly stretched from eating so much, might explode. My weight continued rolling forward from my belly, my waist now warm and soft. After two months of eating enough food for four Elves and all the pudding I could shovel in me, I stood before the mirror with Elrond. His long fingers caressed my beautiful pale roundness as it hung before me like a plump soft ball. I felt so proud of myself! Look how wonderfully fat my belly grew!

Elrond moaned in desire and jiggled my soft weight. “Look at you so round and lovely. Legolas, you truly drive me insane. All I want to do is make love to your erotic fat softness.”

“I am thrilled at how well I’m growing. I look like a extremely pregnant female!”

“Does this heavy new weight bother you?”

“No, but I confess being fat feels so unusual. I am extremely aware of my fat new body. When I walk, I can feel my fat belly hanging before me, but I still feel so full and sexy.”

“Then tomorrow, I want you to stop wearing those silly loose tunics and wear your beautiful red silk tunic. Imagine how lovely you’ll look with your new fat belly proudly pressing against the silk. You’ll be so breathtakingly lovely that everyone will stare at your heavy beauty.” Speaking of pressing, Elrond’s cock nearly drilled into my ass.

I began panting in desire. “Yes, oh Gods, yes. All right, enough being coy! Tomorrow I’ll let all of Imladris see my new belly.” Whirling, I clutched Elrond close against my fat belly and rolled my soft warmth into his taut middle.

Groaning in mad lust, he picked me up and tossed me to the bed. My flabby belly vibrated so I couldn’t stop laughing, not even when Elrond shoved his tongue down my throat.

The next morning, I dressed in the tight red silk. My full fat belly boldly threatened to split the thin material. My excited Elrond almost drooled in lust. “Dear Legolas, now I might truly lose my mind. Seeing you with your lovely fat belly displayed so wantonly intoxicates my senses.”

Posing seductively, I batted my eyelashes and ran my fingers over my warm heavy belly. “And I’m not done. Wouldn’t you want me doubled in size with a grand sagging belly dropping down to my thighs? Imagine my gut swollen so round and fat that you could barely put your strong arms around me. Imagine my beautiful giant belly growing fatter and fatter until my soft roundness smothers you when we make love. My entire body will become heavy and ripe with fat.”

A lust-struck Elrond actually whimpered in delight. Oh yes, I took his hilarious expression as a yes. At the rate I was eating I had a feeling I could reach that mammoth state. I would make myself into a grandly fat Elf.

After I ate my typical huge breakfast, I swore the thin tunic pressed even tighter against my bloated gut. Once I arrived at the archery field, my class of Elfings gaped at me in stunned amazement. As I demonstrated proper technique, I loved how my fat round belly rubbed and pressed against the smooth silk. The sensation made me want to find Elrond and have him plunge into me until I passed out from pleasure.

“By the Gods, so Elrond talked you into growing fat!”

I whirled and saw Glorfindel standing there laughing as his blue eyes swept across my straining belly. I smiled and told the class to take a break. “My darling didn’t have to talk me into it.”

Walking close, Glorfindel reached out and caressed his large fingers against my bulging belly. I squirmed in delight. “So look at you, all fat and happy. I wondered why you were suddenly wearing such flowing tunics.”

“Today, Elrond wanted me to unveil my new fat belly to all the valley.”

“Your big belly has swelled amazingly round. I suppose he told you I refused?”


“But now that I look at you it’s fascinating. You feel so plump and soft and you’re still intoxicatingly pretty.”

Glorfindel’s large hands kept seductively fondling my heavy belly. His firm touch felt as lovely as Elrond’s. Warm knowing laughter trailed around me. “You like being so heavy, don’t you? Look at you squirm in delight like a wanton Elf. Someone feels very sexy and fat, eh?”

Gasping in a mix of lust and control I stepped back.

“Glorfindel, look, I appreciate you liking my fat belly but…”

“But what? Can’t I touch your soft weight? Don’t you like me touching your lovely round belly?”

I couldn’t control my embarrassed laughter. “Dear Glorfindel, that’s the problem; I do like your touch.”

The golden Elf’s warm smile shone over me again. “I thought so. Now… just let me touch your beautiful flesh a few more times then I’ll leave you alone. Trust me, Elrond won’t mind me touching your belly. He obviously wants you to show your full soft weight off so…”

Well, I suppose so…

As Glorfindel skillfully caressed my heavy belly, I almost came. Gods, yes I had become a wanton fat Elf!

After my final class, as I returned to Elrond’s suite this time, the excited twins stopped me. Elladan’s long fingers eagerly massaged my fat warmth. “Legolas, you are about the sexiest creature I have ever seen. Look at this wonderful heavy belly!”

Oh! Obviously the lovely twins shared their Father’s adoration of fat males. “Thank you.”

“So this is why you two don’t join us for dinner anymore; Father has been force feeding you. Does eating so much excite you?”

I launched a small protest. “Elrond is not forcing me; I am willing to eat so much food.”

“So you like being a fat Elf.”

“I do feel very different but I also feel extremely sexy and round.”

Elrohir’s graceful fingers joined his brother’s in fondling then they stepped back and peeled up my tight red tunic to reveal my pale fat belly. I felt so sexy and powerful. Both groaned in hilarious lust and kept petting and stroking my soft weight. “Gods, Legolas, you are astonishingly beautiful! I feel so jealous of Father! How fat will you grow for him?”

I could only smile and shrug. I truly didn’t know myself.

That night, after he finished his dinner, Elrond rose and removed his tunic and leggings. I kept eating, but I truly enjoyed the view. Once I crammed the last cheese-coated bite into my mouth, Elrond winked and smeared the pudding on his belly and cock. My lower lip quivered in delight.

I dropped to my knees before him and eagerly licked the thick sweet pudding from his flesh. My wicked lover kept coating his flesh over and over again. In my excited desire, I ate even more than normal. I never knew that chocolate pudding mixed so well with cum. Delicous. After I enjoyed Elrond’s fourth orgasm, I slumped back against the table legs and held my aching heavy belly. Mmm, I felt completely satisfied and swollen.

So now everyone in Imladris knew about my fat new weight. And they watched me grow heavier and heavier. My slender arms and legs started plumping out into soft roundness, but Elrond loved this new addition to my weight. My tight ass swelled lush and full into two peach-like globes. I stuffed more and more food into my demanding system. My pale fat belly seemed to grow even faster.

My eating level remained amazing. And, of course, dear thrilled Elrond kept encouraging me to greater heights of gluttony. As we sat down to dinner one night, I gaped in amazement at the giant tureens filled with creamy soups; cheese soup, a thick heavy creamy mushrrom soup, a bright carrot soup…

Elrond smiled in encouragement. “Let’s see what eating soup does to you.”

Laughing, I accepted the challenge. I began eating with my obscene new speed. I swore my pale flesh stretched bigger and rounder. After consuming all three tureens full I gasped and sat back. My sloshy bloated gut ripped my tunic.

Elrond laughed in amazement. “Lover! You made yourself grow as you ate!”

I couldn’t believe it myself. I felt so heavy and swollen. Rising Elrond caressed the pale bloated weight. “Amazing. Just amazing.”

I was amazingly fat.

My heavy belly bulged forward and began slowly widening from side to side. My tremendous weight sagged and swelled against my round thighs. Soon I owned an awesome belly that stretched my pale waist for 60 mammoth inches. I had become a beautiful round creation. When I walked, my soft heavy belly swayed and moved from side to side.

A sex-crazed Elrond worshipped my expanded fat body. Some Nights, he was content to have me lay on him. He’d come numerous times just from having my soft fat belly pressing against his leaness. Or I’d lay on my back while Elrond kissed and licked every inch of my incredibly expanded middle. When I laid like this, I couldn’t see my round legs or feet. My huge pale belly soared before me like a swollen moon. I felt so stretched and full and always hungry.

I think my favorite position was when I knelt on the bed and enjoyed Elrond possessing me from behind. I adored how my huge belly shook and swayed under me. I usually became so excited that I collapsed down onto my belly and rolled around as Elrond still loved me. Intoxicating.

I vaguely wondered how I would stop from growing. I had grown so massive I could no longer touch my fingertips around my pale fat belly. Yet Elrond still shoveled pudding into me so my already swollen fat body bulged larger and larger.

As my entire body bloated with new layers of pale jiggling fat, I began having trouble walking. I waddled and rolled since my sagging weight draped down toward my fat knees and slapped against my round legs. My tremendously heavy belly developed to the point where my graceful Elven balance completely dissappeared. If I didn’t walk slowly, I risked falling to the ground. Soon even my defined cheeks became round and puffy. I thought I looked like a fat squirrel stuffing his cheeks with nuts. My round face was always flushed pink. I wasn’t so sure about the three hanging chins swelling from my jowls, but my Elrond didn’t care. He loved me.

I could only cover my girth with light silk robes since I grew so massively heavy. And if I exerted too much effort, my fat body became coated with sweat. To my amusement, if I returned to our bedroom dripping with sweat, Elrond attacked me and licked my bloated pink flesh. He claimed my sweat tasted sweet and heady.

I didn’t appreciate how some Elves now regarded my huge, sagging body with pure disgust. Who cared; my devoted Elrond treated me like a God. An extremely fat, round and swollen God.

One night, as I sprawled there panting from sexual exhaustion, I caressed Elrond’s lean middle. My fingers were now round and plump. I was so soft all over. “My darling, how… big do you want me?”

Elrond snuggled against my massive fat warmth. “How fat do you think you can grow?”

I already had a final weight in mind. “Do you want me so swollen huge that I cannot move?”

“Can you go that far for me?” The adoring look that Elrond cast over me made me smile. I knew that’s what he wanted.

“My dear lover, anything for you.”

Two months later, Elrond gently wiped chocolate pudding from my lips then he kissed me. “There, my precious darling, are you full now?”

I nodded and smiled in thanks. “I am fine, my lover.” Elrond set down the massive serving bowl then he climbed atop of my pale towering girth and adoringly embraced my quivering flesh. He had his astonishingly fat Elf. He felt ecstatically happy. My stupendous new weight nearly filled the grand bed and stretched toward the ceiling. Yes, an Elf could grow extremely fat, far fatter than a human ever could. We had proved the concept. My enormous body had evolved into a huge white field of jiggly soft fat. I hadn’t moved from the bed in weeks. I couldn’t, since my huge belly now flowed down to my ankles. My body had expanded into a giant pale belly.

Servants took care of my daily physical needs, they washing me and shifting me around. Elrond took care of all my other physical and mental needs. I loved him so much.

I wondered: how large I would finally grow?