She lay there and opened her mouth for one more last bite. As he fed her another big spoon full of chocolate mousse she stretched her arms and legs out even further. With her eyes tightly shut she fantasized that she was blindfolded and tied spread eagle on the bed. The last rays of the setting sun filtered through the window and warmed her skin. Is there any sunset anywhere on Earth as glorious as a New Mexico sunset? They almost made living in this God forsaken place worthwhile. As she swallowed she said saccharin, their safe word. It meant she was completely stuffed to bursting, could hold no more.

He set aside the bowl and went to work exploring her body with his hands. His face was so close to her skin that she could feel his breath. The examination was slow and careful. From time to time he would comment, Oh my God, baby! You’re getting so wonderfully fat! She would smile and labor to breathe. Occasionally he would stop to linger and bring his lips close enough to her flesh that she could feel the warmth. His tongue would come out and trace a line across her skin. Then more aggressively he would suck in a glob of fat and play with it in his mouth.

She would have gladly allowed him to restrain her but she would need her hands free before long. Her love for him was absolute yet she had needs that went beyond what he could provide and he knew it. Sometimes she wished she could be true to him but they had come to accept she could not. His love for her exceeded the constraints of Western morality and to love such a magnificent creature as her meant he had to make some concessions. He could live with these concessions only because she was his and that was enough to sustain him.

Is this new? he asked rhythmically as he went to work enjoying with his fingers and lips and tongue what he believed to be a new stretch mark. The special texture of stretch marks is such that they drove him mad with passion, especially new ones. She smiled again and was fairly convinced that it probably was a new one as they had spent most of the long holiday weekend doing little other than keeping her constantly stuffed and making love.

She reached down with both hands grabbing at her belly to hold it up as much as she could manage. It was so large and heavy that it strained her muscles to hold it up but she needed to help. Her mons pubis and labia major had become so gloriously fat that getting at her clit was a bit of a challenge unto itself. Trying to fight back her enormous belly would have been more than he could have managed without her help. Once she had her belly pulled up as much as she could manage it was his cue.

He crawled down between her magnificently well, fattened thighs and separated her labia with his fingers. Her aroma filled his nostrils and he breathed deeply filling his lungs with her scent. Even in the dimming light he could see her clit coming into view. The extra thick layer of protective fat she carried down there could not, would not keep him from his target. His tongue went out as far as it would go and he gently licked the head.

He was on point now. She relaxed and allowed herself to lay back and enjoy this nearly ethereal experience. It wasn’t that she was a selfish lover it was just simply that she quite honestly deserved to be worshipped in this way and he was a very devout worshipper.

Soon he had his lips around her clit and began to gently suck on it. No man before him had ever been able to bring her to orgasm this way not even in thinner days when suffocation was not a concern. He slid a finger into her as he worshipped and she began to feel an orgasm building. She could have let go right then but it would have been a disappointment, not only for her but also for him. It was as though he and she had to continue until he was within seconds of having to give up from lack of oxygen and lockjaw for them to be satisfied. So, they continued.

Finally there came a point where he could go no further and she knew it. She let go and the intensity of her orgasm was almost frightening. He took a deep breath. She released her belly and the weight of it came cascading down pushing him back. He raised his head to gaze at her and watched her writhe in orgasmic spasms. Every sinew of his body was tensed. He felt like a Viking warrior looking out at the destruction he had caused and he felt like a man, a real man, a man with extra Y-chromosomes. The spasms would eventually subside and he would return to being a mortal but for just this frozen moment in time he was King of the World.

He wiped his face and breathed deeply through his nose. His nostrils were filled with her juices. Her aroma would linger for hours to come. He wandered over to the dresser picking up a small tray piled high with crme puffs and chocolate eclairs and brought it to the bed placing it next to the still recuperating Myra. She was close to normalcy and he kissed her lips. Her tongue shot into his mouth and explored. He gently reached for her right arm and began to pull her towards him. This alone would not be enough to move her onto her side. Their lips parted and he grabbed her right leg. She helped some but not enough to notice. He knew that she could have managed this without any help at all but total helplessness was just part of the immobility game she liked to play during times of intimacy like this one.

Eventually he managed to pull her onto her side and her breathtaking belly spread out onto the bed threatening to flow over the edge. She spied the platter and reached for a crme puff. A little time and an orgasm always did wonders to help her make room for more and this was no exception. As she bit into the crme puff she began a low moan that was an mmmmm sound. He climbed onto the bed and straddled the massively fat leg next to the mattress and felt for her more than moist peach fish. She was very ready for him and he slowly eased himself into her. Something almost religious happens during that first moment.

On those occasions when she was extremely over fed it puts pressure internally that results in her G-spot being in just the right place for him to hit it with every stroke. This was one of those occasions and he felt he had the ability to control her at least for the time being. He knew that every stroke would fuel her obsession/compulsion to eat. If he could manage to maintain a steady rhythm while keeping her just at the brink of orgasm, she would eat every pastry on the tray. A jug of chocolate milk shake rested on the nightstand next to the bed. The plastic tubing and height of the jug facilitated the siphoning effect. Gentle sucking on the hose was enough to quench her thirst from time to time.

Oh baby! You’re so tight! Tighter than ever! It’s because you’re getting so wonderfully fat down there! That’s my little fat bellied eating machine! Eat up all those yummy pasties! They’re going to make you so incredibly fat and sexy! He cooed to her as he slowly and methodically thrust in and out. She was eating on automatic now and had to take a bite with each stroke. She had to chew and swallow before he hit her G-spot again because that signaled her to take another bite.

One by one the pastries vanished, as did most of the milk shake. The New Mexico sun had set and stars stared back at her but she really did not see them. He was more than amazing this night. His performances had always been good but nothing like this. Did it have something to do with the weight she’d gained during this long holiday weekend? Was it because of all the stuffing she’d been doing the past three days? Did it in some strange way have something to do with her plans for tomorrow? Whatever the reason, she really didn’t care. He had never managed such an incredible performance before nor had he ever managed to get her to stuff herself so severely.

My God, baby! Your belly is getting so huge! I’m going to fatten you beyond your wildest dreams! Keep stuffing baby! You’re on your way to being the fattest human in recorded history! Baby; I love that fat belly of yours. It’s so incredible! I’m gonna' make it so much bigger! he told her. She loved that kind of chatter. It also drove her to keep eating. As he rhythmically humped he massaged her enormous belly. It had become almost too much for him to handle, yet he could barely wait for it to grow even larger. He fantasized of seeing it spread completely across their king-sized bed spilling over the side. The thought made him want to cum but he had to maintain. Eventually, the impossible happened. She finished the last pastry and sucked down the last of the milk shake. Seeing that she had accomplished this incredible feat, he rewarded her by speeding up the motion just enough to bring her to orgasm. What she had was not like any orgasm she had ever had before. It was so intense that it literally knocked her unconscious.

She slept the most peaceful sleep of her life. It could have been the orgasm. It could have been because she was more completely and totally stuffed than she had ever been in her life. It could have been the three days of near constant feeding with little rest. Whatever the reason, she slept 14 hours straight. She slept through his alarm clock. Through his getting dressed and leaving. Through his returning with her morning donuts. Thankfully the New Mexico sun does not let a person sleep too long. She had plans and she didn’t want to miss her appointment.

She struggled to sit up and check the clock. There was just enough time for some donuts, shower and dress, and make it to her appointment. She reached for the unusually heavy box of donuts. To her surprise, instead of a few dozen as usual, it contained six dozen. That sweetheart! He does plan to fatten me beyond my wildest dreams, she thought as she bit into the first donut. True he had plans to fatten her to unbelievable proportions but this massive load of donuts was not entirely about that. He had another motive as well. His plan was that she’d get too stuffed with donuts to leave the house and miss her appointment. Of course, she had a plan as well.

Her plan was to gobble all the donuts and still make her appointment. This meeting had been in the works for a long time and only an adverse Act of God was going to interfere. So the big box of donuts followed her throughout the house while she got herself ready. By the time she was wedging herself into her car, she’d polished off half of the donuts so the rest would keep her busy on the road to her appointment. She was just choking down the last one when she pulled up in front of Luigi’s.

She scanned the parking lot for a friendly face and then began to struggle from her car. That last dozen donuts really helped to make her even more wedged behind the wheel. Funny how this added inconvenience was such a turn on for her. She started getting even wetter. She had been tingling all morning. The anxiety and the trepidation were so commingled that she couldn’t tell what was the strongest emotion. Of course she could have hit the buttons a few times and made her exit from the car easier but that wedged in feeling was so exciting that she just couldn’t.

As she stood next to the car and stared at the door to Luigi’s she saw the door open and a blond stuck her head out hollering, Myra? Dawn? she called back. The little blond butterball came rushing from Luigi’s to give Myra a hug. Although they had chatted on line and e-mailed each other many times, this was the first face-to-face meeting. Further, Dawn had seen pictures of Myra but this was Myra’s first look at Dawn. She told me she was pretty but this girl is drop dead gorgeous! Myra thought. Dawn’s hug was a bit more than just platonic. She was very definitely copping a feel. Myra just grinned.

Dawn had chosen this meeting spot because it was centrally located for each of them but mainly because they served ample portions as Dawn described it. They wandered in and were seated quickly. There really wasn’t much for them to discuss as they had spent so much time chatting that this meeting was the final hurdle. If all went well here, then it was a done deal.

Myra took charge and ordered for both of them. She started with fettuccine Alfredo as an appetizer, a medium Italian sausage pizza with extra cheese, lasagna, cheese ravioli in a creamy tomato sauce, and the manicotti. They each had a glass of Chianti. As they sipped their wine, Myra began to go back in her mind to their chance meeting on line. She looked at this gorgeous blue-eyed blond butterball and decided that she had made the right decision to avoid a bisexual. There was no need to tempt her loving hubby and she could envision Dawn becoming more than just tempting.

When they met on line, Dawn explained that she was a 21 year old college senior in her last semester getting a degree in something that was almost as unmarketable as a case of AIDS. Dawn had always been fat and had always fantasized about getting fatter. Further, she was a lesbian and had a preference for fat women. Her parents were fat bashers to the extreme and it looked like her only option upon graduation was to go back home to live with Mommy and Daddy and be badgered constantly about her weight and her sexual orientation. It was not a very appealing prospect. Dawn had claimed to be pretty. Well, she certainly didn’t lie about that! Now if she could prove her other claim then she would not have to go home to Mom and Dad.

Where’s your stuff? Myra asked. I have a small bag of personal items in the cloak room, but if you keep your part of the bargain most it will be useless before long, she replied. Oh, there is no problem with me keeping mine! Myra retorted and began trying to imagine the little blond as a totally round ball of fat and it made her tingle. Now if you can prove yourself here, then you’ll be coming home with me, Myra said. Dawn grinned and said, I bet I surprise you!

The waiter brought out the fettuccine. Dawn hadn’t lied about ample portions. It was huge. Myra began scooping creamy pasta onto Dawn’s plate. The double load of donuts had been a good thing as Myra was too stuffed with donuts to be able to take much fettuccine or anything else for that matter. Myra could devote her full attention to Dawn’s eating rather than her own. As soon as the majority of the pasta was on Dawn’s plate she dug in like a hungry hound. Myra scooped up what little remained and put it onto her plate and took a bite. It was the thickest creamiest Alfredo sauce she’d ever encountered. Myra couldn’t even image how high in fat calories it was. She buttered a big slice of garlic bread for Dawn and handed it to her. Although Myra had over done it on the butter, Dawn accepted the bread and took a big bite. With butter on her upper lip nearly to her nose, dawn smiled and resumed shoveling in pasta with reckless abandon using the bread to help her load up her fork.

It was a good thing Myra was there to keep the bread buttered for Dawn and that Dawn ate so rapidly as the rest of the meal came out as soon as Dawn took the last bite of pasta and shoved in the last bit of over buttered bread. Again, Myra was surprised by the size of the ample portions. The waiter was instructed to place everything more or less in front of Dawn. Myra began excessively buttering more bread for Dawn. As soon as the waiter had retreated, Dawn dug in. So far, it looked like Dawn hadn’t been kidding about her appetite but she hadn’t completely proved herself yet.

As Dawn gobbled, Myra took a bite or two but she never let Dawn run out of over buttered bread. You understand that nights and weekends I devote exclusively to my husband? Myra queried. Dawn mumbled a Yes, I do between bites. It was a bit difficult for Myra to understand what Dawn was saying as Dawn’s mouth was constantly full but she managed to understand her saying, No problem as long as there’s plenty to eat nights and weekends but weekdays are for us. Trust me! There will always be plenty to eat. I’ve signed up with 3 different home delivery services as well a restaurant delivery service, Myra replied smugly. Dawn just grinned and continued on with her gluttonous display.

Damn, this girl can eat! Myra thought as her clit began to stiffen and her nipples firmed. Dawn gobbled and gobbled. When she had consumed about half of what was sitting in front of her she set down her fork and leaned back in her chair. She massaged the sides of her belly and said, Excuse me? At first Myra thought Dawn was throwing in the towel. Then Dawn leaned forward reaching down and unbuttoned her pants. There, that’s better. Now I can really pig out! Dawn announced. Myra buttered more bread.

Dawn managed to gobble down nearly two thirds of the Italian feast in front of her before she started showing signs of being stuffed. Her breathing was labored but she managed to ask, Do you always eat like a bird? Myra laughed and patted her incredible belly and said, Honey, I had six dozen donuts this morning before getting here. Let me help you. Myra raised a slice of grease dripping pizza to Dawn’s lips and she took a big bite. That’s my little prize winning piggy! I’m gonna fatten you beyond your wildest dreams! Myra cooed. Dawn slowly chewed and tried to smile. In her wildest dreams she was an enormous mountain of immobile fat, so fat that the only way of finding her mouth was by following the force-feeding tube leading from the pump. The thought made her so wet it was scandalous.

Myra finally began to eat as well. Between stuffing food into Dawn’s mouth and her own, she managed to clean all the plates. Dawn was near the bursting point and very close to having an orgasm. Myra was more than just full but she did have to manage to get herself, Dawn, and Dawn’s bag out to the car and drive it as well. Myra could wait until she got home to finish the job. No point in even picking up a fork unless you’re planning on getting good and stuffed was Myra’s motto and she lived by that motto in spades. Are you ready to come home with me? You’ve certainly more than proven that you’re as big an eater as you claimed, Myra said. Dawn meekly grinned.

After paying the waiter and asking for Dawn’s small bag of belongings, Myra began the process of struggling to her feet. She was a lot fuller than she had first thought. Now the next obstacle was to get Dawn up and out to the car. Much easier said than done but they managed. Myra adjusted the seat so that Dawn was more or less reclining. She adjusted her seat and wedged herself in behind the wheel and they were off.

Dawn sat mainly trying to breathe and massage some relief into her bursting belly. Myra reached over to lend a hand. Dawn took Myra’s hand and slid it down into her pants. Myra could feel the heat and the moisture and began to work her way to Dawn’s clit and oh what a clit it was indeed. It was big and firm and ready. So ready that it did not take very much for Dawn to have a nice little stress relieving orgasm. Myra held her hand to her lips and gently licked each finger clean. Dawn’s aroma still lingered on her hand and she inhaled as deeply as she could. It smelled divine and she could barely wait to have Dawn’s clit in her mouth.

Myra needed something cool and sweet and creamy and fattening to top her off so she pulled into a DQ drive through. She ordered a large chocolate shake for herself but considering the condition Dawn was in she only ordered her a medium for her. Dawn was grateful for the shake, as she did want something. Although, Dawn had no idea how she was going to get it in. Myra sucked long and hard on her straw. Dawn sucked meekly but consistently. The shakes managed to get them home.

Myra pulled into the garage but kept the motor running and turned to Dawn and said, I feel terrible. I haven’t been completely honest with you. You remember when we used to talk about how big you wanted to get and you always said you never wanted to lose mobility and asked me if that was okay with me and I always said I did not want you to become immobilized. Well, I don’t know if I would ever actually want you to become immobile in real life but I do fantasize about you getting that fat. Dawn grinned and said, I’m so glad you told me because I have a secret, too. I fantasize about being an immobile mountain of tube fed fat!

Myra leaned over and kissed Dawn for the first time. The kiss was short and sweet but it was all it took for the pair to know in that instant that they were meant to be together and more. Dawn knew that Myra would take her all the way, all the way to immobility and beyond. Myra realized that she would be able to realize her deepest fantasy of turning Dawn into a gigantic immobilized mountain of tube fed fat. They lingered for a few moments staring into each other’s eyes before Myra switched off the engine.

Myra helped Dawn out of the car and led her into the house into Dawn’s new bedroom adjacent to the kitchen. Very convenient, thought Dawn. Her room was large with an adjustable bed, sitting area, and a separate entrance. Myra threw Dawn’s bag on a chair and said, I’ll bet you’d like to get comfortable and take a nap?' Dawn massaged her bursting belly still struggling to take deeper breaths and nodded her assent. Myra undressed her down to her bra and panties and looked at Dawn’s alabaster body. Her skin was flawless except for the myriad of stretch marks that adorned her flesh. Myra noticed that some on Dawn’s ample belly were obviously new ones and tingled at the thought that those new ones had developed as a direct result of their meeting on line.

Myra pulled back the covers on the bed and helped her into bed. From the nightstand next to the bed she produced a large box of assorted chocolates. Myra began to feed Dawn and herself, one for Dawn and two for Myra. Dawn struggled to chew and swallow but she was close to exploding.

He had been more or less watching the clock all day. He did not know what to do. Call? Don’t call? Wait? What? He had hoped that Myra had gotten too preoccupied with the donuts and or too stuffed and blown off the appointment. If she had managed to make the appointment maybe it had gone badly and it would be just he and Myra tonight; but he loved her so and she wanted this so badly that he had to want it for her as well. If he could deal with her funnel orgy parties, he could deal with this little thing as well. He understood that according to Myra, it took three to four feeders to do a good and proper funnel job on her and she only wanted and or needed a funnel job every once in awhile but never more than twice a week. So it really wasn’t a big deal.

Between short breaths Dawn said, I’m sorry! No more please! I just can’t! I’m going to burst! I’ll do better! I promise! Myra smiled and gently kissed her wishing her a nice rest. The big box of chocolates went with her into the master bedroom and Myra sprawled out across the bed. Methodically, she inserted one chocolate after the other as if to the cadence of some distant drum. The ringing phone broke her stride and she reached to answer.

He hated being this way. His love for her was almost an obsession. He knew he had to make allowances to keep what he had. Hey, baby! How’s MY BELLY? he breathed into the phone. YOUR BELLY is full of donuts and Italian food and milk shake and right now I’m packing it with chocolates, she said knowing that she was giving him a raging erection and she loved teasing like this. Guess what? We have a houseguest! You will not believe her capacity! I swear we’ll have to start getting semis making deliveries here just to keep her full! she bragged. Oh, that’s great! he said trying to sound enthusiastic. She’s prettier than she claimed to be. I mean she’s drop dead gorgeous. You’ll get so hard looking at her you’ll go crazy, but she’s all lez, no dicks for this one! Myra declared.

As he began to formulate some kind of a response in the background he heard the doorbell. Oh damn! That’s probably Ben and the boys. I forget they were coming over. Look hon, on the way home, would you stop and pick up two KFC bucket meals with double sides? I gotta go! Love ya baby! she said. He held the receiver in his hand staring at it until it began making a signal sound. Returning it to its cradle was ,almost too much for him. He had to console himself with the thought that Ben and the boys were helping make his belly fatter and he was the one that got to sleep next to it at night, not them.

Myra answered the door and after a round of hugs and kisses everybody got busy. They had done this often enough for it to be pretty automatic. Ben and the boys rotated responsibilities. Today it was Ben’s turn to manage the funnel. He had already thinned the chocolate butter cream cake frosting by adding enough additional cream to make it flow down the funnel with just a slight suction from Myra’s eager mouth. It wasn’t long before they were all naked with Myra lying on her back on the bed with her legs hanging over the edge. It was Joe’s turn with her right breast. Jerry had the left. Ben held the funnel to her open mouth and poured in the runny cake frosting. The anticipation of the first mouthful of frosting made her unbelievably wet.

Jerry began to amuse himself with the nipple on her left breast. He tongued it gently and then sucked it into his mouth. Bart’s big condom covered erection was a thing of beauty. She was so wet and ready that he slid into her with ease. She felt him enter her and she took a long suck on the funnel. Her mouth filled with frosting as Joe attacked her right nipple with enthusiasm. Her nipple was so big and hard in his mouth it was amazing. She grabbed for Jerry’s cock and began to pull on it. Bart began to slowly thrust. With each long slow careful thrust she took in another mouthful of frosting. Joe lovingly suckled that massive breast for all he was worth. Myra responded by grabbing his stiff member and began pumping it.

So much of her was being stimulated all at once that it was hard for her to concentrate on having an orgasm. One sensation obliterated the next. The frosting through a funnel all by itself would have done the trick but there was more, so much more. All while the crew worked to service her Ben made sure the funnel was constantly replenished and he encouraged her. That’s a good girl. Keep gulping. We want it all in you. Ever last drop, he urged. Bart’s thrusts sent shock waves through her and he massaged her great belly all the while. Keeping her belly well massaged gave her the stamina to keep gulping. Joe gently moved her hand away. She was doing too good a job and he knew the rules. She was the only one allowed to cum and if anyone slipped, they were not allowed back.

Ben knew the signs well enough to know that she was nearing the end. She had gulped all of the frosting she could hold and was close to having an orgasm. With one last great gulp and one last thrust by Bart, she came. She grabbed Joe’s and Jerry’s heads and held them pressed against her breasts so tightly they couldn’t breath. She bucked as best as she could and Bart held his ground driven into her as deeply as he could go. The orgasmic spasms went on and on. Ben removed the funnel and waited for her to calm down a bit.

Bart withdrew and she released her grip on Joe and Jerry. Joe and Jerry gasped for air. Ben motioned for the crew to get dressed. Ben patted her belly saying, See you Friday. She laid there in the glow for some time. Long enough to hear them leave. That was quite a show! Dawn said from the doorway. How much did you see? Myra asked while struggling to breathe. I only saw the end, but it was enough to make me hungry and horny, Dawn replied. Help me up, Myra ordered. Dawn complied.

Dawn struggled to help Myra to her feet. Normally, Myra would have napped after a funnel job but there were other more pressing issues that needed her attention. Your belly is so incredible. I wish mine was as big and sexy, Dawn said as she caressed Myra’s big over stuffed belly. Myra reached down to caress Dawn’s and said, Oh, have no fear. Your belly is going to surpass mine. However, how do you grow a huge belly? Dawn stared into Myra’s eyes and replied, Stuff it? Myra kissed Dawn lightly in the lips and said, That’s right. You have to stuff it and stuff it and stuff it. You have to stuff it whenever you feel like it and stuff whenever you don’t! Now I know where there’s a big fat German chocolate and a tub of chocolate ice cream that needs to be in your belly right now!

Myra had hit one of Dawn’s hot buttons and Myra knew it. German chocolate cake and ice cream was like offering China White to a heroin addict. Myra escorted Dawn back to bed and went to fetch the cake and the ice cream. She returned shortly wheeling in a cart with the cake on a platter and a gallon tub of ice cream. Myra set the cake and ice cream on an adjustable hospital-serving cart and pushed it into place. Dawn dug in greedily. Myra tried taking a deep breath but she was still too stuffed from the funnel job. Ok now! I’m gonna go take a little nap and I do expect you to gobble down ever bit! Myra said as she gave Dawn’s belly a pat and headed off to bed.

Myra drifted off to sleep to thoughts of Dawn becoming a mountain of pure fat. Myra was not asleep for very long before she was awakened by the sound of Dawn’s voice over the intercom, Myra, uh, I, ah, need, uh, your, ah, help! Myra struggled from bed and headed into the next room. Dawn was laid back waiting for her. About 1/3 of the cake and ice cream remained uneaten. Dawn smiled meekly at Myra and said, Oh Myra! I tried I really did, but I was still so full from lunch. I want it all inside me, but I can’t do it. Oh no, girlfriend! All the cake and all the ice cream is going in one way or another. Now pick up that fork and spoon! Myra commanded. Dawn complied but weakly.

Myra came over and slid her hand between Dawn’s chubby thighs. Dawn responded by spreading her legs enough for Myra to get to her peach fish. Myra felt the wetness and realized that Dawn had made herself extremely excited from gobbling cake and ice cream. When Dawn felt Myra’s hand near the Promised Land she dug in and began to eat. Myra responded by working a finger inside Dawn and saying, That’s my pretty little fat piggy. You gobble up all that yummy fattening cake and ice cream and Myra will give you a treat.

Dawn gobbled faster and Myra began to work on Dawn’s wonderfully firm clit. Myra kept encouraging Dawn to gobble as she worked on Dawn’s clit. Dawn gobbled for all she was worth. There, that’s my little eating machine. We’re going turn you into a gigantic mountain of pure fat, too fat to walk, too fat to move. All you’ll be able to do is lie there being force fed through a big tube getting fatter and fatter, Myra cooed. Dawn shoved the last bites into her mouth and came. Myra pinched Dawn’s clit gently to keep the orgasmic spasms flowing. Eventually, Dawn said, I’m done. That’s good. Myra let go of Dawn’s clit and Dawn settled back to enjoy the after glow and massage her bursting belly.

Breathlessly Dawn said, Thank (pant) you (pant)! I (pant) needed (pant) your (pant) help! You (pant) really (pant) are (pant) gonna (pant) make (pant) me (pant) huge (pant) aren’t (pant) you? That’s right, my little fat piggy! I’m gonna turn you into the fattest girl on the planet! Myra said as she reached over and stroked dawn’s face. Now you get some rest and let that cake and ice cream turn to fat. Dawn smiled meekly and closed her eyes. Myra waddled back to her own bed to finish her nap. She drifted off to sleep fantasizing about being a mountain of fat herself with Dawn beside her an even bigger mountain of fat.

He brought in the first load of KFC and set everything on the kitchen table. Not hearing any sounds from any location he assumed everyone to be napping so he went back to his car for the second load. After placing that load on the table he headed towards the master bedroom and peered into the guestroom at the sleeping Dawn. He did not linger long for he had a rendezvous with his own sleeping beauty. Myra was sleeping peacefully with her lips just slightly parted. She had the kind of lips that never ceased to drive him nearly mad with passion and confusion. As intensely as he always wanted to be kissing those lips he also wanted to be feeding those lips. And oh when she ate! Had there ever been a mortal female whose eating was such an erotic experience that just watching her eat could cause him to ejaculate?

He came closer and watched her sleep. God she was gorgeous! She was even more breathtaking than when they first met. Honestly, she got more and more incredible with every pound she gained. He could control himself no longer and picking a chocolate from the box next to the bed and held it under her nose. As she began to breathe in the musky sweet odor her lips parted a bit more. He moved the chocolate to her lips and gently stroked her lips with it. Instinctively her mouth opened more and he slid the chocolate half way into her mouth. Her tongue licked at the fattening morsel and she opened wider. He stuck the piece into her mouth and she closed her lips on his fingers. Gently pulling his fingers free he knelt over to kiss those perfect lips. She chewed the chocolate as their lips met. His tongue slid into her mouth as she swallowed and accepted his tongue. The kiss lasted as long as it lasted. It could have been a minute. It could have an eternity.

Their lips parted and he fed her another chocolate. As she chewed he said, My God baby, I swear you’ve gotten fatter since last night! She laughed seductively and said, Well, why is that surprising? The way you stuffed me for 3 days straight not to mention all I’ve eaten today! He smiled and reached for another chocolate. Did you see our house guest? She asked as she accepted the chocolate. Well, I saw there was someone asleep in the guest room, he replied trying not to let her know how insanely jealous he was. She’s sleeping off a whole cake and a gallon of ice cream. Damn that girl can eat, Myra said proudly.

I got a voice mail message from your Aunt Sophia today. It was something about your Cousin Maria. I couldn’t understand the message very well what with her accent and all. She didn’t leave a number so I couldn’t return the call. Why is she calling me? he asked. Oh, she just got the numbers confused. She thought she was calling here, Myra replied. He knew there was something going on with Myra, Sophia, and Maria but he didn’t know what. Finally, Myra decided it was time to come clean.

Do remember my Great Aunt Myra, the one I’m named after? she said. No, she’s probably the only one of your 8,000 relatives I never met. Why? he replied. Well, you remember me telling you that the family finally put her in a nursing home? she went on as he fed her another chocolate. Vaguely, he said. And that they were putting her house on the market? she said swallowing. I do not remember hearing about that, he said. Doesn’t matter. Anyway, they sold the house, she continued.

The voices in the next room very gently awakened Dawn. She stretched and rubbed her belly. Not that she was nosey or a snoop but she couldn’t help but overhear the conversation next door. Listening to these words spoken in private and learning more about Myra and Myra’s family made her feel somehow closer to Myra. As she listened and overheard his replies also somehow made her feel more at home, more at peace, more a part of the family.

Wait! I remember Sophia and Maria from our wedding. Sophia is your father’s sister and Maria is her mute daughter! he said as he reached for another chocolate. That’s right, except she’s not mute; she can speak; she doesn’t, well, at least not often. Maria was living with her grandmother. Maria took care of her until she needed to go into a home. Now that the house has been sold Maria is gonna' need a place to live and something to do, Myra explained as she accepted the chocolate. He looked at her out of the corner of his eye. He knew he was being set up. Why did she go through all of this? Whatever it was Myra wanted he would give her no matter what! She didn’t have to manipulate him or ask his permission! See, I have big plans for Dawn, really big plans and I’m gonna' need some help at some point. There is no reason why I can’t manage to get her on a schedule of stuffing her 5 or 6 times a day but I plan to keep increasing the number to maybe 12 a day, Myra bragged.

“Twelve a day? Dawn whispered the words and began to tingle. She began to imagine being stuffed 12 times a day, every 2 hours, and the thought made her clit stiffen. Her nipples were hard as rocks and she began to pinch one. She could imagine herself enormously fat being fed to bursting 12 times a day and she reached for her hard clit.

Let me see if I understand this? he began as he stuck another chocolate into Myra’s eager mouth. Your cousin comes to live with us as well as Dawn so that your cousin can help you fatten Dawn, is that it? Myra chewed and swallowed and opened her mouth for another chocolate. As soon as she was chewing again she said, Well she’ll do more than just help me fatten Dawn. The girl will help out around the house and give me more time to concentrate on growing this belly for you. Myra knew just exactly what to say to get his full support. Sounds like a great idea! When will she be arriving? Myra grinned as he fed her one more chocolate and said, Her plane gets in tonight!

Dawn worked feverishly to bring herself to orgasm mumbling under her breath, Twelve a day. Twelve a day. As she came in a whisper she said, And then the pump. Dawn basked in the afterglow and tried her best to see herself as a gigantic mountain of immobile fat being force-fed from a gigantic pump of liquefied fattener.

Dinner’s on the table, he said as he gave Myra one more chocolate. Great. It’s time you met Dawn and you get to see her in action. With his help, Myra struggled from bed and led him into Dawn’s room. Dawn turned her head and started to struggle from bed. He went over to give her a hand. Myra introduced them. Myra, you weren’t lying. She is drop dead gorgeous. He said out loud. Dawn blushed a bit and said, Not really but one day maybe when I not so skinny. Myra moved in between he and Dawn, put her arms around their waists and more or less forced them into the dining room.

After the girls were seated he set out plates for them and they dug in like hungry hounds. He sat back and watched as Dawn made a grunting snorting hog of herself. Myra tried but just couldn’t keep up. He honestly had never seen anyone eat like this. Dawn polished off her family bucket and all the side dishes and leaned back in her chair to massage her belly. Looks like Dawn’s ready for dessert, Myra said between bites. There’s a couple of chocolate cheesecakes in the fridge. Dawn grinned as he rose to fetch them. They were the biggest damned cheesecakes he’d ever seen and set the pair of them in front of Dawn. Dawn picked up a fork and went to work.

The first cheesecake vanished with ease but it was obvious the second one was going to be a challenge. Myra had stuffed herself to near bursting and moved over to give Dawn a hand. Help me out here would you? Myra asked. He came over and started shoving big forkfuls of cheesecake into Dawn’s mouth. Occasionally Myra would eat a bite or two but she was just too stuffed to hold much more and the main purpose here was to shove as much into Dawn as they could. Eventually they had Dawn so stuffed that she could barely breathe. Looks like Dawn needs a little rest. Help her to bed honey, she said as she took another bite.

He helped Dawn up and to her bed. As she more or less fell back into it she grabbed his hand and said, I don’t want to be any trouble. Dawn, as long as you’re making Myra happy you’ll never be any trouble. Dawn smiled and said, I promise to make her happy. I hope you mean that. You realize that Myra’s going to turn you into a eating weight gaining machine? He expounded. I really do want that, Dawn replied. You want to be the fattest person ever? he asked. Yes, more than anything, she answered.

As he re-entered the dining room he saw Myra struggling to choke down a few more bites of cheesecake. He went over to help her and said, You know, you’d save a lot of time, energy, and expense if you’d just go ahead and put Dawn on the pump at night. Myra immediately perked up and seemed to have renewed gusto for the cheesecake. That would be a really good idea. I could just hook her up in the evenings and keep her pumped all night long and weekends too, she said. That way your cousin could devote more time during the day to keeping you and Dawn stuffed, he added. Oh, that is a great idea. Dawn would get so huge so fast and I might start gaining faster as well.

Dawn was in that pre-sleep phase but she could hear and understand the conversation down the hall. The idea of being pumped made her too wet and excited to allow her to sleep.

Do we have everything we need? Myra asked. I think so. You started making plans to pump her a long time ago. Everything is just waiting to be put to use, he answered. Be a dear and bring it into Dawn’s room? Myra implored. He helped her to her feet and she went to Dawn’s room and he went to the garage.

Dawn, are you still awake? Myra asked as she settled on the edge of the bed. Dawn nodded and said, I’m ready. I overhead you two talking. I’m ready to be pumped! Dawn said as enthusiastically as she could muster. Myra stroked her cheek and smiled lovingly at her.

Since the pumping system was on rollers he went ahead and filled the ten-gallon tank with liquefied fattener so he only had to make one trip and was pushing the pumping unit into Dawn’s room in no time. Myra adjusted the bed so Dawn was sitting up a bit. After spraying Dawn’s throat with an anti-gagging agent she carefully pushed the plastic tubing down Dawn’s throat.

It took no time at all to have all the valves and switches set for continuous pumping. Myra lowered the bed back so Dawn could sleep. Of course Dawn was much too excited about being on the pump to sleep. She just lay there waiting for he and Myra to leave. As soon as they were out of the room Dawn reached down and began to manipulate her clit. She could imagine herself as this gigantic mountain of pure fat with a hose running into mouth and the pump set to maximum. It took her no time to cum and she drifted off to sleep.

He escorted Myra into the living room. As soon as she was settled into her special chair he got the rest of the cheesecake so he could feed it to her as she channel surfed. You know, I never really understood everything you told be about the liquid fattener. Would you explain it to me again? Myra asked between bites of cheesecake.

He had to think for a few minutes to recall exactly what went into the mix. Oh, OK. Here goes. I started with pure liquefied butterfat. Then I added as much dehydrated vegetable fat as the liquefied butterfat could re-hydrate. This produced a very thick paste that was too thick to flow. Then I added a digestive enzyme that thinned it down so it would flow plus it’s basically almost completely pre-digested. Her digestive system will have to do little other than absorb the fattener. To aid with that, I added an agent that causes her digestive system to accelerate both digestion as well as absorption. Naturally, since our goal here is to maximize her gain I added a growth hormone.

Growth hormone? Myra seemed shocked. He fed her another big bite of cheesecake. Well, of course. For her to gain as fast as you want her to gain, she has to produce new fat cells as rapidly as possible further her digestive tract needs to expand and her skin will be expanding geometrically to accommodate her massive gains, he assured her. Myra seemed pleased and accepted another big forkful of cheesecake.

Then I added an enzyme that decreases her metabolism and I also added an appetite stimulant. She doesn’t need an appetite stimulant, Myra averred. Well she may not need it but it can’t hurt so she’ll just stay ravenously hungry 24/7, he stated. Myra was thrilled with the idea and opened her mouth for another bite. And I topped it off with an a mood elevator. Myra turned and looked puzzled. It’s a very mild mood elevator but it will keep her in a constant state of euphoria while she’s being pumped. I don’t think I like the idea of her being drugged! Myra announced. Well, I can leave it out, but after awhile she’ll develop a psychological dependence such that she will crave to be on the pump 24/7 which is where you want to take her eventually anyway. Myra nodded and seemed genuinely pleased.

Well? he asked as he fed her the last bite of cheesecake. Well what? Aren’t you going to ask me anything about how fattening the fattener is? he inquired. No, that part I remember. There are about 6,000 calories per pint, 48,000 calories per gallon, she replied. He was impressed. The only thing I’m wondering is what kind of absorption should we expect, she said. Well, I really wouldn’t expect more than about a gallon every 12 hours to start but the rate will go way up over time as her digestive system gets more stretched out and the digestive absorption enzymes start kicking in, he responded. But she should be about 7 pounds fatter by in the morning? Myra added. He nodded his agreement.

Myra rubbed his thigh and asked, So, when are you gonna' build a pumping system for me? He smiled and said, I didn’t know you wanted to be pumped. Well, I don’t want to get as big as Dawn’s going to get but I want to get nearly as big. I positively don’t want her to get up to a ton while I’m stuck at only a ton! she said. Well, I could work on it some this weekend and finish it the following weekend. By then, Dawn should be about as big as you are now. Then you can start being pumped as well. How does that sound? he responded. Oh that sounds wonderful. Do we have plenty of fattener? I mixed a 55-gallon drum. There are 10 gallons in her tank and 45 gallons left in the drum. I’ll mix up another drum when you go on the pump. Myra was happy and stuffed to the gills and it was time for him to go to the airport to get the cousin.

He put Myra to bed and asked if she wanted him to bring her anything. She shook her head at first and then decided that she wanted a load from Jack. He kissed her lips and headed for the airport.

The cousin was just stepping off the plane. Naturally she said nothing but handed him her baggage claim stubs. She pointed at the bags as they came around on the carousel. Damn, there was a lot, but then again she was moving in to stay.

On the way back he stopped at Jack in the Box for Myra. He knew her standard order by heart but decided to up it by a . Back home he helped the cousin with her bags and told her to get settled in. He took Myra her Jack load and she proceeded to gobble. As soon as the cousin was unpacked she came to their room and waited for instructions. Myra was about done with her Jack load and he helped her up. She took the cousin into Dawn’s room and explained that if Dawn needed anything during the night the cousin was to tend to it. If Dawn needed to potty during the night then Myra would demonstrate how to unhook her from the pump and how to get her back on the pump after a potty break.

Myra explained that during the daytime the cousin’s main job was to make certain that Dawn and Myra stayed perpetually stuffed and her other chores included some house cleaning. Myra held her hand out in front of her stomach as far as she could and said, I want my belly to get this fat, maybe fatter. Your job is to see to it that I get at least that fat. The cousin just grinned. Myra went over to the sleeping Dawn and held her hand as high in the air over Dawn’s belly as she could manage and said, I want her belly to get even fatter than this. Your job is to make sure she gets that fat. With your help, we’re gonna' turn her into a gigantic mountain of fat. The cousin grinned again.

I’m sure you’re tired. Why don’t you go on to bed and I’ll wake you when Dawn needs tending and show you what to do, Myra said. The cousin grinned and headed for bed. Myra turned back to stare at the sleeping Dawn. She reached over and put her arm around his waist and said, She’s gonna' get so huge. I’m so happy. He reached down and patted her belly saying, Isn’t there a Jack load that needs to be in here? She giggled and said, There sure is. They retired to bedroom where he took a position behind her so that he could massage her vast belly as she pigged out on her Jack load.

I think you may have over done it this time. I may not be able to finish it all, she said as she took another long pull on a milk shake. He continued to massage her belly saying, All it takes is a little determination and maybe some extra help. He reached down under her belly for her clit. Manipulating her clit always helped her to keep going. Sometimes she was able to go way beyond what she thought possible. She managed to gobble it all before cumming. When she was this overloaded she generally went straight to sleep but she was just too anxious about Dawn. He cleared away the empty boxes, bags, wrappers, and shake cups.

How long will it be before she needs to go potty? Myra asked gasping for air. It should be soon. The liquid fattener should be working to speed up her digestive system so she should need to go pretty soon, he replied. Then when she goes back on the pump, she’ll be able to take in a big load of liquid fattener shouldn’t she? Myra mused. Yes, she should take a big load and then stay down the rest of the night, he added. Oh Lord, she’s gonna' get so big so fast! She’ll be immobile in no time at all, she pondered. Almost in a whisper she said, With me right behind.

He was fairly certain of what she said except that Myra had never ever indicated before that immobility was anything she wanted for herself so he had to ask. What did you say? Oh, ah, nothing really! she answered evasively. No, you said something about you right behind Dawn in immobility. I heard you, he pressured. Oh OK. Yes I did! I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. I was never willing to admit that I wanted to get that big but with my cousin here to help out and Dawn going for immobility there’s really nothing to stop me from trying to get as big as I can get is there? she admitted.

No honey. You’re right. With your cousin here helping and Dawn leading the way, there really is nothing to keep you from going for immobility and beyond! he replied. And you’ll stay with me all the way, no matter what? she asked. Yes baby! I’ll stay with it all the way to as big as you want to get or as big as you can get no matter what. All the way to immobility and beyond, he assured her. Promise me that you will never refuse me the pump no matter what! Promise me! she pleaded. Yes honey. I promise to keep you pumped 24/7! he reassured her.

She closed her eyes and grinned. The vision of herself becoming a gigantic mountain of fat along side Dawn made her tingle all over. He lay beside her putting his arm as far around her as it would go. His thoughts were also filled of her becoming a mountain immobile fat. They slept for a short time and were awakened by the buzz of the intercom. Myra groggily hit the button and said, Dawn, I’ll be in as soon as I get my cousin up.

Myra struggled out of bed and hurried as best as she could to get her cousin. The intercom buzzed in the cousin’s room as well and had awakened her. Come on. Dawn needs us. The cousin jumped up and they headed for Dawn’s room. Need to go potty? Myra asked. Dawn nodded just enough to answer and Myra turned to her cousin and began giving instructions. “OK. First thing you do is turn off the pump by flipping this switch. Next you turn off the power supply by flipping this switch. Then let Dawn adjust the bed. They waited as Dawn operated the buttons and adjusted the bed. Now gently pull out the tube like this, Myra continued.

Smiling at Dawn, Well? How was it? How do you feel? Somewhat breathlessly Dawn replied, Oh God! It’s wonderful. I love it! You’ve got to try it! Myra smiled and turned back to her cousin. Ok now you help her out of bed and into the bathroom. Be very careful of her belly. She’s really stuffed. The cousin went to work and helped the overloaded Dawn out of bed and into the bathroom. When Dawn was finished, the cousin helped her back into bed.

Myra continued with her instructions. Now you spray the back of her throat with this anti-gagging spray like this. I don’t think I need it. Dawn said. Are you sure? Yes I believe so. Ok then. No spray. Just gently insert the tube. She will give you a thumbs up sign to indicate that it’s in good. Dawn stuck her thumb in the air and Myra stopped pushing on the tube. Adjust the retaining strap like so. Turn on the power and then turn on the pump. Let Dawn lower the bed, Myra explained and waited for Dawn to adjust the bed. Just wait. The pump is pre-set at a certain pressure. When the red light comes on that means that the pressure has been reached. See the red light. Now ask Dawn if the pressure is OK. If the pressure is OK she will give you the AOK sign or if she wants more pressure she’ll put her thumb in the air. Dawn’s thumb went up and Myra grinned. Ok she want’s more pressure. Adjust the pressure one notch higher at a time on this dial. Then wait for the red light. The red light came on and Dawn’s thumb went in the air again. Myra grinned again and turned the dial up another notch. When Dawn’s thumb went in the air again Myra asked, Are you sure you want more? Dawn nodded and Myra turned the dial. When the red light came on again it was obvious that Dawn had a small orgasm and that she was stuffed to the max. Myra stroked her cheek and motioned for her cousin to go back to bed. Once the cousin was out of the room, Myra pulled back the covers to reveal Dawn’s big round overstuffed belly.

Looking' good! At this rate you’ll be gigantic in no time and yes I can’t wait to join you on the pump. My hubby is going to build one for me and I should be getting' pumped in about ten days. I’m going back to bed. Buzz if you need anything, she said and then pulled the covers up for Dawn and left. Dawn began to imagine lying side by side with Myra both being pumped around the clock growing fatter by the minute. She drifted off to sleep to that warm thought.

Myra returned to bed but the sight of Dawn’s big overstuffed belly had her too aroused to sleep. She slid into bed and began to stroke his penis. He awakened and became erect simultaneously. They began to kiss and they needed him to shove something fattening into her mouth. He hurried to the kitchen for a big box of eclairs. As he slid into her he began stuffing an eclair into her mouth. As she gobbled and humped she began to talk between bites. I can’t wait to join Dawn on the pump! I want to be pumped now. As he feverishly humped and stuffed her he said, Well, I guess you could start using the prototype now and switch over when I have the new one finished. Prototype? Yes, I built a prototype before I built the one Dawn is on. It’s just like the one she is using except the tank is smaller. I think it’s only got a three-gallon tank but I guess three gallons is big enough for now and would work fine until I finish the new one. Just have to watch and have the tank refilled more often.

Oh, honey! Now please now! I want it! Myra exclaimed and as she did she had an orgasm. He waited for her spasms to calm before heading off to the garage. She lay there dreaming of her and Dawn, side by side, growing fatter by the minute, each competing to grow the fattest. The thought made her cum again softly. She did not have to wait very long for his return. He’d already filled the tank. The only things to do were to plug it into the electrical outlet and to plug her in. He sprayed the back of her throat with the anti-gagging spray and began feeding the tube down her throat. Once it bottomed he attached the retaining strap and flipped the switches. Since she was already quite stuffed, the pump operated for just a few minutes before switching to stand-by. She stuck her thumb in the air for him to turn up the pressure. He clicked over one notch and waited for a signal. Another thumbs up and he clicked the dial again and waited. That was the one. She had an orgasm and she gave him the AOK sign.

He climbed into bed next to her and although he was as hard as blue steel he was so exhausted that he fell asleep. She too drifted off to sleep. Their sleep was only interrupted by his alarm which brought him to attention but she went back to sleep immediately. Her belly was high in the air and although he wanted her he had to remind himself of his schedule that day and struggled out of bed. As he went about his morning routine he could hear the pump kick in and out from time to time. He kissed her fat cheek as he headed off to work.

Eventually the intercom buzzed her awake and she struggled to extricate herself from the pump. She could hear Maria in the next room working to help Dawn into the bathroom. Dawn was just coming out of the bathroom as Myra entered Dawn’s room. Myra’s clit began to tingle upon seeing Dawn. Dawn’s belly bulged out in front of her so far that it was almost a surprise to Myra. Myra’s belly bulged out quite a bit and Dawn had to come over to touch it. You’re so big! Dawn cooed as she patted Myra’s enormous belly. I used the prototype pump last night to help me keep up with you but it’s only got a small tank. Soon, I’ll have one with a big tank like yours so I can grow with you. Dawn smiled at the thought and stuck her belly out for examination. Myra patted and caressed it saying, Oh girlfriend, you’re getting so big!

Myra escorted Dawn into the kitchen. Twelve dozen frosted buttermilk donuts sat on the table waiting to be gobbled. Myra instructed Maria to melt three one-pound blocks of butter in the microwave. Maria set the big bowl of melted butter on the table and Myra demonstrated how Dawn was going to enjoy her donuts. She broke one in half and dunked it into the melted butter. When the donut had soaked up as much butter as it could she fed a butter soaked hunk to Dawn. Dawn was in heaven and dug right in. Dawn and Myra gobbled butter soaked donuts while Maria busied herself with household chores.

After Dawn had gobbled down close to four-dozen she started to slow down. Myra asked Maria to help out. Maria began dipping donuts and feeding them to Dawn while Myra massaged Dawn’s belly. Working together they got another two-dozen into her. Dawn was chewing and swallowing very slowly and was hesitating to open her mouth for the next bite. Myra slipped her hand under Dawn’s belly and searched for her pussy. Dawn was soaking wet and Myra had no trouble finding Dawn’s swollen clit. As she manipulated Dawn’s clit she instructed Maria to stuff more soggy donuts into Dawn’s mouth. Dawn took them somewhat reluctantly but she could not stop. Maria managed to get another dozen into Dawn before she had an orgasm. Myra licked her fingers and after Dawn recovered from the orgasm she instructed Maria to put Dawn to bed.

Myra busied herself with the balance of the donuts. While she gobbled down the butter soaked donuts she busied herself filling out an order for to be faxed to Fast Food Delivery Service. Eventually Myra put the last buttery donut into her mouth. Maria picked up the melted butter bowl and headed for the sink to wash it but Myra had other plans. Myra instructed her to pour the butter and donut crumbs into a big measuring cup. There was about a cup of butter crumb mixture remaining. Pour it into me! Myra said as she tilted back her head. Maria began to slowly pour the buttery mixture into Myra’s mouth. Myra struggled to keep up with the flow but it wasn’t easy. Most of the mixture went into her but some ran out of the corners of her mouth and ran down her cheeks.

After the last bit went past Myra’s greedy lips Maria cleaned her up and helped her up. On the way to bed Myra dropped the order form into the fax machine. Wake me in an hour or so, Myra instructed and Maria nodded. Maria busied herself with housework. Myra massaged the sides of her bursting belly and thought about Dawn’s next stuffing. It was a McDonalds breakfast order, 18 sausage biscuits, 12 hash browns, and 6 pancakes with sausage. Myra mused that she’d have about a third of the order and stuff the rest into Dawn along with a pound of butter and as much hot chocolate made with heavy cream as she could hold. That ought to do the trick and if that’s not enough there’s a fresh coffee cake that could be warmed up, saturated in melted butter and shoved into her as well. Myra was pleased with her plans and fell asleep.

Dawn had been asleep long enough to be dreaming. She was having that recurring dream she had where she was so fat that she was completely immobilized by her own fat. A big feeding tube in her mouth and she was being pumped. The major difference this time was that Myra was also in the dream. Funny thing was that even as fat as Dawn was, Myra was still even bigger and fatter than Dawn. It was then that Dawn realized that that was the way it was supposed to be. Myra had to always be fatter than Dawn. Dawn had to constantly strive to catch up and Myra had to constantly strive to stay ahead.

Maria shook Myra’s fat arm to awaken her. As Myra opened her eyes the doorbell rang and Maria hurried off to answer. Myra struggled out of bed and went into awaken Dawn. Dawn had been awakened by the doorbell and smiled at Myra. Ready for another stuffing? Myra mused. I’m ready if you are! Dawn said as she struggled to get up. Myra lent a hand and the pair headed for the kitchen.