Mother fattens her daughter

Author bobiscool18

Literature Text Denise was worried about her daughter. Her daughter Alex was currently 19 years old and she had some serious problems. She recently dropped out of college. She was simply out of control to her mom. She could not stop partying. Her intense partying actually had actually made her lose her job. For two weeks, Alex had only worked out, partied, and slept. Her mom wondered what she could do to help her daughter. She was a single mother, as her husband sadly died a few years ago. She did not have enough money to support her daughter’s lifestyle and it seemed like her daughter did not even want a job.

“Mom, seriously I don’t need a job. I am eventually going to meet a nice guy, and he will take care of everything.”

Alex said while eating a her healthy breakfast of plain toast and coffee. it was Saturday and around 1:00 pm. This was around the time that Alex woke up everyday due to her usually staying up until 4 or even 5 in the morning. Her mom sighed looking at her daughter. Even though, her daughter had some problems, she had to admit her daughter looked amazing. Standing at 5'5 she had a very slim figure. She probably weighted around 120 pounds. This weight was distributed perfectly on her body. The only parts of her body that were curvy were her butt and thighs. The 19 year old blonde had a sizable butt, mostly due to the workouts she did. Her thighs were muscular and strong compared to the rest of her petite figure. Her face was model-like and thin. Her big, baby blue eyes complimented her thin face significantly. Her nose was small, but not too small. Her collar bone was always visible. Her breasts were modest b cups that most guys loved. Her stomach was completely flat and did not even have any fat rolls when she sat down. She was literal perfection, but maybe Denise could do something about it. Denise looked at her daughter staring mindlessly at her phone and got an idea. An idea that would hopefully make her daughter actually make something out of herself.

Denise decided that if she made her daughter gain some weight, it could actually benefit her. She needed to learn that there was more to life then just good looks. She needed to actually work and not just be some doll for guys to fuck. She went into the kitchen and decided to cook her daughter’s favorite meal, fattening chicken Alfredo pasta. The family was Italian on Denise’s side, so she knew a lot of fattening recipes to make for her daughter. It would be hard for her to make food on weekdays, as she worked a 40 hour job in an office. The meal took Denise hours to cook. It required a lot of time, but the mother decided that all her work would pay off. She thought about her own figure while making the fattening dish. At 44, she also had a fairly good figure. She was also a blonde and around the same height as her daughter. She did weight around 20 pounds more then her daughter, but that was very good for a 44 year old. Most of her old friends were at least 200 pounds of pure fat, while she maintained her weight of 140 pounds. Most of her weight settled in her butt, waist, and love handles which gave a pear shape. She wondered how her daughter’s would look like with 20 extra pounds. Would the weight make her belly bigger? Maybe her butt would grow? How about her breasts? These thoughts made Denise feel a little weird. Was she doing the right thing? She decided yes it was the right thing, her daughter needed to learn about the real world.

“Oh my god, Mom. Thank you so much, this pasta is amazing.”

Alex said hours later as they were eating a meal at 5 pm. Alex was really enjoying the meal, this is one thing about Alex that her mom loved. She loved her Italian mother’s cooking and always cleaned her plate. Alex did not even notice that her mother made a larger then usual portion and filled her plate to the brim with the fattening pasta, as she was on her phone during the whole meal. Her mother smiled, as she slowly ate her own pasta watching her daughter stuff herself. Denise noticed that Alex actually had a small belly after eating the filling meal.

“Wow, I am stuffed mom. I can’t remember the last time that I ate this much! I need to rest for a few hours before the party. That was too good.”

“Anything for my lovely daughter!”

Denise smiled noticing that their was still leftovers in the kitchen. She simply could work her butt off during the weekends, by making extremely large portions of fattening food. This meant that she did not have to cook during the weekday’s and Alex would get food. Denise smiled, her daughter really was going to have a big future.

Alex eventually came home at 4 am, drunk and stuffed. All of the pasta did not properly digest and all the booze lead to her actually having a small, but noticeable belly. The guys at the club and her friends didn’t seem to notice, but her mom noticed the belly as her daughter feel asleep on the couch. Alex’s blue size 4 dress looked somewhat tight on her figure. It would be easy to make her daughter grow.

Denise made sure to go to the grocery store on Sunday before her daughter woke up to buy a ridiculous amount of food. She bought pounds of chicken, pasta, sauce, cheese, eggs, pancakes, sugar, frozen pizzas, ice cream, chips, butter, weight gain powder and more. The total was around $500 which worried Denise. She didn’t ever spend this much on grocery’s even when Blake was alive. Her husband was a tall man, at around 6'4. He was fairly average at 200 pounds. Most of his weight was in his muscles, she really did miss her Blake, and the stupid drunk driver who ended his life. She really did not want her daughter to end like that man who was now facing a lifetime sentence in prison. Her daughter had already driven drunk, luckily nobody got hurt, but she did have to pay thousands of dollars of fines. Denise really did need her daughter to grow.

“Wow, mom. You really did not have to make pancakes and scrambled eggs.”

“Honey, I want whats best for you. It obvious that you are hungover and the best cure for a hangover is a filling breakfast.”

Alex did not want to eat the breakfast, but she did not want to make her mother feel bad. She decided to take 3 of the buttery pancakes and even put some maple syrup on the already fattening meal.

“This reminds me of the old days. You always made pancakes on Sundays! I actually forgot how good they were!”

Alex was a good kid at heart and it seemed that now that her belly was full, she was even more kind. Denise again noticed that her daughter had a small belly after the meal. It was simply not used to all of the calories, especially since she hadn’t digested all of the drinks from last night. Alex felt sleepy after the meal and decided to take it easy on Sunday. She didn’t usually work out on Sundays, as she was always drained after the parties on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. She simply turned on the TV while her mom slaved away at the kitchen making even more fattening dishes. Denise was extremely tired after cooking all day long. She was simply not used to working so hard. Due to her tiredness, she ate a bigger then usual portion of leftover chicken Alfredo. Maybe, she was too busy watching Alex eat. Maybe, she needed more calories after working so hard. There was no denying that both of ladies ate way too much. They were both stuffed to the brim, Alex especially.

“I really need to work out tomorrow. I have been eating too much.”

Denise did not want to hear this, if only there was a way to pump more calories in her daughter then she could burn…

Denise woke up extra early, she usually had work at 9 am. She woke up at 6 to make a breakfast shake for her pretty daughter. She put two scoops of the weight gain powder, 2 cups of whole milk, and even a few spoons of peanut butter. The shake must have had at-least 1000 calories of pure fat, there was no way that her daughter could burn those calories plus the calories from dinner. She wrote a note telling Alex about a low calorie breakfast shake that she just had to try.

Denise came home at around 6 to her daughter simply napping on the couch. She was wearing a pair of shorts and white t-shirt. It was obvious that she had just worked out. She noticed that her daughter finished the shake, but had not washed it. She also noticed that there was an empty packet of chips, probably her lunch. She smiled when looking at her daughter’s still noticeable soft, stomach, there was no way that she could not gain weight.

For dinner, the two ladies ate home cooked orange chicken with fried rice and a few frozen egg rolls. Denise could not take her eyes of her daughter, as she was eating her food at a rapid pace. She had never seen her daughter enjoy food that much. It was amazing that someone as thin as her could eat so much food,

“Urp, excuse me mom. God, I am really pigging out. I can’t keep eating like this.”

Denise needed to think quick or else Alex would cut down on her eating,

“Alex, if anything you are eating too little. You are such a skinny girl. Did you know how hard it was for me to make this food for you? Do you even work now? I made this food with love.”

Alex felt awful after hearing her mom. Her mom had successfully guilt tripped her to feeling bad.

“I guess you are right. I could look for another job, but nobody is hiring…”

Denise mind quickly replied,

“There is a new ice cream place in the mall. Plus it’s a month until June. I remember seeing that they were hiring, maybe you can apply there.”

Alex looked kinda hopeful after hearing this,

“That’s a great idea, I can see if they are hiring tomorrow. After Jenny and me go shopping. Thanks mom, you really are the best.”

Alex and her mom smiled at each other.

“I’ll wash the dishes Alex, just relax. It’s a big day for you tomorrow.”

Alex seemed even happier after hearing her mom,

“You are seriously the best mom! I love you so much. Also that breakfast shake was delicious!”

Denise simply smiled and hugged her daughter as she went to the dishes. It looked like her plan was going very well.

The next day

“MOM guess what! ME and Jenny both got jobs at the ice cream place. The pay is $10 per hour. Also we luckily get Fridays and Saturdays off. I am so excited. Plus we get all the ice cream that we want for free.”

Alex told her mom while they were eating leftovers from yesterday. Denise smiled as it seemed that Alex’s appetite did not disappear. She ate the orange chicken with pure gusto. She really was hungry and did not even care that her belly continued to slightly swell after every bite of the meal. It was very noticeable as Alex was wearing a simple t-shirt that was already quite tight on her. Her stomach was even exposed when she stretched, she seemed to have already developed a small layer of fat when sitting down. She was still the same everywhere else. Still it had only been a few days, imagine a week or even month of her eating like this.

“I’m so proud of you Alex! This is definitely a step in the right direction, maybe you can spend your own money for your Ubers.”

Alex and her mom laughed and continued to eat their meal. Mindlessly talking and stuffing themselves.

11 days later

It was a Friday night. The first Friday of June and Alex was in her room with her 20 year old friend Jenny. They were both getting ready for another party, but noticed some issues with their outfits.

“Um, why aren’t these jeans short fitting? Jenny?”

Jenny obviously knew the reason that her friend’s jean shorts were not fitting. She was gaining weight. It was obvious, she couldn’t stop eating the free ice cream. Plus, she had also starting to eat whenever when she was drunk or high. Which was every Friday and Saturday. Alex’s white face had gotten a little fuller, plus she had a few pimples. They were easily hidden with makeup, Still no makeup could hide the rest of her imperfections. The 19 year old blonde had gotten a small layer of pudge on her stomach. It simply looked like she was constantly stuffed, but it was even there when she hadn’t eaten. The other part of her that had grown was her thighs and butt. They simply were bigger, and she could no longer fit into size 4 shorts. Still, Jenny did not want to be rude to her friend. Alex was still thinner then her own 145 pound figure.

“They probably shrunk in the wash, you can borrow some of my old shorts or even this mini skirt. It is so cute, but I can’t fit into it anymore.”

Alex felt slightly better and realized she fit perfectly in her friend’s size 6 shorts, she must still be bloated from that pizza lunch she had today. Alex managed to eat an entire large pizza over a few hours while resting on her Friday off. She noticed her stomach could not even be sucked in fully, she must really be bloated today. Alex felt better when looking at Jenny in her tight dress. Her brunette friend had always been on the curvy side. She stood at around 5'6 and used to weigh 135 pounds during high school. The first few years of college had lead around 10 or so pounds in to her already curvy figure. Most of her weight seemed to settle on her now D cup breasts and her butt which looked as big as two basketball. Her two weeks of working in the ice cream lead to some new pounds, some of which went to her belly which was no longer flat like it was in high school.

“You ready to go Jenny!”

“Yeah, let’s get wasted!”

The girls took an uber to the college party. They then proceeded to get very drunk and even smoked some weed. They both managed to eat quite a bit of brownies and chips that were around the house. Some of guests noticed both of their bigger bellies,

“Alex is actually getting kinda fat. She really needs to watch what she is eating.”

“Same thing with Jenny. They both got jobs at the new ice cream place. They get all the free ice cream that they want. It is no wonder that they are porking out.”

“Can’t believe some of the guys are still all over them. Look at Luke. He can’t keep his eyes off Alex’s fat-ass.”

“Yeah, wait a month or so, then they will be too fat. Trust me, I have seen girls like them put on weight like crazy..”

2 weeks later on Friday,

Alex and Jenny were again at Alex’s house getting ready for another party. They had now worked at the ice cream shop for almost 1 month. This lead to both of them gaining a significant amount of weight. Both of the girls had been eating nonstop at work and not at work. They had both got into smoking large quantities of weed. This drug lead their already ravenous hunger to get even worse. It didn’t help that Denise constantly cooked fattening food for Alex and Jenny. Both of them dug into whatever gluttonous meal that Alex’s mother made for them. It did not matter how many calories were in the meals. They simply ate because they were hungry. It was rare to see these two girls not consuming large quantities of fattening food. Both of the girls had gotten fat! It was obvious as they were both struggling to put clothes on their bigger bodies.

“Um, why won’t these jeans fit Jenny? What size are they?”

“They are my old size 8s. Do you want a 10?”

Alex couldn’t believe that she had managed to go from a normal size 4 to a size 10 in only a month of binging. Her thighs had become two blobs of fat. Her thigh gap had also disappeared. Her butt had grown even bigger, whenever she wore anything tight, she could almost feel her fattened butt screaming to be free. Her belly had also grown significantly. Love handles surrounded her bigger belly that was always around 5 inches past the rest of her body. Her breasts had even managed to swell into the C cup range. Her arms had even gotten flabby. She almost had a double chin. Her face was chubby and round. Alex had literally gotten fat, and she was still in denial, as she believed that her friend was bigger.

“No, that must have shrunk in the wash. There is no way that I fit into a size 10.”

Jenny sighed. At least she knew that she was rapidly expanding. Jenny knew that both of them were literally blowing up like balloons. Jenny did try to eat less when she was at her apartment, but the time at the ice cream store and at Alex’s place did not help her already curvy figure. The only thing was that she know had E cup breasts that every guy couldn’t stop staring at. This is why, she was wearing a low cut top. To draw their attention to her massive melons. Hopefully, some guys could ignore her now significant beer belly, flabby love handles, cellulite ridden thighs, and even her double chin. She was dressed in a pair of size 12 jeans that just managed to handle her big figure.

“Well, girl there is no way those jeans are going to fit over those thick thighs.”

Alex looked mad,

“Shut up, Fatty. God, at least I am still kind of thin unlike you…”

“I’m sorry, didn’t want to be mean, but yo have put on some weight. It’s OK, I have too.”

Alex still looked angry, but she was slightly more calm,

“How much weight have you gained then?”

“Probably around 20 pounds, I am like 168 pounds now which makes me overweight.”

Alex cruelty chuckled,

“You really need a diet, but anyways. I am going to wear these old shorts for now, can you help me get them on?”

Jenny obliged and the two girls pushed extremely hard to get the jean shorts onto Alex’s thick body. After minutes of struggling, they finally fit, but it looked like they would pop if she ate even a little more. Plus Alex’s shirt was ridiculously short exposing her fat belly and love handles whenever she walked.

“Are you sure those shorts are OK? They look really tight Alex.”

“Don’t worry about me. Your breasts look like they are about to pop out of that bra.”

Jenny actually smiled at this,

“I know, can’t believe my melons are almost breaking out of E cups.”

“OK, enough talking, let’s go a get drunk.”

The two girls took an Uber to the party. They were greeted by a lot of old friends from high school. Most of the girls couldn’t believe how big both Alex and Jenny had gotten. Even the guys were shocked at how fat they had gotten. Both of the girls drank around 10 beers during the first few hours of the party. This had only lead to Alex’s belly getting even bigger. Jenny’s stomach was growing too, but her shirt was loose and covered her growing stomach.

“Alex, are you sure you want another beer and some pizza”

“Hell Yes Lana! Why don’t eat some pizza, it’s really good.”

Alex told Lana who was watching her eating her 4th slice of pizza while she was simply sipping on beer. Lana was an old friend of hers that sadly moved out-of-state for college.

“No, I really shouldn’t. I have gained far too much weight this year. Almost 20 pounds of pure fat. It’s just the dorm food is so good, but so unhealthy. All the parties too, it’s all going to my formerly flat stomach. I got a beer gut and it needs to go girl! People think I am pregnant for fuck’s sake.”

Alex laughed at her redhead friend. It was true, Lana did have a slight belly on her otherwise petite figure. It looked like she was pregnant,

“Yeah, I guess we all can’t have great figures like ME!”

Alex walked away quickly and dropped her half eaten slice of pizza. She reached down to get the slice, but something happened. A loud rip sound came from her tight jean shorts. The worst part was that she simply did not wear panties that day as they were all too tight. She tried to cover her big butt with her hands, and sat down. Her sitting down quickly led to the button of shorts to pop out. Her belly was now even more exposed. People couldn’t stop laughing, as Alex ran to the bathroom to cry. Jenny ran after Alex, but she didn’t open the bathroom door for a few hours. Eventually, Alex and Jenny left the party.

One week later,

“Alex, you need come back to work. Staying a home all day will not accomplish anything.”

Jenny told her friend in her room. Alex’s room was a mess and Alex was a mess too. Alex’s blonde hair had obviously not been combed and she smelled quite bad. Her room was full of food wrappers showing that she had obviously been eating away her pain. It was obvious as her belly was looking even bigger now. Her belly was actually exposed due to her wearing a much too small top. Jenny also noticed that Alex was not wearing any shorts, simply just panties that looked snug.

“Do you know how much I weigh now? Take a guess. I am fucking 164 pounds of ugly lard. I am a literally a beached whale. I have gained 44 pounds in only 6 weeks!”

“You still are thinner then me, I hit 176 just yesterday. Look, we can still both lose the weight.”

Alex wanted to scream and cry,

“We are fat and ugly.”

Jenny touched her friend’s softer hand and spoke softly,

“Some people like curvier girls. Plus sized models are only growing in popularity every year. Plus, you are still the prettiest girl I have ever seen in my life.”

“Do you really mean that?”

“Yes, I do! Who honestly cares about how fat we are?”

Alex felt slightly better,

“I don’t know everyone?”

Jenny sighed and spoke up,

“Do you know that over 60% of people in the US are overweight. Does it really matter that we are part of the 60%?”

“I guess..”

Jenny interrupted her friend,

“No it does not matter. Now come on! Let’s enjoy our lives. Plus, remember you can lose the weight. You won’t lose the weight in your room, crying though. So let’s go out and have a good time.”

Alex finally smiled,

“But… I don’t have anything that fits me, why do you borrow some clothes for me and we can go shopping?”

One more week later

Alex had started going back to work and tried her best to diet and exercise. This was a massive failure for her. Her mom continued to relentlessly cook fattening food plus Alex couldn’t resist snacking at the ice cream place. Alex tried working out, but simply quit after only running outside for a few minutes. It was quite the spectacle. The round girl dressed in a pair of shorts and a large t-shirt. Everyone could see her cellulite ridden thighs. They was no gap between them, and Alex felt them rub against each other as she attempted to run. After only a few minutes, she started sweating immensely. She also was out of breathe and tired. To make matters worse, she noticed that her old friend Lana was jogging. Lana had obviously lost some weight in her belly and briefly stopped to laugh at Alex.

After this Alex decided that she simply could not work out. It was too embarrassing. She sighed, as she continued to stuff her face with endless amount of the high calorie ice cream. Maybe being fat wasn’t so bad…

“God, this ice cream is good Alex! Still, I need to stop eating it, or I’ll need a bigger size!”

Jenny said while patting her obviously bloated stomach. Her entire body continued to swell in size. She simply did not care about how big she was going to get.

“Same! It’s just so good, I literally can’t stop eating it!”

Alex said patting her sizable gut.

Two month later

“Mom, do you have any more food? I am so hungry!”

Denise looked at her daughter. She honestly felt guilty about what she had done. She had legitimately made her daughter go from fit to nearly obese. Alex simply looked massive. She was currently sitting on the couch with her now massive body. Her face had completely changed from model-like to complete fatness. Her face was round and she had a very noticeable double chin. Her neck even looked fatter. Her arms had gone from toothpicks to jiggling blobs of flesh. Her breasts had somehow gone from b cups to e cups. They were two massive melons that always looked liked the wanted to be free from a bra. Her belly was the biggest part of her. It nearly stretched a foot past her body when stuffed. It even managed to jiggle like the rest of her body, when she attempted to walk. Her thighs were so wide and jiggly too. Her butt now could not fit on one chair. That was how massive her bottom had gotten. She simply did not care about her weight now. She had gotten greedy and all she could think about was food. The only reason, she went to work was the free ice cream.

“Honey, you…um just ate dinner a hour ago. I guess, we can order a pizza.”

Alex’s fat face smiled at her mother,

“Thanks mom, I’ll order two large pizzas for myself, that should last me the night. What do you want?”

Denise glanced at her own figure. She too had grown considerably. She had managed to put on about 47 pounds of fat, putting her right into the fat territory. Most of the weight went directly to her belly and love handles which made her look either pregnant or like a belly dancer.

“I don’t know honey, I ate so much today, plus I have been putting on so much weight… I am almost 180 pounds which is not very healthy… "

Alex laughed,

“Mom, trust me. You haven’t put on that much weight! Guess how much I weigh?”

“Oh dear, I don’t know…”

“I am 221 pounds and I don’t care. So why should you? Let’s just enjoy life.”

Denise simply could not believe that her daughter had managed to put on nearly 80 pounds over the summer. She knew that Alex wasn’t lying, she truly had made herself obese.

“I guess, one slice wouldn’t hurt. They have a deal for buy 2 get 1 free, so I guess get three pepperoni pizzas.”

Alex smiled,

Later that night, Denise was mad at herself. Denise managed to eat an entire pizza. Her belly had gotten so massive that she had to unzip her already tight jeans. She definitely needed new clothes. Same with Alex, as her belly was visible in everything she wore. What was worse was that she already had eaten an entire plate of pasta only a hour ago. What was even worse was that she was still hungry. Her large belly kept on rumbling. Denise was watching TV in her room, so she decided a little ice cream wouldn’t hurt. She went down the stairs and saw her daughter passed out on the couch with an empty bag of cookies, what a pig. She managed to the make it to the fridge and took out the cold chocolate ice cream. It tasted fantastic and she continued to shove the ice cream in her mouth with a spoon. That was until she heard a pop, the button on jeans had popped. She wanted to cry, but the ice cream was too good, she continued to eat. Alex woke up after the pop and smiled at the thought of her mother getting fatter. Maybe one day, her mother would be bigger then her just like before….