Ken and Katrina

Ken and Katrina by EbonyFeedee

Katrina wasn’t too excited…..well, she was excited about dinner with Ken, her sexy feeder and lover she had met 2 years ago at a feeder/feedee party, But she wasn’t excited about where they were going….

Bill, Ken’s longtime friend was opening up a new restaurant tonight, and she never really liked him too much. Maybe it was the way he never missed a chance to comment on how fat she was or how much fatter she was becoming with each passing month. She had gained 100lbs in the two years she had known him, and relished the pleasure of being indulged with nightly feedings from him.

Katrina was short, 5'3", 415lbs, her measurements were 48D, 40" waist, 96" hips, and 45" thighs. A soft, sexy pear.

“Hmmmm…..what should I wear?” she said with an evil grin on her face. She thought…“I’ll wear something sexy, something that will make Bill’s customers ravenously hungry!!!!!”

Ken had arrived, appearing to be just her opposite, he was 6'2" and 170lbs. She loved the way his lean body felt against hers. How she was more than twice his weight. As he hugged her, she could feel him squeeze the little rolls of fat on her back.

Smiling, he said, “You look great, and it feels like you’ve put on a few pounds lately.”

“Well, it could be that fattening cherry cheesecake you spoon fed me the other night. You know after midnight everything goes right to my juicy hips and thighs”………..


Katrina looked puzzled as they pulled into the restaurant parking lot, she could feel her heart race, she was getting so excited……

Ken opened Katrina’s door, noticing her tight red mini dress, it was barely mid-thigh, it clung ever so snugly to her 96" hips. She strained to get out, he could hear the air shocks give as she rocked her piggy poundage, left and right, left and right, until she was out of the car.

“Ken is this the right place?” Katrina’s could feel herself getting more and more excited, feeling the pressure increasing in her crotch, she read the flashing neon sign once again…“Bill’s Feed and Fill” and in small letters below, “a place for feeders and feedees.”

“Ohh baby!!!” She grabbed her belly and began to squeeze it, “I’m so hungry and horny, come on and stuff me!!”

Ken and Katrina were mesmerized as they entered the restaurant. This was like no other eatery anywhere.

Ken noticed the waitresses…….they were all over 300lbs, different shapes and heights, some pear, some apple, some hourglass, tall to short, Black, White, Hispanic, Italian, and they all wore the same outfit…black, sleeveless, spandex all-over suits!!!!! Tight, shiny spandex, he could hear their thighs rub as they walked past the hostess area.

Katrina noticed the seating, nothing but extra wide chairs, with no arms and extra roomy booths. She had always had trouble finding a booth to fit into. Her wide hips would always eventually spread after a good stuffing and she would get stuck, resulting in Ken pulling her out.


They were shown to their booth by Jenny, a sexy, 5', 500lb hostess, her belly was massive and flabby, it hung to her knees and jiggled with every step she took, her upper arms looked like swollen pieces of jelly, she walked rather slowly with a wobble as she mazed her way thru the wide isles.

Ken noticed she didn’t wear any shoes, he admired her nylon covered pudgy feet, they were really cute. He could see the bulges of fat where her shoes must have been too tight, causing her feet to swell enormously.

As she was led to the booth, Katrina noticed the customers, everyone looked so happy, skinny guys feeding fat women, fat guys feeding fat women, and skinny women filling up their fat men. Some of the plates were piled high, some only had crumbs, and some appeared to be licked clean.

She saw couples giving belly rubs under the tables, some couples just sat there with their bellies protruding, one lady had her jeans unzipped showing off what had to be a 85" stretch-marked belly, it hung below the table surface, Katrina’s clit was bumping just imagining how much she had stuffed herself to make her big blubbery belly hang that low.

Any negative thoughts she had of Bill were history!!

**** Katrina asked Jenny, “Can we get a menu please?”

Jenny spoke with labored breathing, that short walk to the booth had all but tuckered her out, “We don’t have menus mam, everything we have here is on the buffet, but I can get you all some drinks.” she said with a smile.

Ken made his way to the buffet, he knew exactly what Katrina liked so he told her to sit tight and go ahead and start on her vanilla shake when it arrived.

The buffet plates looked more like platters, Ken estimated they were 15" in diameter. At the end of the buffet were push carts, just in case you wanted to fill more than one “plate” at a time.

The buffet was WIDE and LONG, and overflowing with all kinds of fattening food. Lots of fried choices, as well as breads, pastries, cookies, veggies, lots of varieties of thick sauces and gravies……..

He noticed the other feeders filling their feedees' plates, how they smiled as they piled the food into big pyramids.

The choices were endless…..Ken began to fill the plate, 6 big crispy pieces of fried chicken, 4 hotdogs with chili and cheese, 3 big ears of buttery corn on the cob, 5 buttermilk biscuits, and 4 large spoonfuls of mashed potatoes covered with thick white gravy.

As the plate turned heavy, he decided on the push cart, he retrieved another plate and began to pile it high with desserts, 1/2 of cherry chocolate cheesecake, steaming hot peach cobbler, with two big dollops of vanilla ice cream, creme filled, sugar coated pastries, all of Katrina’s favorites.

**** Ken was glad to be walking behind the cart, he needed something to hide his raging hard on. As he approached the table, he noticed Katrina has finished one vanilla shake and was almost finished with another….

Katrina grabbed a piece of chicken and dipped it into the potatoes and gravy and began to lick the gravy off. She could feel her pussy throb as she saw the large amounts of food Ken had fixed for her.

“Hurry Ken, hurry and feed piggy, make my hippo belly spread!!!”

Ken took his seat next to her, he fed her slowly, he knew this would only piss her off, Katrina loved to eat, and she wanted it fast! And afterall, he loved to see her scarf it down too.

She grabbed an ear of corn and poured melted butter over it and began to eagerly gnaw it down until it was gone. Ken licked the dripping butter from her, stubby fingers, and told her, “You’re gonna get so fat eating all that butter and gravy, I’m going to have to oil you up to get you out of this booth.” Then he shoved another chili dog down her throat.

“Eat it all baby, don’t leave any crumbs, make it all disappear like the good piggy I know you are, bust those seams on that dress, split the threads, make some runs in those nylons!”

Katrina’s belly was so tight, she could hardly move, but she wanted more! She pushed the rest of the mashed potatoes and gravy into her mouth, breathing heavy, she was expelling so much energy on being a corpulent cow. She continued eating and eating, two more chili dogs, 4 biscuits dipped in gravy and butter, and a quart of macaroni and cheese.

She moaned and stuffed as Ken massaged her tightening belly and her luscious flabby thighs, he knew her belly would explode soon if she didn’t stop eating.

He grabbed the peach pie and a big serving spoon, “I can’t, I can’t eat anymore, I’m too full, I’m gonna pop Ken, NO MORE!!” she said.

“Honey, you don’t want all this good food to go to waste, and imagine how much more beautiful you will in the morning, come on………..finish it… up that sexy greedy mouth of yours and eat it.”

Katrina opened as wide as she could and Ken put the plate to her lips slowly shoveling the pie and milky ice cream into her mouth. She massaged his hard on thru his pants as her cheeks filled, she gulped, chewed and swallowed, then again, gulp, chew and swallow, feeling her belly get tighter and tighter.

She moaned, she was cumming as Ken reached for the whole half of cherry chocolate cheesecake. She didn’t care if her navel popped out, she was too horny, she had to eat it!!!!!! He let her take a bite and proceeded to stuff the cheesecake in one inch at a time until it was gone.

Katrina’s hungry mouth, covered in crumbs, chocolate and cherry filling, was so cute to Ken, he pulled her fat body close and licked the food from her face.

“Let me free your erection baby…..please……” she begged him.

“No, let’s go home Kat.”


Ken pulled Katrina’s dress off, revealing her beautiful overstuffed body, then he took her bra off, freeing her huge breasts, they chuckled when they realized she had chicken and biscuit crumbs in her bra. Katrina jokingly said, " I guess they were hungry too!"

Ken told her to lay on her back, the bed creaked, and a spring popped as she plunged her knee into the mattress. Her belly slapped her thighs as she flopped back and came to rest. Ken rocked her wide hips side to side removing her nylons, the waistband had left a wide, deep, pink impression on her belly. Ken rubbed it and kissed it.

He handed her a box of chocolates and told her, “you know what to do with them”, got on his knees, and began to massage her precious bloated belly, he knew making room for the rich chocolates, which now had her full attention, wasn’t going to be easy. She had really been stuffed, her belly was rock hard.

Katrina emptied the candies one by one into her mouth, she was so horny, still chewing a mouthful chocolate, she pushed Ken away and began to massage her swollen clit. “Oh I’m so fat, I’m so biiiigg, I’m such a blimp, I really ate like a true hog.”

Ken was rock hard, he watched Katrina finger herself, he admired her hips, they spread across 3/4 of the queen sized bed. He nibbled her thighs as she continued to pleasure herself. Telling her “I love your lard thighs, sexy and full of cellulite and dents.” he got the tape measure and shifted her flabby thigh and said…..“Ohhh 50 inches!!!!” and started to stroke his cock.

Katrina began to quiver and scream as she felt her juices flow…..Ken straddled himself over her chest and pushed his cock into her mouth, she sucked him hard, grabbing his hips pushing him in deeper, he could feel his head touch the back of her throat, “let it make you fatter baby!! let it make you blow up!! let that fat spread !!! Yesss suck it good!”

Ken felt his pressure mounting, and pulled his hot cock out of Katrina’s juicy mouth….Ohhhh yesssss piggy……YESSSS, I’m cumming!!!!!!!!!!!!! jerking it firmly, he spewed his fattening cum onto her swollen belly……