Keiko Part 1 by Katrina Wolffe

He felt like he was dying. His head hurt so much that it felt like it was going to explode, and his stomach hurt like hell. He wasn’t sure what he had done last night, but he was certainly sure that he was sorry he did it. The events of last night were hazy. The club was crowded and he had several offers for intimate companionship, but had decided to spend the night alone. There was one offer that stuck in his mind. She must have weighed about 350 lb. and was very well dressed in an emerald green satin blouse and black circle skirt. Expensive looking boots with at least a 4" heel and silver jewelry that accented the outfit. Her long red hair was neat and had enough body to be called a mane.

“Would you like to get between the sheets and have some fun?” she asked.

He couldn’t keep from laughing as he replied, “Sorry, but I don’t think so. I’m afraid I’d get lost in all of you.”

She glared at him and walked off in a huff.

The last thing he remembered was getting one last drink for the road, after that, nothing.

Well, he thought, time to get up and see what was left of the day. That was when he realized that he could not feel his arms and legs. Also he couldn’t open his eyes.

He was starting to panic when he heard footsteps approaching. It was a light, slow clicking sound like someone striding in heels.

“Are we awake?” asked a familiar voice. “If so it’s time to get started! You were almost right last night. You are now lost to me, not in me.”

He felt something wet on his eyelids for a moment and then a tugging and his eyes came open to see the large redhead from last night.

“What’s going on?!” he demanded.

“Last night you insulted me, so now you’re going to pay the price. I have friends in strategic places, and right now they are drawing up the papers to have you declared legally dead.

“You see, you had an awful accident last night on your way home and your car exploded, burning you to a crisp. No one will bother looking for you, and if you do happen to get away from me no one will believe you are who you say you are.

“When I’m done with you will be given a new identity and records so that for the rest of your life you are going to be what I MAKE YOU!!”

" You can’t get away with this,” he shouted, " I have friends, who . . .”

“Are right now mourning your loss. Any more back talk and you will not like the results!” As she said this she pulled out a gag with an inflatable ball on it. “This can be very uncomfortable, believe me, I’ve made people scream by inflating it all the way.

“Now, would you like to know what I’m going to do to you, hmmm?”

“What you fat BITCH!!”

With that she grabbed his chin, forced his jaws apart and shoved in the gag. As she started to pump, he felt the ball expand in his mouth. It kept getting bigger and bigger until his jaw began to ache.

“I think that will do for now and that is only half way. I’ve dislocated jaws with that before, but that isn’t in my plans for you at this point. What I do have in mind is to make you pay for your insulting me about my weight. What this means for you, is that you are going to be eating a lot for the next several months, as well as taking hormones and a few other things.”

“In preparation for this, while you were sleeping off the drugs you were slipped, I fed you a whole box of diet pills. You know the kind, they expand in your tummy so you’re not as hungry. In your case however, I filled you up with as much water as I could pump down you first . . . about five gallons if I remember right.

“In an hour from now it will be time for your first feeding. You will be fed every six hours for the next month, and you’re not to be allowed to move at all. I’ve even been nice and taken care of all your sanitary needs; you have a catheter installed for your bladder and another one in a plug for your shit, which will be aided by laxatives. This should be a lot of fun if I ever let you up to take care of your own needs, well, for me at least.

“Your arms and legs are tied down very securely as well as having muscle relaxants injected so you can’t even flex them. You will have to learn how to do everything all over again, which should be fun since by the time I’m done with you, YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE ME LOOK AS SKINNY AS A SUPER MODEL!!!”

With that she turned and left. As soon as she was out of earshot he tried to move and found that she had been telling the truth; he couldn’t get his arms or legs to move at all. On top of this there was a strap of some kind around his forehead tight enough that he could not even look around. At this, the reality of the situation set in and he started to panic again. In the midst of this his bladder finally gave out and he found another surprising fact, the catheter fed straight into the butt plug.

He felt the warmth spreading in his anus as his bladder and stomach stopped hurting, only to be replaced by a severe cramping in his bowls, as the gallons of liquid ran through his system. This was worse that the stomach cramps had been.

He lay there in agony for a very long time. How long he had no idea.

The next thing he knew the pressure was running out of his body causing a fresh set of cramping from contracting muscles.

“OOPS, I forgot to open the drain valve. Silly me! Now, I’m going to take out the gag. You are not to talk unless I ask you a question or want information from you. When you respond you are to address me as Goddess. Anything else will get you certain and swift punishment.”

She opened the valve on the gag and let the air out. As his jaws relaxed they felt suddenly better. He began to work his mouth to get the stiffness out.

The woman rolled in a large table covered in what looked to be a feast for five or more.

His eyes got real wide as he started to panic yet again and he said “You can’t expect me to eat all of that!”


“I told you not to speak! This time I’ll be nice and make this a warning. If you do that again, the punishment will be much worse. I may just close the drain valve for a week.”

He paled at that thought and started to shake. This woman was really scaring him and he knew that he was stuck in her power. There was nothing he could do about it!!!

“DO you understand ?” she asked.



“What did I tell you to call me?” she asked in a low menacing tone.

“Goddess.” He whispered.

“What was that? I didn’t hear you.”

“Goddess,” He said louder.

“That’s better. Now, time to eat. And you will finish every bite of it, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, Goddess.”

“That’s good, you learn fast. That will make it allot easier on you. I , personally, would rather you suffer as much as possible. By the way, your name is now Keiko. You know, like the whale. That’s what you’re going to be you know. A whale.”

“Yes Goddess.”

“Good Keiko, now, let’s start feeding you. You have a long way to go before you have any chance of freedom.”

Goddess started to shovel food into his mouth at a very fast pace. Faster then he could chew. It started to spill out the sides of his mouth making a huge mess as it slid down his face.

“OH! Look at the whale, she stuffs so much food into her mouth that she needs a bib. This will never do, if you don’t eat it all, you’ll never get all of your hormones and laxatives. If you don’t get them all then I’ll never finish.”

She scraped the overflow off of his face and stuck it back into his mouth. “I’ll go a little slower for now, but you are going to have to work on your eating speed. I can’t spend all of my time on you you know.”

She kept on feeding him until he started to feel like he was going to throw up.

“How is my little whale doing?”

“I feel sick, goddess.”

“But you haven’t even finished half of your food” she pouted. “Well, I thought of that. Here.” She pulled out a pill and fed it to him. “That should help calm down your stomach. As for the rest of this food,” for a moment he thought she was going to give him a reprieve, then she reached under the table and pulled out a blender, “you are just going to have to drink it. I’ll only do this for you for the first week. After that you had better to be able to eat it all, because you will whether you want to or not!”

He groaned at the thought of what he would feel like if he were made to finish the rest of the food. Even worse, was that she had said that he would be eating every six hours. “Please don’t, no more food. I’m sorry I insulted you. Just stop!” Keiko cried.


“I told you not to speak! Just for that, you get an extra service. Dessert!” Goddess reached back under the table and brought out a large cardboard canister. “Ice cream. Plain vanilla I’m afraid, but it is all I could find on such short notice. We’ll get you more decadent, and fattening, flavors later. Won’t that be fun!!”

She started to run the food through the blender mixing everything together and running it until it was liquid. She poured the first batch into a large glass, put in a straw and put it against his lips.

He refused to drink. He was certain that if he did, he would throw up and feel even worse.

“Stubborn, aren’t we? I’ll give you one more chance …” When he shook his head, she replied, “Well, I have ways to deal with that as well.” She reached up to a shelf or headboard that he couldn’t see and brought back a strange looking device.

It was a tube made of white plastic with a narrow tube running through it. next she grabbed a longer flexible tube with what looked to be a funnel at one end.

“This is what hospitals use to feed comatose patients. Now hold still, this hurts a lot more if you struggle. This first piece of equipment will leave a breathing tube down to your lungs. The other will go all the way down to your tummy, and then I can just pour as much down as I want to.”

Keiko tried to comply, but his natural response was to gag. This did not stop Goddess, she continued to push the first tube into place.

GOD! That HURT! He felt the tube being withdrawn and realized that the narrower of the two tubes was still down in his lungs. Breathing was awkward, but not difficult.

Next she greased the second tube and preceded to push that down his throat. His body did try to throw up at this indignity, but the pill that Goddess had fed him was doing its job and keeping everything down. It too hurt but there was nothing that he could do. With the funnel resting against his lips he watched as goddess poured down the first glass of liquid food and prepared a second.

This went on until all of the food was gone and Keiko thought that he was going to explode. Finally all of the food was gone from the table and Keiko started to relax as much as he could.

“Now for dessert!”

Keiko looked at Goddess, pleading with his eyes, but she was not disposed towards leniency.

“I told you that talking out of turn would bring punishment, and you’re going to get it. Next time, it will be two gallons of ice cream instead of one.”

She opened the carton and down it went. She had the forethought to pre-melt it. As it flowed into his stomach, he was sure that he would explode from the pressure and release him from this torture. Much to his disappointment, he survived.

He groaned with pain as he lay there knowing that he was in hell.

Goddess reached out and removed the feeding tube.

“I hope we won’t need that anymore, but I will use it if I have to. Try to rest and digest, I’ll be back in a few hours for your next feeding and I want you to be ready.

“Oops! I almost forgot this,” she said picking up the gag again and shoving it back in place. She inflated it again, just to make him more uncomfortable, he was sure.

With that she walked out of the room and left him alone in his agony.

“Wake up dear.”

It had all been a bad dream he thought.

He opened his eyes and was frozen with fear as he saw Goddess standing over him. It hadn’t been a dream! This madwoman really was intent on force-feeding him until he made her look skinny. Maybe until he couldn’t even move!!

Seeing the look in his eyes goddess asked, “Why Keiko, are you afraid of me?”

He nodded as much as the restraints would let him.

Goddess got a sadistic gleam in her eyes as she leaned over, grabbed him by the throat and said “Good. You should fear me. I can kill you anytime I want, but that would be too easy. I want you to suffer. I want you to feel all of the indignities that men like you have ever laid upon me or any overweight woman through the years. I want you to know what it means to be at the mercy of a weight problem that you have no control over. Know what it is like to be laughed at because you can’t lose weight, be looked at with disgust because you eat so much at one time while other people are going hungry.

“People will look at you and wonder how you could let yourself become so overweight, obese and ugly. Maybe they will even say it to your face, and you’ll know what it feels like to be considered an ugly woman just because of your weight.

“Oh yes,” she said when he panicked at that, “I am going to turn you into a female. Fat men don’t get the same treatment as fat women. You are going to be completely rebuilt to fit my desires and specifications.

“And then I will make you thank me for it and for being the only one to treat you like a human being despite your gross appearance. For being the only person who will give you any kind of pleasure and for giving you a safe place to live, away from all of the stares, insults and humiliations of the outside world.”

Goddess let go of his throat and let what she had said and its implications filter into Keiko’s brain.

“Now,” Goddess said after a few minutes, “its been six hours since you were last fed. Ready for more?”

Keiko shook her head in fear. He felt like he wouldn’t be able to eat for a week.

“Too bad. You will eat whether you want to or not.

“Now, since I can’t waste all of my time on you, I have assigned some servants to deal with you when I’m too busy.”

Goddess reached behind his head and he heard a button click.

Within two minutes Keiko could hear footsteps approaching accompanied by the sound of a wheeled cart. Two figures appeared in the door.

Both of them were dressed in tight, black latex from shoulders to toes, their feet were locked into 6 inch spiked heels and they each weighed at least five hundred lb.

As they saw him, they stopped and stepped back with matching looks of disgust on their faces.

“Come, come girls. It’s O.K., Keiko here is going to be one of us. I know that it’s repulsive now, but it will bloom soon.

“Keiko, you are to treat these ladies the same as you would me. Do you understand?”

Keiko nodded his compliance and the servants came forward.

“You see,” Goddess continued, “there is no one here that weighs less than I do. No one wants to leave and subject themselves to the outside world. I am the only one who has ventured beyond the estate walls voluntarily for the last ten years. Here you are the ugly and repulsive one and you will be treated as such until you meet the minimum requirements of 400 lb.

“In case you were wondering, these two have been exactly where you are right now, haven’t you darlings.”

“Yes Goddess.” they said in unison.

“Do you want to go back to your old lives?”

“No Goddess, never! We love you and want to stay here!”

“Good. Now, let’s make Keiko here a little more presentable. Did you bring what I asked?”

“Of course Goddess, everything on your list.”

“Since the sight of you offends my servants so much we are going to give you something to wear. First though you have some excess baggage to get rid of.”

She reached down between Keiko’s legs and grabbed his balls, HARD.

“You will not be needing or using these again, so we will remove them for you.”

Keiko tried to struggle and found that he could actually move his arms and legs again. It did him no good as they were still tied securely to the bed.

“Oh, this will never do! Girls, syringe please.”

One of the servants handed Goddess a syringe filled with clear liquid which Goddess injected into his arms and legs. He felt them go numb again very quickly.

“Now that you can’t ruin my aim,” she held out a hand and again one of the servants handed an item to her, “I can use this. This little toy is from the cattle industry. It stretches a very small rubber band out so that it can fit over your balls. Then, we close the jaws and slide the band off as close as possible to where they join your torso. The rubber band is so tight at that point that all blood flow is cut off and they just wither up and fall off. It’s very neat and tidy.”

Despite his futile efforts to struggle Goddess did just that. As the band was slid onto his flesh, Keiko felt it constricting tighter and tighter until it hurt more than anything that had been done to him so far.

Keiko screamed behind the gag and fainted.


“No passing out. That’s not allowed. Girls, bring in the changing table.”

The servants left and returned with what appeared to be a open metal box on wheels. Goddess undid the straps holding Keiko down while the servants brought a bundle of shiny cloth out and laid it across the table. Goddess disconnected the catheter from wherever it drained to and hooked it up to a drain valve on the table, then she and the girls lifted him across and set him down on the cloth which he now discovered was plastic.

“Other than my clothes, which I would not let you wear, this is the smallest thing around. I know it’s far too loose, but it will fit better before too long.”

While goddess was talking the servants slid his arms into the arms of the garment, brought the edges to the front and zipped the gap closed.

“I bet you’d like to see what you look like, yes?”

Although he was afraid of the sight he was, he couldn’t stop himself from nodding in morbid curiosity. He felt straps being put around his head, waist and legs, then the table tilted upward and he got his first good look around the room.

The room was decorated in classical styling, but on a scale to fit the people who used it. All of the chairs were double width, the door was in fact a double door wide enough to let two of these fat people through at a time.

The bed that he had been laying in looked like a water bed frame without the standard mattress. Instead there was a thin layer of foam padding in the bottom of the box.

There where painted portraits on the walls, all done in the same style, and all of very large women. Some were dressed in styles out of the pages of history books, while others were nudes showing everything in graphic detail. In fact, Keiko recognized one of the servants as being depicted in one of the nudes.

Right in front of him Keiko saw a floor to ceiling mirror and took a long look at himself. He saw that he had been shaved at some time, presumably while asleep, of all facial hair and even the hair on his head. With the gag still in, his head looked remarkably like a billiard ball.

His ears had been pierced with bright green studs that clashed with the yellow dress that he had been placed in.

The dress was a muumuu style that would have looked quite flattering on a woman if belted around the waist. On him it just hung there looking very silly, since he did not have breasts. To make matters worse he saw that his stomach was still distended from his last feeding, making him look pregnant.

“See how ugly you are right now?” Goddess asked.

Mentally he had to agree, the image that he presented was a very repulsive sight, and he shifted his gaze back to Goddess, who al least look normal for a fat person.

“You will look better soon Keiko dear, trust me. In a month or so, you will start to look like everyone else around here. Then, we will let you up to begin your new life with us. Won’t that be just grand?”

Keiko couldn’t have responded to that even if he were not gagged. He was not sure of what the effects, on his body, of such treatment would be, but he was sure that he would consider it anything but grand.

One thing that he was sure of though, was that he would never enjoy what she had in mind for him, much less love her for it.

Keiko considered the servant girls to be weak willed pansies to love Goddess like they obviously did; He certainly never would!!

“Enough of this vanity, time for you to eat. Girls, let’s get her back into bed.”

Once they had returned Keiko to bed, the servants started to remove the covers from the food on the table. As before it was mostly starches, with a little bit of meat and vegetables just to keep him healthy.

One of the servants then began to shovel food into his mouth, while the other pulled up a chair for Goddess to sit in and watch, then curled up by her feet.

Keiko did his best to eat everything that was fed him, (he did not want any more trouble that he was already in), but as before, he just couldn’t eat it all. There was still a large bowl of mashed potatoes, hot dogs, bread and several other items left when he could no longer make himself swallow.

“That is better than last time I think, but still not good enough. Girls, get the blender out.”

While the servants turned the food from solid to liquid, Goddess pulled out the feeding tube and asked, “Are we going to have to use this again, or will you drink it on your own this time?”

“I’ll try to drink it all Goddess.”

“Good, I’m glad to hear it. We will keep this handy just in case though.”

Keiko tried his best to finish all of his now liquid diet, but when they brought out the ice-cream all that he could do was groan and shake his head. He knew that what was to come would hurt, but he just couldnt force anything else down.

“Well,” Goddess said, “you will eat your dessert one way or the other. Open wide so we can get this down you.”

In went the feeding tube and down went the ice-cream.

“Your getting better at this, but it’s still not good enough. You have to be able to eat all of your food without all of this extra work. That means we will just have to see if we can stretch you tummy some more. Girls, the other gallon of ice-cream please.

“That should work very well to chase down another box of diet pills, don’t you think?”

Once again, Keiko groaned, but knew that there was nothing he could do to prevent it, and started crying as the ice-cream followed the pills down the tube, and braced himself for the pain he knew they would cause when they expanded.

Goddess reached out and patted his belly, send new waves of pain and nausea rolling through Keiko’s body, then they all left the room.

Keiko was only aware of the pain he was in from all the food, the fact that his back hurt, for the padding was too thin, and that he was far too hot in this plastic bag that they had dressed him in.

This pattern continued through the first week. By the end of that time he no longer needed his food run through the blender, and could drink all of the ice-cream with the help of a straw.

Goddess had explained to Keiko that he was being kept dressed in plastic for two reasons:

  1. It made keeping him clean much easier, as they could just hose him down if he made too much of a mess.
  2. Fat people sweat almost all of the time. She was just making sure he got used to the idea very quickly.

Goddess seemed pleased with his progress as he had put on 43 lb. by the end of the first seven days.

Keiko’s biggest problem at this point was that his back was in constant pain from lying on the thin padding he had been given.

One morning Goddess walked in and asked, “How is my new little whale doing today?”

“My back is killing me Goddess. Could I please have a more comfortable bed?”

“I think we can do something about that. You have been such a good girl, that I think you deserve some form of reward.”

She left as her servants showed up with his breakfast and started feeding him pancakes, French toast (both with lots of butter and syrup), bacon and a huge bowl of porridge.

Later that afternoon, after lunch, Goddess returned with her servants pushing the changing table, with a large basket on it.

“Are you ready for your comfy new bed?” she asked.

“Yes Goddess.” Keiko replied.

Goddess had determined just yesterday that the gag was no longer necessary, unless of course Keiko thought that she would not be able to control her tongue.

Keiko had assured Goddess That he “Would be a good girl” and not talk out of turn, or be disrespectful.

The basket was removed from the table, a fresh dress was laid out on it, hot pink this time, and Keiko was transferred over to it with the usual precautions and efficiency.

“Would you like to see your progress so far?”

“Yes Goddess, If you please.” Keiko replied.

On went the straps and up went the table.

The muumuu had not yet been zipped shut, so Keiko was able to get a good look at what had been done to him so far. The weight gain was obvious, as he looked and saw that his skin was starting to sag around his legs, chest, hips, and face. As before his stomach was distended, but he saw that with the rest of the changes, it looked a little more normal, especially since it too was sagging and looking more natural.

His beard still hadn’t grown back, and he noticed that all of his body hair had also been removed. His scalp was starting to re-grow, but it was mostly stubble at this point.

“I have two treats for you today,” Goddess said, “first, I’m placing a mirror over your bed, so you can see your progress every time you open your eyes and look up. Second you are getting a water bed to sleep in. Won’t that be nice?”

“Yes Goddess. Thank you Goddess.” Keiko had learned very quickly to thank Goddess for everything when given the opportunity to. Otherwise, punishment could come out of the blue if she thought she was being slighted.

The servants pulled a bed liner out of the basket and placed it in the frame. Next, much to his surprise, they transferred Keiko back into the bed frame and tied him back up.

Before he could ask what was going on, a hose was placed over the edge of the bed and turned on pouring warm water into the frame and around Keiko. As more and more water flowed in, Keiko felt himself start to float off of the bottom of the frame buoyed up by the water, and the pain in his back eased considerably as his weight was taken off of it.

It was the weirdest form of water bed Keiko had ever seen, but so long as it helped ease his back, he didn’t care.

After this was completed, Goddess pulled a remote control out of her pocket, pointed it at the ceiling and a sliding panel moved back aside to reveal a mirror showing the whole bed.

Keiko looked up at the image of herself in the mirror and thought that the effect of the muumuu floating freely around her in the water was really quite flattering and had the effect of making her appear to be some sort of flower. This thought stopped Keiko cold, as she realized that she was starting to react just as Goddess had foretold. He enjoyed the way he looked right now, and that was the first step towards being grateful to goddess for what she was doing. “Yes Goddess, very much. Thank you. The dress is very pretty floating around me like this.”

“I’m glad you enjoy it. If you like the loose flowing look, you will be happy to know that you will be able to keep it for awhile yet. You are going to be staying there until you put on a lot more weight. Only when you have reached the first goal weight do you get the honor of latex. Only then will you truly be attractive enough to show your true self here at the compound.

“Is there anything else you want that I might be willing to give you?”

Much to her surprise Keiko realized that she was hungry again and said, “Yes Goddess, may I please have a snack? I’m hungry.”

“Of course dear. You can eat whenever you like, so long as you still eat everything you are brought at meal times. Girls, bring Keiko a gallon or two of ice-cream. Fudge ripple I think. It should be a treat, after all, this is the first time she has asked for more food.

“If you keep this up, you will be getting out of this bed sooner than I thought, or I just might keep you here as long as originally planned to see how much weight you can gain on your own with the appetite you seem to be cultivating.”

The servants came back with the ice-cream and Keiko happily devoured all of it while wondering what was to become of herself with this new found appetite and the discovery that she could think of herself as attractive as she got larger. In a back corner of her mind was the thought that Goddess just might be able to make her think of herself as beautiful no matter how fat she became.

Shivering with fear and anticipation, Keiko drifted off to sleep.

Keiko was awakened for dinner at the usual time, and found herself absolutely ravenous as the smells of the food reached her. It scared her that she actually felt like and wanted to eat all of the food laid out before her. Nonetheless, she finished it all in record time and still wanted more.

“Please ma’am,” She asked one of the servants, “is there anything else. I’m still a little hungry.”

“Of course I’ll go get you more food. After all, that is the only way that you will ever look good. The more you eat, the faster you will blossom into your new beauty.”

On her way back to the kitchen the servant stopped by the library to tell Goddess of Keiko’s request.

“Good,” Goddess replied, “the appetite stimulants you put into her ice-cream are working. Give her as much food as she wants, then make her eat two more gallons of ice-cream and put more of the stimulant in it.”

“Yes Goddess. Goddess, may I ask how large you want Keiko to get?”

“I’m not sure just yet dear, I’m thinking about Susie and Bess, and contemplating another master piece. Now run get Keiko her food. She still has a long way to go.”

Keiko finished everything brought for the second course, but had to drink the ice-cream. She hadn’t felt this full since her first day here, but even as over stuffed as she was feeling, she went to sleep with a contented air.

Over the next week Keiko found herself hungrier and hungrier. She just couldn’t get enough to eat. The size of her meals increased to match her new appetite and she was regularly eating snacks between almost every meal.

Day by day she noticed the changes in the mirror over her. Her face was filling out, but didn’t sag because of the water which was supporting her entire body.

They no longer moved her to a changing table when they put her in a new muumuu, instead they made sure her limbs where numbed and changed her in bed. She saw in the mirror every day that her body continued to fill out and began to acquire a very graceful free form that could only be achieved in water.

While the rest of her got larger, her cock was shrinking and was almost unnoticeable. Her breasts, on the other hand, were getting larger as the hormones and food both had their way with her body. The nipples were darker and growing in size, and although still small, the rest of her breast was taking on a definite feminine curve.

She had put on another hundred pounds, and was expecting Goddess to let her up soon. At the rate she was growing, Keiko should reach the 400 lb. goal in another week or so.

“I have another surprise for you Keiko dear. Today you get to make a couple of new friends. Would you like that?”

“Yes Goddess, very much.”

“Wait right here and I’ll bring them in.”

Goddess left and a few minutes later returned with a cart holding two large, gel filled bags each about the size of a small watermelon.

“These are going to be your constant companions for the rest of your life Keiko. These are your new breasts. The ones you have now are just too small and need help or you will never look like a proper whale.”

“Must I have those Goddess, I’m sure that mine will grow on their own and those look much too big!”

“Yes! It will be these! Yours are not growing fast enough. As for these being too big, they are only a triple E cup. I’ve seen porn stars with larger tits.”

“But I would need a back brace to walk around with those monstrosities! You can’t expect me to live like that!!”

“Not only do I expect it, but you won’t have a back brace. You will have to learn to walk with them unassisted. On top of that, for arguing with me, I have just decided that these are too small! Maybe we will get you a set for a triple G cup. Does that sound better?”

“No Goddess.”

“Triple H?”

Realizing that further argument would only make it worse Keiko said, “Yes Goddess, thank you Goddess.”

“That’s better. I thought you knew by now not to disappoint me. Now I expected you to argue so I even have a punishment ready. For arguing with me you don’t get any lunch or dinner. Let’s see how you like that. And just so I don’t hear you complaining, I brought back this.”

Goddess pulled out the inflatable gag that Keiko thought she had seen the last of, and shoved it into her mouth, and inflated it until it felt to Keiko the her jaw was about to break.


Keiko nodded not want to disagree any more and make things worse.

“Well then, I guess I’ll have to inflate this more. This is supposed to be punishment after all,” and she pumped up the gag still more until Keiko screamed.

“I think that will do for now. Enjoy dear. See you in the morning.”

The rest of the night was completely hellish for Keiko. As time passed not only did her jaw hurt more and more, but she realized just how dependent she had become on being fed every six hours,(not to mention the snacks lately), and as her body demanded food the hunger pains became so excruciating that she felt like she was being torn apart from the inside. The lack of food caused cramping, headaches, shaking and nausea.

By the time Goddess returned in the morning with Keiko’s feeding servants, she was delirious and would do anything to stop the pain and get something to eat.

“Are you sorry for arguing with me?” Goddess asked.

Keiko nodded. At this point she would have apologized for anything Goddess asked. She just wanted FOOD! The more the better.

“Are you ever going to argue with me again?”

Keiko shook her head.

“Good. If you ever do I’ll make this look like a walk in the park!”

Goddess took out the gag, told the servants to feed Keiko and left.

Food was wonderful. That was the only thing Keiko could think as she ate.

She ate everything the servants had brought and asked for another full round, then a third. Finally she had enough and was able to get some sleep.

Keiko woke up feeling sore in several places and with a none to clear mind.

She opened her eyes to get her bearings and the first thing she saw shocked her so badly she nearly fainted.

The first thing that met her gaze was the mirror over the bed. Her reflection showed that while she had slept Goddess had fulfilled her promise. Her chest now sported her new breasts and it looked like she was trying to smuggle a pair of water melons under her muumuu.

She also noticed, once she got over her shock enough to look at the rest of her body, that she seemed to fill more of the bed that she had the day before.

Her hips, which had been spreading considerably on their own, now barely fit inside the frame of the water bed. Keiko did not understand how this could be.

It troubled her that she could have gained that much weight over night. What was worse, was the fact that she was secretly pleased with her new figure.

“Good morning Keiko,” said goddess as she walked in. “How are you feeling today?'

“I’m not sure Goddess, I’m sore all over and I feel nauseous.”

“Well most people do after surgery. Let’s see if a little food will help you feel better.”

Goddess rang the bell to summon servants and immediately a meal larger than any other Keiko had eaten was rolled in.

“This is the last time you will be fed in that bed. You see, while you slept you were given your new breasts, and since I was feeling generous, you were also given implants in your hips and buttocks. They are large enough that they just might help counter balance your wonderful new bosom. Once the implants were in we re-weighed you and found that you had reached, nay surpassed the goal of 400 lb.

“So, now it is time for you to start getting used to your new body. After breakfast you will be released from the restraints and allowed to join the rest of our little community. Would you like that?”

“Yes Goddess. Thank you,” replied Keiko.

“Good, then eat up!”.

And Keiko did just that. She finished her meal in record time, including seconds.

After finishing everything put before her the servants removed the restraints and started massaging her limbs.

“We are going to start draining the water now,” said one of the girls, “remember that you haven’t moved at all in weeks and to take things very slowly. Since you have not had a chance to build the muscles necessary to move around with your new beauty, we are going to help you get up, get dressed and moving.

“You will be spending your first couple of weeks in a wheel chair and under going physical therapy to gain strength. You will feeding yourself from now on and that in itself will help you build arm strength.”

As the water drained from the bed Keiko’s bulk settled to the bottom of the frame. The pressure of her own body on the un-cushioned bottom framed became painful very quickly. As more and more of the water drained away, she began to feel all of her weight settle on her bones and make them ache.

After all of the water was gone, the servants toweled Keiko dry, then four of them raised the bed to a vertical position and helped Keiko to step out of the box.

Keiko couldn’t even come close to supporting her own weight right now, so she let them do it for her.

Next, one of the servants brought in an armful of clothing for her to wear.

“I am going to leave the ‘plumbing’ in place for now,” said Goddess, “after you are strong enough to take care of your own needs in that area, I will decide whether or not to give you back control over that part of your life.”

The first piece of clothing for Keiko to don looked like a bra, but with extra straps hanging off of the back and what appeared to be a sling of some kind at the end of these. The whole thing was made of heavy white rubber and had no hooks or buckles of any kind. Two of the servants stretched the bra straps wide enough to fit over Keiko’s frame and lowered it over her head and down to just under her new breasts.

They eased it back in to her skin and lifted the cups around her bosom, then brought the straps up over her shoulders giving support to her now ample chest.

Next Keiko felt the straps at the back of the bra being stretched down her back and felt the sling being snugged up under her ass, giving more support to her tits and surprisingly supporting her ass as well.

White rubber stockings were then rolled up her legs, encasing them completely and compressing the flesh with a strangely erotic feel. Garters were attached to the harness on her torso and the stockings as well so that they would not slip off.

White rubber panties followed to encase her waist, and the tube for her ‘plumbing’ was fed through a hole in the panties.

Next came the gloves. They were shoulder length and also made of white rubber. These attached by clips to the shoulder straps of her bra, making sure that they would not slide down and wrinkle in an unseemly manner.

A hood was then fitted on her head. The hood was also white rubber and covered her neck, face and ears, but leaving her hair, eyes and mouth free. This also attached to the torso harness making sure that it would not slip or come off easily.

The outer garments came next, all in purple rubber.

First was a blouse. It had a high collar, leg-o-mutton sleeves with ruffled cuffs and layers of ruffles down the front to accentuate her bust even more that it already was.

Over this was placed a very full skirt with cascading ruffles down the back over her ass all the way to the floor and a ruffled hem at the bottom.

A white rubber belt was put around her mid-riff and closed with a padlock.

Finally, came the shoes.

These were boots, also of purple rubber, that came up to her knees with six inch spike heels. Instead of laces where the eyelet’s were, there was a row of tiny padlocks up the outside seam of each boot.

Keiko could tell that she would not be getting undressed on her own. Between the locks and her current lack of strength that was never in doubt.

The servants then brought a mirror in front of Keiko to let her see herself.

She could not believe her eyes! Staring back at her from the mirror was a surpassingly beautiful figure. The effects of Goddess' work were stunning.

This massive figure completely encased in latex with her hair flowing free down her back was strangely compelling and erotic. Knowing that the figure was her and that she was helpless to change the situation only served to fascinate her even more.

Her new breasts protruded about 1 1/2 feet in front of her and with the abundant ruffles looked like they could breast feed an entire nursery full of babies. Her belly was large enough to rival any of the servants present, while her hips guaranteed that she would never use a normal door again.

And her ass, oh her ass! It was so huge that it looked like she was wearing a bustle on top of a naturally large rear. Again, the ruffles only serving to make her appear larger than she already was.

She had not believed it at first, but Goddess had been right. She found the figure staring back at her beautiful beyond compare and knew that the only way to make it more beautiful was for her to get larger and fatter. The fatter the better!

An electric cart was then brought in for Keiko to use to get around. It had an extra wide seat and heavy duty suspension to support her weight. It also had a tray that could fold up over the handle bars and, she was sure, be used as a table when she was eating.

“Now that you are properly dressed, would you like a tour of the house and grounds?” asked Goddess.

Despite being tired from her minimal yet strenuous exertions Keiko said, “Yes ma’am, I would like that very much.”

“Where would you like to start then?”

“How about the kitchen?”

“Are you hungry again already?”

Sheepishly Keiko answered “Yes Goddess.”

“Then the kitchens it is!”