Kawy’s Adventure

Kawy’s Adventure

Kawada was not happy. She had just moved over to the States from Japan and wasn’t really looking forward to anything. She dumped her bags in the apartment her company had pre-paid for the first couple months. She surveyed her new ‘home.’ It wasn’t really a small apartment, she thought. In fact, she realized, it’s pretty nice. It’s got a real big living room with a TV, and a nice sized kitchen. As she thought this last bit, her stomach growled. I’m hungry, she thought, haven’t eaten since the damn plane, and that was a crap meal.

Usually Kawy, as people called her, never really bothered with meals. Used to a sink and a microwave as a kitchen, her main food had been a couple ramen noodle boxes a day, not exactly gourmet nor fattening. Because of this, she had a very slight build, 93 lbs and 5'1, even for an Asian girl of 23.

Screw it, she said to herself, New country, new food, I’ll order out tonight. She got out the phone book and ordered a famous American pizza. She relaxed on the couch, eagerly awaiting it, and while waiting began to think about herself. She wasn’t happy about her body, blaming her non-existent chest for everything though. She had had sex once, and it hadn’t really been that enjoyable. She was just depressed by the time the pizza came and shoved the money with a minimal tip at the pizza boy, shut the door, turned on the TV and started eating.

She had finished off four slices before she decided to stop. It wasn’t that she was full; she just wanted to get to sleep early.

She got ready for work the next morning, after a good night’s sleep. She ate a cold slice for breakfast and, thinking about it, grabbed a second for a snack on the way to work. When she got to work, she kinda wandered about before someone finally attended her. May I help you? she heard from behind her and spun around, almost hitting him. He was easily a foot taller than her, darkly tanned and ruggedly handsome with a stunning body. He smiled at her Are you the one coming over from Japan? Kawada was it? he extended his hand to her, I’m Tom. Let me show you to your office, miss.

Although trying to be sly about it, she found herself sneaking more and more obvious glances at him. Stop it, she thought to herself, you’re too old for schoolgirl crushesthough he IS awful cute isn’t he? He finally stopped in front of a fairly nice office with a nice desk and chair. Well, this is it. He smiled, If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. You already know your job, lunch is at noon till 1:00; work gets off at 4:30.

She nodded to him, still a bit unsure about her accent, and blushed deeply when he noticed this. It’s ok, I’ve heard far worse English than whatever you can speak. And, since you probably don’t know any restaurants, would you like to come with me? There’s a few office faves around here.

Y-yes, that would be very good, she stammered out, embarrassed about her chopped dialogue.

That wasn’t that bad at all, he assured her, In fact, if I didn’t know better, I wouldn’t have spotted it. He smiled again at her, I’ll see you at noon, Kawada.

B-bye, Tom, She blushed deeply when he turned his back, ashamed of herself for feeling like this about a man she just met.

Work was boring and she couldn’t stop thinking about lunch with Tom. She found herself writing Tom when she was doing work, even when talking to herself she let loose many a Freudian slips.

Finally, noon came and she practically bounded out her office, running smack into Tom. He chuckled at her haste, It’s ok, I’m sure they’ll have food left when we get there. Do you mind if I call you Kawy?

Not at all! she practically shouted at him in joy. He’s being friendly, she thought, does he like me? I hope so; he’s so cute!

They drove while engaging in some small talk to a little deli off a bit. She didn’t notice that none of the other office workers were there as they took a table. Mind if I order for you, Kawy? Tom asked, I know what’s good and what’s great here.

Sure, absolutely, she said, staring directly at him, never even taking a glance at the menu.

Ok then, Tom said, then turned to address the register-monkey, I’d like a full-sized Turkey breast with mayo and the little lady would like a small Chicken Salad with extra sauce, a small Italian Mix with bacon on it and double cheese, and a full-sized Deli Dessert with triple chocolate sauce.

She almost fainted at the amount of food he had ordered for him. She started to protest, then decided against it. She could just eat some of each of them and be full, she thought, and that way she wouldn’t offend him.

He came back with their order and two colas. Another change for me, she thought thinking back to drinking nothing but water. Try the Italian first, he said, and then the chicken, and if ya feel like it, the Deli Dessert, which is a specialty here.

What’s in these, and why didn’t you get any of them? she asked puzzled.

Well, to answer your second question, I’m not that hungry, and the first, the chicken salad’s just some of their chicken salad which they pour homemade thousand island over. The Italian Mix is Salami, Bologna, and a couple other meats I don’t know about, and I added bacon to it for taste. Then the Deli Dessert is a layer of cheesecake, a layer of ice cream, a layer of sponge cake, all topped with cinnamon and chocolate sauce. It’s really great!

She began with the chicken, as Tom had suggested, and found it was delicious. Before she knew it, she had devoured the full thing. She looked a bit embarrassed and Tom, who had been watching her the whole time, commented Don’t feel bad, their food can do that to you. It’s worth it though, isn’t it?

He didn’t need a reply as she dug into her Italian Mix, savoring every bite. She soon had it finished, during which Tom had eaten his turkey. I’m way too full for that last one, she crooned out, clutching her stuffed stomach. You can have it.

He looked downtrodden for a second, then said, How about we split it? It’s already cut after all. She nodded glumly, not wanting to go against whatever Tom said, and ate it. She discovered it was absolutely the best thing she had EVER eaten!! Tom saw the look as he finished off his half, feeling a bit full himself. Good?

Oh yes!! Can we come here every day? She blushed as she realized the implication that went with her question.

Sure, he said, smiling the whole time. I’d absolutely love to.

She knew then that she was smitten.

Two weeks passed with this as the routine. She also ordered pizza every night and learned her favorite was a Meat Lover’s Big New Yorker from Pizza Hut. She soon was finishing off the smalls by morning and by the second week was ordering a small with an order of breadsticks so she’d have some leftovers for morning.

Though she hadn’t noticed any weight gain, since she had never had it happen to her before, others had. She had put on a good amount of weight for two weeks, most people guessed at least seven lbs, maybe even 10. It was actually 11-and-a-half on the 14th day. Her clothes had gotten noticeably tight, most so her ass, which now could actually be seen when she wore pants. All of her clothes were getting tight, but she just figured it was the American water and that this happened to all foreign clothes.

Tom had noticed the most, although he hadn’t noticed the three that had gone nto his muscular frame. He knew she loved him and he didn’t mind it. He didn’t mind it at all, for he thought fondly of her but knew he had to get her a bit heavier.

Hey, Tom! Kawy said as she walked in, skirt riding a half inch higher than when she had arrived. She was munching on a Twinkie, a snack the workers had introduced her to, the cheapest in the vending machines.

Hey, Kawy, like the Twinkies? he asked in a friendly tone, though extremely curious, for a Twinkie is quite fattening.

Yeah, they’re pretty good I guess, Kawy said. Good, thought Tom, she’s eating food she doesn’t even like that much.

They went to their deli that afternoon. Kawy was now ordering her own food and had tried a few things that had easily become her favorites. She had no real thought about the calories or fat, never having thought about it in Japan.

Ill take two full-sized Deli Desserts with extra chocolate and double the cheesecake. I’ll also have a full-sized Italian Mix with all the meat doubled, add triple bacon. Annnd, let’s see, she scanned the menu, looking for something she hadn’t had yet, I’ll take a full meatball sub, please. Oh yeah, and a chocolate shake to drink, please.

Tom looked up and realized the meatball sub was new and felt his stomach growling. Give me a couple meatball subs and a coke please. When they got their food, they munched down in silence, full attention being paid to the food. Tom finished first and was still hungry he realized. I wonder if getting Kawy fatter has caused me to eat more, he thought briefly, then ordered an Italian for the road as Kawy finished up.

Their relationship was becoming more than friendly, but he didn’t want it to develop yet. Not until she did, he thought.

Two full months after she had arrived, the gain was undeniable, even to the ignorant Kawada. She had gained an easy 40 lbs since arriving, the majority of it going to her newly formed belly. She now had a nice looking ass and a belly that was protruding an inch from her former belt line. Her bust had also increased nicely, now up to a B cup. She went out and got new clothes, more pleased with this weight than the average American would be. She now had a real body, she realized, and was by no means even plump yet. Her current weight was 136, which, even at 5'1, was not that much.

Kevin had also started eating more and more and had gained almost 20 by the end of the two months. He wasn’t quite as pleased with it as Kawy was. Not only had he gained 20 lbs, but hadn’t had time to exercise, so had actually gained more fat than that. He was starting to develop man boobs, he noticed, and a gut was beginning to bloom.

They now took the full hour to eat their lunch and rarely had conversations, even eating on the road. Kawy’s desk was covered in snacks and their respective wrappings. The office workers had noticed this, especially after the new clothes, and had started a game of bringing her snacks, which were also taking their toll.

That night, as Kawy was leaving the building, Tom caught up with her. Hey Kawy, would you like to have dinner tonight? There’s a bar I hang out at some that you might like.

She was so happy!! She had waited two months for this, and he had asked her out. Sure, to a bar, but she was still happy. She gave him an eager yes and asked for directions. They met at the bar, Archrivals. There was a heavy waitress getting the drinks, and Kawy could see Tom’s eyes occasionally gazing at her huge double chin. She was feeling fairly dejected by the time she actually asked for their order. I just want a beer and a double burger, she said, hoping the beer would calm her.

Tom ordered the same, then whispered something to the waitress which caused her to giggle enough her chin shook. Kawy downed the beer when it came, and the next one, and the next. She was roaring drunk by the time they left, but Tom said nothing to get her excited. He drove her home and made sure she was comfortable in her room. He noticed the empty pizza boxes and smiled to himself. He also made a point of stocking her fridge with some Bud for her, though getting some for himself.

Soon they were going here every night, though Kawy made sure not to drink more than a single beer a night. She and Tom were now having lunch and dinner together every weekday, but still neither had asked the other out. Kawy was too shy and Tom wanted to see just how big she’d get, slowly losing his loving feelings for her and developing much more of an experimental feel for her.

After two more months had passed, Kawy was definitely chubby. She was now a full 178 lbs, gaining over 40 lbs in the last two months!! She had also gotten horribly out of shape, going from biking for an hour a day to watching tv and sitting around all day. Her gut was the most impressive thing, at 5'1 hanging down an inch below her waistline. She was now wearing a tight D cup, and her thighs had long since developed cellulite on them. Her ass was beginning to cushion her seat whenever she sat, and she knew she was now definitely heavy, but didn’t care. She had become depressed as Tom had yet to ask her out, even after seeing her huge love, so she had drowned herself in booze.

Kevin had done no better, the bar-a-night taking its toll. He had gained 30 lbs these months and was even less out of shape. He now had a clear beer belly and A cup man boobs. He decided this was Kawy’s fault and thought the next day he would start revenge against her and make her happy.

Their days went by as usual, though Kawy was now NEVER seen without a snack in hand, often one in each. She had developed a full double chin, though nothing like the waitress’s she thought, and the co-workers were bringing snacks by constantly. Her employer was disappointed at her lack of work after such high marks in Japan. They gave her a very stern lecture and said that she’d soon have to find another job if things didn’t improve. She was near tears by the end of work, when Tom came up to her and asked her the question she’d been waiting to hear for four months.

Hey, Kawy, you want to come over to my place?

Though she had noticed his recent gain in poundage, she didn’t really dislike it, not at all. She instantly said, Yes! and hugged him deeply. They got to his place, and he asked her to put a blindfold on. Though she thought it odd, she agreed to it. He led her through a door, then through another door. She felt a comfortable bed against her back and couldn’t have been happier. Then she felt the clamps.

Her blindfold came off and she saw the funnel and tube. She saw herself tied to his bed, and him standing over her with a sneer on his face. You’ve wanted to come over since you got here, now you’re here. Be happy!! He shouted this as he plugged her mouth with the tube and began pouring a gruel he had made to be as fattening as possible down her throat.

Two more weeks went by and this time, the gain was much more noticeable. She was now well over 200 lbs and was horribly out of shape. She had a hanging belly that was stretched taut every meal by the feedings. But, she realized to herself one day as she had managed to loosen herself enough to cup her belly, I’m finally happy. She then tightened herself back up and began sucking on the feeding tube.