Katie’s Dream

Katie’s Dream By matrixsim2 (formerly s3rebel)

Katie was a thin girl, well, except in her dreams. There she was as fat as she could imagine. Katie was always wanting to gain weight, but never could. She stood 5'6 and a slim 125 pounds. Her parents were proud that she always kept her weight down, especially since they were overweight.

Katie never told her parents about her dreams; she told no one. But one day, she received a letter in the mail. Have All Your Dreams Come True And More was the title of the letter. Katie read it and had a grin on her face. She could have her body plumped up and then get rid of it; this would make her day. She packed her things, left a note for her parents and took off.

Katie arrived at the location on the letter. She walked in and met the receptionist. She greeted her and took her to see Dr. Bendova. He talked to her about everything and she agreed. She would be put into a dream state and could live out her fantasy. Katie prepared for the trip and was sent into the dream state by Dr. Bendova.

Katie awoke in her bed, and heard nothing but her stomach rumble. She walked around the second floor to see if anyone was there. The house was empty. She was in her pajamas, and didn’t care. She walked downstairs and found that the table was covered in food. Her stomach rumbled again, she walked over to the table and started to eat. She continued to eat until the table was empty. Her pajamas were tight on her plumped body. She was amazed. She was happy.

Katie walked upstairs and found a scale. Her old weight was 125 pounds, so she couldn’t wait to see what she was now. The scale stopped at 145 pounds. She jumped up and down. She had already gained 20 pounds. Her belly rumbled again. I can’t be hungry already? questioned Katie to herself. She was suddenly overcome with hunger. She ran downstairs and opened the fridge and began to stuff herself. She couldn’t stop. Her belly was growing bigger and bigger. She was loving it.

After around 25 minutes or so, she stopped. Her clothes were barely on her, since she put on almost 100 pounds by now. She struggled to her feet and looked down. All she saw was her massive belly, but above that were her nicely formed breasts. They’d grown a large amount. She was a C cup beforehand; she must have been a DD by now. Katie looked in a mirror and was amazed. Her body was huge. She went to the scale to check her new weight. The scale sped past 145, and landed on 215 pounds.

She was so happy. She had almost gained a total of 100 pounds since her dream started.

Katie found some clothes that would fit her and went downstairs. Her newly formed belly bounced up and down with every step. She went out to the backyard. She found a lawn chair and sat down. Her hips were too big to fit into the chair, so once she forced herself through, the chair gave out and Katie was on her plump ass. She was a little embarrassed, but fine with it. She went back inside and decided to order a pizza. She picked up the phone and something came over her. Instead of ordering one pizza, she got three pizzas and several side dishes. Her belly was in control of her.

Once the pizza arrived, she stuffed it down her mouth and was satisfied. She sat on the couch, watching TV for about 45 minutes, before wanting more food. She went to the fridge, and grabbed as much as she could, and walked back to the couch. She began stuffing her face, letting her belly grow bigger and her clothes grow tighter. After 20 minutes, her belly was forcing her shirt up and only covering her now bigger tits. She moved the food and took off her straining top, then her bra. Her breasts flopped down onto her swollen belly. They were about an E cup now, and were going to be bigger. She removed her shorts and panties, now sitting on the couch naked and continued to stuff her face.

Once all the food was gone, Katie grabbed the bottom of her stuffed belly and rubbed it. She couldn’t believe that she was finally living her dream. She belched and then attempted to get off the couch, but couldn’t. Her belly was forcing her to stay seated. She pushed herself up as hard as she could and made it, almost falling forward. Her belly jiggled and her ass as well.

Katie walked, well, actually now waddled, upstairs. She stepped on the scale was even more excited now. She surpassed 215 pounds, obviously, and reached a new record of 297 pounds. She was almost 300 pounds!!! She couldn’t believe it!! She walked into her mother’s room and tried to find something to put on. She found a large pair of panties and a large pair of sweatpants. She couldn’t find a bra, but she didn’t think it mattered. She found a very large t-shirt, but her belly still was shown underneath it. She put on her sandals and sunglasses and went outside. She took $500 from her parent’s room and was going to make several food stops.

She got into her car and headed to McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and any other fast food stop near her. She ordered several meals from each place. She was getting extremely full, but was still eating. Her belly was hanging over the waistband of her pants, so she headed to the mall for a clothes run. She still had about $230 when she got to the mall.

She got many stares now as she entered Wal-Mart. The manager stopped her outside and warned her that they might not have her size there. Katie didn’t care and went in anyway. She found some clothes, that she figured would fit. They did, well, kind of. She paid for them and stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home. She finished off the remaining $200 on food. She walked in and was stuffed to the max. Her belly was sore, but she felt good. She waddled upstairs and didn’t bother weighing herself. She just wanted to sleep.

The next morning, Katie was awoken to the phone ringing. It was Dr. Bendova, telling her that the dream state would last five more hours in her world, and then she would return to reality.

So Katie decided that she would stuff herself for the remainder of the time. She got out of bed and stood there naked. She looked in the mirror and smiled. Her body had grown triple its size since yesterday morning.

She waddled into the bathroom and stood on the scale. She couldn’t wait…387 pounds. She never imagined that she would be this heavy. Moving was difficult, but she managed. She waddled to the top of the stairs and slowly moved down, with part of her massive body jiggling with every step. She went onto the couch and laid there. She was a beached whale there. Her massive belly hung and her watermelon sized breasts just sat there on top of her belly.

Katie was getting extremely hungry, so she decided to move from the couch to the fridge. She found the clothes from yesterday on a chair, and attempted to put them on. She couldn’t get her sweatpants over her thighs and her shirt only went past her massive tits. She didn’t care. She then sat in front of the fridge and began stuffing her face. She was eating at a much faster rate.

After around 3-1/2 hours, Katie had cleaned out the fridge.

Her clothes were tighter than ever. Her pants weren’t able to cover her massive ass anymore and her shirt was stretched with the new size of her breasts. She struggled to her feet, which she could no longer see, and waddled to the couch. She only had an hour and a half left, so she needed to make the best of it. She called ever delivery place in town and ordered a ton of food. She just paid with money she found.

Once the food got there, the deliver boys stared at Katie’s body and mainly her giant JJ breasts. She poured the food onto the couch and continued to stuff her fat face. Her body was growing bigger and forcing her clothes off her body.

Eventually she heard a loud rip, and realized that her pants had given out. Then about 20 minutes later, her giant breasts flopped out of her ripped shirt and onto her massive gut.

With only 10 minutes left, Katie had finished all the food and was naked on the floor with food crumbs all over her. She got up and struggled upstairs. She needed to weigh herself one last time. She climbed on the scale and watched the dial go past her old weight. She was thinking about the last two days. She’d gone from 125 to over 400 pounds. She looked down and saw the final number….498 pounds. Only 2 more and she would have been 500, but there was no way to gain two pounds.

She saw a carton of butter sitting on the sink. She didn’t question why, but she needed that butter. She reached her fat arm out and grabbed it. She ate six sticks of butter and managed to gain that two pounds. She had now gone from 125 pounds to a massive 500 pounds in only 29 hours. She knew that she’d never gain 375 pounds again….or would she?