Joyous At Last - I

Joyous At Last By Jedcy

Part One

What is worse - perpetual and atrocious ridicule or incurable loneliness?

Beth Jansen suffered both. Every day at school she was embarrassed and deeply hurt by the vicious tongues of her heartless classmates because she was overweight. She had just moved to Johnsville, a relatively small town in the mid-west of the US. Her father had quickly moved from New York City because he was a wanted criminal. Her mother loved her father immensely. She was attached to him and agreed with all his actions and words regardless. Beth had two stunningly beautiful older sisters Luise (16) and Gina (19), who had many boyfriends over time but had a major fault: undeniable stupidity. Men easily slept w/ them and just as easily left them, leaving holes in their hearts. They took their anger out on their defenseless 13 yr. old sister with vile words. Beth thought many times that suicide was the only remedy. Her attempts failed, fortunately.

Beth found sanctuary in eating, gluttony. Her dad had gotten rich off drug money and illegal gambling, so attaining money to purchase mass amounts of foods wasn’t difficult. She would go on fifty dollar shopping sprees after school and masticate. She’d buy macaroni and cheese, bagel bites, fried chicken, French fries, burgers, hotdogs, and many more fattening foods. She could remember the first day she began her feasts.

It was Christmas, and she was heart broken, home alone. Her parents had gone on vacation, and Luise was out partying. Gina’d married during college and already had a child. So, Beth was home alone, looking out at a white Christmas in which most kids her age were joyous. She slowly turned to the Christmas tree, imagined how her peers were probably receiving great gifts like computers, videogames, dolls, toys, construction sets, and began sobbing. Last year her dad had gotten her a case of Slim-Fast, her mom had bought her a Richard Simmons video, and her sisters a poorly made cake. She turn to her presents and slowly unwrapped them in tears of depression. Luise had gotten her a pacifier with a note that read: I see you crying all the time - here have this, you fat brat. Gina had gotten her a more uplifting present that read: Here’s some make up I used to wear when I was your age, love Gina. Then things got better: her dad gave her the code to a hidden treasure box filled with cash! Then her mom revealed a secret place in the basement where her Christmas dinner awaited her.

When she arrived at her dinner, she was filled with awe. A basket of biscuits, a whole seasoned turkey, chicken breast, wings, and legs, sausages, bacon, salads (so?), lasagna, pizza, And it only got better! A whole table full of Jell-O, ice cream, cookies, chocolates oh, chocolates. She ran to the table of meats and began to voraciously munch on the turkey. She tore it up! Literally. She grabbed a slice of pizza while chewing a mouthful of biscuits, and gouged a whole chug of milk that poured all of her body. Her shirt was only getting in the way of her gluttony so, she took it off, revealing her size b cup breast. It gave her a chill down her spine. She’d never known sexual pleasure before this day, so she was oblivious and curious of the sensual feeling, but continued her pizza. She helped it down with fruit punch, before giving out a very unexpected burp. She wasn’t even close to being finished. She greedily ate her chicken with velocity, forgetting to breathe. Her stomach was expanding and she had pain in her ribs.

She laid on her side and began patting her belly in satisfaction. Eyes closed, she was happy for once, she thought. She opened her eyes and realized her meal hadn’t even started. She slowly rose, sitting on the table, and drank more milk, plenty of it covering her small breasts, chilling her nipples ‘til they became erect. She then began devouring the bacon and lasagna mercilessly. Her stomach was in excruciating pain, but she could care less. Her belly was really bulging out. The greasiness of the sausage and lasagna ran like a stream down her tender body, and down the hill of her belly. She lied down on her back looking at the ceiling of this wonderful room, and closed her, eyes falling asleep.

When she awoke, it was still nighttime, and her belly was ready to take more pain. She looked around to find her table of meats was decimated. She sighed but saw one extremely juicy sausage left. She began to eat it slowly, sloppily allowing the juices to cover her body and breasts with its juices. She began to caress her belly with her fingertips, and somehow they landed in her inexperienced pussy lips. She massaged her the lips, and they became wet with excitement. She inserted two fingers in and before long had built a very appeasing orgasm. She lay there, cold and curious. She hurried over to the dessert table and masticated ‘til she was devastatingly stuffed and was on the floor crying from the pain. But she was happy. And fell asleep with her fingers between her legs, and her hands stroking her tummy diligently. Before this meal she could easily see her toes, now she couldn’t, not even close.

After the meal of her lifetime, she trudged over to the scale. She was shocked! Before the meal, she was 4'9 and 135, but now she’d gained 17 pounds! She smiled in amazement.

But that was a year and a ago. Now, she weighed 225 pounds and was 5'3!! These days were the best of her life. Unfortunately, good times fade.

Her sisters were long gone, but Beth was still in a depression. No one loved her, and she was the victim of preposterous teasing in middle school. Eating could not cure the deepness of her sadness. She many times thought there was no reason to live. Her depression was once more mounting to suicide. She packed all her clothes and left a good-bye note to her parents explaining her melancholy. She went to a pawn shop and purchased a hand gun for $1000. She then headed to school, dressing in ridiculously revealing clothes. She wore a tight shirt which failed to conceal her humongous belly. Hip-hugging, skin-hugging jeans which couldn’t hold back her enormous, protruding and ballistic jiggling booty. Every piece of her cellulite thighs were free to view, and her now size 32 c cup breast had no bra to constrain them.

For once in her life, the heads of guys were turning - some in shock and disgust, others in admiration. She didn’t really notice the guys. It was the heads of the girls who turned in shock and jealousy of her now exposed luscious body parts, which bounced and jiggled harmoniously with every step like music in a symphony. Guys started flirting with her, but she ignored them. Even the cutest of them. She recalled that they’d all made fun of her at some point, and forgiveness wasn’t in her book.

In her last period class, her feelings of suicide disappeared when a ravishing blond-haired, green-eyed lady was substituting. She was BIG. Her gigantic belly befuddled Beth. Her dangerously provocative booty just bounced away and her breasts. Her wonderful melon-sized, full and pendulous breasts. She was short but very beautiful. She was around 5'6’ and looked around 270 pounds!

She and Beth engaged in eye contact. Beth nearly wet her pants. Her name was Miss Angel - and was she. Her voice held Beth in a trance and Beth daydreamed all class. During bathroom break she masturbated and hit orgasms that were satisfying, but her lust for Angel was too succumbing. After class Beth didn’t gain any information and was shocked to here they were taking a quiz on the subject next class. She was at a state of distress and had to get notes somehow, but she had no friends. Her only hope was to confess her daydreaming and hope Miss Angel would be courteous.

M-Miss Angel, I- uh, I wasn’t paying any attention, and don’t understand what we’re going to do for the quiz. I’m soooo sorry; can you please give me a copy of the notes? she pleaded.

Well, Beth, how do you figure giving you the notes is gonna help you understand it? Should’ve paid attention like the rest of the class, Miss Angel responded slyly.

I know, I’m so sorry!!! Please can I have a chance? she begged.

Shouldn’t have been dreaming about a boy who ain’t neva gonna date you! the teacher said wickedly.

But I wasn’t day dreaming about a boy! Beth argued.

Don’t lie to me, young girl! I’ve been substituting for 15 yrs. And I know when a girl is lusting over something outta their reach!! she snarled in her strong southern accent.

I wasn’t dreaming over a guy, I was lusting over you she complained before realizing her embarrassing remark, and she ran out of class in tears, suicide becoming an option once more. Before she was off campus, insanely popular Jenna Portis halted her and invited her over to a pool party, bribing her with promises of a lot of hot guys, beer and food. It was Beth’s first party invitation. Ever. All she had to do was dress as sexy as possible.

The party began at 9 pm, and Beth went there dressed in a bikini with jeans. She had a whole table for herself. A dessert table. She gorged endlessly, stuffing her enormous belly with cookies, and chips, and fruit punch. A whole table consisting of snacks and beer had been consumed by Beth. She was drunk beyond all means, and her incredibly swollen belly had caught the eyes of a bunch of horny studs who were in high school. Three of them carried her to a room, and she began to kiss one of them while another undressed her from behind. She was stark naked in a matter of seconds. The three lucky gentlemen paused as they watched her wonderful body. Huge ass and tits. What else could you possibly ask for?

She let out a huge belch. They all fell laughing. She smiled, and they offered her cake. She began munching on it, her face greedily chewing on it. Plenty of the icing fell on her breasts where one of the males began to suckle slow and strong. He wrapped his hand around her voluptuous body, and another came from behind and started sucking on her neck. She was in complete joy. They injected their penises in her vagina and ass crack. They worked her fast, doing all they could to please her. She moaned and screamed vulgarity, but was soon quieted when a 3rd cock entered her mouth. Her breasts bounced violently as the cocks pounded her wet and throbbing pussy. She sucked on the dick in her mouth with increasing velocity, the pre-sperm liquid dripping down her lip, and covering her face when the cock accidentally popped out do to the pumping of her body by the continual pummeling of her vagina. She was in immeasurable pain and ecstasy. She had an orgasm, but her thirst for sex only increased, in the humidity of the breast sucking, and pussy pounding. Her pussy juice completely covered one man’s dick; as he ejaculated all over her face, she could barely even see.

She then laid on face to face with one guy and kneeled, while riding his cock which disappeared between the flabbiness of her legs. She took the other two cocks and sucked alternatively in her longing cheeks. Fast, powerful, cock sucking and masturbation while smothering a penis. She felt a huge orgasm arriving and screamed as the cataclysm of wet pussy juice exiting her body, and ounces of cum covered her face. She then passed out in total ecstasy.

She awoke the next morning with a terrible hang-over. That was the first of bad things to come. She slowly trotted downstairs where a ferocious confrontation with Jenna took place. Beth had obliviously slept with Jenna’s boyfriend. The enraged Jenna cursed Beth before Beth departed. When Beth arrived home she was terrified by her discovery. Tons of the police had populated her yard and were undergoing an investigation. Beth felt a pain conquer her belly. Did her mom find the note about my suicide plans? Did the cops find out? This was horrid.

Beth scurried over the scene to reveal the truth that she was alive, but to her dismay her assumptions were indisputably wrong. Her father was under arrest. When she saw his befuddled eyes, a lump found its place in her throat.

This can’t be happening, she thought. She ran to her father, tears forming in her eyes. The cops wouldn’t let her near him as she began to cry in disbelief. She screamed and kicked uncontrollably, but the cops’ force was too strong. Her father was taken away in shackles. She held emotions of undeniable guilt and pain, entering her room exactly how she left it. The note hadn’t been touched, which increased her sorrow. She then buried her face into her pillow, sobbing salty tears of bitter anger and despair.

Shut the fuck up you fat ass brat! commanded an all too familiar voice. You haven’t been through shit yet! Her mother scolded her. Her mom was never a pleasantry or beauty. She had always been disgusted with Beth, maybe because Beth resembled her to some degree. Her mom was relatively short, standing 5'5, and weighed an astounding 230 lbs.! She had impressive size D-cup breasts and a very protruding stomach. She had flabby arms and legs with no curves to compliment her big body. Beth ceased her tears, in a state of confusion. Her mother was dressed in only a silk see-thru wardrobe. Her enormous breasts were free for viewing. This excited Beth a bit, before she realized that she was lusting over her mom’s gorgeous belly and breasts. Her mom then left the room covering her sobbing face with her hands. The thought of losing her husband was too much to bear.

Weeks later, while Beth was checking the mail, a police officer came to her yard with a disturbed facial expression. His news was the nail in the coffin for her mother; Beth’s dad had been murdered in jail by a couple of former gang rivals. Her mom fainted when the news was shared. Her tears had no impediments that night. Beth could care less; she knew where all the money to survive was stashed. The next day, after another grueling day at school, she was lying in bed and enjoying cake for snack and watching TV, when she heard moans and groans from her mom’s bedroom. Beth walked silently to the source of the noises and peeked to find her mom gorging down cakes completely naked. Her creamy breasts were entirely visible, and icing and was messily scattered all over them. She engulfed the chocolate cake relentlessly, and she was drinking milk out of a gallon. The milk that didn’t make it to her throat was running down her breasts and belly like a river. Her other hand was occupied as well, using a zucchini to masturbate. Somehow Beth’s fingers found their way in her pants.

After the meal, Beth’s mother’s belly was impossibly gibbous! She was massaging her belly, with her fingertips, whispering to herself.

Somebody, anybody feed me; feed me, please, she pleaded.

I’ll feed you, mommy, Beth answered while slowly walking to her mom. She took off her shirt, considering it was a distraction. On her way to her obese mom she grab a zucchini and a milk chug. She sat on her mom’s belly seductively, and gently pushed the gigantic vegetable into her mom’s mouth. Her mom serenely chewed on the zucchini, eyes closed. Her mom purred a bit and began to sensuously rock her body. After the zucchini her mom snatched Beth’s booty with incredible force and lunged her daughter closer to her.

Kiss me, sweetheart, she eloquently recited. Then she pulled Beth’s head close to her, and their longing tongues embraced. Beth kissed her mouth with titanic passion and stamina. Beth greedily grabbed every piece of her mom possibly, as she lay on top of her. Their mouths were engulfing forcefully at each other for many minutes, before Beth began to suck on her mom’s neck. Her mom wrapped her flabby hands around Beth and squeezed tremendously while Beth powerfully suckled on her moms nipples with an insatiable thirst for the luscious skin. She sucked and sucked, while her mother rolled around the floor in pure ecstasy. Then her mother let out an unexpected gasp. Her areole let out gallons and gallons of milk all over Beth’s surprised face. Beth almost drowned while sipping on the milk. Her mother had also an experienced orgasm of great caliber. Her mother was panting breathlessly before shoving Beth down between her mother’s immense legs. Beth almost suffocated between the flabbiness, but carelessly sucked at her mom’s vagina sending chills of ecstasy through out her mom’s satisfied body. She sucked hard for many minutes, before her mother let out an incredible orgasm and cum into Beth’s mouth and face. Thereafter, Beth rested between her mom’s legs that night.

For the next couple of years, Beth became a feedee and feeder under the clutches of her mother. When she was 18 yrs. old, she weighed an astonishing 345 lbs! Her mom was no worse at a pandemonium-brewing 428 lbs!

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