Jim & Kate

Jim and Kate By Obesefan

Jim was married to Kate for 6 months already, and he had the fantasy to force feed her, to make her big. One day, he decided to carry out his plan by bringing her donuts, cakes, chips, hamburgers, and other things she liked. When Kate saw the enormous heap of food she asked if Jim had invited somebody to have supper, but he said that it was for her. He forced her to go with him to the bedroom, attaching her arms and her body in the bed, and made her eat all this. She found it amusing, but she allowed it because she too had the same fantasy - to become the biggest woman in the world.

Finally, she shouted that she could not eat any more; her stomach threatened to split at any time. But Jim continued all the same. He let her rest a moment then brought still more of the food. Kate shouted that her stomach was too full, but she had so much pleasure at the same time imagining how she was going to become.

It was at this moment when he took out a tube for force feeding and pushed it in Kate’s throat to give her some fresh cream and butter melted to make her mature as quickly as possible and return her to immobility.

Kate got fat very quickly, about 20 pounds a week. Jim had even bought a machine, which filled up her days and nights without stop - with high-fat liquids. Every moment she roared with pain, but he continued. She matured so quickly that at the end of 6 months, she had gained 600 lbs, and Jim had to strengthen the bed so that it could once more support her.

Before too long her weight was 750 lbs. She couldn’t walk any more. She kept silent, eager to see the point where she’d reach her purpose, and at the same time, she wondered if she’d be able stop once she was immovable and had achieved their aim. Jim was always in search of new things to make her eat and mature even more. He watched her reach the point where she got fat - and then became obese. Kate was in love with him, and the more she grew, the more he liked it.

Time passed and Kate had now become immobile, could not walk any more. She was dependent on Jim for all her needs. Jim was happy; he liked it very much, and the more she got fatter, the more he liked it and found her beautiful. After one year, she weighed 1200 lbs; she could hardly move her arms. She had become a ball of fat with all its features melted; her arms and legs almost couldn’t be distinguished. She swallowed more and more every day, trying to look at herself in the mirror. But it was not big enough, so she couldn’t completely see herself - she was too obese.

Jim took a photo of her to show to her how big and beautiful she had become. She stared open-mouthed at the heap of fat that she had become; she smiled to her victory.

Jim’s game continued for a long time. No one knows how much Kate weighs at present - or if Jim is going to eventually have an answer to this question - but he likes it very much and likes caressing her with his plump member ready to burst. Kate’s stomach has become so big that she swallows a quantity of enormous food every day. She likes to be immovable all day long, being served by Jim, watching TV. Is she going to go until she’s so obese that she cannot chew any more food? Jim will certainly continue to fill her up for a long time.