JEWEL By OhScarlett

Getting out of the truck I slid my jean-covered butt to the edge of the seat and lowered my feet to the pavement. Scanning across the parking lot I saw people putting their groceries in their cars or trucks and others walking into the grocery store to shop. These people had no idea how fun grocery shopping could really be.

As I raised my head up I saw the store name in the huge red letters spelling out, ‘JEWEL.’ A smile warmly ran across my face and my eyes drifted over to you walking next to me. You returned my smile with yours. As we pushed through the heavy doors, I could feel the cool Chicago wind stop behind us as they closed. The sweet smell of bread and meats, from the deli to the right, drifted by as I pulled out our cart. I asked you if you wanted to drive and you just grinned and said, go ahead.

A shiver ran through me thinking this is the first ‘of firsts.’ I was actually there at that moment shopping with you, the man who would feed me for the first time in my life. I suddenly remembered that first time, at twelve years old, going to the dime store with a pocket full of change. I would look over every piece of candy that was displayed on the shelves, feeling that wonderful feeling of hunger in my throat and the anticipation welling up inside of me about each bite. Now my thoughts were of you and your hand reaching my lips, watching me take a bite and then licking each tip of your finger with my last bite that you had gently pushed between my lips.

I stopped and looked at the items displayed at the deli, but they just didn’t look sweet enough. My eyes moved to the end of the aisle to the bakery. You said, Do you want donuts? almost laughing as you asked. I could hear your own anticipation of feeding me through your laughter. I just looked at your smiling lips, those lips I’d come to know through pictures and I wanted to touch them so badly as we walked through the store.

Your hand gently ran down my back as we maneuvered through each aisle. We found the cookies display and headed straight to the Double Stuffed Oreos. I joked about the yellow ones as you gave your opinion about them making the packages smaller. You’ll never know how cute you are when you do that. First one package hit the bottom of the cart, then another. A thought was never given if we would have enough time to enjoy every cookie. Did it really matter at that time?

As we found the Kit Kats, I watched you as you looked over the packages and could tell you were looking for your money’s worth and all I could think about were the Kit Kat bars and you. Then we came to the chips. How much we had talked about them, and now the Jay’s chips were being placed in the cart. I read the letters, Can’t stop eating ‘Em, and pointed them out to you. Little did I know, that a day later, as I ate those chips in your truck that you would laugh and tell me that I was making you hard as you saw me eating them. I could feel myself becoming wet as I heard you say that, and I was at a loss for words. I just kept eating and eating, sitting there opposite of you in your truck.

In the dairy aisle of Jewel I found the whip cream bottles and put one in the cart. You looked at it and then at me and said, I think we’ll need another. A huge smile came over my face and I had to grab another. Thinking now, that sweet cream was the topping for every sweet item that could be found on your body. I think you’ll always know where I liked it the best and that every long lick just made me want more.

As we checked out with all our items and walked out to the truck, I was so hungry, and you wouldn’t let me have a bite, not a bite till we returned to the room. You truly knew what a jewel anticipation was.