Jeepers! Part 2

Jeepers! Part 2 by YJ

Anna has a particular face she makes when something is bothering her, and I had been seeing it the last couple of days. But I know that only when she is ready to say something will I get anything out of her, so I just have to bide my time until she’s ready.

So here we were sitting in front of the fireplace of the cabin where we first met, planning our trip to Alaska, to explore and get information for our fourth book on off-road trails. I was as usual admiring her body in the reflected firelight. Since we’ve been together, she’s gone up to 275lbs. Her belly is firm and round, sticking out, without an “apron” which makes her look pregnant. Her boobs are the size of small watermelons, and when she sits, they rest on top of her belly and curve off to the sides in a way I find most erotic. Her hips and ass are firm and taper down to shapely thighs and calves that drive me wild! And since her favorite way of dressing is cut-offs that seem to be painted on, and a tank top that can barely contain her breasts, there’s always a lot of her on view for me to admire.

“Paul, I’m pregnant!” she finally blurted out.

I withheld my excitement. This was the third time she’s gotten pregnant since we’ve been married, but she lost the other 2. Her doctor said it was a combination of here having a weak uterus and all the bouncing on the trails we do that caused her to miscarry. The first time, we were both excited about it. The thought of her belly growing bigger and bigger with new life, and here breasts filling up larger and larger with milk excited us. She lost that baby in Oregon. The second we were excited but cautious, but she lost that one in Washington. Almost lost her too. We were way out in the back country and she almost bled to death getting her to a hospital.

I kissed her but didn’t say anything.

“Dr. Roberts thinks there’s a good chance I’ll carry this one to term.” she said. “He said I’m 3 months along, and the fact we’ve been home, and not out on a trail has given the baby a chance to develop a stronger attachment.”

“That’s good news, Hon.” I said. “But what are our chances”?

“Well, he’s given me some pills to take, to stop contractions of my uterus, and says I have an 80% chance if I stay at home for the pregnancy” she replied. “So that means you will have to go to Alaska by yourself”.

I started to raise my objections about leaving her, but she cut me off.

“We have a deadline for our next book, so you are going. I, no, WE will be fine while your gone” she said. “Besides” she said as she pulled up her top over her breasts, “Look what you have to look forward to” as she squeezed her nipples and a couple small drops of pre-milk appeared on each nipple.

“Uh, dear, is sex safe” I asked? Bending to lick the droplets off he nipples.

Her only answer was to pull my head tighter into her boobs and reach to my bulging crotch with her other hand.

A couple of weeks later as I was ready to drive off for the trip, she laid one last bombshell on me.

“Two last things dear, Dr. Roberts says he hears more than one heartbeat, and a side effect of those pills is they also slow muscle contractions in the digestive process, so I’ll probably gain a few pounds over normal pregnancy gain” she said with a giggle as she ran back into the cabin and shut the door.

I sat there gulping like a beached fish, shook my head and drove off.

The next 3 months flew by. After what happened in Washington, we both got our HAM radio licenses, so we were able to make spotty contact while I was gone. She would describe what was happening, how she felt the first movement of the (babys?), of how dark her nipples were getting, how she was getting that dark line from her pubic mound up her belly. But any questions I asked her about weight gain, how big she was getting, or the like always got a “Wait till you see me” response. We had great “Radio sex” once, but three other hams came on the channel after we were done, two said it was good for them too, one said he was going to report us to the FCC.

When I got back, the last five miles up to the cabin seemed to take me YEARS. When I pulled up, it was after midnight, and cabin was dark. I walked in, and all the lights were off, except for a dim orange glow from a fire dying in the fireplace.

She was curled up asleep in the easy chair with a big goose-down blanket wrapped around her. I stumbled in the darkness up to her and gave her a peck on the cheek. “Baby, I’m home” I said.

She stirred, looked up at me and drew me into a passionate kiss that only absence can incite and told me to throw some more wood on the fire.

I got the fire roaring and turned to see her in the firelight, she had dropped the blanket and I dropped my jaw. She now weighed 375lbs, and her belly HUGE! She looked like she was 12 months pregnant! Her boobs had doubled in size! They sat atop her belly and curved across the top and down the sides! Her aureole covered almost the whole end of her boobs! I stood there and gaped, then gave a little moan and rushed over to her. We lock in another passionate kiss, and I started running my hands all over her body. Her nipples which were almost as big as my thumb, now WERE as big as my thumb, and as I caressed her breast, they stuck out almost as long as my thumb. Her belly was so huge I almost couldn’t get my arm around it. She was frantically pulling my jeans off, and as I stood up to kick the off and pull my shirt off she took me in her mouth. I exploded immediately, and as I did, she came just from me kneading and tweaking her nipples, spraying her milk in little spurts that almost matched the spurts I was pumping down her throat.

We still hadn’t said anything as I helped her up from the chair. Standing there she was even more magnificent. Her boobs still rested on top of her belly, which was so big I had to lean way past it to give her a kiss. And I could no longer reach all the way around her. There was at least 8" between my finger tips on her back. Her hips were wider and again I just let my hands roam.

“miss me” she giggled?

“Like you could never know” I replied as I bent down to suck on her right boob. I was rewarded with a spray of milk that came so fast some of it trickled down my chin.

She grabbed me by my still hard dick and pulled me along behind her towards the bedroom, with that bent back spread legged waddle pregnant women have.

She pulled me onto the bed with her and said “I missed YOU more than you could ever know. I ached to have you here with me, to share the changes in my body. To make love to me. Oh! feel this!” as she put my hand on her immense belly I could feel one of our children moving inside her.

As we settled down for some REAL love making, she asked me if I minded the weight she had gained while I was gone.

“You should know better than to ask me that” I replied, “You know I love you fat”

What she said than made my dick jump even harder than it was……..

“I’ve gained 100lbs in three months, and I still have 3 months to go in the pregnancy”