Ivy-League Blubba

Ivy-League Blubba by ChubbaBuddhaShow@eludicate.com

Lily had been devoting entirely too much of her time to schoolwork. After a romantically uneventful freshman year full of studying and little else, she had decided that sophomore year would be different. So she began looking around at her options, which, she was pleased to find, seemed plentiful and freshly-plumped from the previous year’s freshman fifteen. In a new dorm for her second year, Lily didn’t know many people, and she felt a bit like a kid in a candy-store as though she could pick and choose whomever she wanted.

She began by attempting to get the attention of a fellow she knew from the campus newspaper. He was big and bulky, with a squishy midsection and dark hair and eyes-just the way she liked her men. Yet, a large portion of his fat seemed to have collected inside of his braincase, and after an uneventful encounter, where the most exciting contact was mediated through the copious amounts of cheap beer that ended up slathered on both of their soft bodies, she decided to find a new squeeze.

She spotted the one she wanted in the dormitory dining hall one day, and spent the rest of her meal marveling at the fact she had missed him before.

God, thought Lily, I hope he’s not as dumb he’s almost perfect. She sighed inwardly, as her eyes flicked up and down his ample frame, lingering on his adorable, round face, and rotund, bulging stomach. The only problem was that he was blond, but she figured she could compromise on that.

So you’ve found a new fat boy to pillage? asked her flamboyantly gay friend Evan, in mock-exasperation, as he noticed her straying eyes.

Indeed I have, reported Lily. He is delicious-he’s so cute, and he’s got a giant belly

Spare me the sordid details and just get to fucking him. I’m sure he won’t resist, said Evan, with a comic roll of his eyes and a dismissive wave. And with that, Lily’s mind was out of the starting gate.

The next day, Lily didn’t see him at all. He wasn’t around when she went to lunch or dinner, and she feared that perhaps he had only been a visitor.

I have to find out who this guy is, thought Lily. But I’m not sure how. And I can’t get my hopes up, in case I don’t see him again.

After a few more days devoid of the big blonde’s presence, Lily was ready to give up and move on. If she hadn’t gone to dinner that evening at a much earlier hour than usual, as a consequence of taking up the invitation to eat with her new, perfectly nice, but rather dull roommates, she might have forced herself to forget about him. But that night, when they went into the dining hall at what Lily thought was a ridiculously early hour-it was barely 5pm!-she almost ran smack into him as she was maneuvering from the salad bar to the drink machine.

As their paths crossed, Lily stood and stared, overjoyed at seeing him again. Fortunately, the big blond did not notice her looking him up and down, and up again with a gaping grin on her face. Lily recovered, and struggling not to giggle joyously into her dinner tray, she walked out to meet her roommates who had already sat down. As she approached their table, she had to keep her jaw from dropping. At the table, along with her roommates and several other people, there sat the big blond!

Lily made her way over and sat down with her roommates, and they introduced her to their friends at the table, one of whom was the chunky towheaded mystery man. The other guys were his roommates. Apparently, freshman year, the bunch of them had all lived in the same dorm as her new roommates. The big blonde’s name, as it turned out, was Dave. Lily tried not to stare at him as he wolfed down his food, pausing barely long enough to say a couple of words to his roommates before he headed back for seconds. As hefted himself up, and then plopped back down again when he returned to the table, Lily had to keep her mind from being flooded with elaborate, filthy, fleshy images. She tried in vain to concentrate on her roommates' conversation.

Soon, she realized that the rather shy Dave was completely oblivious to her, since he had just been introduced and didn’t know her yet. Lily thus took this opportunity to stare at his girth with impunity. She realized his more attentive roommates were noticing the stares he was attracting from her, but Dave himself remained oblivious, eating intently, and looking up only to exchange a few words with people who addressed him directly.

At the end of the meal, Lily tried to engage him in conversation, but he shied away after they exchanged only a few words. Nevertheless, thought Lily, now I know who he is, and where I can find him filling that luscious belly of his!

After that night, Lily went to dinner, and often lunch as well, with her pleasant, boring roommates, and more and more she saw Dave and his roommates. When there was room at the table, Dave’s group always joined them. Each time she saw him up close, a bubbling thrill ran through her. Slowly, Lily was able to get Dave talking more. She found they had a passion in common: cars.

I had this tricked out red Camaro, with gold trim and the louvres on the back window and everything! enthused Dave, with a mixture of pride and self-denigrating humor. Unfortunately my brother sold it when I left West Virginia to come up here for college.

Wow. Myself, I always loved the firebirds with the big ‘screaming chicken’ decal on the hood, laughed Lily, while thinking, he’s from West Virginia? I hope he’s not already betrothed to his cousin or something. Instantly, she mentally slapped herself for thinking of such a catty stereotype. Dave was really beginning to loosen up with her and act a lot less shy, and she was overjoyed.

That evening after dinner, she and Dave continued to talk, and as the conversation grew aimless, he asked her if she liked pinball.

Honestly, I’ve only played it a couple of times, said Lily, and then added shamelessly, but I would love to give it another shot.

With that, Dave led her down to the dorm’s basement rec room, where there was a new pinball machine. Ever the gentleman, he gave her the first game, and tried to downplay how much she sucked at pinball when she lost all three balls in under 60 seconds.

Next, he stepped up to play, and to show her how it was done so to speak, and Lily leaned back to get a good view and not of the pinball machine. As he started out she noticed his pudgy hands flicking the flippers and his wide ass swaying with the ball’s motions. But the best part came when he was in danger of losing the ball, and he jerked violently back and forth, trying to tilt the machine. His ponderous belly, already hanging down and out from his being leaned over to work the flippers, now shook and jiggled up and down, and from side to side with every violent movement. Lily had to lean up against the wall for support as she watched, extremely aroused.

When that game was over, Dave turned around, flushed and exuberant, and asked Lily if she wanted another turn.

That’s ok, she said, I think I like watching you play better.

Oh really? said Dave, starting to understand her ulterior motives. Well, then I guess I’ll play another

As he popped the first ball into play, Lily sidled up behind him, and placed one hand on his smooth, well-padded back. Sensing no resistance, she shifted her thighs so that they rested up against either side of his thick right leg. As he played, and his body shook, she moved her hand down along his side, and began to stroke the side of his belly. Taking her other hand, she began to rub the occasionally-jiggling area around his deep belly button, in a teasing, circular motion. At this point, Dave began to straighten up and turn around, sensing that a game more fun than pinball was beginning.

No no-keep playing said Lily as she pushed him back down to the machine. She found his leaned-over position incredibly sexy, exposing as it did both his large ass and torso, while it facilitated his dinner-engorged belly’s stretching out of his shirt and pants.

I’d rather play with you, replied Dave, in his most wicked voice, which still sounded only about as naughty as a choirboy caught stuffing himself with chocolate bunnies just before Easter services. I’ll have to ask him later if he’s ever done that, thought Lily with a smile.

Dave obliged and leaned back over the pinball game, making a half-hearted effort to play. Lily partly encircled his gut with one arm, as she snaked the other one through his legs. As she squeezed his belly with one arm, she stroked the other forearm against the crotch of his much-too-tight jeans. In little time at all, his supple flesh was not the only thing making his jeans too tight.

At this point, Dave let out a soft moan, and twisted around from the pinball machine, straightening only enough to bring his face level with Lily’s. Slightly hunched over, in order to see eye to eye with her, he approached her face until there was only about an inch between their lips. If sensuality had had electric properties at that moment, a blue spark would have lept between their faces. Lily raised hers lips slightly, and immediately they were kissing, Dave hugging her smaller frame into his large softness like a giant pillow that had suddenly come to life and gotten very, very horny.

Lily made the most of the moment by digging her hands into the soft flesh of his belly and sides, and sliding her fingers around his smooth love handles, and under the overhang of his overgrown tummy. There, deep under the plumped flesh, she found his belt buckle, and began to pluck at it. Unfortunately, she would need him lying down before it was possible to unearth the buckle enough to open it, as his soft stomach weighed down heavily over his waistband by more than an inch.

Realizing where this was going, Dave slowly finished off his kiss, and hugged Lily into his plush torso as he straightened up.

So, he whispered as he looked down at her, my room, or yours?

My room, said Lily with a wink, I’ve got a mini-fridge with leftover birthday cake, nacho fixings and beer. I hope you like those

Sure, grinned Dave, but you certainly don’t need those things to get me up there!

Well, I’m sure you’ll be hungry in a little while, Lily said with a smile. Those games of pinball were only just the beginning your physical exertion.

With that, they made their way up to Lily’s room as fast as they could, stopping only to make out on the landings of stairways, at random intervals in the hallway, and generally wherever else they felt like it.

On her bed, Lily flopped Dave down on his back, delighting in the evident body-wide ripple in his flesh as he plopped down. Next, she finally got the best of that pesky belt buckle, and the rest of their clothes disappeared easily. Lily began to rub her large, plump breasts up and down over the mound of Dave’s belly and chest, stopping to exchange occasional kisses and licks.

Delighted with all the attention he was receiving above the waist, Dave decided to see if he could expand the focus, and began rubbing his large, fully hard cock up and down Lily’s inner thighs. She quickly grabbed it, and after a few minutes of licking and sucking, decided that unlike Dave’s belly, it was as big as it was going to get, and thrust it inside her.

Dave let out something that sounded half like a gasp of pleasure and half like a yelp of surprise, and then began giving Lily the ride of her life. As he bucked and thrust his hips underneath her, she repeatedly fell forward onto his soft, round, undulating belly. She gasped in pleasure with her hands gripping his soft, squishy sides, her rounded belly pressed in by his large, firm bulge of stomach, and her lips alternately sealed on, and nibbling at his lips.

As they finally rolled over, side by side, smiling and breathing heavily, Lily faced Dave, as though to ask what next? and Dave said with a devilish smile, just give me 10 minutes and I’ll be ready for those nachos and cake.