Hourglass Success

Hourglass Success By Solo

She thought gaining would be a bad thing, but if I wanted, no needed, her to have a little more padding she was willing and didn’t complain. After some time I think she even enjoyed her gain. Much of her newfound weight went to her ass and her breasts.

I always liked big boobs honey, are you sure I am not too fat though? My ass has grown a lot too.

Too fat? Have you noticed how ridiculously hot you look right now? Look at your boobs, they are what a D-cup from a B, and you’ve only reached 140 pounds! That’s just 20-something more than you used to weigh.

23 and that’s a lot - look, I am getting a belly now; I am starting to get concerned. I love the boobs and even my ass; it’s fun now that I got a sway to my walk, but the belly has to go.

But you are the hottest thing around; you see how people look at you. Okay, listen, I’ll think of something that can work out to both our benefit. Just stay at this weight till then, don’t diet too much, okay baby?

Think of something fast cause I haven’t seemed to plateau, just gain lately. If this is all belly I diet.

Man, what a dilemma! I had to find a way to make her gain without it hitting her in the stomach. Think. Think. I loved her boobs and ass so much, I wanted them to get bigger, like 50 pounds bigger, but she didn’t want to appear sloppy in any way.

AND look at the fat on my arms! If I have G-ma arms at the age of 25,I’ll kill you!

I did notice they were filling in a little. Ahhh, she walks away with that rounded ass bouncing along and her breasts jiggling independently. Maybe I could get her to do sit-ups or crunches. Nah, she had only become lazier due to the fat, much less motion, well except in bed, but most of that was because her body parts couldn’t stop moving. Got to work on her tummy. Surgery was too expensive, we talked of that when we wanted the boobs, and, frankly, I still think natural is better. I’d have to think on this for a while; I’d just put on the tube and think.

After two hours of television I got it. I saw one of those ab zappers. If I am not mistaken Bruce Lee used to use them in between camera shots. Some of them are belts while others have little squares where you can place them. I didn’t want to spend too much though. Let me look on eBay.

Ten bucks shipped per belt! Yes! So I landed five of them. I figure once I got them I could put one on each of her arms, one on her belly, or two if needed, and one on each thigh, just to keep them toned. This would be perfect.

After two weeks went by, they finally arrived. She weighed in about five lbs fatter, and it was going to her gut now. I mean, she was filling in all over subtly; her thighs touched now and had cute little creases up near her crotch forming, right where her belly began to touch, forming an adorable little triangle of love. Her breasts were still not up another size but still damn overflowing. They seemed to fill up that bra without a problem. Her bum took most of the poundage though, and I loved it!

So I got her to wear the devices

I am moving - this is weird, babe. I don’t know.

Better than you working outright; the machine does it for you. You hardly have to do a thing. And we’ll work on those arms, tone the thighs, and your belly so you’ll just have the benefits of bigger T and A.

You think so, huh? Okay, we’ll see, but I better not get too big. I am tired of buying jeans all the time, with a wink right at me since I was absolutely staring at her ass.

The belts were a great success; in fact, she started losing the fat in her belly straight away. Her arms and legs became more muscular; soon she had no problem with herself again and thought she was looking pretty good. The best part to come was the after-effects of all the work her body was doing with the little effort she was pushing toward it. At first, she began to lose weight, but then the calories burned made her more and more hungry. She became ravenous, snacking all the time and eating large portions for meals.

I think I am going through some kind of hormone change, I can’t stop eating; I am forcing myself to slow down yet I am hungry all the time. I have to wear these things for hours a day now instead of the 30 minutes I planned originally.

Yeah, but look at where the excess is going, honey. I can’t stop staring at you.

She was the most beautiful girl ever. Sure she had a tight waist. but above it was the chest that stuck out nearly a foot; in fact, it became harder and harder to put my arms around her. They had grown so large that they hung down past her elbows now. Despite the weight they now contained they continued to be plump and her nipples refused to point downward like other top-heavy women. Not that she was top-heavy alone; her bottom had expanded in equal proportions. These were the nicest set of saddle bags since my Honda got them last year. Plump, round, soft and full of fantastic fun! They had to measure over 40 inches around - probably 42 - they themselves were a major focal point on her body. If she just had her ass you’d think they were a star on Scarlettsworld.com or something! Good lord, it was magnificent. Her hips were almost pointing straight from each side, in fact it was pretty much a 75 degree angle. Straight then - bam! two full hips glaring right out at you. Last year, I might have scoffed at a girl with such proportions, but now that I had a well-balanced chick like this, my dick was rock hard every time I was with her.

Her clothes were always being tailor made, especially due to her tight waist. If she was just your run of the mill fat girl, she would have had no problem getting clothes. She was determined not to let the overshadow of her hips and breasts make others think that she was a heavy girl. This resulted in nothing less than clothes that made her look positively slutty. Sure, guys generally try to place this kind of thing on hold, but I loved it, absolutely loved it. Following her ankles up from the muscular calves, to the thick figure skater like legs then to those flaring perpendicular to the waist hips ohhh, I need a break from writing right now! This girl exudes sex, nothing less, in fact.

She even became the horny little woman I always hoped she’d be! She loved to run her own hands across her body; every time she did she would sway her body to emphasize her curves like Jessica Rabbit on hormone therapy. Undressing became the highlight of my day, as did the nonstop eating that continued to dominate her day. This proved my adventure was just beginning in the voluptuousness dominatrix that became my girl.