Gain with Gum

Gain with Gum By Mich

With the finishing touches, Jeff pulled the small grey mass out of the machine. Holding it in his hand, he reflected on what had brought him to this point. His wife, Jennifer, had recently become obsessed with losing weight. Jeff, of course, was not comfortable with this, thinking her 120-pound frame was too skinny in the first place. So, being the biologist he was, he began working on a substance that would force her to gain weight. It would have to be nothing drastic, only 10 or 20 pounds, depending on how skinny she was becoming. He didn’t want her ballooning up, after all.

Testing it on himself, he had begun with only a few pounds, not wanting to accidentally make his own weight skyrocket. He had worked from one pound to two, and so on, with a special formula that he had come up with. That was another story all on its own, considering that most of his ideas for this had come from a dream he had had. It was all rather complicated, and, after he looked over his calculations, shouldn’t have worked. But it did, as he found out exactly 30 minutes after swallowing the test.

Jeff had at first felt absolutely nothing, and, after a few Minutes, had thrown the idea out the proverbial window. But, at the exact half-hour mark from when he ingested the drink, he had felt something he had hoped to never feel again; raging starvation. He had immediately rushed to the cupboard and gorged on cookies, which, mysteriously, shut his hunger off about half of the way through the box. Stepping on a scale, he found her had gained exactly three pounds. Going back to the drawing board, he found what he thought controlled the weight gain, and adjusted it to one pound. A half-hour later, he again experienced the raging hunger, but this time only ate a few cookies before that odd switch turned off. And now, a few days later, he had what he wanted. The juice, contained in one piece of grey gum.

He knew, from past experience, that the juice was horrible tasting, but that did not matter. All he needed was for Jennifer to take one bite, and she would gain her lost pounds back, with a little bit of hurried eating. Jeff shuddered at the thought of not satisfying that horrible emptiness. These thoughts on his mind, he wrapped the gum up in an empty wrapper and placed it in his pocket. The following morning he would offer it to his wife.

He woke up right when the alarm went off, immediately awake and ready. Jennifer rolled over next to him, her auburn hair sliding past her beautiful face. She slapped the button to turn the alarm off, and stepped out of bed. She was about 5" 4', and had a fairly shapely figure when she wasn’t losing pounds. This morning, her B-cup breasts were sticking out of a too-tight shirt. She slept in a bra. Slightly loose pajama bottoms encased her lower half, showing off her beautiful, but (or so Jeff thought) very thin, legs.

She brushed hair out of her eyes and smile that smile that Jeff had fallen in love with. “Well?” She said, playful already. “Are you getting up?”

Jeff jumped up. “I already am.” Smiling back, he headed toward the shower, knowing that Jennifer would soon be brewing coffee downstairs. He sang louder than he thought possible. When he was done, he toweled off and slipped on jeans, ready for this exciting Saturday. The gum was already in his pocket.

Downstairs he met Jennifer, still in her pajamas. She was drinking black coffee and eating rice cake while reading the paper. Jeff nearly gagged at the sight of the rice cake, knowing it was all she would be eating. Well, all that she thought she would be eating. Sidling up next to her, he gave her a sideways hug, peeking into her coffee cup. It was empty. She shoved the rest of the rice cake into her mouth, and smiled back up at him.

“Hey, honey. Would you grab me some gum off of the counter? You know how this coffee makes my breath stink!” Jeff nodded, excited. Pretending to reach for the pack up mint gum, her slipped the weight-gain gum into his hand, and then handed it back to Jennifer.

“Here you go, honey.” Grinning her thanks, she put it in her mouth, taking a satisfying chomp. Juice squirted into her mouth, onto her tongue, and down her throat.

Instantly, Jennifer gagged. “Ewe!” She spat the gum out, right onto her plate. “What was wrong with that pack? Is it old or something?” Trying to sound concerned, Jeff replied that it must be. Jennifer shrugged, said that she would have to put up with her bad breath, and went back to the paper. Trying to act nonchalant, Jeff put some toast in the toaster. He couldn’t wait for the half-hour to be up. He didn’t have to.

Exactly 10 minutes after Jennifer had spit out the gum, she moaned and bent over, pushing her chair away from the table. “Ohhhh! I’m so hungry!”

“What’s wrong, baby?” Jeff said, attempting to sound surprised, speeding to the table.

Her pained face tilted sideways to look at him. “I’m ravenous! I don’t know what’s gotten into me!”

Jeff opened the cupboard and grabbed a bag of chips. “Here you go. You’ve been starving yourself anyways.” With amazing speed she tore open the bag and began cramming handfuls of chips into her mouth. While she gorged, Jeff pondered why the gum reacted faster on her. He wondered about metabolism, when Jennifer was running to the cupboard herself, the empty bag of chips floating to the floor.

“I need MORE!” she screamed hysterically. She grabbed handfuls of boxes of cookies, the teetered back to her chair, dumping all of them on the table. She began swallowing cookies whole, jamming them down her throat.

Jeff’s face was contorted with worry. “Honey, slow down! Don’t hurt yourself!” This time his concern was genuine. The hunger should have worn off by now.

Jennifer sprayed out a mouthful of crumbs, trying to speak. Finally she got through some words. “Freezer… pizzas!” She was now tearing into a bag of giant pretzels. Her pile was halfway gone. On his way to the fridge, he did a quick calculation. She should have already gained 15 pounds, probably more! Could he see any? He sneaked a peek. Her bottoms did look tighter, and there were tiny love handles poking over the waistline, but it wasn’t anything unusual for a girl, even an underweight one. Could she be eating and eating and not gaining? As he stuck the pizzas in the oven, he wondered how much she should weigh now. Maybe 125… and that WAS how a girl looked at 125. But his eyes could be deceiving him. He decided to keep watching.

By the time the pizzas were done she was on the last box of food, a mega-box of cheese crackers. As handful after handful went into her gaping mouth, Jeff could swear it was fuller. The timer for the oven went off, and, as Jeff dutifully walked over to it, Jennifer made another dash for the panty, this time pulling out uncooked noodles and bags of breakfast cereal. Jeff could definitely see the changes, now that she was standing up. Her previously petite butt was now fully formed and curvy, huggin' the tight pajamas. Her breasts had grown, too, wiggling the tiniest bit as she jumped back into her chair. And her food-seeking arms were a bit thicker as the reached for the cereal.

Jeff pulled the pizzas out and put them on pans, almost burning himself as he watched Jennifer shovel food into her mouth. Was it possible she was doing it faster? “Feeling better, honey?” he asked as he walked over, carrying his load.

She shook her head. “Even– hungrier!”

His theory on her eating faster seemed to be true. The pile of cereal and pasta had to have been the same size as her last pile, but she was almost done with this one, crunching through the last bag of noodles. As she dove across the table for the pizza, her now C-cup breasts pressed against the hard wood, flattening. The beginnings of a belly also squished, her now nearly-fat butt wiggling (but not quite jiggling) in the air as she reached. Holding the entire pizza in her arms, she seemed to swim right through it, her teeth acting as fins, moving at an impossible rate. Five seconds showed her halfway through the pizza, seven done.

One down, seven to go; Jeff knew he would have to act fast to keep her black hole of a stomach from collapsing upon itself. Would drinks slake her hunger? Probably not water, but soda pop, or beer? Reaching into the fridge, he pulled six-pack after six-pack of cola and beer out. Filling his arms, he ran back to the table and dumped them, sprinting back for more. After there were at least 100 cans on the table, he allowed himself to rest and observe Jennifer eating.

Now on her sixth pizza, it was clear these fatter foods were taking their effect. Jeff could almost see fat pile on with each huge bite. Rolls were now hanging over her stuffed pants, small pot belly poking out of the straining shirt. Her once skinny face was rounding out, a double-chin almost forming. Her arms were thick, fingers like little sausages. Her bottom was very large, stretching her pajama bottoms amazingly. As she reached for the seventh pizza, Jeff didn’t just see her butt wiggle, he saw it shiver and shake merely from her standing up. Her breasts were obviously where a large portion of her weight was going. They were now DD-cup and were almost popping out of her straining shirt, not only showing the outlines of her bra, but forcing the bra to almost burst from the volume. He estimated her to weigh about 160. And still she ate.

The pizzas were reduced to nothing; Jennifer was cracking open soda cans at what looked like the speed of sound. It looked like she was swallowing them in one gulp, the contents emptying into her now visibly growing belly, filling it out. Knowing she would be through with them soon, Jeff ran down the stairs to the basement, going for the bread supplies. Leftovers from Y2K, Jeff had vacuum-sealed them to retain freshness, and nearly had a room full of homemade loaves. He gazed over them, wondering how quickly Jennifer would go through them. Shaking his head to clear it, he saw a suitcase with wheels. Stacking bricks of thick sourdough into it, he grabbed the handle and pulled it, with some difficulty, back to the stairs. Hauling it up them seemed to take eternity, as he prayed that the soda and beer had sustained Jennifer. When he reached the top, he found that they had done more then that.

Soda, Jeff’s numb mind deduced, was very, very good for gaining weight. His wife sat in the chair, guzzling beer at the same impossible speed, tilting the can past her thick double-chin, through her fat lips, and down her throat. Her breasts now had to be immeasurable, nearly the size of bowling balls. Though her snapped bra had fallen to the floor, her t-shirt was somehow still intact, stretched over the huge mounds, her deep cleavage clearly visible over her stretched neckband, the bottoms of her breasts, poking out from under. Her belly was fat and taught, sagging over her snapped waistband, wide belly button unfathomably deep. While the waistband was obviously gone, her pajama bottoms were also still there, though they too were stretched to near transparency over her huge legs. Her enormous butt was nearly beyond belief, sticking out over the sides of the chair and poking through the back holes. How could this be possible? Jeff wondered. Soda doesn’t fill you up that much!

Stepping over the piles of trash and cans, he pulled the suitcase over to the table and unzipped it. As he unpacked the bread and began piling them on top of one another, he stared at his huge wife, realizing that it wasn’t the soda that had made her grow so quickly. With each gulp of the amber-colored beer, more fat visibly piled onto her already huge figure. That hadn’t happened before! Could her rate of growth be exponential, making her gain weight even faster with every bite she swallowed? But why? As he stared, the suitcase empty, Jennifer’s figure became even larger. She drank one can, and her pants grew a little bit more strained. Another can, and her large nipples crept a tiny bit more toward the bottom of her shirt. The last can on the table, and…


A rip had appeared right in the middle of the bottom of her pants. Tortured threads parted to show pink panties, nearly reflective from their strain, the hole in the bottoms growing bigger as she bit into a loaf of bread. Her bites were now colossal, this time biting off half of the loaf. Jeff cast a worried eye over his now small-looking supply of bread on the table. She would be through this in a matter of minutes! He snatched up the suitcase and dashed down the stairs, knowing he would have to hurry, so as not to miss her growth. He stuffed bread into the container, zipped it, and ran back to the stairs, the suitcase bouncing behind him. He found that her weight gain, while not at all what he expected, was exactly what he had wanted. No thoughts of making it stop crossed him mind as he dragged the suitcase up the stairs. Only thoughts of feeding her until she was content.

Just as he reached the top step, a loud CRACK met his ears. The thin chair that Jennifer had been perched on had given way, spewing her onto the floor. Her pajama bottoms were now lying next to her bra, her strained panties cutting into her thighs. Her t-shirt had also ripped, but not in half. The neck had ripped nearly halfway down the deformed shirt, showing even more of her now beach-ball sized breasts that mysteriously wouldn’t act like regular breasts and refused to sag to the floor. For some reason, her belly also didn’t sag, but was merely tight and taut, exactly like a pregnant woman’s, only it didn’t just look nine-months pregnant; it looked twelve-months pregnant with triplets. Her large calves led to tree-trunk like thighs, which were met by enormous butt-cheeks that were still encased in her pink panties. With amazing strength, Jennifer pulled herself up to standing position and stuffed the last bread loaf into her mouth.

Swallowing, she turned her head to Jeff. “I’m sorry, baby! I need more!” She gazed at her stunned husband for a moment, and then screamed. “I’M STARVING!”

Jeff jumped into action, throwing loaves onto the table. Then he merely watched as they disappeared, knowing it would have to stop soon, or she would suffocate on her own fat and wouldn’t be able to breathe. Fat piled on, layer after layer, her breasts continuing to grow and grow, huge nipple nearly ripping her shirt by themselves. Her panties also survived for a while, containing the two huge orbs that were her butt. Finally, as the last loaf disappeared into the giant eating machine that was Jennifer, the shirt gave way, revealing two breasts that were simply beyond description. They had to be the size of bean-bag chairs, but were still holding up, as if supported by an invisible bra. Jennifer gazed into the distance for a moment, and then let loose a belch that had to have scored a ten on the Richter scale.

As the minute-long burp ended, her weight-gain had one more go as she swelled. Her panties popped, falling to the floor in shreds, revealing hips and buttocks that were bigger than life. Her belly surged, growing in all directions, still just as taut as ever. Her breasts had one last go, widening, thickening, growing more colossal, her nipples at least two inches long. Finally, her face. Her cheeks thickened, making her satisfied look even more jolly, a tiny chin poking out from between them, a second, fat chin right behind it.

Jennifer gave a sigh, and turned to Jeff, somehow unsurprised by the look of ecstasy on his face. “I’m… full,” she said.

He grinned back. “I certainly hope so.” He then gave a long, lusty look at her body. “Do you still want to lose weight?”

Surprisingly, she laughed. “I’ve decided that I like eating. A lot.”

He nodded. “Well, then. Let’s just not do this again anytime soon.” She nodded in agreement.

Though Jennifer never asked how Jeff had gotten her to gain that much weight, she did wonder why he hadn’t done it sooner. Both of them learned that they loved her new body, and they also knew that, if she lost weight that they wanted back, she would rather gain it back the hard way.