Getting Fat With Friends

Getting Fat With Friends By PlasticPlatypus

Note: This is my first attempt at writing a weight gain story, so keep that in mind. If you have any comments or suggestions, don’t hesitate to e-mail me at

It began quite innocently. Lori, Michelle, and Rebecca, three good friends, were talking together in front of their school, waiting for a ride home. All of the sudden, Lori blurted out, “Which one of us do you think weighs the most?” All three were a bit chubby, at least by average standards. Rebecca was quite pear-shaped, while Michelle’s weight was largely in her perfectly-shaped 38FF breasts. Lori was just all-around chubby.

“Well, come on. Someone say something!” Lori demanded jokingly. The other two were deep in thought, sizing each other up.

“Well, I’m definitely the biggest. I mean, look at these things!” Michelle suddenly began, cupping her breasts.

“No way!” Rebecca retorted. “My ass is way bigger than yours!” Plus, her breasts, although not quite as large as Michelle’s, were plump C-cups - a decent size, she thought.

“That’s weird - I was gonna say I’m the biggest!” Lori chimed in.

“I don’t care, soon I’ll be the biggest for sure.” Rebecca said. Having been a varsity soccer player at one time, she was fiercely competitive. “I’ll be bigger than the both of you combined!”

Michelle wasn’t about to let this bold statement slide. “Oh, you’re on, girl,” she countered. “We’ll just see about that.”

Suddenly Lori had an idea. “Hey, why don’t we have some kind of eating contest at my house next weekend?” The other two girls instantly agreed. Lori began laying out her plans.

“Well, let’s see, we’ll each have a giant table full of food, the same amount for each person. Then whoever finishes the most wins.” Although the other two thought immediately that that would be quite expensive, they were reminded that Lori’s family was one of the richest in town. “Then we will know who the fattest one of us is.”

“Sounds good,” Michelle commented.

“I’m in,” Rebecca added.

The plan was set, and each girl hurried home to make preparations for the big showdown.

Coincidentally, all three went on the Internet that night and ordered bottles of “GainMore 2000.” Granted, the name wasn’t that original, but the effects were downright miraculous. First of all, it stretched the user’s stomach to allow consumption of an infinite amount of food. Second, all calories ingested would be converted almost immediately to 100% fat - not even waste would be generated.

By the day before the contest, all three girls' orders had arrived.

That Saturday, all three girls stood in the foyer of Lori’s huge home. They had all dressed in the baggiest clothes they could find. Also, they had each made sure to take their GainMore 2000. Each girl, however, didn’t know that the others had popped the pill. They didn’t speak to each other at all. Finally, Lori said, “Let’s eat!” and led Michelle and Rebecca to her dining room.

In the room were three tables with gigantic, plush chairs at one end. The tables had a surface area of about 200 square feet, and were piled high with all kinds of fattening treats - every imaginable variety of cake, cookies, ice cream, candy, pastries, and fudge were included. The girls were all salivating as the sat down at their respective chairs. With a quick “Go!” from Lori, the contest began.

The girls immediately began devouring every delicious treat within their reach. If they were not so busy eating, the girls would have noticed that the pills they each thought was their little secret was not so. Initially, the girls gained in the areas they always had - Rebecca in her ass and hips, Michelle in her boobs, and Lori everywhere, although a slight majority of the weight went to her belly.

Each girl, having originally weighed about 140, was now in the neighborhood of 260. Their clothes were getting tighter and tighter. First, the seams of Rebecca’s pants began to split. Then, Michelle’s bra snapped apart, and buttons started popping off the top of her shirt. Then, the button flew off Lori’s pants, and more buttons left the bottom of her shirt, as her belly refused to stop growing. Minutes later, in what seemed like a shower of buttons and torn pieces of clothing, all three girls were completely naked, with their bodies still growing. But none of them seemed to care. In fact, one of Michelle’s buttons landed in a cake Rebecca was eating, but she ate it anyway, totally oblivious to what had happened.

By the time they each reached the midpoint of their food supply, they all weighed about 650 pounds. Their chairs had become the latest obstacle for their growing bodies to overcome. As they continued to eat, their fat began flowing underneath the armrests, and under the back of the chair, until their weight was too much for the chairs to bear. By the time the reached 700 pounds, the chairs were long gone, and the girls collapsed to the floor, their blubber shaking and jiggling long afterward. But still, not one girl stopped eating.

Finally, Lori, Rebecca, and Michelle had all finished every last crumb of the food set before them. Each girl was now literally a ball of fat, weighing nearly a ton. They were all having trouble reaching the food anyway, now that their arms had become so heavy, so they though it lucky that the contest was over. Except for the fact that they had stopped eating.

“So, we all finished everything,” Lori said.

“Thank you, Ms. Obvious,” Michelle jeered.

“Come on, seriously, how do we know who won?” Rebecca asked nervously. She could not stand to lose this contest.

They were all trying to think of a solution, until Michelle blurted out, “Who cares - I’m hungry! Let’s eat!”

“Not a bad idea.” Lori said. So she had more food brought in, and the girls kept eating and eating and eating…