(Originally appeared in *BUF'*s Erotic Encounters column)

I thought I would share my real life experience with you fellow fat fanatics. About ten years ago I ran into my high school sweetheart at the local grocery store. At first I didn’t recognize her, but she recognized me. The reason I didn’t recognize her was because she had been only plump when I knew her then (she had been about 150 pounds) and now weighed around 260 pounds. She told me she had been ill, but from the looks of her grocery cart, bad metabolism wasn’t her problem: stuffing her face was. When I glanced at her cart she quickly explained that she was shopping for her mom and her cousin (who I knew happened to be extremely fat). We talked, exchanged phone numbers and parted, neither of us following up with a call.

About three years later I was in the same grocery store when I saw two extremely fat women waddling down the aisle with two overfilled carts. Again my ex recognized me. She reintroduced me to her roommate and cousin. She again tried to explain her massive weight gain and I changed the subject since I recognized her potential. I asked her out to her amazement, and she accepted. While out on our date I took a chance and explained that I was taking her to the local buffet, where she could eat her fill. I then told her that I was very attracted to her and that I was even turned on by her gain. This pleased her and she told me her story. Apparently she had moved in with her cousin four years prior to our second meeting. As I said earlier, her cousin was very fat. From the moment she moved in the two of them just hung out and ate, and ate, and ate. At 435 pounds she never had expected to meet a guy, so she was overjoyed and I was overjoyed since I never thought I’d meet a woman who was happy stuffing her face and blowing up like a balloon. After taking eight full plates at the buffet, we ran home to tell her cousin (who weighed close to 600 pounds). On the way home we stopped at a donut place and picked up five dozen donuts to celebrate. When we arrived home the girls treated me to a show, devouring all the donuts and then ordered two pizzas after that which they also devoured.

My girlfriend is now my wife and a lovely 846 pound mountain of creamy immobile flesh who makes Teighlor look thin. Her cousin who is a frequent visitor is now up to 720 pounds I am in heaven as my wife no longer just hangs out and eats, she wants to top 1000 pounds or more and stuffs herself in order to look like Ranier Seifert’s fattest model. Thanks for letting me tell my story.