Debbie * *

Debbie was the most attractive woman in her senior class. In fact, she was the most attractive woman at the local college and she knew it. She always had an entourage of men following her and always rubbed it in the faces of the other women at school. Debbie could have any man she wanted and tended to treat them with less then 100% courtesy. She was famous for ridiculing people in public.

Sharon and Kathy were Debbie’s roommates at the sorority house and were getting tired of watching Debbie use and humiliate people. Debbie had to be taught that you can’t get through life on your looks alone and that the way you relate to the “less than beautiful” people was very important. So they came upon with a scheme that would change the life of Debbie forever. They were going to fatten her up.

Debbie was blessed with a metabolism that allowed her to eat anything she wanted to without gaining and ounce. She always wore very tight clothing that emphasized her shapely figure and had this annoying habit of wiggling her hips as she passed men. Sharon and Kathy, on the other hand, were both pleasingly plump and were always on a diet to fight their weight problem (which was something Debbie was always reminding them of.)

Sharon and Kathy had to convince Debbie to spend the summer with them in Mexico and while enjoying all of the luxury of staying at one of the countries most exclusive health clubs (which was run by Kathy’s sister). They were to lie in the sun and enjoy themselves.

Debbie thought this was a wonderful idea and decided to take them up on their offer and 3 days after the quarter ended, they were on their way to Mexico. Sharon and Kathy had spent weeks working on their plan and it was finally about to begin.

As soon as Debbie stepped off the plane, she was handed and extra large, extra thick chocolaty shake while Sharon and Kathy were given ice tea. It was no ordinary shake as it was loaded with calories. It was 4 scoops of ice cream, 6 ounces of whipping cream, 6 ounces of condensed milk and 4 scoops of weight gaining protein powder. In total, that 16-ounce milk shake has about 3,600 calories. Enough to put one pound of pure fat on Debbie’s slim figure. What was also in that shake was an appetite stimulant which would increase rather than decrease her hunger.

After Debbie finished the drink, they were off to the hotel where they checked in and immediately changed clothes and went to the pool. Sharon and Kathy had on their normal black swimsuits with the accompanying tummy control panel and Debbie had on a very revealing thong. Almost immediately after they sat down, Debbie was brought another milk shake and Sharon and Kathy were again given ice tea. Debbie slowly drank the contents of the container and settled in to a couple hours of devoted sun bathing.

As the day drifted towards sunset, the girls decided to go back to their rooms and change for dinner. They had about an hour before dinner began and decide to check out the honor bar refrigerators in each of their rooms. Sharon’s fridge and Kathy’s fridge were filled with various low calories snacks, which would not upset their diets. However, Debbie’s fridge was packed with all sorts of fattening tidbits. There were chocolates, ice cream, snack cakes and pies and each one was specially prepared to be loaded with the weight gaining protein powder. Debbie had a couple of snack cakes and proceeded on to dinner since she was strangely hungry.

The first dinner was prepared so that it would totally fill Debbie up and stretch her stomach. It contained a special substance that would double in size once digestion began. It wasn’t too soon after Debbie finished her dinner that she began to feel really stuffed (but somehow still wanted to eat) and had to lie down for a while. Although she did not realize it, she had consumed over 10,000 calories that day and would gain over 3 pounds by the following morning.

The next day was their first full day at the spa; it set the tone for the entire stay. Debbie awoke and was immediately served breakfast in bed. Pancakes dripping in butter and syrup, two eggs fried in animal fat, 4 strips of bacon and a muffin for dessert. The whole breakfast was washed down with a 16-ounce glass of half and half milk. Total calories consumed, 2,900.

The entire day’s menu had been planned by Sharon and Kathy, and by the end of the day Debbie had eaten over 15,000 calories. She fell asleep that night completely stuffed with fattening food.

The following days were the same as the previous one. Debbie was being fed an incredible amount of deliciously fattening foods and was not giving any of it a thought. She had always been able to eat whatever she wanted and thought nothing of her new diet. The weeks slowly passed and changes were becoming visible on Debbie. She was beginning to fill out. Only a little at first, but as her appetite grew, so did her figure. Sharon and Kathy were getting Debbie to the point where she was totally used to the large quantity of food she was eating. Her appetite was growing and she was losing her willpower to resist. Every time she attempted to slow down, one of the girls would join her in eating. That way, only one of them would be consuming the fattening meals while Debbie was consuming all of them. The amount of the appetite stimulant was steadily increased as well.

At night, various hypnotic messages were piped into Debbie’s room. All of them convinced her that she was hungry. She would get up at night and consume the entire contents of the honor bar and then fall asleep without realizing what she had done. Soon the honor bar became an entire refrigerator. Debbie had gotten to the point within just a few weeks where she could chug a 3-liter bottle of Coke in less than a minute.

After the first month, Debbie was 25 pounds heavier and was beginning to bulge. Her once slim waistline was thickening and her slim thighs were jiggling. She was becoming concerned, but either Sharon or Kathy was always there to tell her that she would be able to lose the weight once the summer was over and that she should enjoy her vacation.

After 8 weeks, Debbie was definitely plump. Her metabolism had slowed considerably, and she was eating constantly. She had a visible double chin and no longer wore a thong to the pool. She knew she had to do something, but was unable to do anything. Her appetite had grown to a point where she simply could not resist food. She was out of control and was snacking all the time. This was when step #2 of Sharon and Kathy’s plan began.

When Debbie woke up the next day, she couldn’t move. Standing over her was Sharon and Kathy who were smiling at the fact that Debbie was tied and bound to the bed. When Debbie asked why she was tied up like a calf being ready for branding, Sharon told her that all the girls at school were tired of Debbie’s insulting ways of treating them and was to be taught a lesson that would last the rest of her life.

Debbie was told about the entire plan and about the fact that she had been fattened up by about 80 pounds to date and that this was only the beginning.

Debbie began to panic at Sharon’s words. She attempted to free herself from the ropes, but it was no use. She was unable to move.

Kathy went into the next room and wheeled in a machine, which had a opening on the top and a hose on one end. The machine was positioned next to Debbie’s bed and plugged into the wall. Then the servants brought in tray after tray of desserts ranging from bon-bons to candies. They placed the trays down and left leaving Debbie wondering what was going on.

Sharon and Kathy began to pour the contents of the dessert trays into the top of the machine. They also poured in a bucket of the appetite stimulant. Whereas before she had been receiving 10x the normal dose, she was now going to receive 1,000x the normal dose. Tray after tray was loaded until all the trays were empty. It was at this point that Debbie understood what was going on. She was going to be stuffed. Stuffed like a turkey being readied for Thanksgiving dinner!

Sharon asked Kathy for the end of the hose and began to force it into Debbie’s mouth. At first, she resisted, but soon the hose was being slid down her throat and positioned to stay in place by a strap around Debbie’s head. Sharon and Kathy stood back and began to smile. They began to tell Debbie about her fate. Debbie was going to stay at the spa for another year. She was going to stay until she weighed in at 2,000 pounds of pure fat. She was going to be force fed through this hose until she begged them to stop. And then, when she reached the one-ton mark, she could go.

Debbie was panicky. At one ton, she would be unable to move. She would be fattened to immobility. Sharon reached over and turned on the machine. The contents of the machine slowly moved down the hose and toward Debbie. She could see each and every drop of the ooze moving toward her and she was powerless to do anything. She was being stuffed.

After about 15 minutes, the machine was empty and Debbie was not. Her tummy bulged out like she had swallowed a balloon. She simply lay there on her back looking like a boa who had just finished its dinner.

On a monitor, a computer program showed still pictures of Debbie from her original weight to now, and then, using computer graphics, elevated her “through the pounds” - from where she was to her “goal” of 2000 lbs. Although she was grossed out by the pictures, she also had a desire to eat more. The megadose of the appetite stimulant had her to a point now where food was her only coherent thought. After every cycle of “The Ballooning of Debbie,” the computer would then show images of people eating. Like Pavlov’s dogs, Debbie was unable to resist.

Day after day, the girls would stuff Debbie until she was ready to burst and then a little more. If she wanted to resist, she couldn’t, as she was always hungry. She sucked now on the tubing as if this was her last meal every time. Debbie was consuming over 50,000 calories a day and was blowing up like a balloon. She had nothing to do but simply lie there and digest.

By the end of the year, Debbie was eating every hour of the day except when she slept; a 10,000 calorie meal each time. The need for the appetite stimulant was long gone; Debbie’s own appetite had progressed to a point no drug could induce. Sharon and Kathy loosened the straps and told Debbie she could go. However, Debbie couldn’t. Debbie had been fattened up so much, that her arms and legs no longer reached the ground. She looked just like a Thanksgiving turkey. She also hadn’t been fed in the last hour, so she was ravenously hungry. She begged for food, and Sharon and Kathy just smiled.

Sharon and Kathy had Debbie loaded onto a pallet and wheeled to the door. Debbie was then repositioned so that she was slightly sitting up and could see where she was going. She was being moved to the big banquet room in which a party was ready to begin. As Debbie entered the room, she could see all of her old friends. She could see all those people she used to make fun of and ridicule.

They had all come to Mexico to see the lesson which Sharon and Kathy had given to Debbie. They had come to see a woman who was too fat to move.

Sharon asked them to form one line leading to where Debbie was. Each was given a 16 ounce chocolate shake and told to be patient.

Sharon then informed Debbie that each one of these people had been asked to attend the final fattening party. A party in which each of them would have the opportunity to stuff Debbie.

Debbie was again repositioned down on the pallet so that she was resting on her back. Then a funnel was strapped into her mouth just waiting to be filled. Kathy told the crowd that they were to pour the contents of their container into the funnel while telling Debbie anything they wanted to say.

Debbie was again getting panicky. She was to be stuffed and ridiculed at the same time, but could not do anything about it. The line began to move as each person slowly poured the contents into the funnel. Person after person poured their contents and told Debbie how angry they were with her. Some, knowing that her hunger was immense, would take out the funnel and threaten *not* to give her the shake unless she repeated back to them statements like, “I am the fattest girl in the world,” and mean statements like she used to make about the other girls, “I’ve got an ass you could drive a Mack Truck through.”

Some of the girls took photos to show their boyfriends who still talked about Debbie. After the last person was finished, they stood back and applauded. Debbie has finally been taught her lesson. She was a completely stuffed, 2000 pound woman who couldn’t move. Sharon and Kathy were pleased.