The Curator

The Curator By MaxOut

Chapter One

I was sitting in this nondescript bar on the West Side, nursing my second beer when it happened. Why I was at this particular bar at this particular time was one of life’s mysteries. Sometimes we’re just flotsam on the deep river of life, letting fate’s current pull us where it will.

I had not been to this particular bar before, and to be honest can scarce remember anything about it other than the large mirror that ran the length of the back of the bar. I remember that because it was there that I first saw her. I had just taken a swig of pilsner and almost gagged trying to swallow as I noticed her refection as she stood in the doorway with a couple of friends. It was as if all the lights in the building suddenly dimmed and a spotlight lighted her. My focus became so intense that all other sounds and visuals faded to inconsequence.

She was ravishing and I knew right there and then that she would be the right choice. Not like the others. My pulse quickened as I knew in my heart that it would only be an error on my part that could screw this up. I must be perfect in my execution. This time I knew that the results would be worth the effort.

To say that she was of average height and brunette would hardly be doing her justice. Yes, she was approximately five foot five and yes her hair was brown, but it shimmered like silver, reflecting the light as it cascaded in waves down past her shoulders. Her eyes were green with rich strikes of gold that glittered in a constant state of bemusement. Her body was the execution of a perfect hourglass. Slim waisted with ample chest and hips. Oh yes, she was to be the one, I was sure of it.

She scanned the bar, looking for a table when her eyes came to rest on me. I blushed and rapidly turned my eyes downcast as I knew that I must have been gawking slack jawed at her loveliness. Be cool, my man, don’t want to give things away at this stage of the game.

She moved to a table, my eyes following, each movement a testimony to her abject grace. I watched her reflection as she bent her head back in laughter, told stories with her hands gesturing wildly and then leaned forward to make a point or to catch every word uttered by her friends. From time to time she would take a hand and flip her long mane back out of her face, an unconscious act that I found particularly endearing. I sat at my station observing all and trying to keep my composure.

I don’t know how much time passed, probably an hour or so, when my prey and her friends decided that they had had enough of my little bar. They rose from their table and headed for the door. Now was the time. I had to execute this perfectly. I didn’t want to lose her and yet couldn’t tip my hand and make her aware that she was about to be followed. I waited until the door had closed behind them and then left a generous tip on bar and made my exit.

Outside I could hear them chatting and laughing in the parking lot so I made my way there and ever so nonchalantly uttered an elegant “evening ladies” as I strolled past them towards my own vehicle.

I took my time unlocking the door and then climbing into my van. Once inside I fumbled around for a bit, giving the girls time to say their farewells and starting their engines. I watched my angel back her Geo out of the lot and proceed south on Manzanita. I bounced out of the lot and followed her at a safe distance, my heart thumping at the thrill of the chase.

I didn’t want to lose this one. Oh no, she was too perfect. She wouldn’t let me down the way the others had. This time everything would be perfect. Every manipulation would have exactly the desired effect. No meltdowns, no fuss, no muss. But first I had to keep following her at this discreet distance. Fortunately there wasn’t much traffic so I could stay well behind her and yet not lose sight of her metallic blue Geo as it traversed from side street to side street and eventually arrived at a large apartment complex.

She pulled into one of the long driveways and headed for a stall about two-thirds of the way down. I entered the driveway and dimmed my lights, watching as she exited and walked to a side door to punch in a key code. This was no good! I wasn’t ready to make my move just yet and here she was going into a keyed apartment complex. How was I going to find out her name? Damn!

Just when I thought all was lost she seemed to remember something and walked towards a kiosk of mailboxes. I held my breath and watched her open the third slot from the left in the second row. Please have a room number on the boxes I pleaded after she turned and entered the building. I drove to the end of the driveway, parked on the street and walked back to the mailboxes praying to whoever would listen.

Oh lucky day! Yes, this chance sighting was meant to be. 2250 was clearly etched on the door to the mailbox, and below that, stuck to the box was one of those label maker printouts giving me her last name as well: Swann. Of course I reasoned that a previous renter could have stuck the label there, but I had a feeling that my prey was not the type to leave someone else’s name on her box. No, she would be too fastidious for that.

I skipped back to my car, buoyed by my revelation, knowing that from here it would be an easy task to ascertain her full name and her place of employ, and after accomplishing that, then I could proceed forward. Oh yes, this was going to be sweet, my graceful Miss Swann, we are both going to enjoy this quite a bit.

I returned to the warehouse and checked in on Mary my only surviving exhibit; if you can call cowering in a corner huddled in a fetal position surviving. Poor thing. There are times I feel quite sorry for her as I admit that I should have done things a bit differently with her. Still, ultimately it was she who let me down and not the other way around. She became so afraid of the pain that its release was no longer of any consequence to her. Too bad because until she had her little break from reality she was filling out quite nicely.

I gazed at the plump mound hugging herself and wished that the girl had had more fortitude. Probably the only thing that was keeping her alive was the I.V. I’d inserted, as she was just too afraid of the pain returning to eat on her own. Oh well, live and learn I guess. I know that the result will be different this time. The necessary adjustments have been made and as long as I am careful Miss Swann should be my shining trophy.

Chapter Two

During the next several days I did a small bit of digging and discovered that Renee Swann worked as a receptionist at a dental office downtown. She was 27 years old, born on October 17th, and per her driver’s license stood five foot five and weighed 125 pounds. Taking into consideration that all women lie about their weight, especially on their drivers license I will tack on another seven just to be charitable.

She went to aerobics every Wednesday, most days got a salad or a sandwich at the corner deli, and had her paychecks deposited automatically to her checking account. Her parents lived out of state and were not on the best of terms with their daughter, something I deemed spawned more by Renee than her parents. She also had two older brothers, one living in Europe and the other some kind of computer nerd living in Seattle.

I hacked into her medical files and discovered no known allergies or medical conditions to concern me. All in all a healthy, moderately bright young lady going through the motions of living her dull life, dreaming of some big day when someone would come along and make everything wonderful. Well, her day was just around the corner, though I don’t believe that I was what she had in mind.

I bided my time, just waiting for the right opportunity to present itself. Finally one Saturday night she decided to go out partying with the girls, only this time, instead of just a drink or two and then heading home she must have met some stiff and decided to close down the bar. Fortunately she was a good little girl and didn’t invite the guy back to her place, although she did spend a little time necking with him in the parking lot in clear view of my van’s side mirror. Hmm, such passion, my dear Renee. Can’t wait until you unleash some of that on me. Of course I would be manipulating her passions anyway. Still, it was good to see that she had such strong ones.

I followed her most of the way home, making sure that she was indeed headed for beddy-bye and then took a shortcut that would put me into place in the parking stall next to hers before she got there. When Renee arrived it was a simple thing to sneak up on my intoxicated angel and knock her out via chloroform and lay her across the open side panel of my van. From there it was an easy getaway back to my warehouse where I parked the van inside and dragged my honored guest to her room: a twelve by twelve cell enclosed with one way glass so I could see her, but she couldn’t see me. The room was equipped with a commode and shower as well as a nice firm bed. It was positioned in such a way that the Plexiglas ceiling was under a skylight so Renee could have some natural light in her habitat. I would be providing for her meals so indeed she had all the comforts of home, even a 19" wall mounted television with remote and a VCR so she could watch her favorite movies. Should be more than adequate to keep her interested while on her journey.

I made all the necessary preparations for her operation, knowing that I had to keep her under longer than my previous guests as I would be working over a larger area, not only the pain center of the brain, but the pleasure center as well. You see this is where I had made my mistakes before. By only controlling one part of the brain and not both pleasure and pain my subjects were unable to handle the excess of either one. My first few subjects were unable to break away from the pleasure sensations and ended up literally pleasuring themselves to death. From this I learned moderation and not giving the subjects free reign over their regimen. But rather than be forced to be the moderator I decided upon another tact and that’s where Mary failed me.

With Mary I attempted to use pain and then its absence as a kind of reward system for eating all her meals like a good girl. While this met with some wonderful initial results, to wit Mary eating like there was no tomorrow in an attempt to keep the pain at bay, ultimately her fear of the pain broke her and all my dreams as well. I must admit that while it had been extremely enjoyable to watch her gorge herself in seeming desperation I felt an unexpected emptiness that I was unable to more actively participate in her fattening.

It was this desire for inclusion that led me to what I am sure will be a successful experience with Renee. It is my hope that by actively controlling her amounts of pleasure and pain I can get her to the point where feeding becomes rote for her and she will continue to balloon on her own with little to no external stimuli. I also hope that at some juncture along this road she will thank me for releasing her from her humdrum life and giving her something truly special. I knew she would come to me eventually for I literally would be holding her joy in my hand, however I fervently hoped that she would come to love me for myself and we could have a glorious life together.

It was with this hope in mind that I performed the operation, placing micro stimulators on the appropriate centers of her brain. Stimulators that could be controlled by a handheld switch that could activate either or both of the devices. The operation seemed to take forever and I was beginning to worry that I was keeping her under for too long, but I eventually finished and then waited impatiently for the anesthesia to wear off.

Renee awoke groggily and seemed disoriented at first, all of which was perfectly normal, but still gave my heart pause. She looked about her domicile and then slowly brought a hand to her bandaged head. She gently touched her crown and after first sitting up on her bed then seemed exhausted and lay back down.

Her motor functions seemed intact yet I was concerned over her seeming lack of awareness. I waited for a time and then entered her room. Speaking softly in a soothing voice I gently called her name. Her head rose from the pillow as if she was trying to locate the source of my voice.

“Don’t be alarmed, I cooed. “My name is Matt and you’ve had a little accident. Fortunately I am a doctor so I was able to operate and repair the damage. You’ll be in my care for several weeks while you recover, but don’t worry I will be taking stellar care of you. Do you have any questions?”

Renee looked around trying to familiarize herself with her surroundings. “So I’m in a hospital?” she questioned in a weak voice.

“No, my dear. This is a private clinic. The surgery was somewhat of a controversial nature and as it was also time sensitive I determined it best that it be done here. I assure you that you would not be speaking with me now if I hadn’t acted immediately. The head trauma was of an extremely threatening nature, but at this juncture I believe we are out of the woods and I expect a full recovery, although I’m sure that you will be experiencing some short term memory loss. I take it you have no recollection of the accident?”

A pained look came over her face as if she was concentrating very hard, trying to remember the event that never happened. She shook her head and whispered, “No, I can’t remember a thing. Is that bad?”

“No, no, not at all.” I placed an encouraging hand on her shoulder. “You have nothing to fear. In fact I would be more surprised if you didn’t have some form of memory loss due to this kind of trauma. Now I must tell you that you may experience a bit of pain from time to time and this too is normal so not to worry. There may also be periods of confusion and disorientation, but just try to ride those out and we’ll have you back to speed in no time.” I smiled my most benign smile, playing the kindly, concerned doctor.

“Now,” I continued, “probably the best thing you can do to aid in the healing process is to just relax and provide your body with nourishment. You’ll need to tell me what foods you like and dislike and I’ll make sure that you are well provided for. By the way, this is a clean room, as we don’t want to risk any infections. Therefore everything that comes into the room will have been thoroughly cleansed for your protection. Are you hungry?”

“A little, I guess,” Renee replied vaguely.

“Do you like tuna? I’ve heard that the casserole is wonderful today.” I beamed.

She shook her head in agreement so I told her I’d be back in a jiffy with her lunch. I had prepared an extra rich creamy concoction with cheese and peas mixed in with the tuna. I served a huge portion along with milk that was laced with a high protein mix. “Bon apetit,” I purred and then left the room to watch her progress. She started in carefully and then ate with a bit more enthusiasm as she discovered that I was a better chef than most hospital cooks. To sweeten the pot I tickled her pleasure center giving her a wonderful dining experience that lasted all the way through the huge meal. So far so good I thought as I watched her reverently spoon bite after bite past her sweet lips. I felt myself stiffen; oh yes, this time everything would go just perfectly.

I let her digest for an hour or two and then decided to test the yang part of my device. The pain drove her back to her pillow with a little gasp. She whimpered as I returned to her room, the great white knight in his lab coat, holding the secret serum that could vanquish her pain. Little did she know that I was merely giving her a sedative so she could sleep and that the pain would ebb merely by the flick of a switch. Yes, I had to gain a firm hold on the girl’s confidence, so that she would see me as her savior and trust me implicitly.

When she awakened we discussed her favorite foods. She loved ham and pineapple pizza, spaghetti and meatballs, buffalo wings, strawberry ice cream, beef and cheese burritos, and cheesecake, amongst other sinful delights. Oh, and of course, like all women, she loved chocolate.

I returned shortly with a large pizza and a side of wings from Domino’s as well as a five-pound box of Godiva truffles for her room. She eyed the huge pizza and told me she couldn’t possibly eat it all. I told her not to worry, just eat what she wanted and the rest would save for later. I winked at her and told her in a conspirical tone that Dominos wasn’t really on the clinic’s menu, but since it was her favorite I figured that it couldn’t hurt. Yeah except her waistline.

She picked up a slice, cradled it with both hands and guided the gooey melting cheese into her mouth. She closed her eyes and sighed. I smiled, gave her a little pat on her shoulder and left her to her meal.

After three slices and several wings, all washed down with cola that I’d laced with a sleep agent, she seemed to call it quits. No doubt her tummy was full and was telling her so. I reversed the switch on the pain control; effectively shutting off any discomfort she may be experiencing. This in itself had no effect as she didn’t immediately reach for another slice, but when I activated the pleasure center she seemed to lose her inhibition and greedily gobbled down another piece. I increased the pressure and another piece was followed by a wing, a swig of Pepsi, another wing, a slice, a wing, a swig, until there was nothing left but crumbs. I gazed lovingly at Renee’s puffy little distended belly and smiled.

Chapter Three

In the days that followed the plan was working to perfection. I was drugging Renee heavily to keep her off balance just enough so that she was sleeping odd hours and unaware of what was going on around her. I kept dimming and brightening the lights so she really had no idea whether it was day or night and was thus able to convince her that more time had passed than actually had, which made feeding her five and six meals a day much easier. Her existence was pretty much reduced to eating and sleeping, but she seemed happy enough, especially since I was punching her buttons making each meal a sensual delight. The five-pound box of chocolates was kept constantly filled but I could tell that she was easily eating half a box a day. That and five and six high caloric meals accompanied by no exercise added the pounds to her slender frame in a hurry.

I had replaced her size eight clothes with a couple of tens and then twelve and fourteen as her body swelled rapidly. Her thirty four C bra had been exchanged for a thirty six and then a thirty eight and I noticed that she was filling her cups to the brim so I assumed she would soon be graduating to a D cup real soon. I watched with rapture, my penis engorged as she showered, her flesh glistening and the water cascaded down her breasts, dripping off her large nipples to fall across the round curve of her belly. As she bent down to shave her legs I received a wonderful view of the fleshy cleft apple of her wide rear, supported by firm marbled thighs. She twisted back towards me to shave the back of her legs and I gave a sigh as I marveled at the lovely pair of belly rolls she’d cultivated.

After she had fallen asleep from her drugging during her fifth meal of the day I decided it was time to weigh my swelling princess. I weighed myself and then half dragged half carried my corpulent angel over to the scale. At 187 pounds I figured that she had gained fifty-five pounds of fatty flab in the five weeks she had been my guest. Marvelous, just marvelous. I couldn’t have planned it any better. And as of yet Renee had no idea what was happening to her. I’m sure that somewhere in the recesses of her mind she realized that she was plumping up, but those thoughts hadn’t bubbled to the surface yet. That would come soon enough I knew, as I was going to have to lighten up on the drugs soon.

As her belly stretched I was able to increase the size of her meals to near Herculean sizes. Each meal was met with a small complaint that she couldn’t possibly eat it all, and yet once I turned off the pain and turned on the pleasure she joyfully consumed everything I put in front of her in an almost Pavlovian state of conditioned response. I believe that like a dog she would eat until she burst if allowed to do so, but I knew that it would take an awful lot to rupture her wonderfully swelling belly.

As I backed off on the drugs I began giving her a little pain every so often to make her realize that she was not yet well. I told her that the occasional pain she was experiencing was a good sign that her synapses were healing. I also began spending more time with her during her waking hours, even feeding her on some occasions. As her head began to clear I discovered that she had no concept of how long she had been under my care. I compressed two months into approximately two weeks and she didn’t bat an eye.

I told her that although these things were hard to determine, it was my best medical guess that she would be healthy enough to return to the normal world in five to six weeks. I asked her if she was comfortable and if everything was to her liking and she took my hand in hers and thanked me from the bottom of her heart, saying that she had never had a better experience while convalescing. As she continued to hold my hand I reached the other one into my coat pocket and gave her a little taste of pleasure. She flushed and then looked me straight in the eye. “Doctor,” she said, “I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me. I feel as if you’ve taken a special interest in my case and, well I know it’s not proper and all, but I just feel like I have to kiss you. Do you mind?”

Mind? I’d been waiting for this for weeks. Be still my heart, just play it nice and easy; capture every last morsel of what she’s offering you.

“Well, this sort of thing isn’t usually recommended,” I replied, “but I really don’t see what harm it could do in this instance.”

A big smile came over her pudgy face and she reached behind my head and guided my lips to hers. Oh it was sweet! Her lips were like satin, cool and smooth and as she put her arms around me I felt enveloped in softness. Her body just seemed to melt into mine and it was all I could do to fumble in my pocket for the pleasure button, cranking it up another notch.

She let out a small gasp and her arms shivered as they tightened themselves around me. Her mouth opened and her tongue was soon seeking mine as she began to recline on the bed, taking me with her. “Oh doctor, she cooed as her hand reached down to unbuckle my pants. My manhood was incredibly aroused yet, breathing hard, I managed to break off her attack.

“What’s wrong?” she nearly cried, obviously in a state of extreme arousal. “Don’t you like me?” she whimpered in a childlike voice.

“Like you?” I panted. “My lord, I think I may love you. It’s just that I’m concerned about your condition. This sort of activity may be way too soon for you. As much as my body is on fire for you I couldn’t forgive myself if I should cause you any discomfort.”

She eyed me greedily and finished unzipping my pants. “I’ll take that chance,” she said throatily. “Just be gentle and I’ll let you know if I start to hurt, ok?”

By this time she had lowered my pants and underwear to my knees and was grasping my throbbing member. How could I refuse such an offer? I untied the robe she was wearing and she shouldered it off her body. I ever so slowly reached for her full breasts and alternately cupped, squeezed, fondled and kneaded them, letting my fingers relish their initial softness and the firm fullness underneath. Renee moaned like a bitch in heat as she fell back to her pillows allowing me full access to her tummy; curved outwards like a billowing mainsail in a strong wind. My fingers drank in her abundance, each roll and bulge a delight and everywhere my fingers touched brought a shiver of joy from my juicy love. I eventually entered her and we began a long, languorous rhythm that resulted in a mutual climax that continued for days.

In my joy and otherworldly state I had forgotten that the pleasure button was still engaged. Renee hadn’t forgotten though, holding me close and purring as she continued to gyrate her pelvis against me like seaweed swishing in a tide pool. She managed to gurgle how she had never felt so good before and for sure I was the greatest lover on the planet. I told her that it was only her inspiration that made me so and she just giggled and said, “I think we’re falling in love.”

“Fallen,” I replied with a grin. “You hungry?”

“Famished. Good lovin' always makes me hungry,” she grinned like a Cheshire Cat.

“Be right back then,” I brushed her lips gently, which turned into a five-minute passionate kiss.

“Hurry back. I want you to feed me and then I want some more of that good lovin' you’ve got.”

“I don’t need any encouragement in that regard,” I said as I dressed, rushed for the door, paused just long enough to blow her a kiss and then made my exit; stage left.

While I scoured the warehouse for munchies I remembered to turn off the pleasure button. Had to give her a rest or she’d build up a tolerance and we couldn’t have that, now could we?

I reset the button to low when I returned with a bowl of grapes, pate and water crackers, and a bowl of chocolate pudding. Renee was absently rubbing her tummy like a sated Buddha as she grinned ear to ear at my tray of morsels. We took turns feeding each other and I couldn’t believe how sensual it felt to actually place a heaping spoonful of sugary pudding into her waiting mouth. She was sitting up, her belly resting on her thick upper thighs, her breasts swaying gently atop the curve of her tummy as she arched forward, eyes closed, mouth open and watering in anticipation of my next spoonful. Such a vision of pulchritude! I could feel my cock hardening as I visualized thrusting it into that salivating maw.

I turned off the pleasure button as I gathered a last spoonful of pudding from the bowl and gingerly sent it towards Renee’s waiting orifice. She gulped it down, licked the spoon and moaned. “I guess dinner’s over,” she purred as she reached for me. “Time for my dessert. Come here you sweet thing you.”

If anything our second round of lovemaking was even better than the first. Renee moaned and shuddered grasping me closely as our bodies intertwined. Lascivious, sensual, slow yet burning hot we coupled and then melted into one body, one spirit, one soul.

As we later spooned, locked in an embrace I realized that I had turned all the buttons off! This was no illusion. No simulated fake situation, a cheap high manufactured by science. No, this was the real thing. Renee was smitten by me and I by her. She kept sighing “my stallion, my lord of love” like a mantra. I could feel the love radiating off her in sheets. My god, this was far more than I’d ever dare dream. And it was dangerous! I couldn’t reveal what I had done and I had to tread very carefully or risk losing her affections. Dicey, very dicey indeed.

Chapter Four

I should have been prepared for this eventuality. What was I thinking? I had to know that eventually I would fall head over heals for one of my girls. And now what? Renee had been with me for just over eight weeks now and as she is spending more and more time being coherent I run the risk of her figuring out that things aren’t what they seem. Even though to her mind it has only been two weeks, she is starting to wonder about her bills and rent. I told her that her employ had been notified and her job was still waiting for her when she got better and that her rent will be paid by my clinic. This seemed to satisfy her, for little did she know that I had set up a bogus trust fund and was drawing the rent checks from there. Hard to trace and not likely to lead to suspicion.

I had informed her work that Renee had gone to see her brother in Seattle and while there had suffered a serious accident. I forged the appropriate papers and gave the forwarding address as a corporate shell post office box that I had established. This way her friends from work could send her well wishes, provided that I perused them first for any conflicting information.

I still had the problem of what to do when Renee deemed that she was well enough to leave her domicile. It would be quite a shock to walk out of her “hospital room” and into the rest of my warehouse. Hmm. I would have to think of something, as it was imperative to me to be able to continue our relationship.

Renee had also begun to notice that she wasn’t who she used to be. Although the details were fuzzy for her she finally began to realize that this ever-swelling body was a change for her. She had gained just over 100 pounds in the time I had been feeding her and was becoming more beautiful every day. I told her this when she surprised me with the eternal question one day after our lovemaking. “I think I’ve put on some weight,” she murmured. “Do you think I’ve gotten fat?”

Uh oh! “Well Renee,” I began with stentorian tones, “you know that it has been necessary for the healing process for you to get plenty of nutrients.”

“I have gotten fat, I knew it!” she screeched as she gazed down at her expanse of belly. “You must think I’m so ugly.”

“No, Renee, not in the slightest. You were too thin before and it wasn’t healthy for you. You’re in much better health now and you look stunning and radiant. I’ve fallen in love with every inch of you.”

She rubbed her belly and mounds of gelatinous flab flexed between her fingers. “You mean you don’t think I’m just some big old fat sow?”

“If you weighed three times as much as you do now I would still think you wonderful and sexy,” I gushed. “Why do women always have to want to be so skinny? Look my love, if you love to eat and I love to feed you then what’s the harm of a few more pounds? I think they’d probably look great on you.”

“You mean you don’t think I’m fat and ugly now?” she asked.

“Not hardly,” I replied.

“And I wouldn’t disgust you if I got really grossly obese?”

“Renee, if you only knew how much I enjoy watching you eat,” I confessed. “Doesn’t it feel good when I feed you, don’t you enjoy it?

“Almost as much as I enjoy you making love to me,” she licked her lips and smiled.

“Then if there’s more of you to love, and it came from our loving to please one another, then every pound would be a reminder of our love and all the wonderful times we’ve spent together.”

She eyed me with a serious look. “You really mean that, don’t you?”

“Every word, cross my heart.”

“Good, ‘cause I’m real hungry so I want you to feed me and then ravish me.”

“Your wish is mine as well my love. When you’re well enough, will you be my bride?”

“Only when you’ve made me much bigger. I want to get real fat and blubbery for you my sweet. Would you like that?”

“Let me show you how much and then I’ll feed you later,” I replied as I bent to kiss her, my free hand cupping one of her immense breasts. “If you think I’m mad about you now, just see how much you’ll turn me on when you’re twice this size.”

Renee squealed with delight and drew me into her absorbent body, the fire burning so hot now that we had no need of any added pleasure devices, just the touch of our yearning fingers and lips as we gave wholly to one another.


In the weeks that followed Renee greedily consumed every morsel I placed in front of her; even without any outside stimulation she seemed in a state of total bliss as she allowed me to hand feed her immense portions of all kinds of goodies. I could hardly believe my luck. Not only had this beautiful woman fallen in love with me, but she seemed quite content to eat herself towards immobility. She even whispered to me one evening after some sweet loving that she was quite content in her own little world and as long as I was in it with her the rest of the world outside could just stay away. ‘Fine by me,’ I thought as the longer I kept her here the further away her other life drifted.

She seemed to be growing almost daily now, wider and thicker, her belly beginning to hang lusciously as her breasts lay atop the outward-curving expanse. She seemed to revel in her size, showing off in front of me, grabbing a handful of belly flab and lifting it and then giggling as she watched the rolls rippling when she let it drop. “Am I fat enough yet my love?” she teased as she cupped her fabulous fleshy breasts. “Want a taste? Come on baby, show me how sexy I am.”

As she was easily over three hundred pounds now I had absolutely no problem showing her just how sexy she appeared to me. I loved every single micron of her, from her huge hips and immense soft buttocks to the way her belly flared out and sagged against the sheets as she lay on her side in a ‘come hither’ pose. I was amazed at how soft she was and how much she jiggled when she moved, as the close to two hundred pounds of blubber often seemed to have a will of its own.

There were times in this endless stream of blissful days that I gave my sweet Renee an added treat by nudging the pleasure switch just a little as we made love or as she fed. Just a treat for her, certainly not that she needed any encouragement in either the lovemaking department or in food consumption. The flow was almost endless, from bacon, eggs, sausage, and pancakes in the morning to a large bag of chips and then a brunch of hearty soup with sandwiches. A dish of ice cream tied her over until a lunch of pizza and hot wings, or a bucket of the Colonel’s finest. After lunch we got our exercise (and what a wonderfully pillowy dyna-gym she was) that wet her appetite for a few dozen taquitos and salsa or perhaps a block of cheese with French bread. That lasted until dinner, which was usually two entrees, both huge portions, plus salad and a veggie.

We’d then sit down to watch a video, during which Renee consumed a two-pound bag of M&M’s or a quart of ice cream, or sometimes both. After the movie we would feel the urge once again and as our lips met I could taste the sugar. In the afterglow I fed her truffles and played with her fat rolls while Renee purred with contentment.

I asked her the other day if she wanted to get out and see the world. I thought maybe seeing the great museums of Europe would strike her fancy. She shrugged and said she’d rather we went around the world in bed, so I’ve concocted an itinerary of cuisine and cocksmanship to give her all the best that the world has to offer. She’ll experience it all without ever leaving our cocoon.

She is content here and I am just as content keeping her here where I don’t have to share her with anyone and can watch her bulging body continue to swell. She may become immobile after a time, a thought that used to depress me, but I can see that Renee couldn’t possibly care less so I’ve come around to the position that I will probably enjoy it just as much as she. I will be the curator of my own private museum, the sole exhibit being my lovely corpulent angel. This will be our life; reduced to just the two of us here in this room, not needing or wanting for anything more.