The Golden Goddess

The Golden Goddess By Scott Guthrie

My name is Brad Jacobs, up until a few years ago I was an African explorer. On my last expedition I was searching for a tribe that worshipped a Golden Goddess. Legend had it that this “Goddess” was really golden.

Five months before, I had married a willowy beauty named Jennifer and she insisted in coming with me. I knew the tribes in the area we were going to had never shown violence to explorers and was pleased that she was interested in my work.

It took us eight days, by river steamer, to reach Stanleyville. Then we traveled up river by canoe. Finally we reached the area where the tribe had been reported to live.

Our native bearers set up our camp. I paid them and asked them to return in two months. After they left, Jennifer and I discussed how we would search for the village.

The next morning we started our search. By noon I had discovered a path and we decided to stop for a rest.

I whispered to Jen that we had company coming and to remain calm. A moment later, three natives with spears approached. I stood up and held up my hand in the sign of friendship.

They stared at us while they talked among themselves. I was able to understand some of their conversation and whispered to Jen that they wanted us to go with them to their village.

One of the natives ran ahead. Of the remaining two, one led us and the other followed. I tried to talk with the one leading us. His dialect wasn’t too different from the ones I knew, but there were certain local words that I couldn’t understand.

After a few hours we arrived at their village. As with most tribes, the entire village turned out.

The chief and witch doctor greeted us. I talked with them as well as I could and told Jen that they were having a feast that night and tales, including the Golden Goddess, would be told.

Our guide, who’s name I don’t remember, was left with us and I asked him if he would tell me about their village. While he talked I looked at the villagers and realized that there seemed to be two classes of women. The young ones were of average size, but then other were extremely FAT. At lest 250 pounds, with some well over 350.

When I mentioned this to our guide he laughed. “The thin ones”, he explained, “are not married.” He pointed to a large hut near the center of the village. “In our tribe, the bride’s family shows their pleasure in the groom by making her beautiful. six moons before the wedding, the bride is put in the feeding hut and her family brings her food until the day of the wedding. In the morning they help her to the wedding feast.

He looks at Jen and she tries not to notice. He smiles and continues, “The bride’s family has fed her for the last six moons and her size shows their pride. During the feast she show’s how much she loves her husband by eating until she is unable to eat another bite.”

While we talked, I watched the women prepare for the feast. The air filled with the delicious smell of cooking food. While the meat cooked, they filled the tables with breads and fruits.

Near sunset, we were taken to the chief’s table. Before the other members of the tribe arrived, the witch doctor approached us. He said something about never seeing the Golden Goddess, but with our help he hoped he soon would.

He went into his tent and returned a few minutes latter carrying two small gourds. He offered them to Jen and myself and we graciously accepted and drank the contents.

He bowed to us before seating himself between myself and the chief’s chair. The chief arrived with his wife waddling beside him. She weighed as much, if not more, than any of the other women I had seen. I politely smiled and noticed that Jen was looking at her in intent curiosity.

The chief motioned to a man standing beside him. As they talked, the witch doctor told us that this was their storyteller. The storyteller stepped to the center and began talking.

While he talked, the thin, unmarried women brought platters loaded with food to our table and we began eating. Most of the tales were about hunters and hunting. Finally he spoke of the Golden Goddess, the story went something like this.

Many seasons ago, our Goddess came from down river. Many of our children were ill and she made them well. She taught us much and we loved her. We asked her to be one of us and she was glad. She wanted no husband, but our wives didn’t think she should stay thin. They offered to be her family and took her to the marriage hut. After six months we gave her a feast and declared her married to the tribe.

After several season she left and promised she would return. We believe she will return, but in a new body.

By this time everyone had finished eating. The witch doctor stood up and smiled. He announced, “The Golden Goddess has returned.”

The whole tribe cheered and yelled. I looked around in confusion and then looked at Jen. She was half asleep with a relaxed smile on her face. I looked at the empty plates in front of her and was shocked at how much she had eaten.

I stood up and demanded why they were doing this. The chief smiled and replied, “she is the Golden Goddess.” I looked at her and realized that her long blond hair was what they were talking about.

They helped her to the marriage hut. I was told I could stay with her as long as I didn’t try and stop her from eating.

I went with her and the witch doctor told me that the drink he gave her was making her hungry. I slept fitfully that night and woke when several married women brought her breakfast. she woke and eagerly ate a surprising amount of food. I ate a some and waited for the women to leave.

I asked her if she knew what they wanted her to do. She smiled and patted her slightly round abdomen. “I’ve always wondered what it was like to be fat. I had a good friend when I was in grade school and she was as much fun as she was fat.” She smiled at me, “I hope you’re not too upset about the Golden Goddess turning out to be a overly fat woman.”

I held her hand gently and kissed her cheek. “Don’t worry about that,” I whispered, “I’ll find a way out of this.”

Jen smiled and squeezed my hand, “We were told not to break any tribal customs when we entered the country.” She closed her eyes, “this will give you plenty of time to learn the rest of their language and work on you article about them.” I remained beside her until she was asleep.

They kept her so full of food that she did little else except eat and rest. Often she had me ask the women questions about what it’s like to be as large as they were.

The hut was well designed. By removing a few panels a cooling breeze was created that keep her comfortable.

Almost two month later, they had a seasonal feast. They had been preparing special foods for weeks. Jen asked the women feeding her if she could come to it. She had not been allowed outside the hut since they had started feeding her.

Several of the women came in and asked if I would leave them alone. Jen had learned a good portion of their language so I went out to talk to the storyteller.

He was a wealth of legends and never tired of telling them to me. I had learned more about the woman who became the “Goddess”. It became apparent that she was in a mission and left for some reason. She had found the tribe by chance and had the knowledge to help the children.

I asked what was going to happen to Jen and he told me that the chief would decide at the end of six moons.

When I saw the women leave, I returned to the hut. Jen was sitting up, admiring the brightly colored cloth they had wrapped her in. She saw me watching and smiled, “How do you like my party dress? They told me that the reason they dress like this is they don’t have to make new clothes as they fill out.”

Over the last several weeks I hadn’t allowed myself to admit how fast she was packing on the pounds. She smiled as she realized I was finally admitting to myself she was getting more than plump. Her flat abdomen was bulging out round and full. Her hips were wider than I thought they could be. Her breasts were no longer slightly rounded, they were swollen, filling her wide chest and beginning to hang from their weight.

That evening, two of the younger girls came to help her to the table. As I watched her slight waddle I estimated that she had almost doubled her previously trim weight of 115.

Before the feast, the chief and witch doctor praised Jen and the women that she had filled as well as she had. Jen patted her bulging belly and said she hoped to please them more by the end of her feeding.

The girls brought out drinks and fruits. The cooks began to cut up the several suckling pigs they had baked. Two of them brought the biggest one, I guessed it to be about fifteen pounds of meat, to our table and placed it in front of Jen. As they began cutting it up and placing the pieces on her plate, I realized that she was expected to eat the entire carcass.

She smiled at me and I forced myself to return a look of confidence to her as she began to eat.

Several of the hunters entertained us with a tribal dance and then the storyteller repeated the tale of the Golden Goddess.

When he finished, every one looked at Jen. She had almost finished the pig and paused, patting her growing belly, before she returned to finishing her meal.

That night we talked about her increase in weight. “You might not believe this,” She said smiling, “but I’m actually enjoying my new flesh.”

I fondled her swollen rolls of fat. “I believe you,” I replied, “because I’m starting to find you more desirable as you fill out.” That night we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The remaining time she was being fattened the women allowed me to help. After they finished feeding her the evening meal, they left extra food for me to give her if she woke at night. Jen was surprisingly happy about this and made me promise to wake her so she could eat what they left for her.

Finally, her time of being fattened was over. With the help of three girls and myself, she slowly waddled to the table. Everyone brought some kind of food for her to eat.

The witchdoctor had warned us about this. “The people believe that if she eats their gift, then their huts will be protected.”

After she ate each gift and thanked them, they rubbed her enormous belly like she was a female version of Buddha.

While she ate I studied her enormously obese form in fascination. In the first two months she had nearly doubled her weight. In the last four, I could only guess that she now weighed nearly 500 pounds. She was much fatter than any of the women of the tribe. Her enormous belly bulged out almost to her knees, her breasts were unbelievably full, they didn’t sag but rested on her massive belly. Her thighs were bigger than her hips had been and her upper arms were further around than her waist was when we arrived.

Finally she forced down the final tribute. She smiled and patted her food swollen stomach. She spoke to them in their language, “I hope you feel that I’ve gotten big enough to be the physical image of the Golden Goddess.”

The witchdoctor motioned to several of the men and they went behind the chief’s tent. A few moments later, they returned, pulling what looked like a kind of balance scale.

They moved it until it was beside Jen. The girls helped her slowly rise and sit in the chair on the scale. Other men brought small skin sacks from the witchdoctor’s hut. They added sack after sack onto the other side of the scale. Finally the balance indicator moved to the center point.

The witchdoctor stepped forward and smiled. “The golden Goddess has blessed us once more,” he announced to the tribe. He touched the pile of sacks, “And we have given her our thanks. We only ask that you do not open these until you reach home.”

He walked toward me and placed a hand on my shoulder, “we have built a raft to carry you down river. Tomorrow we will take you there and say farewell.

That night the storyteller added our visit to his tales. It was far into the night before they helped me take Jen into the hut.

Late the next morning, we set out for the river. They had built a strong, multi-wheeled cart for Jen to ride in. Every time I looked at her her bountiful flesh was billowing.

We reached the river and found that the sacks were already loaded. After they helped us onto the raft, two of them poled the raft down to Stanleyville.

At Stanleyville we said goodbye to the tribe we had lived with for half a year.

The next day the river steamer arrived. They were surprised but understanding about her size. They used the crane to get her on board. Once on deck, We realized that she was too big to get through the passageway inside the ship. They set up a cabin on deck, using crates and tarps.

On the way downstream I contacted the port master in Matadi and booked passage on a Atlantic cargo ship to America. Two days before we arrived, the captain radioed me. I’ll only say that I knew him well and that he could get our gift home without it being opened. When you’ve been in Africa as much as I have, you do what the doctor says.

Even though we had a few days to wait at Matadi, we decided to move Jen onboard the steamer as soon as we arrived. I went into town and found a good seamstress. I brought her onboard and had her make several outfits for Jen before we sailed.

Finally we arrived at our home in the country. I asked my neighbor if I could use his animal scale and he told me where I could purchase one for a good price.

Jen had gotten used to her massive weight at sea and was able to move around on her own. She laughed with nervousness as she stepped onto the scale. We both were shocked when I moved the 50 pound weight to the 600 pound mark before the indicator even budged. When I put the ten pound marker at 20, the indicator finally settled at the even mark.

Jen rolled off the scale and threw her enormously bloated arms around me, pulling me into her softness. “Now that we know how much I weigh,” she said, “let’s find out what’s in the sacks.” She sat down onto an especially sturdy chair and waited while I got one of the many sacks the tribe had given us. I put it on the table between us and struggled with the knot for a minute or two. Finally it came free and I poured the contents onto the table. We stared in disbelief at a pile of gleaming, glittering gold dust.

This was years ago. Needless to say we now have a house built especially for Jenny’s weight and size. She’s even fatter now than she was the day she left the feeding hut. After all, I learned a thing or two from the women of the tribe.

If any of you want to take the chance and have a willing blonde lady, send me a letter and I’ll send you a map to where the tribe of the Golden Goddess can be found.