Clothes Make the Woman

Clothes Make the Woman By AlanFA

Inspired by the story Lingerie by Wilson Barbers

Alex sat at his computer surfing the many Plus-Size and BBW sites, mindlessly day dreaming about the type of women that he was secretly attracted to. Alex was a closet Fat Admirer, the type of man that desperately wanted a Big Women in his life but was to shy to approach any and too stuck into the norm way of thinking that didn’t allow him to be seen with a Fat Chick.

Just as he was starting to read yet another weight gain story, Alex heard keys in the apartment door signaling the return of Alex’s girlfriend Janna. He quickly logged out and deleted his History and Temp files as to not leave a trail of where he had been surfing. Janna, who was 5ft 5in and 123 lbs, would never be able to understand his obsession with women twice or three times her size. One of Alex’s favorite fantasies in fact was Janna, two or three times bigger.

Alex came into the kitchen as Janna was unpacking the few groceries that she had picked up on her way home from the gym. Janna liked to work out and did so about four times a week. As he entered the kitchen, Janna was bent over putting cereal under the counter. Seeing her tight leotard workout pants stretched across her slim bottom caused Alex to immediately have a flash fantasy. In the fantasy, Janna was bent over as she was now, but instead of a slim bottom, the ass that Alex envisioned was huge. Still in the same green leotard, she was a site to behold. Her hips were at least three feet wide and her ass cheeks were the size of over inflated beach balls. As she stood and turned to look at him, the fantasy continued and the woman that stood before Alex was immense. Whereas the normal Janna had a flat stomach and only petite chest, the fantasy Janna had a large belly that drooped down over her crotch to the top of her thighs that Alex now envisioned as being as large around each as the normal Janna was. Also, instead of the petite chest, the fantasy Janna had breast the size of ripe summer watermelons at least in the double E range if Alex had to guess.

Janna smiled as she noticed the rise in Alex’s shorts and said, Hi, Lover, I guess you really missed me. At that, the spell was broken. Once again, the thin-toned body of Janna stood in front of him. Alex was momentarily disoriented and then he smiled as Janna walked forward to give him a hug. So are you glad to see me or is that just a pickle in your pocket? Janna said as she reached for his crotch. They both laughed as they held a little tighter, Alex’s erection already starting to dissipate. Let’s go take care of this while I’m still hyped up from my work out, Janna said as she led him back to the bedroom by the crotch.

As they started stripping off their clothes, Alex desperately tried to get at least a portion of his earlier vision back so that he could maintain his erection. They fell into bed and started exploring each other’s body; Alex closed his eyes and let his mind wander. In his minds eye, Janna was once again the Big Beautiful Woman she was earlier; as she climbed on top of him he could feel the crushing weight of her gigantic body smashing him into the mattress. As she rode him, Janna let out guttural moans that sounded to Alex like the squeals of a wild pig. Alex had a new vision, one in which Janna was stuffing her face with food while riding on top of him. Each grunt followed by her stuffing another cream filled pastry in her mouth. This was all the inspiration Alex needed; he came with the force of thunder, which sent Janna exploding into an orgasm of her own. As they lay there cooling off, the vale of Alex’s fantasy was lifted and the slim Janna was all that was left.

After cooling off and relaxing for a while, Alex got up and showered and then went about getting supper ready. How he wished that he could prepare an enormous feast for his Fat Janna. How he would love to sit there and watch her consume mass amounts of food, all the while growing bigger by the day. Instead it was broiled chicken breast, steamed broccoli (without cheese sauce) and a side salad with low-cal dressing. Another Spartan meal.

That evening, after watching the news, Janna got ready and slipped into bed, kind of hoping Alex would follow. When he didn’t, she disappointedly fell asleep. Once asleep she quickly entered her favorite often-frequent dream. In her dream she was lying in bed, surrounded by platters of tantalizing food. As she sat and ate continuously from the platters, she surveyed her massive body. Laying out in front of her were a set of watermelon-sized breasts, resting contently on a beanbag chair sized belly that spread out in front and covered the tops of her mammoth thunder thighs. Just then, like always in this dream, Alex came into the room, carrying yet another platter of scrumptious goodies.

And just how is my Big Beautiful Piggy today? Alex would ask.

Starving is all Janna could manage to get out between bites of food.

Well, we’ll just have to see what we can do about that, the dream Alex said. Slowly he crawled up next to her and picked up a morsel from the tray. A very large cream filled clair (her secret favorite). How bad do you want this? he asked.

Feed it to me, she begged.

And what will you do for me? he asked.

Anything you want, she responding, secretly already knowing the answer.

Grunt and squeal like the Fat Sow that you are. Janna, already knowing this was coming happily started grunting and squealing like a barnyard hog, at which she had another enormous orgasm.

She woke up, trembling from the force of her nocturnal orgasm. Slowly she sat up and looked around. The room was dimly illuminated from a light coming from the front living room. Alex was still up. Probably on the computer again dinking around she thought. She looked down at herself in the dim light and sighed. She was once again the slim trim Janna that Alex wanted. The slim trim Janna that she had to fight to keep, when what she desperately wanted to do was to pig out. Already her stomach was protesting the Spartan meal that Alex had fixed. One of these nights she was going to ask him for seconds just to see what his reaction would be. No, she probably wouldn’t. She truly loved Alex and would deny herself that simple pleasure to keep him.

Out in the den, Alex was on the computer. He had waited until he was sure Janna was asleep before logging into one of his favorite sites. A website specifically for BBWs and their Admirers. It had articles, pictorials, chat features and Alex’s favorite, weight gain fantasies. Or fatasies, as Alex liked to call them. He had waited till he had heard Janna start to snore her cute little snore that always reminded Alex of a pig’s grunt. As Alex started to surf the site a pop-up appeared. Just as he was about to clear it he happened to catch the header. Clothes make the Woman. It was a pop-up for plus-size clothing from a site called Ample The pictures of the women in the ad intrigued Alex. All big women of various sizes. He decided what the heck, he’d click into it. He always enjoyed looking at large women and if this site had plus-size lingerie models too, bonus.

Once in the site the wording of the ad seemed a little strange, but Alex just shrugged it off as a typo. Clothes of all sizes that any woman can fit into. Sizes 16 to 60XXX. Custom orders no problem. In the ad it showed many women in different clothes, ranging in size for simply plump to practically spherical. Alex continued to click through the site, seeing many outfits that he envisioned Janna filling into. Then he came to the sportswear section and right there in the ad was the exact workout outfit that Janna had had on earlier. Lime green spandex pants and a pink tank top. Immediately, Alex had another flashback to the scene in the kitchen earlier. His breath grew shorter and he couldn’t help massaging his groin. Just as he released he heard Janna moaning loudly in the bedroom. To Alex it was the unmistakable sound of a large pig grunting and squealing. This finished him; he came in waves of pleasure. And then there was silence.

Janna had woken up from whatever dream she was having. Alex minimized the screens in case she walked out. He sat as still as he could, panting slightly from the orgasm he had just had. He needed to clean himself up in the bathroom but didn’t want to disturb Janna in case she was awake. So he sat there and waited till he once again heard a soft snoring coming from the room. Alex made his way to the bathroom and cleaned up and got dressed for bed. When he went back to shut down the computer, the clothes site was back up on the screen. Alex quickly looked around and went to the bedroom door, thinking that Janna must have come out and looked at what he was surfing. Hearing her still softly snoring he shook it off and went back to the computer. On the screen was the header. Order confirmed and processed for shipment. One workout outfit, Size 16.

What the Hell, Alex thought. What had he done in his horny frenzy? When he tried to get back into the site to try and cancel whatever order he had placed, he found himself locked out.

Two days later, while checking his e-mail, he found an e-mail from a company called Ample Stuffing Inc. With the subject line order shipped. Addressee Ms Janna Martin, 555 W Main Street Apt 112. One workout outfit, Size 20. Size 20? Alex thought, the other night it was size 16. And it was addressed to Janna. What had he done? If she gets that, she will freak out. Alex was desperately trying to come up with a plan to intercept the package, when it dawned on him to simply reply to the e-mail and state that it was a mistake and cancel the order. He was just doing this when Janna came in through the door. Quickly he hit send and closed his e-mail. Janna hadn’t worked out today so she was still dressed from work. A pair of white slacks with a pale blue blouse over top of it. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, which made her face appear a little rounder.

Suddenly, Alex was back in Fatasy land again. His Big Fat Janna was home from work. her enormous ass was stretching the fabric of her pants while her bloated belly hung beneath the hem of her blouse. Her face was totally round with at least three chins quivering below. Hi, Honey, how was your day? Again, the spell was broken, and all that stood there was the slim Janna. She walked over and kissed him and he noticed a distinctive taste on her lips.

Janna, have you been eating chocolate?

She looked stunned and then a guilty look came over her face. I’m sorry, yes, she said. But it was only a small one, she lied.

In truth, she had gorged herself on a half-pound bag of chocolate on the way home from work and had hidden the bag in the neighbor’s trash. Normally she always brushed her teeth at the gym before coming home but today she hadn’t gone and was hoping to get in and brush before she saw Alex.

It’s ok, sweetie, a little chocolate every once in a while won’t hurt. God, how I would love to feed you a five-pound box, Alex thought.

Later that night, after another meager low cal dinner, Alex got back online only to hear the familiar tone of You’ve got E-mail. He quickly scanned it and was shocked to see another e-mail from Ample Stuffing Inc. Subject Order modification processed and shipped. He read the mail and was in total disbelief. Not only were they still sending the workout outfit, size 24 - Size 24? - plus there was an addition of one pair white Lycra Slacks, size 24-26 and one pale blue satin Blouse, size 4X. Wow, this was getting too weird. Alex didn’t know what to do, so he did nothing. If he tried to cancel again what the hell would he wind up with? Maybe this was all a mistake and the order would never arrive. But then how is it that her name and address were correct and that he was getting the confirmations in his e-mail?

He must have finally gone off the deep end with his fantasies. Maybe if these things did show up, it would bring his true feelings out in the open. Maybe it was time to lay things out for Janna. He wasn’t sure how long he could go on pretending, anyway. His fatasies were coming much too frequently now and the only way he could get aroused was to have one. Finally, Alex went to bed. Janna was once again snoring her little piggy snore, but this time Alex realized she was also smacking her lips.

Two days went by and Alex was working late for a change. He had called Janna to let her know so that she wouldn’t worry. Janna was actually relieved. Now she didn’t have to go by the gym and get sweaty before heading home and she could binge a little and have her teeth brushed before Alex got home as well as the evidence conveniently hid in the neighbors garbage. Janna didn’t know how long she was going to be able to keep up this charade. She could tell she had put on a couple of pounds because her clothes felt a little tight. She wanted nothing more than to let herself go and pig out. She was going to have to broach the subject soon with Alex because lately her dreams had become more frequent and more intense with herself getting fatter all the time. The only way for her to get aroused anymore was to fantasize or fantasize as Janna like to think of it, that she was enormously obese and that Alex was stuffing her with food. Only then could she reach orgasm.

Lately, she had been spending a lot of time on the Internet on a site dedicated to BBW’s and their Admirers. She was happy to learn that there were a lot of very fat women out there that were happy about their size and that there were plenty of men out there who loved them for being fat. There were even a sub group of men called feeders and women who were feedees. Janna imagined herself as one of these feedees and Alex as her Feeder. What a wonderful life that would be, she thought.

When she got to the door of their apartment there were two packages on the doorstep. They were addressed to her from a company called Ample Outerwear, a division of Ample Stuffing. This was odd. She remembered the pop up ad a few days ago or so and remembered looking over the clothes and lingerie desperately wishing she had the body to fill those clothes out. She was even intrigued by the grammatical error in their ad. Clothing of all sizes that any woman can fit into. The strange part was that she didn’t remember ordering anything. This was too strange.

She set down her grocery bag and picked up the boxes; they were a little heavy, which surprised her. She went into the apartment, set down her bag, grabbing a box of Little Debbie’s, which she dug into while opening the first of the two boxes. Inside was a set of panties and a bra that she remembered drooling at in the ad, however there was no way that she would ever be able to wear them. The bra was clearly marked as a 42 EE and the panties were a 28X. How it was that she’d had ordered these things, she just didn’t know. She had drooled over them to the point that she had masturbated right there, but she had definitely not placed an order.

She opened the other box to reveal two outfits that looked strangely familiar. The first was a pair of lime green spandex stretch pants with extra material up front, and a pale pink tank top. She looked at the size and was shocked to see that it said size 26. Next there was a pair of white Lycra slacks and a pale blue blouse. The pants were size 28 while the blouse was a size 5X. Something clicked in her, and she went into the bathroom and went in the hamper. There were her workout clothes, lime green spandex leotard and a pale pink tank, and there also was the outfit she wore to work two days ago. White slacks and a pale blue blouse. This was now Way Too Weird.

She sat on the couch and absentmindedly ate the entire contents of her binge bag while staring at the clothes that she couldn’t remember ordering. That was it, she had finally lost it. All this time holding herself back from doing what she wanted and denying herself. All those nights of surfing the plus-size sites, hoping to find a feeder. She must have really cracked up. Oh my God, what is Alex gonna think? He will throw me out for sure. But maybe that is what needs to happen. I just don’t think I can pretend anymore. As she finished her binge and was about to hide the evidence, she said to heck with it and left the dozen or so empty wrappers lying on the couch. I’ll tell him tonight. She then looked over the clothes again. As she picked them up a warm tingling sensation came over her.

Alex had finished his work hours ago and had been surfing at work. He liked it when the office was empty and quiet. He was dreading going home. He just knew that he could not stay with Janna anymore and pretend to be happy. He was going to have to lay out the cards for her tonight and tell her the truth. He was just preparing to shut down his computer when he heard the familiar You’ve got E-mail. He quickly opened it to find that it was again from Ample Outerwear, a division of Ample Stuffing. Subject packages delivered 4:00pm today. Oh my God, Janna will have found them. Now what was he going to do? Well, I guess this is best. It had to come out; I guess I have no choice now. He shut down his computer and was about out the door when the phone rang. It was Janna. She sounded different somehow. Her voice sounded huskier. Alex, I got some things in the mail today, and I really need to show you them and talk to you about them. He wanted to say something, make some kind of excuse, but all he managed was I’m on my way, see you soon.

Janna had tried them on. At first she had sat there and stared at them. Then she had picked them up. As soon as she had touched the material an electric sense like static had hit her and then a warm sort of glow feeling. In a trance-like state, she had carried the boxes to the bedroom. She stripped out of her own clothes and then picked up the lingerie. First she grabbed the bra. 42EE - my God, this thing is huge. She knew that she would have to put a pillow in each cup to fill it out and then it would probably wrap around her twice, after all she was barely a 32A. Regardless though, she held the mammoth bra over her tiny chest and an almost instantaneous wave of pleasure came over her. It was electric. Her legs gave out and she fell back on the bed.

As she lay there, somehow the clasps attached themselves and the bra was securely on. She could feel her breast swelling to fill in the massive cups. It was the most intense pleasure she had ever felt and she had multiple orgasms before finally passing out. When she came to, she felt sluggish and groggy, not quite aware of where she was. Then things started to come back to her. Her hands instinctively went to her chest where she found breast much sooner than she should have. She tried to sit up and found it impossible. She looked down and stared into a cavern of cleavage. Finally, she was able to roll over and push herself up. Again, this has difficult do to her now extremely top-heavy state.

She finally stood up and staggered a little before adjusting her balance. She looked at herself in the mirror and almost had to laugh. She had seen cartoons on the FA sites of women with disproportionately large breasts and here she was looking at herself. The idea struck her all at once. If the bra did this to my top, what will the panties do to my bottom? She staggered over to the box sitting on the dresser and picked up the panties still trying to keep her balance. The panties were HUGE. They were 28X, no wait that strange now they say 34XX. Well, here goes. She staggered back over to the bed and sat down. She found it next to impossible to bend down to put the panties on. Finally, she dropped them to the floor, slipped her feet into the enormous leg holes and then laid back, raised her legs and let them slide on. As they slid up her legs, she again experienced that warm orgasmic feeling; when they got to her waist she reached down and pulled them over her butt at which time her body was rocked by another tremendous orgasm.

Sometime later, she woke up dazed and still a little confused. She felt both totally strange and totally wonderful. She tried to move, to sit up and found it impossible. It was if her whole body was in cement. She tried to move her head, but it was restricted by some collar around her neck. She finally lifted her arm, which took some effort, what she saw amazed her. Her arm, if it was her arm, was immense. Her hand was puffy and each finger was a plump little sausage. She raised her other arm with the same difficulty and discovered it to be the twin of the other. She let them down and tried to rest them on her middle and found it to be a vast expanse of soft mushy flesh. She slowly began to explore it and knead it, which brought back waves of pleasure.

After a while she realized she needed to get up. But just how would she do it? Finally, it dawned on her to get her body moving and just roll herself out of bed. She grabbed her belly and started swaying it side to side. Once she got it moving, the rest was easy; she simply rode the momentum over and rolled off. She landed on all fours with a great thump. On her hands and knees, her belly touched the ground and spread out a few inches on either side. She grabbed onto the side of the bed and with great effort managed to get to her feet. After a couple minutes she was able to steady herself and walk (waddle) to the bathroom. There she stood and stared at the site in the full-length mirror.

She was as big as her wildest dream. Her belly drooped down over the top of her panties and down over the tops of her thighs, which were now at least 30 inches around. Her legs remained shapely, just much larger. She slowly turned to survey her backside and almost gasped. Her hips were at least three-and-a-half feet from side to side, and her ass jutted out behind her at least a foot-and-a-half. She now had a perfect shelf where she could have easily rested a full platter of food. Ooh, a platter of food - now it hit her how hungry she was. And why shouldn’t she be? A body like this had to take a lot of food to sustain. All of a sudden she came out of her trance. Wait a minute, this isn’t right. I’m not really this big; this isn’t real. Then it hit her. The ad on the Internet. Clothes Make the Woman. Clothes of all sizes that any woman can fit into. It was the clothes that had made her this big. But how? There must be something supernatural about them. An idea hit her. If putting the clothes on had made her big, then maybe when she took them off would make her normal again.

She decided to try an experiment. Slowly, she reached in front of her and felt for the clasp on the front of the bra. It was extremely tight, and her pudgy fingers were more of a hindrance than help, but finally, with a pop, the bra sprang open, and her huge breasts fell down heavily on her large stomach. She slid the bra the rest of the way off and then looked at herself again in the mirror. Just as she had expected, her breasts were steadily shrinking. Her arms, hands shoulders and face were also growing smaller as well. After several minutes, she stood there laughing at the reflection in the mirror. From just above the waist, she was totally back to normal, but from the waist down her features were comically exaggerated. Again, it reminded her of the cartoons on the plus-size websites. She was now what they would have called a perfect pear.

She decided that it was time to continue the experiment. She reached down and slowly pushed the panties down. Once they were off her hips, they slid the rest of the way down her legs with ease. Immediately, the transformation began, and she started to shrink back to normal. This caused her to be light headed, so she laid back on the bed and rested for a while. As she lay there, she tried to put it all into perspective and couldn’t. This has just had to be fate. Clothes that make her wildest dreams come true. What she wanted to do was put them back on and never take them off. But what about Alex? He would never understand let alone approve. She knew what she had to do and picked up the phone.

The whole way home, Alex ran Janna’s words through his mind. He ran several scenarios through his head and quickly rejected them. He thought maybe he should just play dumb and pretend that he didn’t have any idea where the clothes had come from. Say that maybe someone sent them to her as a gag. After all, he honestly could not remember ordering them. Then he decided, no, he would tell her the truth. Tell her about his obsessions. Tell her about his Internet activity and explain that, yes, he did see the website for plus-sized clothing, but that he honestly didn’t remember ordering them and that maybe he had had some kind of subconscious blackout in which he did order them. Anyway, he had to do something quick because he was walking up to his front door.

Alex opened the door of his apartment and was immediately assailed by a variety of smells. The strongest was of pizza, but he could also make out fried foods and a distinctive smell of something baking. Alex shut the door behind him and called out to Janna. In the bedroom, he heard her say, somewhat muffled.

As he walked though the living room he saw several empty food packages and an empty pizza box. What the hell was going on? Was he having another fantasy hallucination? He got to the bedroom and found Janna sitting on the bed, naked, surrounded by different foods. There was another half of pizza sitting there as well as a bucket of Colonel Chicken. She had a slice of pizza in one hand and a chicken breast in the other. A gallon of whole milk was on the bed beside her, and he could see the empty carton of another on the floor. Besides being in total shock and disbelief, he was also instantly aroused. He didn’t know what to say so he just stared. Finally, he broke the silence by saying, What’s going on?

Janna looked up and simply replied, I’m eating. Eating the way I’ve been wanting to for years.

I don’t understand, Alex exclaimed. Janna set the food down and crawled off the bed. Alex could see that her binging had caused her little tummy to bulge ever so slightly out. Janna walked over to the boxes that were sitting on her dresser. Alex saw that they were the boxes from Ample Outerwear. He was about to say something when Janna cut him off.

Alex, I have something to confess, she started. I’ve been hiding a secret from you for a long time. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve had this desire, fantasy if you will, about becoming really fat. So fat that all I do is lay around and eat and grow fatter.

Anyway for a long time now I have been going on the Internet to a group of websites dedicated to very fat women and their admirers. Last week I went to a website for plus-sized clothing. I remember looking at all the clothes and dreaming about being fat enough to wear them, and although I don’t remember ordering them, they arrived on the door step today. I figured it must be a sign that I couldn’t deny myself any longer.

I’ll understand it if you think I’m some kind of a freak and don’t want anything to do with me, but I just can’t deny myself any longer. I’m going to grow fat and I’m starting tonight.

Alex couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Obviously this was some kind of weird joke. Had she found out and was doing this to torment him, or was this real? I don’t understand, Janna. You have always been such a health nut. Always eating just the right amounts and exercising all the time. If this is what you wanted, why not tell me?

Because I really do love you, Alex, and was willing to deny myself to stay just how you liked me. But I just can’t do it anymore; the desire to grow is just too strong.

The irony of what she had just told him hit him like a ton of bricks. All this time wasted. All this time of hiding his desires, only to learn that she had the same desires. All Alex could do was sit on the bed and start to chuckle. You find what I told you funny, Janna said, sounding a bit angry.

Not at all, Alex responded, just ironic. Let me ask you a question. This website you go to - is it

And the clothes are they from Ample Outerwear, a division of Ample

Janna was floored. How did he find out? How long had he known? Finally she asked, How did you find out?

I didn’t, Alex replied. I have a little confession for you, too. Ever since I was a young boy I have been attracted to very big women. I’ve always wanted to be with one, but I was always afraid of what people, especially my friends, would say. So I hid it away and always dated thin women just to keep up appearances.

A closet FA, Janna said.

Exactly, Alex answered. Besides, I’m not sure you ordered them, he continued. I went to the Ample Outerwear site the other night and then got an e-mail confirming that I had ordered you those clothes. They are just like clothes you already own that I had fantasized you being Fat in.

You have fantasized about me being fat? Janna asked.

All the time, Alex replied. Anymore, it is the only way I can get aroused and make love to you.

Janna finally caught on to the irony as well. So you ordered the clothes and the undies, too?

Undies? I didn’t even look at undies.

Janna walked over and picked up the bra and panties that were lying on the floor. She held them up for Alex to see. Alex was stunned; they were huge. The woman that could fit into those would be enormous. She would be a goddess. Then Janna said, There is something strange about them, too. I tried them on earlier just out of curiosity, and my body grew to fill into them.

You grew that big? Alex asked.

Yes, Janna explained, and it caused me to have such an intense orgasm that I fainted. When I took them back off, I shrunk back down to this size. It was such a letdown that all I could think of was to gorge myself.

The realization of everything that Janna was telling him started to sink in and some other things started to make sense. Clothes Make the Woman. Literally! Clothes of all sizes that every woman can fit into. It made sense now. Clothes make the woman. The woman puts on the clothes and fills out to whatever sizes the clothes are. Holy Shit! Alex looked at Janna. So when you put these on you filled them out?

Yes, she replied. And Alex, it was the most pleasurable experience of my life! I didn’t want to take them off, but I was curious to see what would happen. Whatever magic controls these things only seems to work while I’m wearing them.

Alex, had a thought. Were there any kind of instructions or warranties with these?

Janna thought and then said, I don’t know; I didn’t look. But the box is over there. Alex walked over to the box and looked inside. Under the tissue paper there was a sheet of ornate looking paper with writing on it. Alex held up the paper and read.

Congratulations on your decision to purchase Ample Outerwear from Ample Stuffing’s. Attainment of the perfect body awaits the woman that wears these clothes. But you can’t look perfect in the outerwear until you establish your Perfect Body set. This will be accomplished in stages. First you and your admirer must search your inner desires and come up with and ideal mental size. This will then be transmitted to the garments and their sizing will be adjusted. Second, don the garments and allow the fulfillment of your desires to be met. Third, explore the contours of your new body; adjustments will be made as per your true desires. Lastly ,hold each other closely and while looking in each others eyes speak out loud the word ‘set.’ With that the transformation will be complete and permanent. For convenience in the ‘Normal’ world your other clothing selections will have the effect of making you appear to be the size of the clothing. You simply need to put them on and your body will adjust automatically.

Enjoy the luxuries of your new life and feel free to take advantage of the full range of services provided by Ample Stuffing’s.

Alex finished reading the paper and looked up at Janna. There was an excitement in her eyes. Do you realize what this means? she said. With these clothes I can be as big as I want at home and then adjust my size to be what they consider normal when I want to go outside.

Are you saying what I think you’re saying? Alex asked.

You better believe it, honey. I have been dreaming about this my entire life.

Me, too, Alex said. Let’s do it.

So now what do we do first? Janna asked.

The instructions say to search your deepest desires and those will be transmitted to the lingerie. Once they are sized, all you have to do is put them on and you will fill them out. Then we get to explore your body, Alex said with a hungry grin on his face, and your body will further adjust to our desires. Then we just have to say the word ‘Set’ simultaneously and it will be done.

So what are your deepest desires when it comes to my body? Janna said with a sly grin.

Let’s find out, Alex replied. She picked up the lingerie and that warm feeling returned. She held them out to Alex who took hold of them and immediately felt warmth as well. They were the softest things Alex had ever felt. The fabric started to tingle in their hands, and the panties started to grow bigger. Alex and Janna both closed their eyes and let their imaginations run. The panties continued to expand and add material. Finally, the tingling stopped, and they opened their eyes. Janna gasped. The panties were enormous. Janna guessed a normal sized person could almost use it as a hammock. Together, they stretched them out and figured them to be at least five feet wide and at least eight to nine feet around. The bra they saw had gone through a change as well, but not as dramatic. Well, I have to admit that I always have been an ass man. Are you ready for this? he asked.

More than you could ever know, she replied. So which do you want me to put on first? she asked.

Like I said, I am an ass man.

Well, come over here and put them on me then.

We better move you over to the bed though, with the size that they are I’m not sure how well you are going to be able to move. She moved over to the bed and climbed on positioning herself in the middle. Alex gave her a couple extra pillows to prop her up. Once she was comfortable, he grabbed the panties and went to the foot of the bed and slowly slipped them over her feet and carefully worked them up her legs, making sure that they remained positioned properly. The results were almost instantaneous.

Janna let out a grunt as the transformation began. Her hips started spreading as her ass cheeks began to inflate. Her legs started to expand as the space between her legs quickly disappeared. Janna was now groaning and grunting audibly. Her eyes had rolled back in her head, and she had a look of extreme pleasure on her face. Her belly swelled out slightly but was trailing far behind her lower half, which continued to grow at an amazing rate. Alex was struck with awe. He had fantasized about this a thousand different times. He watched as her body filled into the panties, which were still loose, indicating that she still had a ways to go. Janna was grunting and squealing wildly now. Alex leaned across her growing body and began to kiss her. She responded passionately, and this kicked the process into overdrive.

Alex, now lying over top of her, felt her body lurch up and felt himself rise up off the bed totally. He reached out for her sides, and he felt as her sides expanded out of reach. He felt himself continue to rise up; he could now get a good handhold on some rolls to hold onto. Finally, Alex felt the expansion stop. Janna’s breathing slowly returned to normal. Alex slid off Janna’s immense body and looked at her for the first time. It was an incredible sight.

Her bottom half now took up the entire width of the queen-sized bed. Alex guessed that her legs were now at least twice as wide as his body. Because they were so big, they spread out at a sixty-degree angle. Her stomach had filled out a little but was still what could be considered flat. Up top she was basically the same as she was. Her face was a little fuller but barely noticeable. Her breasts were still small and perky. Alex had had dreams like these before as well, but decided that this was not the set that he had in mind. Still, he wanted to see what she looked like standing up like this. He walked around the bed and looked into her eyes. She had a look of near total contentment on her face.

How do you feel? he asked.

Starving, she said, and the visions of her dream came into her head.

We’ll take care of that soon enough, but I would just like you to indulge me a minute. He grabbed her hands and gently started to pull her forward. She was able to sit up due to the mountain of ass she had behind her. It took about five minutes to scoot her mass to the edge of the bed in order to attempt to stand. Once up, Alex had her waddle forward a few steps it took her considerable effort. He walked around her and surveyed her massiveness. It was totally amazing. She was now wider than she was tall. From her head down to mid torso, she looked like the old Janna, but from there she flared out in three directions. Her belly still wasn’t very large, but Alex imagined that it would fill in when the bra was put on.

He went out to the living room and returned with a tape measure. He measured her all around. She was nearly six feet wide from hip to hip. She measured nearly three-and-a-half feet from the small of her back to the edge of her butt. Each leg measured three feet and change around at the thighs and about two and a half at the calves. Alex was so turned on by this that he had a momentary idea to set her here. Just then, Janna said Can we finish now, honey? It is really hard to keep standing.

Ok, Babe, let’s get you back into bed. She slowly waddled backwards until more than two feet of her butt was over the bed. As she sat down, the bed made an audible groan of protest. He climbed behind her and helped her slowly adjust her bulk backwards until she was again centered on the bed. Alex noticed that her hips now seemed to hang over the sides a little. Could it be possible that she was still growing? Alex thought about the process of exploring her body to make adjustments and guessed that his desires had made her expand more. He got a few more pillows so that she was propped up properly and then went to get the bra. He was momentarily startled by the fact that the bra appeared to be bigger than before. But, then, after all that happened tonight, nothing would ever surprise him.

He had her lean forward slightly so that he could get the straps behind her and then adjusted the bra squarely on her front and attached the front clips. At that, Janna let out the loudest most porcine scream that Alex had ever heard. Her breathing became rapid, and she started grunting and squealing. He grabbed her hands and held on. He felt her hands swell in his. He looked down at her face as it started filling out. Her cheeks puffed as fat literally enveloped her face. He watched as first a second chin was born and then a third, a forth and a fifth. Her head now simply lay on a pillow of fat that continued down to her shoulders. Her breasts, which had started out as small cantaloupes, had ripened into watermelons, then to beach balls and were now about the 50 lb flour sacks.

Her belly, which had to this point remained dormant, finally decided to come alive. First, it swelled like a beach ball and the started spreading out in all directions. The weight of it caused it to flatten out somewhat so that all the growth was spread out. When it finally stopped, it was spread out like a waterbed mattress. It flowed all the way down and covered her knees. It spread out past her hips by at least a foot on either side making her lying width over eight ft. Finally, the process was coming to an end. Her breathing returned to normal.

Slowly, she opened her eyes, which in itself was a chore, considering the fat that pressed all around them. She smiled up at Alex, who was literally lying on top of her vastness. How do you feel? Alex asked.

Wonderful, but starving.

Alex slid off from on top of her and stood back and took in the full view. She was enormous, literally a mountain of womanhood. Alex had never been so turned on in his life. This was every wet dream he had ever had come true.

Baby, I’m starving to death, feed me, Janna pleaded.

Right away, Alex said and headed toward the kitchen. Just as he got to the living room, there was a knock at the door. Alex was tempted not to answer it, but something told him he should. He opened the door and was greeted by several men in what appeared to be catering uniforms.

Good evening, sir; we are from Ample Catering, a division of Ample Stuffing’s. We understand that a new client to our special services lives here.

Alex heard Janna calling from the bedroom. Alex, I’m Starving! Hurry with the Food, Honey!

Well, I see we have the right place and are right on time, the first caterer said. Bring in the carts. With that, a parade of carts was wheeled into the apartment and headed down the hall to the bedroom. Alex followed them in and watched as they started taking the lids off their trays. We’ll keep the food warm while you feed your lady.

Alex hadn’t stopped to think about it but now realized that Janna was too big to even reach her mouth to feed herself. She was completely immobile and would require him to feed her. Alex, please, I’m starving

Alex brought over the first platter and started feeding her; she gobbled it down faster than he could keep it going. More, she kept saying. After three cart loads, she finally said, Okay, that’s enough of a snack for now. Now it’s time for you to take my new body out for a ride.

The caterers got the hint and told Alex that they would be back in a few hours in time for the next feeding. So now it was time to do the next phase; he would now get to explore her body and make desirable changes prior to setting her size. Just then the doorbell rang again. Alex looked at Janna and then out to the door. Go ahead and answer - it may be something else from Ample Stuffing’s.

Alex went to the door and was greeted by another deliveryman; this time the package was for him. Alex took it inside and opened it. It was from Ample Pharmaceuticals, a division of Ample Stuffing’s. It was a bottle of pills marked Strength Enhancers. Especially designed for the Admirers of Ultra Super-sized Women. Alex read the directions. Take one pill prior to commencing intimacy with your Supersized Lover. Promotes strength, stamina and prowess. Alex carried the bottle back to the bedroom. Janna had somehow managed to partially roll over to one side and was looking at him with a look of pure lust. Alex looked at the bottle again, opened it and took out one pill. He grabbed a bottle of water and downed the pill.

Within about a minute, Alex started to have a warming sensation coursing through his body and had a momentary head rush. He then felt an uncomfortable tightness start to form in his pants. He looked down and realized that he had one hell of an erection starting. He quickly stripped off his pants and was shocked to see that he was twice the size that he normally was, and now that his pants were off he was still growing. He also had a strong sexual urge growing in him, and he felt more vital than he could ever remember. He stripped off his shirt and moved over to Janna. The look in her eyes was one of pure amazement. He was huge; his chest had more than doubled in size and his manhood: Oh, My God! He reached down to caress her and found that he could easily move her. He had no idea of how much she currently weighed, but he found that he could move her as effortlessly as he had when she was small. He had never in his life felt this sensational.

He maneuvered her into a comfortable position and spread her legs. Kneeling between them, her belly was nearly at his chin level. He reached out as far as he could on both side and lifted her mattress-sized belly. Almost like it had a guidance system of its own, his enhanced muscle found its mark, and they both started rocking furiously. This went on for quite a while, with Janna experiencing several orgasms that made her entire body shake like an earthquake. Alex found that the enhancers certainly did their job by giving him fantastic stamina. Eventually, Alex finally built up to his orgasm and with mind-altering strength he came inside her, which caused her to have the strongest orgasm of the evening. They both passed out from the force of their mutual orgasm and laid there for about an hour.

When Alex came to, he was lying on top of his enormous Janna, with his head between her pillow-like breastd. Her body was gently heaving, and he heard a sort of slurping sound. Alex crawled up a little further and could now see that Janna was slowly sucking on a tube that had a whitish colored substance flowing through it. Her eyes were closed, but the look of contentment was unmistakable on her face - she was gorging. He followed the tube to a pump device that was attached to a large container marked Nutrition Mixture and had Ample Stuffing’s logo on it. Alex slid off Janna and was actually startled by how far of a drop it was, considering that some time during her growth and their lovemaking, the frame of the bed had collapsed and the box spring and mattress were now on the floor. Alex stepped back and took it all in. Lying down, Janna’s body was almost five feet high. He walked to the foot of the bed and saw that she was at least ten feet wide, with easily three feet overhanging on either side of the bed. This totally boggled the mind. Janna now had to be the biggest woman who ever lived.

Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined a woman this immense, and while the thought occurred to him that maybe this should be the set point, he also realized that at this size she was completely immobile and couldn’t do anything for herself. This was - he couldn’t believe he was thinking it - Too Big. Alex walked around to the head of the bed and had to strain to lean in toward Janna’s massive face. She was still sucking happily on the tube with the white fluid flowing freely. She had a look of angelic contentment on her face and he realized that she really could just lie here and suck contentedly forever and continue to grow bigger and bigger. As much as he hated to do it, he had to stop this; he only hoped that Janna wouldn’t hate him for it. He reached over and, with a little bit of force, pulled the tube from Janna’s mouth. Immediately, her eyes flew open, well at least as open as they could, considering the huge amount of fat around them. She tried to turn her head to look at Alex but could budge it.

What, what happened to me?

We’ve gone a little too overboard. You’ve grown ‘Too Big;’ you are completely immobile.

With that, Alex could see that Janna was trying to move different parts of her body, but with the exception of her fingers and big toes, she couldn’t move a muscle. A tear started rolling from her eye. What have I done? she said, her voice now at least two octaves lower due to her size. Then it occurred to Alex that they hadn’t yet agreed to her set size. All they would have to do is concentrate and bring her down to a size that was more easily manageable.

It’s, okay, honey, we haven’t decided on a set size yet, we can change this. Alex climbed back on top of Janna and stared down into her eyes. Concentrate, sweetie, and imagine yourself smaller. Look into my eyes and I will try and give you my mental image as well.

They stared intently into each other’s eyes, and, at first, nothing seemed to happen. But then Alex noticed that he was sinking down. He concentrated harder on a clear image of how he wanted Janna. It was the image he’d had in the kitchen a week before. Maybe just a little bigger - especially in the bottom - but definitely smaller than she was now. Janna continued to shrink as Alex set the image firmly in his mind. He stared as hard as he could into Janna’s ayes until he could actually see her image in her eyes. Slowly, she started to nod her head and said, Yes, I see it. That is how I want to be.

Simultaneously, without breaking their gaze, they both said the word set. The world went black. When they woke up, Alex was lying on top of and slightly to the side of Janna. She had rolled over onto her side and her now much smaller belly was between them. Her face, although still very full, was much slimmer. She was able to smile more easily due to only having two and a half chins and a discernable neck again.

Hi, lover, what a dream.

I’ll say, said Alex.

He propped himself up on one elbow and took in the new set Janna. She was now definitely the girl of his dreams. Lying on her side, her watermelon-size breasts laid over each other and flowed out toward him. Moving down, her magnificent belly spread out like a small beanbag chair. Then he got to her waist. Her hips were massive. They stood up at least four and a half feet. Further down, her legs curved down into massive thunder thighs and then into bulging calves that would more aptly be termed heifers. Finally, he got down to her pudgy little feet. Janna ran her hand across her belly and then up and on to her hip. A look of astonishment crossed her face, and then a smile creased her lips, I guess you do like big butts. She gave her butt a big smack and started laughing.

They lay in bed for a while as Alex slowly explored her new expanses. It finally dawned on Alex that the lingerie was gone. Janna was lying there naked. They’re gone; your undies are gone. He got up and looked around, but they were nowhere to be found.

Then Janna looked up and said, They served their purpose and now they’re gone.

Just then, the doorbell rang. Alex looked at Janna and said, I have a large robe in the bathroom you can put on to cover up. I’ll get the door; I think I know who it is. Alex went to the door, expecting to find the caterers. Instead, there was a youngish couple, standing there dressed in business attire. The man was slim and in a business suit, and the woman was plump, with a large chest and round bottom, wearing a pleated skirt and lace blouse.

Hi Alex, the woman said. My name is Michelle and this is my husband Steve. We’re New Client associates with Ample Stuffing’s. We’re here to give you the welcome aboard brief and to outline all of the services that you are privy to as clients. Can we come in?

Alex let them in, cleared the food containers from the sofa and asked them to sit down.

Is Janna available? The brief will be of greatest interest to her.

I’ll be right out, Alex heard Janna say from the bedroom, just getting dressed. Janna came walking out into the living room, wearing the white slacks and light blue blouse that had come in the mail, and, although half the size she was five minutes before, she was still plump and decidedly bottom heavy, a perfect pear.

Oh good, I see the outfit fits you perfectly, Michelle said. As you know from our ad, we have clothing in a full range of sizes from 6 to 60. Now Janna, I believe you said on your questionnaire that you were a size eight, is that correct? Janna was about to ask what questionnaire she was talking about but knew instinctively that she must have filled something out with her order. Now, the outfit you have on there is a size 28; luckily, I have brought you a starter wardrobe beginning in size ten. It would be way to hard for you to explain how you went from an eight to a 28 overnight, but nobody will probably notice a size 10. They’ll just count it off to water retention, she said giggling slightly. I have them in the car. You will be able to pass up to the next size every couple of weeks, until you get to a comfortable normal size - maybe how you are now or if I know Alex, and I think I do by his questionnaire, a little bigger. You will be able to play it off as the happy weight gain of a newlywed bride.

Newlywed bride? Alex and Janna said together.

Of course, all of our clients are married couples. When you signed on, you agreed to the terms and then went through the setting ritual. You are in all aspects married. You can still go ahead and have a wedding to make it official, but for all practical purposes it is already done. You are mates for life; you will neither want nor desire anyone else as long as you both shall live.

We have a full line of wedding gowns as well. While Steve goes over the literature and menus with you, I’ll go down and get the clothes.

Michelle came back up in about five minutes, pushing two clothes racks loaded with really cute trendy clothes. Janna led her into the bedroom so they could put the clothes away. Janna looked through the outfits and noticed that the tops increased in size slowly while the skirts and pants jumped by leaps and bounds, obviously to accentuate her pear figure.

So let me ask you something, Janna said to Michelle. How big are you outside of those clothes?

As if to answer, Michelle suddenly dropped her skirt and stripped off her blouse. She immediately started expanding out in all directions. Her belly ballooned out and started sagging toward the floor, as did her breast. Her butt inflated like a couple of massive beach balls. Her sides widened out until her arms were almost straight out to the sides. When the expansion stopped, she was literally a ball of woman with a fat little head sitting on top. Her belly drooped down below her knees, her thighs rolled down over her knees to form her calves or, in her case, prize Jersey’s. Her calves rolled over her ankles and formed very fat little feet.

I have been a client for three years and a consultant for just over a year. In my true form, as you see me now, I weigh 1,122 lbs. Unlike you I had never thought about being big, and had always been thin and flat as a board, until one day I found a mysterious bra in my laundry basket. One that was much too large for my A cup chest. I made the decision to try it on.

Steve was my neighbor at the time, and my bigger chest caught his little FA attention. A couple days later I met Patty, the bra’s true owner, just after the panties that were the bra’s match mysteriously appeared on my body and transformed me into a much larger Michelle. Through Patty, I learned about Ample Stuffing’s, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Once Steve saw me filled out, he made his true desires known, and we had our setting ceremony. Although I had no idea at the time just how big Steve liked his women. I’m only ever this big for him, the rest of the time I wear a body stocking that keeps me about half this size just for mobility. Most of the businesswear that I wear out in public is about a size 20.

Can I grow bigger now that I am set? Janna asked.

Oh, God, yes, and you will - your setting point is just a start. If you eat like you desire, you can grow as big as you were earlier this evening - or not. As pleasurable as it might be, there is a drawback to being this big. You will probably want to maintain a smaller frame for a while and work into the bigger sizes slowly.

Do you know how big I was earlier? Janna asked.

Yes, you guys really let your imaginations run away from you. You weighed 3,522 lbs.

Janna almost fainted. It’s ok, Michelle said. If Steve had his way, I would be that big, too. Damn men and their wild imaginations; now help me back on with my clothes.

Michelle stepped over her shirt, and Janna leaned down and started pulling it up. As it came up, Michelle body shrunk down to accommodate it. When they had the skirt on, Janna helped her on with the blouse and she was once again a plump size 20 brunette. Janna decided to try on a size 10 outfit to see how she looked. Michelle stayed in the room to help her get dressed and to give her pointers on how to get dressed by herself when it became impossible to bend over and pull the things up. Then she and Michelle went back out to the living room to meet the boys. Alex was startled and momentarily confused when Janna came in the room looking like her old self.

Then he smiled and said, Well I guess the clothes really do make the woman. So what do you girls want to do now?

They looked at each other, smiled and said in unison, Eat!