Cathy Fills Up Her Clothes

Cathy Fills Up Her Clothes

Cathy returned home. She was really angry because the day hadn’t developed the same way she expected. She had been away with her boyfriend Tom and he had told her, that he would leave her because he had found a girl that looked better than Cathy. In her job she had a lot of trouble and her boss had told her that she would lose her job soon, because the company didn’t need her anymore. She was really fed up and went upstairs into the bathroom. She washed her face and looked at herself in the mirror. She was a pretty 23 year-old girl with black hair, which was falling down on her shoulders and a beautiful face. She was wearing her favourite black, shiny high-heeled platform pumps, a cute white close-fitting silk top and a sexy size 6 black shiny patent leather mini-skirt. As lingerie she was wearing a skimpy latex slip and a shiny latex bra. She had bought these clothes to impress her former fiend Tom, but now she hated her outfit.

When she stepped on the scales, the machine displayed 105 pounds - damn, again she had put on weight - she was 1 pound heavier than yesterday. She would have to have a diet again - she was so sick of these things. What was she really working for all the time? Why was she suffering? She found out that she had worked all her life long and now she didn’t know anymore why she did this!

She decided that she only wanted to have fun the rest of her life and went downstairs, left the house and went to the shopping centre. When she entered the centre all the guys were looking at her, because of her extraordinary outfit, but she didn’t care anymore and simply went into all the shops and spent all the money she had earned the last few months. After this she went to the supermarket and bought food, mainly chocolate for $500. When she returned home, she phoned her boss and resigned. The first time in her life she was really feeling free. She sat down at the kitchen-table and unpacked her shopping bags. She just switched on the TV and started eating the chocolate, of which she had bought about 20 pounds. The candy bars were just flowing into her mouth and she was feeling really great.

In the evening she felt really bloated and as she tried to get up to do her daily jogging, she realized, that she simply couldn’t because she was so full that she could only barely move. So she decided not to go out - she didn’t like jogging anyway.

After consuming a huge dinner, she soon fell asleep and when she woke up again it was already 11 o’clock in the morning. When she got up from the sofa her black size 6 PVC skirt was feeling a little strange and she wondered why it had become so snug. She decided to relax a bit and stayed at home the whole day, she had a great time and was really enjoying herself by eating all the things of which she had deprived herself so long.

The next day she decided to go out again, so she polished her skirt and her pumps and left the house. When she entered a nearby restaurant, she noticed, that small portions of her flesh were already protruding from her skirt. She had never seen something like that on herself before and so she poked in it with her finger. Gone was her flat stomach - it had been replaced by a soft little tummy. She sat down and ordered something to eat. After she finished her huge meal her body looked bloated again, so she left the restaurant ashamed and went home again.

The next few days her life consisted of sleeping watching TV and eating. Once she ordered 9 pizzas and ate them all in just one day. Now her life was fun and she was feeling great, although her stomach was growing and she was getting a bit fat. Her clothes didn’t fit her properly anymore and probably she wouldn’t have been able the get dressed in them again, but she simply didn’t ever take them off. She hadn’t had a shower since 5 days, but she was feeling great.

On Sunday (her lazy period was already lasting for 10 days) she finally decided to shower, because she started to smell rather bad. She hadn’t cleared the house for weeks, so garbage was lying everywhere. She got up from the sofa and went upstairs into the bathroom. She was already standing in the bathtub (with all her clothes on), when she looked at the scale and started smiling. When she got on it, the display showed 132 pounds and Cathy started smiling contently. She looked up into the mirror and her body was looking funny so fat. She had never been fat before, even when she was a child she was the most beautiful child in her class and she started wearing skirts and high-heeled shoes at the age of 10. She had always been a slim woman, but she was never happy with all that diet stuff and now she was glad that she put on weight. She got off the scale and had a shower, of course with all her clothes on, because she wouldn’t have fit into the anymore, and she hadn’t any skirts at home which weren’t at least that tight as the top and the black vinyl skirt she was wearing.

The next week she stayed at home, too. Sometimes her friends came to visit her, but when they saw her they always tried to give her good advice how to put off weight and that it wasn’t that bad that she was suffering from a bit overweight now. But when Cathy said that it didn’t bother her, they left the house surprised.

Cathy continued growing and bit by bit her poor little skirt was being filled up by her flesh. Also her latex bra was getting way too tight and her bust was already overflowing it. Her latex slip became a latex string because her ass was also developing at a concerning rate.

On the 16th day of her lazy period she had eaten all the food which she had at home, so she decided to get up from her sofa and go shopping again - at this time she was at 156 pounds. “My feet must have gotten fat, too,” she thought, when she left her house and she was looking at her shoes, which had 12cm heels and were now strangely broadened, probably because of her fat feet. When she was locking the front door of her house she dropped her key, and when she bent down to pick it up it suddenly happened. Her silk top had been tight all the time - even when she’d bought it had been close-fitting - but now it was REALLY much too tight and when she bent down it suddenly burst with a loud noise.

It ripped open at her back and gave way to Cathy’s new dimensions. She stopped in her movement and looked down at her fragmented top which was completely torn and was only hanging on her body and started laughing. She picked up the key and locked her door and went shopping with her half-torn white silk top hanging from her shoulders. Again all the guys were looking at her when she entered the shopping centre, but this time they didn’t look at her keen to be her boyfriend - this time they looked extremely surprised and some even disgusted, when the fat girl with the tight skirt entered the mall. Cathy went shopping and bought food for her last $300. One of the shop assistants in the supermarket, that Cathy had known for years, asked her if she was feeling all right, but she simply answered the she was feeling better than ever before.

Back at home she continued eating and watching TV. Her stomach was growing and growing and after some further days she was really extremely fat and lazy; she could hardly move and nobody would have recognised her. She was still wearing the rest of her top, the broadened leather shoes and her shiny black size 6 skirt which was now so extremely tight, that if she would simply make one move it would explode. Her slip was also extremely tight and her 80B latex bra had become way too tight for her huge breasts. But she was considering herself good-looking in her sexy clothes so she didn’t undress.

After one month at home she was getting bored; she wanted to go to work or go out with a boy again. At this day her phone rang, it was her boss, he told her that the company couldn’t deal all the problems anymore without her, and she should return to work immediately - and he would give her all the money she wanted.

Cathy was very excited and agreed happily. When she put the receiver down, the phone rang a second time. It was Tom. He told her that he had missed her so and to leave her was the worst thing to do in his life. He offered her a date and she gladly accepted. It was a great day! She was so happy that she jumped up high and in this moment she realised that she had forgotten something very important. When she landed back on the floor the heel of her right shoe broke and her left shoe burst so that her toes looked out. “Oh no, not my nice shoes, they were so expensive!” she cried out. It went “rrrrrrratch” and her skirt tore at about 5 places; at the same time her breasts overflowed her extremely tight latex bra and fragmented the poor little thing.

And when she stood there obese, her cloth torn and her shoes ruined, she realised that she had made a terrible mistake and that her life would never be the same again.