Cade and Linda

Cade and Linda

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is my first attempt at writing. Since I’ve enjoyed so many other people’s stories over the years, I’ve decided to try and give a little something back. I think some of my ideas are pretty good, but I’m not pleased with the total package. This actually took me a long time to write and edit, probably about 40 hours. I may have tried to develop the characters too much in the beginning and I think I tried to end it too quickly. If you don’t want to read about character development, you could skip ahead and not lose too much. Any input would be greatly appreciated,

Linda stood in the cafeteria preparing some sort of feast. Working diligently almost possessed, not paying much attention to her surroundings. She was 30 years old, 5 foot 8 inches with similar looks to Halle Berry. Her hair was cut short and it exposed her long thin neck. She weighed about 130 pounds with most of it in her hips. The clothes she wore were always very smart and modern. Today, she was wearing a red knee high skirt with a matching jacket and black and red heels that really defined her legs. She was known around the office as someone that was not approachable, not just because she was the CEO’s assistant, but because she was always a very serious person who provided little or no small talk when approached. Her seriousness was derived from her great work ethic and high intelligence; on top of that she was very cunning and able to manipulate people to get what she wanted. Her looks had gotten her the big corporate job, but her ability brought her to her current position as the CEO’s assistant. She was paid very well, but deserved it, too.

Cade, a Senior Programmer, had quickly entered the cafeteria and quickly stopped. As he turned the corner he almost knocked Linda over. If Linda noticed, she didn’t let on. She continued working as if she had to meet some sort of deadline. Cade slowly walked to the refrigerator and pulled out his lunch. With a combination of not knowing what to say and fear of looking like a fool, he walked to the microwave on the other side of the room to heat his lunch. Although Cade was a computer programmer, he didn’t fit the typical image. He was 32, 6 foot 3 inches and about 210 pounds. You could tell he lifted weights and ran regularly, but you would never mistake him for a professional athlete. He was a very heterosexual male who preferred larger women, but his social skills were that of a computer programmer, almost non-existent. This being the case, he was still very single without many prospects.

Cade needed to grab some plasticware that was unfortunately next to Linda. One can’t eat mac and cheese too well with one’s hands. Cade slowly walked up to her area, hoping to get away without being noticed. Linda, still working at her frantic pace, briefly stopped to flash a quick smile. The smile was absolutely beautiful and charming enough to stop a hundred men. With his stomach dropping to the basement, tongue all tied and seconds feeling like hours, he was only able to mumble a weak, That’s an awfully large lunch for just the two of us.

She gave a cute dainty laugh back and replied, If I knew you wanted some, I would have made more.

The brief conversation was an amazing emotional roller coaster that left you begging for more. A little more comfortable, but nowhere near relaxed, he replied with, You could make me lunch any day, for that matter, breakfast, dinner and desert, too.

She replied with, Maybe I will. My name is Linda. What is yours? It was a quick and happy reply of Cade. She ended the conversation with, It is a pleasure to meet you, and I may take you up on your comments. She turned around and continued to work in the heated frenzy as if she didn’t know who was standing next to her.

Cade had wild thoughts and daydreams that turned into more wild night dreams. He wondered if she was serious. He wondered how someone so angelic could have such a bad reputation. She worked long hard hours, so maybe she just never has time to talk to anyone or meet friends, Cade had thought to himself. Maybe this was his big chance.

Still on a high, Cade had floated to work without really knowing where the 40-minute train ride had gone. He was decked out in his sharpest casual wear. Since the programmers have an unwritten rule that they could dress as business casual, he was able to wear a button down polo with tan slacks and brown wing tips. The wing tips, of course, were from his suit days during the mid 90’s. They were a little old, but not very worn. The morning had come and gone without anything interesting. Lunch finally arrived and Cade made the suspenseful walk to the cafeteria at 12:10. Cade had religiously eaten lunch at 12:15 every day for about four years, but today he couldn’t resist leaving early in hopes for a repeat of the day before. Unfortunately, there were only a few unrecognizable people eating lunch at the provided tables.

Bummer! Cade said to himself, Just me and my leftover pizza.

At about 1pm, after eating lunch, Cade heard a quiet, Hello-oh, coming form just outside his office. He looked up, and there stood Linda. Cade’s mouth dropped. Today’s outfit was a black suit with a puffy white shirt, one that you would picture on a pirate. The shoes again were high heeled, but the legs were covered, leaving Cade and his imagination to run wild on what laid beneath.

I’m sorry for being rude yesterday, she said quietly, as if she was almost embarrassed. My boss had been bragging about my cooking to another cohort and he had me make them lunch, she continued somewhat sheepishly.

Cade, interrupted, You must be one awesome cook.

Linda pulled out a big platter and said, You be the judge. I wanted to make it up to you so I cooked you my famous chicken parmesan. It looked like it was enough for a family of four.

Cade asked, Are we sharing?

Linda continued, No, it is just for you. You look like you have a big appetite. I wanted to make sure you had enough. Did you eat yet?

Although he’d just eaten and he was pleasantly full, Cade didn’t want to be rude after all she had gone through, so he politely said, No, and I’m pretty hungry. Without asking, she put the platter down in front of him, gave him utensils and she sat down across the desk from him as if she was ready to watch a show.

Cade wasn’t too sure how to interpret this, so he dug in. Cade finally said, Wow this is really good. He wasn’t acting either; it was the best chicken parmesan he had ever eaten. Being the bachelor, he didn’t get many good meals, and he really enjoyed this. They continued their small talk as he ate through the plate.

He was about half way finished and starting to slow, partly because his pants were getting tight and partly because he was getting extremely full. Linda, in a saddened tone asked, Are you finished? You barely ate. He didn’t want to hurt her feelings, so he muscled the rest of the food down. As he was finishing, she said she needed to run, and she was glad he enjoyed it.

Cade sat back and reflected on the past 30 minutes. If he weren’t so darn uncomfortably full, you probably would be able to say he was on cloud nine, but he was still pretty high. He continued to think and asked himself, How did she know where to find me? Does she actually know me? I never told her my last name. The company has about 750 people so she must have noticed me at some point before.

A few hours later, Cade thought he should return the utensils and again thank her for the wonderful lunch. He, like Linda, knew exactly where she sat. He hoped she wouldn’t be too busy to briefly chat. He popped up and told her, Hi, here are your utensils, thank she quickly interpreted in a tone that was angry and demeaning, I’m very busy sir, you will have to excuse me, as she rushed off into the back room.

Damn! Cade said out loud at a very low decibel level. What the fuck was I thinking? She’s beautiful, smart and nice and I pushed my luck and now I’ve lost it all. Dejected and beaten, he slowly turned in shock and quickly left in humiliation.

The high was gone; the happy thoughts had been replaced by disappointment. The rest of the day dragged on and the night moved even slower. The morning commute was filled with thoughts on how he could have replayed the foolish move. He thought maybe he could have waited by the elevator bank and waited for her to leave. He would have had a brief elevator ride at the very minimum. Either way it didn’t matter, the opportunity was blown.

Hi there, big fella, she had sung from outside the office. Cade had looked up in astonishment. He felt as if he was a death row prisoner that had just been exonerated. I made you some of my Heaven Brownies, she smiled. I’m very sorry for being so rude yesterday. I was under a timeline and needed to finish some work. I have a lot of pressure in my job and I don’t have a lot of free time to chat. It probably would be best if you didn’t stop by and visit. These brownies are a peace offering. Cade would have accepted shit on a stick as a peace offering, but brownies, what more could a guy ask for? I’ve got to go, sorry. As she was leaving, she turned back and said, These are your special brownies, so I want you to put them in your desk and not share them. Cade quickly put them in his desk without hesitation. Try one first silly.

Cade quickly grabbed one, ate it and replied, Awesome. After she had left, he had time to gather himself. He didn’t even know what the brownie tasted like. He just quickly complied and ate it, so he grabbed another. It really was awesome, a caramel fudge brownie that was very moist and heavy.

Lunchtime came and went. After yesterday’s gorging and in the anticipation of a possible repeat, Cade brought a salad with some albacore tuna and for desert, a brownie. 1pm came and left, so did 2pm, 3pm and 4pm. At about 5pm, Linda appeared. How did you like the brownies?

Cade replied with an emphatic, They were the best damn brownies ever!

Linda curiously asked, Are they gone?

Not yet, said Cade as he pulled them out of his desk.

It looks like you only had one or two, she said with a shocked voice.

Well, err, Cade, stammered, I actually think it was three and this is four, as he ate another.

I’ve got to run, she quickly stated, turned and left.

What the fuck am I doing? She is reaching out and I kept screwing it. No wonder I’m still single. I don’t know women. I’ve got to listen to her cues and follow her leads. Cade thought for a moment, Maybe it would please her if I eat them then e-mail her to inform her that I was finished and would love some more. There were more than a dozen brownies cut in two inch by two-inch squares, so he got started. After about three of them, he thought, why don’t I just throw them away? She certainly won’t know the difference. So he tossed them and sent his e-mail.

The following morning Cade unlocked his office and discovered a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies sitting on his chair. Without hesitation he knew it was from Linda. There was a note that read, Be sure to eat all these. Cade thought to himself, Did she know I threw the others away? How did she get into my locked office? She either has her own master key, which is possible being the CEO’s assistant, or she snuck in while the cleaning ladies were cleaning. If she snuck in at night, she could have noticed them in the garbage.

He couldn’t take any chances on this batch. He either needed to eat them all or dispose them in another receptacle. Knowing her erratic visits and how much she wanted him to enjoy her cooking, he knew he needed to do something before lunchtime. He ate a few and really enjoyed them, but he took about six, placed them in his pocket, walked to the washroom and flushed them down the toilet. At approximately 12pm, sure enough he heard the voice, Cade-ee, I missed you. Sure enough there was Linda. Did you enjoy the cookies? she asked.

They were divine, replied Cade, as he pulled out his platter with of the cookies remaining. Cade pulled three out, two for himself and one for Linda.

Linda gladly accepted and said, I see you enjoyed these. It looks like I’ll have to double the recipe tomorrow. Cade could only give a smile, knowing he didn’t want more than 2 or 3 let alone 3-dozen.

The next morning, Linda had met Cade at the door with a huge tin of fudge. She said, I’ve been experimenting with this recipe, so I thought I would try it out on you. Cade gave a hearty thank you, pulled the lid off and quickly ate two pieces.

Is there anything that you don’t make well? he responded.

Linda giggled and said, Maybe I’ll have to keep trying to see if there is something you don’t like. She continued with, I’ve got a lot to do this morning; I’ll stop by later this afternoon.

Cade thought to himself, I am getting pretty good at this. I’ve got her almost where I want her. He continued the morning by going to the washroom and flushing most of the fudge down the toilet.

It was Friday morning, Cade walked into his office with another tin of some sort of bar cookie. It was chocolate, with coconut, very rich and twice as delicious. Cade had a few pieces and did his regular routine of filling his pocket and dumping most of them down the toilet. Cade had waited for Linda to show up all morning, but nothing. He went to eat his lunch, he went out to get a combo and fries. Apparently he had forgotten the double lunch from Monday. Linda appeared shortly after 1pm and asked how he was doing. Couldn’t be better, replied Cade.

Would you like to grab some lunch downstairs, asked Linda.

Fuck! Cade thought to himself. Sure, I would love to. he replied. They met in front of the lobby’s caf and they both gave big smiles to each other.

Already full from the earlier lunch, Cade had reviewed the menu and thought that a salad would do nicely. I think I’ll have a salad, Cade replied.

WHAT! asked Linda in an inquisitive yet forceful tone.

I’m thinking of going a little light this afternoon, replied Cade.

Linda shook her head and mumbled, loud enough for Cade to hear, but quiet enough to not make it obvious, My men don’t order salad.

Once again Cade had a thousand thoughts going through his mind, most importantly, real men don’t eat salads. Cade slowly let out a, hmmmmm, the gyro looks pretty good too. On second thought I’ll have a gyro.

Linda popped her head up quickly, gave her beautiful smile and replied, Great choice.

During lunch they talked about work, a little about politics and Cade politely brought up her awesome cooking. You know what, Cade slowly spoke, you are probably the best cook I have ever met.

In a bashful bat of the eye and turn of the cheek, Linda said, Oh please. I’m a decent cook, but surely not the best. You have only seen a few of my works.

No, seriously, replied Cade. You are one great cook. Best in class.

Linda, with a devilish smile responded, You know what? I would love to make you dinner tonight to really show you what I could do. If you are still impressed, then maybe I would take your compliment.

Without thinking of how full he actually was, he was ready to shout, Yes, yes, yes let’s go now, but he responded slowly with, Tonight, hmmmm, actually, I had some plans fall through just before lunch. I would love to go. Linda knew he wasn’t telling the truth and Cade didn’t think he pulled a fast one, but it really didn’t matter. His dream woman was making him a homemade dinner and it was happening in a few hours.

As they left Linda said, I’ll give you a call when I’m ready to leave. We will go to my place and I’ll make you a feast that will allow you to really judge my skills.

It was Friday, and Cade was not used to staying past 5pm, but it was already past 6:30 and he was patiently waiting for the call. Impure thoughts ran through his head. By now, his two lunches had digested and he was getting pretty hungry. His telephone finally rang, not too anxiously, but in a voice of command he answered, Cade speaking.

A melodious voice was on the other end, Sorry, chief. I had a few things to finish. Are you ready to cut out?

Cade wanted to answer with a, Hell yes, let’s roll, but a more repressed answer of, I’m just finishing up a few things. I’ll be ready in five minutes. Let’s meet in the lobby.

Cade went to the lobby five minutes later. He then waited and waited. Each time the elevator door opened, he felt a pit in his stomach. He knew tonight was going to be a big night. 20 minutes later, Linda finally walked out of the elevator, beautiful as ever. She had a ’s length beaver coat with a matching fur hat. Her heels were high as usual and she was sporting cream-colored nylons. Cade had not even remembered what she was wearing from the earlier lunch; actually, most of the week had been a pretty big blur.

Sorry, I had to finish one last thing. They walked out of the building and were hit with a big burst of a January wind. Let’s take a cab, Linda suggested. Her place was only about a 2 miles from the office. Linda normally took the bus, but had walked on occasion. Her condo was in a new skyscraper with shops on the first two floors and residential units on the other floors. Linda lived on the 24th floor. She opened the door for Cade and they both entered.

It was an ultra modern unit. It had a layout similar to one you would see on the sitcom Friends, but it was larger and much nicer. The floors were all hardwood; the TV area had black leather couches and a recliner, with an all glass coffee table. The entertainment center had more gadgets than Cade had ever seen. Next to the entertainment center was a mini bar and next to that were two doors, presumably the bedroom and washroom. The kitchen, which was attached to the TV room, had granite counter tops, a huge Sub-Zero refrigerator, a double built in oven, with one oven on top of the other. The stove was one of the five burner types and an island was in the center of the kitchen had several cookie containers.

Linda told Cade, Help yourself, while pointing to the mini bar. I’ll see what I can whip up for dinner. Cade poured himself a glass of Knob Creek, and tried to figure out how to turn on the TV. Linda was pulling some food out of the refrigerator and cupboards; she glanced at Cade and noticed he looked a little lost.

Let me help you, as she quickly turned on the TV and gave him brief instructions on how to operate the remote. Cade sat in the recliner and tried to not make it too obvious that he was staring at Linda. She was working at a feverish pace, similar to the possessed women Cade had seen in the lunchroom earlier in the week. She had apron tied tightly around her thin waist and had a short sleeve shirt underneath. Her arms were thin, and very long.

After about an hour, she chimed, Dinner is served.

Cade got up and excitedly walked over to the table, it was now 8:30. He was not used to this late a dinner. Linda had already filled their plates. She had made fried chicken, asparagus and mashed potatoes. She had larger plates than you would typically see; it must have been some sort of fancy flatware, Cade assumed. Cade’s plate was a quarter filled with mashed potatoes and gravy, about a dozen asparagus and three legs and three breasts. Linda had a leg, a breast and a fairly good portion of mashed potatoes. Cade was very full, but ate all of it because he didn’t want to offend her. Linda then brought out desert; it was one of her wonderful brownies with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. She had one too, but it was about 1/4 the size of hers.

Don’t you like the brownies? Cade asked Linda.

No, I love them, but I know you really love them. You ate about a dozen of them before lunch earlier in the week.

Cade was kicking himself, Damned if I do, and damned if I don’t. I can’t seem to win with this girl. They talked for a few more hours and had an enjoyable time. She brought out a box of chocolates for him to snack on. Cade didn’t reach for any, and he noticed she appeared to be getting agitated. Even though he was so full he was almost sick, he forced a few down. Each one brought a big smile to her face. Cade had to leave at midnight, in order to catch the last train back home to the suburbs. He was getting very nervous about his exit. He was wondering if this was a date, and if it was, did he get a kiss or ask for her home telephone number. He fumbled around while getting ready and nervously walked to the door. He turned around and couldn’t say a word. She finally spoke and asked, Do I at least get a goodnight kiss?

Why sure, Cade replied and proceeded to give her a big long kiss.

As he was about to run out, Linda said, Oh, I almost forgot, take the rest of the chocolates for your long ride home. I’ll see you on Monday, she said with a big smile.

Cade made his train. He was extremely full, with food and love. He couldn’t get her out of his mind. He pulled out the box of chocolates, because he was reliving the last five minutes before he had left. Maybe I’ll have a chocolate, thinking he would continue to relive the night. He opened the box and grabbed a piece. He noticed there was writing on the bottom. He pulled the pieces out of the box and there was a message, Call me when you eat all your candy. I don’t care if it is 4am. 555-6309 Love Linda.

Oh Yeah! Cade shouted. The few people on the train stared at him. He quickly pulled out his cell and called her. Hi Linda, I read your message. I had a great time tonight, Cade excitedly chattered.

I thought it was a great time, too. Did you eat all the candy already? she asked.

Oh, no, not yet. Cade nervously stated.

I thought you would be able to read directions better than that, Linda said in a demeaning tone.

Sorry, said Cade as he quickly popped two in his mouth. It shouldn’t take to long to finish them.

Linda said, Like I wrote, call me when you are done, and she hung up.

Cade stomach dropped again, this girl is a freaking emotional roller coaster. He ate a few more pieces of candy and then said, Why am I doing this and why does she want me to eat all the candy? Is she trying to get me fat? He then threw away the final 10 or 12 pieces. He sat there with the cell phone in his hand wondering and thinking about her. You know what, Cade? he was reasoning with himself. She is beautiful; she can be very nice and caring and she is an awesome cook, you could handle her. It’s not like you have a lot of other girls knocking down your door, let alone smart, beautiful career women. He broke down and called. She was overjoyed that he ate all the candy and he was overjoyed that she was overjoyed with him.

Cade called again on Saturday. He really wanted to see her, but hearing her voice would have been enough. She was not around, so he left a message on her answering machine.

Linda finally returned his call on Sunday at midday. She apologized for not calling sooner, I was tied up all weekend. This is my first free moment. How would you like to stop by this evening around 5pm? I’ll make dinner and maybe we could sit around and talk.

That is exactly what Cade had wanted. I’ll be there, he said excitedly.

Cade arrived promptly at 5pm. Linda welcomed him with a big hug and kiss. She gave him a beer and asked him to take a seat by the TV. The food smelt great, and Cade was actually pretty hungry. He didn’t eat lunch because he had a feeling she was gong to cook up a storm. She did just that. She called him to the table after about 30 minutes and she had made 16 oz king steak fillets, twice-baked potatoes and coleslaw. She gave him two steaks, two potatoes and again filled his plate with coleslaw. Linda had one steak, one potato and a much smaller portion of coleslaw. It was difficult, but he managed to eat everything.

I also made a special dessert, Linda said with an excited voice. Knowing how to dance around her sensitive areas, Cade suggested they wait for dessert so they could concentrate on their conversation. Linda seemed a little depressed, but she agreed. Finally, after about 20 minutes, she couldn’t wait any longer. She got up, pulled out a dinner plate and a bread plate and cut her homemade pecan pie. She gave Cade of the pie and put it on his plate. She cut off a good size, enough to fill her bread plate, but not nearly his size. Cade laughed and said, Why do you get such a small piece?

Linda replied, It is a girl portion. You have a guy portion. Try it; you’ll love it so much you will want seconds. Cade tried it and did love it, but knew he didn’t want seconds. When he finished, she looked at him endearingly and asked what he thought.

It was the best damn pecan pie I’ve ever tasted. With a huge smile, she said, You want seconds?

No, thank you. I’m too full, he replied.

She shouted, FINE! and quickly went to her room.

Cade slowly stood up, walked to her door, knocked and said, I’m sorry. I’ll try one more small piece. I don’t know what I was thinking. It really is delicious. She came out, without saying anything, cut another piece bigger than the other, about 1/3 of the pie and laid it down in front of him. He wasn’t sure what to say. He didn’t want to upset her. What about your piece? he asked. She got up and cut a similar piece to her first. Cade slowly ate it and when he couldn’t muscle any more down, she pulled her chair closer and helped him eat it. Cade couldn’t believe it, but he was getting turned on. When he finished that piece, he asked for the rest of the pie. Linda seductively fed him forkfuls while eating one herself each time Cade finished three. Girl portions, she whispered after eating one of her bites.

On his way home, Cade had snapped out of his love trance and thought about the situation. She is obviously trying to fatten me up. And the crazy thing is, I kind of like it. I’m sure I only like it because of the person that is doing it. Shit, I would probably do almost anything she asks. On top of that, she is eating, too. It is not like she is starving herself. I guess I could go along with her act for a while. Maybe after we date for a while, I could go back to my normal habits. Still confused with emotions, he went to bed, full and happy.

Linda stopped by Cade’s office around 9:30 am. I couldn’t stop thinking about you last night, so I baked you a batch of super big peanut butter cookies.

Cade replied with a hearty, Thank you.

Linda said, I want you to come over tonight again. I hope I could get out of here at a reasonable time. I’ll call you when I’m ready.

Cade said, Great, I look forward to another action packed evening.

Linda said, I’ve got to run.

Wait! Cade quickly replied. Take a cookie for the road. Linda grabbed one, left the room and turned around in the door jam, gave a devilish smile and took a big bite out of the cookie.

Cade had thought about what he got himself into. He then reasoned with himself about why he should eat a few more cookies and not throw as many out. He ate about six of them and flushed about a dozen down the toilet. Linda never came around for the rest of the day. At 5:15, he sent an e-mail message. How is everything going? I can’t wait to see you tonight. He waited and waited.

At 7pm, he finally got a call. I’m sorry, Linda said over the telephone, I’m going to be working late. Let’s make a date for tomorrow. Disappointed, Cade agreed and left for the night.

In the morning, Linda stopped by again about 9:30. I’m very sorry, she pleaded I hope these double chocolate cookies will make up for last night. She made about two-dozen super large ones. I should be able to get out by 6pm tonight. I’ll call you before then. Cade again convinced her to take one for the road. Cade had about seven today and flushed the rest down the toilet. Cade waited anxiously to see her again, but she didn’t stop by nor did she call. The six o’clock hour that she had quoted came and went.

Again, around 7pm, he received her call. I am so very sorry. I’ve got to work late again. I promise, I will make this up to you. Cade was very curious on her late hours and wanted to see what she was actually doing so late, but he dared not check-up on her, he doesn’t think he would ever live it down if she caught him snooping.

Cade arrived in the office waiting for the apparently regular 9:30 visit, but there wasn’t one today. She gave him a call around 3pm apologizing and promising a sweet payback tonight. Cade waited and at 6pm, he received the call. Get to the lobby quickly. I’m leaving soon and I want to be out of the building so I don’t get called back. He ran to the lobby and she followed 30 seconds later, they scurried to catch a cab. Linda again apologized, I’m very sorry. Work has been tough and I can’t say no to their demands. I wanted to make sure we were out of the building. I’ve been called back from the lobby in the past.

They arrived in her apartment and he made himself a drink. She threw a pre-made dish in the oven and pulled a shrimp platter of the refrigerator, walked it on over with a smile. They fed each other shrimp and talked about their day. The lasagna was done at 7:30. She pulled it out and served it. Cade was given a huge portion, about 12 inches by 12 inches. Its edges overhung on the plate. She had a piece about 1/3 the size. He actually finished it without much of a struggle, but he was full nonetheless. He was wondering what gimmick she had next. He was certain there was something.

She announced, Dessert time, and pulled out a big chocolate chip cheese cake. She said, Since I made you wait the past two days, I really want to make it up to you. For every piece of cheesecake that gets eaten, I will take off a piece of my clothing. When all my clothes are off, you can have me, the real dessert.

Cade’s mouth dropped. Without saying a word he dug into his first piece. He looked at her with much excitement. She was wearing a fuzzy pink turtle-neck sweater and black slacks. She looked awesome, but she would look better in about 15 minutes. He finished the first piece and said, Take off your pants please!

She said, I get to choose the pieces of clothes, and she took off a black sock.

WHAT! I’ve been robbed! Cade exclaimed. Don’t worry honey, the end product is all the same, she said. He finished his second piece and she took off her shirt, only to have a t-shirt underneath.

That’s not fair, he said.

OK, next piece I’ll take off my pants, she said. Cade was slowing down. He inconspicuously looked at the box on the table and noticed each piece had 28 grams of fat, he calculated that to be 196 grams in cheese cake alone. The thought sickened him, but he continued. He finished off the pants piece and she slowly stripped to her underwear. Like he was able to see before, she had thick thighs for her size and weight, but the bronze tone of her legs and the small portions of cellulite got him excited enough to quickly finish another piece in about as much time as it took to finish the first. She took off her final sock. He knew it was going to get interesting from here.

He asked, Now where is your girl portion? Can’t you help me?

She smiled and picked up a piece and seductively started eating. She ate all but the last bite and she gave it to him. You are getting good at this, she whispered. Two more pieces, she continued in her soft voice as she pulled of her shirt. There she stood, the women of his dreams was standing in front of him with underwear and a bra, waiting for him to eat two more pieces of cheese cake. Cade labored through the next piece and she dropped her top. She grabbed the last piece and spread it all over her stomach. This one is easy, she whispered. It was. Cade finished it and had the best sex he could have ever imagined.

Days and evening continued like this for months. Linda would have some sort of eating game and rewards were always sex. Since Cade was growing rather quickly, Linda would often purchase outfits for Cade. She would often give the excuse, We are going to eat at a restaurant and I want you to wear something nice and new. He didn’t care, he never had to purchase clothes and none of the clothes he owned before they started dating fit anymore. She would do this two to four times a month. Of course, she would purchase clothes that were clearly too big, anticipating future weight gain. She too started gaining weight and he really noticed it on one of the suits she wore one day, the skirt was as tight as it could be with out ripping at the seams. He estimated her weight to be in the 155 range, while his was around 285.

It was a warm Friday in August, about eight months after they started seeing each other. Linda told Cade to go into her room and change they were going to have a special dinner tonight for his birthday weekend. She bought him a white polo shirt and navy Dockers, with a waist of 48 inches. The pants were loose, but eight months ago he was squeezing into 36 inch jeans. He was getting a little concerned, but really enjoyed her companionship and enjoyed the sex with his dream girl even more.

They took a cab to a fancy Italian restaurant about two miles away. They got a table fairly quickly and order their drinks. Cade ordered a Sam Adams and Linda a vodka martini. Linda as usual looked gorgeous. She had a beautiful form fitting dress that really showed off her hips and thighs. The dress was black and almost sleeveless. Her arms were no longer the long thin arms of eight months ago, and with no sleeves, you could see the softness. She was starting to get a nice double chin and she still had beautiful smile. Some people would actually say she was fat, but those would be the sick birds that want their women frail and ill looking.

The waiter arrived and asked for their order. Linda quickly spoke up and order the gnocchi for herself and order a fettuccini alfredo for Cade, she then asked the waiter to place an order of tortellini but order it when the first order was delivered. Cade knew better to not say anything while the waiter was around. Although Linda had snapped several times when they first started to date, he learned to usually keep his mouth shut and do what she said. When the waiter left, Cade finally said, Why did you

Linda interrupted and spoke in an I know best tone, I ordered for you because the food is great; the portions are small and I’m looking out for you, as I always do. You wouldn’t have ordered two dishes and you would have been hungry as we left the restaurant.

How could Cade make a rebuttal? He said, Thank you honey. You are always looking out for me. While waiting for their dinner, they ate two baskets of bread and butter - both of them were pretty hungry. Dinner came and the food was in a smaller portion than Cade was used to from Linda’s dinners, but it was pretty much the size you would see at most Italian restaurants, plenty to get most people full. Cade finished his first dish and actually thought the second dish was a good idea. When dinner was over, the waiter asked if either of them wanted dessert. Cade replied, No thank you I am stuffed.

Linda then said, Two canolli to go please. The waiter gave them the canolli and check. On the cab ride home, she explained, I know how much you love canolli, and she smiled.

When they arrived back in her condo, she took the canolli out and started to feed him. She rubbed his belly and kissed his neck. After Cade finished the canolli, they went to her bedroom for more passionate sex.

The next morning, Cade woke up to some wonderful smells. He put on shorts and walked out with his bloated belly. Good morning, birthday boy, Linda sang. Cade looked over the table and there was a feast, a dozen muffins, dozen doughnuts, several kinds of coffee cakes, a cheesecake, waffles and she’d just finished cooking a huge ham and cheese skillet with hash browns. Have a seat, I’ll serve you. Let’s start with the skillet while it is still hot, Linda said.

Cade was shocked. She had always cooked so much, but never this much. I certainly hope she doesn’t expect me to eat all of this, he said to himself. I’ll bet she is going to try, he dreaded. He really enjoyed her feeding, but lately she had been pushing him past the point of pain and discomfort. I think we are close enough in this relationship, and I’ve surely gained enough weight. I really need to stop this, he thought. Linda, he hesitantly said, I really appreciate everything you do for me and I know you are trying to make me happy, but you are making me too fat. I’m over 300 pounds! She just stared at him, speechless.

Follow me please, she finally said. They walked into her bedroom, she pulled out a scale from under her bed. She motioned for him to step on it, it registered 282. She shoved the scale back under the bed. Silently, she pulled out handcuffs and cuffed his two hands, then she put shackles on his feet. He originally thought she was playing some sort of game, he said, I don’t want to play any of your eating games, in a stern voice. She walked into the bathroom, made some noise and left with some metal objects in her hand. She then brought in his breakfast, two trays at a time and laid them on a desk in the bedroom. Cade asked, What are you doing? I said I don’t want to play any games.

She ignored him and continued bringing out breakfast. When she was done, she turned at the door, and said very angrily, almost shouting, I never forced you to eat anything. I don’t appreciate you accusing me of something I didn’t do. I don’t appreciate being lied to; you are not even close to 300 pounds, let alone over 300 pounds. As your punishment, I’m keeping you locked up until you weigh over 300 pounds. She left and closed the door.

Cade stayed quieefor a few moments than shouted, LET ME OUT OF HERE YOU FUCKING BITCH! He tried to make a move towards the door, but the shackles limited his movement to six-inch steps, the handcuffs were attached to a heavy duty wire that was attached to a heavy duty plate in the wall. He tried to pull the wire off the wall to free himself, but it only hurt his hands. YOU ARE FUCKING CRAZY!GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW! he shouted again.

She peeked her head into the room and said, I certainly hope you can take time off from work on Monday; at the rate you are going, you are never going to serve your punishment.

Cade then tried a nicer approach, Ah come on, honey. I’m really sorry for what I said.

Get eating, she said.

Furiously, Cade could only scream, GO FUCK YOURSELF!

Cade looked around to see if he could move anywhere or escape somehow. His range gave him barely enough room to get the bathroom, but not enough room to get to the door to exit the bedroom. He could try breaking a window to shout to people, but he couldn’t make it to the window, which was on the other side of the room, opposite the bathroom. Even if he could break a window and shout, he was 24 floors up - who would hear? Shouting and screaming wouldn’t help either, because the heavy-duty insulation in the high rise. Maybe someone would notice if the yelling was continuous, but how long would it take and it would only piss her off more, which would lead to a greater punishment.

After sitting and contemplating his moves, he walked to the washroom; maybe he could flood the place with water. He noticed she took the handles off the bathtub and sink. Damn, she is smart. I wonder if she’s done this before, he thought. Cade knew she was serious. He knew she was crazy and vindictive, but this was way over the line. He said to himself, I’ve got to comply or I’m never leaving. He made his way to the desk and started to eat.

He started with the skillet and ate all the bacon and sausage. He then hit the muffins; he was totally stuffed, but a little thirsty, so he finished his OJ. Linda walked in and set more food down. She didn’t set it on the desk, because she wanted to keep her distance. She set it down near the door, close enough for him to get it. I’m glad you are complying. Hopefully you can get out by Sunday night, she said. Cade was too pissed to say anything. She left the room. He looked at the tray, it was two huge sandwiches, made from Vienna bread and there were two quarts of cream.

That bitch! She’d removed the sink handles in the bathroom and she was going to make him drink cream instead of water or soda. He hadn’t thought about it, but she was preventing him from gaining 18 pounds of water. He finally forced himself to start on the sandwiches. He finished the doughnuts for desert. Too stuffed to move - not that he could have anyway - he fell asleep.

He woke up to a smell; Linda had dropped off a bag of Burger King Whoppers while he was asleep. There were ten of them, along with onion rings, two quarts of cream and a gallon container of peanut butter and chocolate ice cream. He forced himself to eat. He was only able to manage five burgers and two quarts of cream before he started on the ice cream. His anger had subsided, but he knew for certain he wouldn’t be seeing her or this apartment once he left. He was trying to figure how to punish her; he knew violence would only get him in trouble and he knew he wasn’t going to try turning the tables, because she was far too manipulative. He drank another quart of cream and decided to step on the scale. It read 292, 10 pounds in a day, not too bad he thought. He woke up in the middle of the night to finish off the burgers, Linda had already snuck in to remove some garbage and she left a bag of Snickers in case he had a sugar craving, which he did.

When she dropped off breakfast at 7am, Cade was actually famished. She said, I hope you know over 300 pounds is 305. He used every ounce of energy to refrain from reacting; he wanted to punch a hole through the wall. Cade was given a huge skillet; it must have had no less than two dozen eggs, and two pounds of bacon and sausage. To the side there were about two dozen biscuits and a huge bowl of hash browns. There were also a dozen large cinnamon rolls with four quarts of cream. He forced most of it down and took a nap.

Lunch was two stuffed pizzas with the works; she gave him a reprieve on the cream and gave him a two liter bottle of Coke. At least she has the decency to know pizza and cream is not a good combo, he muttered. He decided to test the scale and see how far he was from freedom. The scale read 300. He was almost home, if he could force dinner down, he would be finished with this place forever. For dinner, she gave him a four-pound cheese cake and two quarts of cream. That bitch. She gave me 4-1/2 pounds of food. I can’t get the extra five pounds. Does she have cameras in this room or is the scale hooked up to her fancy equipment in her entertainment center? he thought. It is not a coincidence, he said to himself. THAT’S NOT FAIR! he shouted. He ate the cheesecake and drank the cream; he stepped on the scale and it read 304. He looked for something to break, but couldn’t find anything.

He awoke at 6am, ready to eat breakfast and get out for work. He saw the food had been delivered and a note was placed on the tray. Cade, I should be home around 6pm. I hope this is enough food to last you through the day. I called in for you and said you were extremely ill.

Damn it! was all he could say. He sat down and ate his skillet and muffins. He stepped on the scale and it read 306 - enough to get out, but he was still locked up. Around noon, he was getting pretty hungry, but he didn’t want to eat. He looked over the remaining food, four more quarts of cream being chilled in a bag of ice, a couple bags of candy and chips, a tray of brownies and a huge sandwich similar to the others that Linda had prepared. He ate about half of the sandwich, and a quart of cream. He nibbled on the chips and candy until 6pm; he didn’t realize it, but he ate three bags of candy and a bag of Cheese Puffs. He stepped on the scale and it read 307.

Linda came in wearing a navy skirt and jacket that was clearly too tight. Her legs were thick and lost the tone they once had. She was crying. I’m so sorry, she wept out of control. Please don’t leave me; you mean the world to me. I just got so angry when you accused me of forcing you to get fat, which I never did, and I thought your lie was trying to demonize me even more.' She took off his leg shackles, then worked towards his clothes, kissing him and giving him pleasure. Cade was thinking, either she is truly sorry or she is just playing a game, but he had never seen tears coming from her eyes, only venom and insanity. He really loved her and didn’t want to end it, but he knew he couldn’t continue in their current type of relationship. After she finished giving him pleasures, Cade asked her to take the handcuffs off. She said, Please don’t leave me.

He said, I won’t leave you if you promise me that you will let me go on a diet and you will support a healthier eating schedule. She excitedly accepted the offer and continued to kiss him. Before he was ready to leave to go back home, she gave him two more outfits, one clean one to take home and one for work tomorrow. I figured you have not had the chance to do laundry, she reasoned.

Cade arrived home around 10pm, he figured he would start an exercise program. In the past, whenever he had gained a few winter pounds, he would do push-ups, sit-ups and jog. He figured to work on his stomach first so he laid on his back and tried to do some sit-ups. He struggled and was only able to sit-up using his hands to lift. This could be trouble, he thought to himself. Next he got into push-up formation. He laid on his belly, which was pretty awkward because of the size, he certainly wasn’t laying flat on the floor. One-ahhhg, as he fell back to the ground. What have I done to myself? he contemplated. I don’t think one push-up is much of a base. I’ll go for a run tomorrow morning.

Cade woke at 5am, did a little stretching and started his jog. Cade was always a summer jogger. He used to jog from around April to October. The October before he met Linda, he had jogged a marathon, which is 13.1 miles. He was training for the full marathon, but another commitment forced him out of the race. His peak running weight was about 200, but now 308, could prove to be a little difficult. He started out, moving slowly, his huge gut swinging out of control, but he felt surprisingly good; he figured he may be able to get one mile, but he quickly lost his energy and he was gasping for air by the time he got to the end of the block. He stopped and bent over with his hands on his knees, sucking in air as quickly as possible. He looked around and hoped nobody had seen his poor display of running. He walked back home, which took about 90 seconds. For the entire walk home he was thinking about what he was going to eat for breakfast. He was actually starving and really had a taste for one of Linda’s skillets.

Once he got home, he looked in the refrigerator and the cupboards for breakfast, but there wasn’t anything appropriate for a healthy meal. He didn’t have much food in the house because he spent so much time at Linda’s; he usually ate what she made. He pulled out a box of sandwich cookies and poured himself a big glass of milk. He ate about five cookies and drank all of the milk. He took a shower, got dressed for work and was still famished. He quickly ate another ten cookies and drank another glass of milk and promptly left for work.

When he got to work, he had two apples and two bananas sitting on his desk with a note. The note read, Good luck. I’m here for you. Love Linda. He thought, How sweet. I’m really glad I forgave her.

He was still hungry and ate the fruit before 10:30. He drank about eight glasses of water to try and keep filled. Linda stopped by around 11:55 to see what his lunch plans were. He said he was going to Subway for a sandwich. She asked to join him, so they both went to Subway for a turkey sub and two regular Cokes. Neither of them liked the diet variety. I really have to start drinking diet soda, either that or totally stop drinking soda, Cade said. Cade left there, feeling comfortable, but definitely not satisfied. He knew it wouldn’t last long.

By 3pm he was famished again. His only plan was to drink loads of water. He finished work at 5 and went to Linda’s condo. She was still at work. He was once again famished, but bloated and didn’t think he could drink another glass of water. She had a huge fruit bowl on her counter, so he started snacking on that. It still wasn’t cutting it, so he ate a piece of leftover pizza and followed it quickly with another. She came home around 6:30. She asked, How are you holding up?

This is killing me. I’m always so hungry, he said.

Maybe you could go on the low carb diet, she said, you could eat as much food as you want as long as there are no carbs.

He’d heard about it and he knew several people that went on that diet and it seemed to work. I guess it is worth a shot. What do I need to do? he asked.

I don’t know all the rules, you could look it up on the Internet to get a program, but I know you could eat all the meat you want, she said with a smile.

Let’s start it tomorrow morning, Cade said enthusiastically.

Cade awoke to sausage frying. What’s for breakfast? he asked. Sausage and eggs, said Linda. She placed his plate down in front of him. 10 eggs and almost two packages of sausage. Linda had two eggs, two sausage and toast.

Toast!? Aren’t you going to join me on this diet? Cade asked.

Are you kidding? I can’t go a meal without carbs, let alone weeks.

At first Cade was a little disappointed that she wasn’t going to join, but then he thought further and was glad she wasn’t going on a diet. I made you lunch, Linda said. It was an assortment of cheeses, nuts and vegetables. She also gave him a bag of fruit.

Linda and Cade arrived back from work around 6. This no carb thing is making me feel a little ill, Cade said, but I think I can handle it. Cade sat down and watched TV and Linda prepared dinner. She made big 1/2 pound cheeseburgers from regular ground beef that was 20% fat, no bun for Cade. She added bread crumbs in a purposeful attempt at ruining Cade’s diet. When dinner was ready, she gave Cade three burgers; she had one. She also poured two glasses of Coke, diet cans for him and regular for her. In another attempt to sabotage his diet, she mixed about 1/3 of his cup with regular soda. Since Cade had drank regular soda for his entire life, a 2/3 diet to 1/3 regular still tasted awful to him and he could not tell that there was regular soda mixed in. Linda asked if he wanted another burger. She encouraged in a slight way, You know you can eat all the burgers you want. He then agreed, and had a fourth.

After about 10 days of this, with Linda continuing to sabotage his efforts, Linda convinced him to take a break. She had continued to eat carbs, cook wonderful dishes for herself and flaunting in a discrete manner, the tastiness of her carb dishes. It was so difficult to keep on the diet, that when she suggested that he take a break for one meal, he caved quickly. She said, I’m going to make you a great carb filled Italian dinner. Maybe it will be enough to get you to last another two weeks.

She cooked him angel hair pasta in a wine sauce, and cheesy garlic bread. Cade ate a loaf and of the bread, Linda ate the other , and they both had huge servings of the pasta. Cade’s, of course, was much larger. Linda suggested in a very gentle way, Maybe you should have a little more; you don’t want to go into carb withdrawal tomorrow. Enjoy it now before it is gone.

Cade said, Good idea, and he ate another large serving. For dessert, she served an assortment of cookies; peanut butter, chocolate chip, Oreo, wafer and a few others. Cade had a big glass of milk and ate an equivalent of about three boxes worth while watching TV.

The next day, Cade went back on his low carb diet and Linda continued to mix in carbs. After about a month, he told her, I think I’m getting fatter on this diet. Some of my pants are getting a little tight. Where did you put your scale?

She said, I didn’t want you to make a big deal out of the weight because I heard a lot of people gain at the beginning and then loose it quickly, so I hid it.

Could you please bring it out? he asked. She brought it out, he stepped on and it registered 321. I’ve gained more than 10 pounds! How is that possible? he screamed.

I told you, a lot of people gain weight at first. Give it another month, she reassured him.

Another month of the same went by. She convinced him to take two days off during the month as a reward. She told him she didn’t want him getting burned out on this diet.

After two days of loading up on carbs, he weighed himself again and it registered 331. What the heck is going on? he screamed. Linda shrugged her shoulders, Maybe you can’t reward yourself? He agreed and said, No matter how tough it is on me, I don’t want you to serve me any carbs. That means no reward days. Linda promised she would not give him any reward days.

He went another month with the same types of sabotaged meals. It was now mid November and he weighed himself again. It registered 336. I don’t think this diet works for me! he told Linda.

She agreed, Maybe you need to start a new diet after the holiday season. It is too hard to start now. Give yourself one last hurrah.

One last hurrah? I’ve gained about 30 pounds in three months on a diet! he shouted, I can’t have one last hurrah.

Linda said, Well, I do support you on your diet, but I will be making a lot of different carb and fat loaded foods for the holidays, so I don’t want you to complain that I’m making you eat again.

He sighed, I guess so. He definitely didn’t want diet food for everyone; he still wanted her to keep up her good appetite. He did notice that during his carb diet, she had gained some weight, too. Almost all of her clothes were too tight, almost as if she was in denial of her weight gain.

During the holiday season, Cade did end up letting his guard down. From Thanksgiving all the way to Christmas, he pretty much spent all his time at Linda’s condo. She cooked and they both ate. She started making Christmas cookies just after Thanksgiving and continued through to a few days before Christmas. They would each eat several dozen every night in front of the TV; this would be after eating a huge meal. He loved it when she bought out the cookies shortly after dinner. Her thighs were now completely rubbing against each other and her hips had nice pieces of butt to hold onto. . Her arms were no longer long and thin, but clearly fat and her belly actually started to have a slight hang. Her hips and thighs were still clearly the largest part on her body.

Because Linda wasn’t playing her feeding games, Cade wasn’t eating as much as he had been earlier in the year, but there still was plenty consumed. Linda on the other hand, seemed to be eating even more than before. He knew he was gaining a lot of weight, but he also knew she was gaining too and probably at a faster pace than he was, so he never brought up the topic of weight or scale. She was now buying him pants with a 56-inch waist. Cade had checked Linda’s clothes and she was wearing a size 16/18. He weighed about 365 and she about 225. She still wore nice clothes and suits, but she was now getting them at Lane Bryant.

On the 30th of December, Cade had devastating news. He had been terminated from his job. His boss claimed they needed to meet their headcount quota for the beginning of the New Year.

Cade fell into a slight depression; if it wasn’t for Linda, it would have been much worse. Linda tried to always make time for Cade. She would make him feel important, whether it was for his muscles when he opened jars that were too tight, for his humor whenever he made a joke or for just being her man. She encouraged Cade to sell his townhouse and move in with her to save money, and Cade agreed. There was nothing extraordinary about the following few months. Cade didn’t look for a job because Linda made plenty of money, and Linda encouraged him to stay at home and relax. What she really meant was stay home and eat. Cade didn’t forget about his diet and weight,;he just stopped caring. He knew it made Linda happy and that was about all he could provide her.

In June, after about six months of being out of work, Linda, too, had lost her job as the assistant to the CEO. She had been demoted to a roaming assistant. She was certain it was due to the weight she gained. She was now about a size 22 and weighed about 245. Cade was now over 400 pounds. He wasn’t sure of his waist size because he only wore sweat pants or shorts that have elastic bands. Since it was the summer, he usually lounged around without a shirt and his huge belly exposed and hanging.

Linda’s work had defined her and given her confidence. Now that she was a roaming assistant earning a roaming assistant salary, she was completely demoralized and her mood swings would go south much quicker than in the past. Her temper was very short and her patience with Cade was almost nil. When she brought out food for Cade, he was expected to finish all of it quickly and with a smile. When he didn’t comply, which was rare and usually because she fed him too much, she would fly off the handle. Cade thought about leaving, but he actually had it pretty nice. She cooked and cleaned for him while he ate and watched TV. On top of that, where could he go? He didn’t have a home and he didn’t have any job prospects. He believed daily mood swings was a small price to pay.

This continued for over three months. Linda would feed Cade pounds of sausage or bacon, with dozens of eggs, coffee cakes, doughnuts and muffins every day for breakfast. He was expected to finish all of it too and he generally did, although sometimes it would take him until noon. During the lunch hour he snacked on chips and sandwiches that Linda had made the night before. Sometimes there would be left over dinner to eat too. Dinners were always huge: one night huge plates of lasagna, another night two eight pound roasts, and another night two dozen large pork chops. Each night would have some sort of potato and vegetable. Deserts were always awesome and plentiful. She would usually continue giving Cade dessrt until he went to bed. Linda concentrated on feeding Cade and she actually lost some weight.

On Cade’s birthday, she again made him a huge breakfast. There was no less than 50 pancakes and 50 waffles, with loads of ice cream and canned fruit on top. It was served in a big pan that was used to cook turkeys. There were seven different coffee cakes, two cheese cakes and two dozen muffins. She seemed to be happy for the first time in three months. It was a wonderful morning in which Cade ate and they talked. Linda left around 8am whistling a tune. Cade sat back on the sofa and struggled to finish the food. He finished the last muffin around 11:30.

Linda surprised him at 12:00 with lunch. He was lucky he finished all of his breakfast. Happy Birthday, my big boy! she smiled. I’m sorry I can’t take the day off, but I want to make sure you have a nice birthday lunch. Here are some Big Macs and fries. Cade looked in disbelief, since he had just finished his breakfast, he couldn’t possibly eat all of the food. He pulled out the burgers and there were 20, with 10 super large fries. He gave a fake smile and in his most sincere voice said, Thank you so much. I’m so glad you are thinking about me.

She said, I’ve got about 30 minutes before I have to go back to work; it is a little slow today. She pulled her lunch out of her bag, which was a McDonald’s salad. With the motion of her hand, she was encouraging him to eat. Cade ate slowly, but it was quick enough for her liking. After the half hour, Cade was only able to eat four burgers and two fries. As she got ready to leave, she said, I shouldn’t be too late, I hope I could get home by 6. Cade sat on the sofa, completely stuffed. He knew he should get up and flush some of the burgers down the toilet, but he didn’t have the energy to get up. He knew there was no way he could finish them by 6pm and he knew if he didn’t Linda would go crazy. He said to himself, I’ve got about five hours, so there isn’t a rush. He sat back watched TV for a few hours and had a few more burgers. The only reason he ate those burgers were because they were there and out of habit, not because he was even the slightest bit hungry. He started to get a little sleepy and dozed off to sleep.

Cade woke up to the opening of door. Linda was home and it was only 4pm. He tried to jump up and clear the food, but he couldn’t move that quick and he realized it was too late.

What in the world is this? It looks like you didn’t even eat of the burgers! I make a special trip to get you a special birthday lunch and you don’t even give me the courtesy of eating it. sreamed Linda. Go to your room! she shouted. Cade slowly managed to get himself off the couch and wobbled to the bedroom. Cade laid on the bed and pondered his punishment.

He heard drilling and noise on the other side of the door. He knew he couldn’t ask what was going on and he knew she would tell him when it was his time to know. About 30 minutes later, she entered. Since it is your birthday, I’m going to let you finish the rest of your lunch. I’ll decide your punishment tomorrow. She sternly told him. In an attempt to get leniency for good behavior, Cade quickly ate the rest of the food, it was difficult, but he finished it off by 8pm. Around 10pm, Linda entered the room and told him it is time to retire for the night, they kissed goodnight and they both went to sleep.

In the morning, Linda woke before Cade. She showered and got ready for work while Cade slept. Before she was about to leave, she gave him a kiss and said, Don’t think I forgot about your punishment. You are not going to get any food all day. I’m still not sure if this is enough of a punishment. I want you to realize when I go out of my way to do something nice, you better appreciate it. Oh, I’m also locking you in with a combination lock that I placed on the outside of the door last night. You are confined to your room without food, but you could drink water.

Cade thought his punishment was going to be a lot worse and was kind of relieved until about 30 minutes after he was awake. His stomach was shooting with hunger pains. He tried to think of the longest span of time he had gone without eating in the morning. Usually Linda had a huge breakfast waiting for him when he got out of bed and he was eating before he was totally awake. He then thought that his last piece of food was at 8pm the night before, so he has gone 12 hours without food. This, too, was a first in a very long time. He tried to sleep the time away, but he was far too hungry. He became pissed and then sorry for himself. He told himself he shouldn’t be in this position, but he realized she was too charming to ever resist. The minutes seemed like hours and he tried to constantly drink to fill his stomach, but that only made him pee more and because of his size and his inability to move quickly, he stopped drinking water. The day went by and it was finally 7pm. He actually felt faint and his stomach was numb from the pain. What is she doing to me? he said. It has been almost 24 hours without food.

She finally got home at 8:30pm. She was carrying more McDonald’s bags. She said, I hope you learned your lesson. As the final part of your punishment, you need to eat everything here before you go to bed. She pulled everything out and placed it on the kitchen table. There were 25 Big Macs and large fries. Cade didn’t even think, he moved as fast as a man of 460 pounds could move and started shoving the food down his throat.

After about four burgers and a few handfuls of fries, he said, Thank you for being so understanding and I am sorry I caused you so much grief. He continued to gorge on the food. Linda was ready to retire to the bedroom around 10pm. After watching Cade gorge himself almost non-stop for 90 minutes, she had become a little horny. She then asked Cade if he could break for 20 minutes to give her a little pleasure. They went to the room and struggled to have sex, but they both enjoyed feeling their massive bellies pressing against each other. Linda had lost a little weight, but she still had plenty hip and ass for Cade to hold; she was right around 225 pounds.

One week later Linda came home and announced she had been asked to work for the Executive Vice-President of North American Operations as his personal assistant. She was absolutely elated. She told Cade, This may mean I will be working longer hours again. I hope you could manage. Cade was very happy for her. Generally when she was happy, there was no anger to take out on him.

It didn’t take long for Linda to realize that her new boss was an FA. He would always make sure there was a candy dish filled at Linda’s desk; he would also bring in donuts several times a week for the team and place it on Linda desk, but what really gave her the idea was the lunches and dinners he would buy for her. Anytime they were busy at lunch or when she worked past six, he would order out. He would always order for her and it would always be a large serving accompanied by desert. He would always make comments when she didn’t finish it, similar to what Linda would do to Cade. Linda understood this and she always obliged.

After about six months, Linda had gained a lot of weight. She was over 275 pounds, but she had never been happier. Cade had realized that Linda this entire time was pushing her desires to be fat on Cade. She felt she could never get fat herself because of the biases placed on women in today’s society. Now that she realized she could have a career and be in an environment that not only accepts being fat, but encourages it, she has her anger issues totally under control. Linda and Cade still enjoy eating and periodically overindulging, but nothing is forced anymore, and there are never mind games or anger.

Cade is now 485 pounds. He hasn’t gained much weight during the past six months and totally enjoys himself. His TV is hooked up to satellite and he lounges around in shorts or sweatpants all day long. He usually goes shirtless because that is what Linda prefers. He hasn’t left the apartment in over a year, but there is no need, Linda gives him everything he wants.