Buffet Gluttonous Pig

Buffet Gluttonous Pig

It all started that Saturday night when my dad asked if we like to go to an all-you-can-eat buffet. I got aroused, just by the possibility of seeing women gorge, but nothing prepared me for what I was about to see.

I was a 17 year-old boy who admired SSBBWs. I fantasized about them every single moment about sex, feeding them, loving them, kissing them, force-feeding them, name calling, massive weight-gain and so on.

We arrived at the buffet, got seated and started to eat. There were a few plump girls eating, but no really fat ones. At some point, a slim woman got into the place, took a good look of it and hurried out. Then she opened the door and held it open as if she was waiting for someone to come in, and she was a huge man entered the buffet, barely able to walk, I guess he weighed more than 600 lbs. He waddled in, followed by a girl, an amazingly beautiful girl who seemed to be about my age. She had a long blond hair, white skin, blue eyes and she was FAT, 400 lbs in my opinion. She wore a sleeveless white shirt that exposed her fat arms and the big belly. The jeans could not hide the thick legs. As they reached a table, the mom said to her: Honey, you wore a jeans for a buffet!? We’ve already talked about this! They hold down the appetite!

Don’t worry mom, I’ll unzip ‘em later on.

I was stunned! And of course I had an immediate erection. I couldn’t take my eyes of her, imagining her stuffing herself to her father’s size and beyond.

The father and the daughter struggled to get in, and when they were finally seated, the father said: Jane, release my belt and unzip my pants. Tonight I’m really gonna gorge! The mother was obviously content and did as he asked. Then the daughter said she would unzip the pants only later on, because she wanted to feel the pressure.

I was sure I was dreaming that’s about how my fantasies looked likethe mom was definitely a feeder and the father and daughter feedees.

The mom eagerly got to work and started bringing full plates of everything. She didn’t sit until there was no place on the table. I was focused on the girl she hungrily started to eat. Eat was I saying? Better say gorge! The girl seemed obsessed she took huge amounts and shoved them into her greedy mouth. Her face told how much she enjoyed it. The mother kept encouraging them, flattering their appetite. Every once in a while, the girl and the father said: more of the pasta and this time more gravy!, more potatoes!, more cream!, more steaks!

They ate very quickly, and I guessed most of the other people were disgusted by this gluttony freak show. I noticed that the girl’s shirt was getting tighter and tighter. Later, the girl asked her mom to unzip her pants. The sight of the spilling flab of belly is really unforgettable. She lifted the shirt a bit, exposing more blubber and said: Mom, tonight I’m gonna outdo dad! The father had a yeah right look, and the mom seemed surprised as well. I don’t think anyone can eat more than himbut you can give it a shot.

The girl was excited by her own challenge, and doubled her speed. The mother kept bringing more and more food, and focused on the more fattening dishes.

The girl was fanatic, and she also made quite a mess, with many stains on her clothes and other pieces of food all over her. I couldn’t believe how much she had consumed and imagined it all turned into pure fat.

Then it was time for us to go. We finished out meal and my dad said: You were really quiet tonight, were you day-dreaming again?

Yeah, yeah, sorry.

We got back home, and I knew I couldn’t let this slip away. I took the car and quickly returned to the buffet. This time I chose a different place. Luckily, and not surprisingly, they were still gorging, or more correctly, the girl was still gorging, and her belly seemed much more bloated. Finally she said: Mom, I am so stuffed! I outdid dad! I’m such a fat overeating pig! - sigh - Let’s go for the desserts!

While the mother went to bring desserts, she lifted the shirt more and rubbed her bloated belly. She was obviously excited. And then, she caught me staring. I was afraid she’d think it was a pity or a disgust look, so I warmly smiled. She seemed surprised at my smile and then smiled back a bit embarrassed.

She ate everything her mom brought her the ice creams, chocolates, sundaes, puddings. Every once in a while she picked her head out of the plates to see if I was still glancing, and I was.

After a few more fattening minutes, the girl said: I’m full. I can’t move. I had never ate this much!

Mom said: Ok, Candy, lean back, I’ll feed you.

No, mom, I’m gonna explodejust let me a few moments the girl replied breathing heavily. You know what? she continued, You can go home, I’ll come back later, and looked at me with a questioning face. I nodded with a big smile. The parents looked confused, but then the mother saw me smiling and understood.

It took a while for the father to struggle getting up and waddle to the door. As they were finally out, the girl invited me to the table with a look.

I was so excited! I could feel my heart pounding as I approached her table.

Hi, I’m Colin, I said.

I’m Lisa, she shyly replied.

Nice to meet you, Lisa.

Well, it took you a while to come back.

I blushed with embarrassment, as I didn’t know she saw me.

Ah, well, yeahyou saw me staring

Yeah, at first I thought it was the regular surprise-disgust-amazement look, but after a while I understood that it wasn’t.

It was certainly not! It was aan appreciation look, I replied.

I know; seemed like you were enjoying seeing meaheating.

I really appreciate girls with a healthy appetite, Lisa.

I know some guys like that, but I haven’t met anyone. Yet.

Now you have! I smiled.

She asked if I could get her more to drink. I brought her, and she asked, So what is it that you liked about me? Most people think I’m an ugly ball of fat.

She was obviously fishing for a complement, and I was eager to complement her. First of all, you are very pretty. Your vivid blue eyes, your hair

What about my body? she interrupted me.

I admire your big overstuffed belly, I started, and as I saw she was anticipating more, I continued: The way it sits on your thick thighsyour fat laden hands, the hanging double chin, your big breasts.

I hoped I wasn’t too graphical or offensive, then she said, And my gluttony?

I replied that gluttony was a major turn-on.

She seemed really comfortable and said: I’m turned on by my own gluttony. I like eating and gorging huge amounts of food, imagining it all turns into fatI like being SO stuffed I can’t move and I can barely breathe.

She took my hand and placed it on her huge belly. Sensuous how it’s full, isn’t it?

I said: Oh, my god! I’m I heaven! She noticed my erection and said: God I’m aroused! Let’s go and have some fresh air!

I helped her up. The shirt was still exposing the belly and the fat rolls, with no chance or will to cover them back. The unzipped pants stayed foot as the gigantic ass pushed it full.

I gave her my hand and we slowly went out.

Good you’re parking close. I wouldn’t want to burn all this calories. That sentence aroused me even more.

I opened the car door and dragged back the chair as much as possible. She sat down lowering the car by an inch or two. She leaned back and asked me to insert her legs. I did and closed the door. I hurried to the driver’s seat.

The sight was magnificent. A 400 lbs. beautiful girl in my car and her belly covering most of her. I was speechless. She was seductively massaging her belly.

I drove to a secluded place in nature with a romantic panorama.

God I love it! This pleasure-pain after eating so much! she said Open my door so I have more room she asked. I am a fat lazy pig and I love it! she screamed. I was going to say something but, This is the first time I’ve shared it with a strangeryou see, she continued. I like stuffing my fat face, I am a complete glutton, a fat cow, I’m addicted to food! I want to spend every moment of my life eating, oh god! I want a huge wide belly, reaching the floor when I stand! No, I want to not be able to stand at all. I want to become immobile, trapped inside my fat! I want an enormous ass spilling of my queen size bed! My arms will be so fat I wont be able to move them. A complete lazy ball of fat! My greedy lips will be fed all day long, and stop only to sleep!

She started crying with happiness. I finally said it to someone! I’ve been waiting for this my entire lifeI didn’t scare you right?

Hell no! I said and hugged her, I wish to share your life and help you reach there. You will be my fat piggy. I’ll feed you to immobility and take care of you.

We were both so turned on!

Touch me! Let me know you’re true!

I kissed her passionately and started touching her everywhere. She did the same. I took off her shirt and got turned on even more by her fat shoulders. We got to the back seat and made love. I licked her bloated belly, the rolls of fat, the soft thick thighs, the ass, the fat toes and fingers, the big breastsI penetrated. Call me fat pig! she ordered.

My obese fat pig!

I’ll feed you! she was moaning with pleasure. You fat cow!

My lazy queen!

I’ll stuff you!



Immobile! Then we both came so hard. I never felt anything like it.

We were two persons alone in the world, nothing mattered.

We hugged and talked till morning came. I drove to her place, not before buying a dozen donuts, and asked her if I could see her in the evening again. She said that it would be hard for her to wait and gave me her number.

I went to sleep with her on my mind.

I call her that afternoon and her sweet voice aroused me. Hi Colin, last night was amazing.

I feel the same, I said.

So, how about going to the all-you-can-gorge buffet, and this time you’ll be feeding me?

Sounds great! Hope you’re hungry.

Well, I’m eating right now, actually all day, but don’t worry I’m always happy to eat more.

I came around seven o’clock and knocked. The mother opened it, and smiled Hi Colin, come in; Lisa told us all about you.

The father was in the living room eating an enormous meal; he said hello, too. Lisa is waiting for you in her room.

As I entered her room, I saw many cakes, empty pizza boxes, donuts, chocolates, and empty dirty plates. I closed the door behind me and said Lisa?

She yelled from her private bathroom: In a minute.

She came out glorious, with a really short dress that exposed her fat thighs knees and ankles, with buttons that can be opened to make room.

You look amazing! I said.

Thanks. You too! You see? I’ve been lying around here, watching TV since I woke up and gorged

Good girl, I winked. Shall we?

Hey I want to weigh myself before we go.

She had a scale in her room? She must have documented her weight-gain, I thought to myself.

421! she yelled. More than I thought! Let’s go and make it higher!

We went to the buffet and I fed her more than she had the night before. She had to open a few buttons just as she promised. She was an extremely good fat piggy.

We kept seeing each other, while I fed her in all-you-can-gorge buffets and her mom in her place, she reached 550 lbs as we graduated.

We moved in together, not before her mom promised she’d keep bringing food. I forbid her to work, not that she wanted to, and so she was gorging in bed all day long, as I kept bringing food and money.

We got married a year later.

She was already 660 lbs. and her appetite kept growing. Clothes I bought only so she can outgrow. She barely moved and immobility was really close. She liked to watch herself in the mirrors the huge sack of fat hanging from her chin, the fat hands, the enormous belly lying like a mountain in front of her, the thick fingersthe ass that was spread all over the bed, and when she stood it seemed like her ass begins from her neck and goes down to her feet, the gigantic thighsmarvelous. I especially adored the force-feeding sessions, when she asked me to tie her hands and legs, so she won’t burn calories moving, and so she can’t resist the food. I used to shove fattening food down her throat for hours with and without a funnel. I always complemented her Oh my GLUTTONOUS PIG, you have gotten so MORBIDLY OBESEMORE, MORE, keep GORGING, OVEREAT, let’s STUFF you more till you explodebeg me to stop you GREEDY bitchsoon you’ll be IMMOBILEcan’t move, just EAT, EAT and FATTEN up. She liked it so much, she never resisted, on the contrary she said, FEED me, stuff your cow, over-feed me, I want to grow huge, bigger, I can’t wait to be full of all this fattening food, come on, MORE, MORE, increase the pace, greedy PIG is starvingyou know I am a slave to my hunger.

I took a big loan one day and invested it smartly. That money I made released me from the need to work and stay away from my love.

I increased the amounts of food, and installed a tube over her, which I would fill with honey, sugar, whipped-cream, chocolate and much more. Then the weigh gain rate was unbelievably high she reached 870 lbs and immobility within one year.

We enjoyed seeing how the fat was accumulating near the elbows and knees. Her face was buried in rolls of fat; the huge cheeks hid the ears and some of the eyes. The sack of fat hanging from the chin, or actually from the forehead, spilled over her chest. The arms resembled huge stuffed pillows rather than human arms. She was absolutely helpless without food in her insatiable mouth.

I installed a special device under the bed, which showed the weight in every single moment, which was a great turn-on for the stuffed pig and me.

She begged me to keep feeding and stuffing her. My fat pig wife was insatiable, addicted to food and obsessed with weight-gain, as much as I was to feeding her.

When she reached 900 lbs., I installed a system to enrich the air supply in the room with oxygen, to make it easier for her. Since clothes were not an option anymore, I used to cover her with blankets, which she had outgrown too with time.

At 1250 lbs., the legs that were fully buried under the enormous mountain called belly spilled off the bed and the fat covered the feet and toes. She was thrilled to discover that she can no longer move her greedy fat fingers. Now she could do nothing except being fed, given sexual pleasure, talk and sleep and eat more.

That’s what she wanted.

That’s what I wanted.

Life is great!