Best Gang Bang *By RounderGirl

She had done it.

Grown. Enormous.

Big wasn’t even descriptive enough.

Friends, family and doctors had watched her helplessly for the last few years, unable to stop her growing urges to become so unimaginably HUGE. She didn’t care - and laughed privately at their gasps of amazement and shock when confronted with her girth. Her belly nearly touched the floor when she walked, her thighs shaking mercilessly with each effort of movement, her breasts leaving beachballs themselves to look more like softballs.

Now here she lay, clothed only in her rolls and mountains of fat, waiting for the director to say “Action”, when really the only action from her was… well, just to lie there.

The curtains surrounding the bed slowly parted, and a dozen men slowly stepped out.

They were all here for her, here to feast on her roundness and to pleasure themselves in the ultimate gang bang.

They moved in, closer, their cocks firmly erect. Where would they start their satisfactions? They had all the choices they wanted. A dozen pairs of hands began to fondle her soft enormous belly; and just as quickly, her heavy, luscious, beachball-plus breasts.

“Damn!” one tanned and Chippendale-like guy said in admiration. “You look great - mind if I start in here?” His lips went to her shotglass-sized nipple.

“You just help yourself to whatever you want, sweetie,” she heard her voice say despite the growing sighs being drawn from her by the other men.

The men did their best, each striving to find a portion of her to carry out their desires. The orifices she had were soon filled - her mouth with one swollen cock, her now dripping pussy was eventually found by another long and generous ready cock as well. The other men either sucked and kissed over her, or else started to pump their malehood ferociously into her many folds and creases of fat.

The only sounds were sighs from her, the groans of a dozen men and the sucking, the wetness. They all took turns pumping her pussy, all the while marveling at her over voluptuous body. Her breasts bounced terribly in the few moments they were free; but soon another ready-to-go male would quickly take over to knead and suckle them, replacing another who moved down to her belly to pump into a crevice. They all moved around her, pumping into her mouth, against her breasts, into her numerous crevices, and eventually into her pussy.

She was sooooo wet, and so wanting more. She didn’t have to move - the men’s bodies pushed ferociously against her, causing the fat to ripple and bounce, moving for her.

“Ahh….yeah!” she heard over and over coming from her gang bang heaven givers. She barely moved her triple chin to glance over to see the cameraman handling his own crotch, unzipping himself. Eventually he had to hand the camera over to someone else so he could come over and press his generously long dick between her fattened lips.

“Come on, Fat Girl,” one of the breast sucklers said breathlessly. “Cum all over for us. Shake it, you gorgeous fat honey!”

“Yeah - let it go - come on!” The chorus echoed in unison.

Those men who were waiting another turn at her stood around her, pumping their cocks gently in their hands, preparing for another go at her still wet, endlessly dripping well between her so very fat thighs.

“Maybe you’re hungry, Fat Honey?” said the one gent as he pulled his cock from between her lips. No sooner mentioned, and pastries were brought. Whipped cream and cream cheese icing were squeezed onto a few of the men’s cocks, and they paraded past her open mouth as her pussy began to be licked and caressed by one of her heaven provider’s tongues.

She ate anything they brought, her swollen clit being licked and sucked all the while. They caressed her belly, prodding her to eat more, to grow her belly even larger so there’d be more room for more men.

“Fatter! Fatter! Fatter!” they chorused, as they fed, sucked and pumped into her folds of fat, very anxious for the pleasure sex fest to start again.

She sighed and barely was able to say, “Pump me boys - and don’t stop this time.” Her hands reached to caress her own swollen belly, the soft fat of it reaching to grasp her hands.

“Yeah, Fat Girl!” was echoed as the men began to carry out their desires.

Furiously, her fat jiggled, causing their cocks to shoot off helplessly; and then they’d become hard for a while, only to be enticed by the erotic fat of her again.

The camera caught what it could, her bouncing breasts filling its lens, the close-ups filled with overflowing fat.

Her body glistened with cum. The never-ending urges of the men wanting more continued.

How long would this last?

Forever, she hoped.