Ask And You Shall Receive

Ask And You Shall Receive By never2fat4u

Before I begin my journey here through my life experience, allow me to explain that at no time did I ever regret what has happened to me and what I have become. My wife did nothing I didn’t want done, no matter how strange some people may find what has happened to me. I want to note that every action written here was voluntary and I am now the Man I knew I was destined to become. I can only thank my wife each and every day and know we have the strongest bond of love and trust that probably has ever existed. If you have comments or questions you may address them to

I remember, ever since the age of five, I have always wanted to be fat. Not just fat, but the fattest man in the world. I read everything I could and leered at any man of size, hoping I could be fatter than he once I reached adulthood. I could not explain my feelings nor understand those feelings, but I felt them and they grew stronger every year. I was born to a beautiful woman and a handsome man. My mom being a top model in her youth, and my dad being a successful football player and later in life a great businessman were not going to have a fat child. I would secretly eat and gain weight and the minute it looked like I was gaining BAM! there came another diet. I quickly figured out that I would have to keep my weight gaining desire secret until I was on my own. During my youth I would overeat when I could; s I grew older and entered puberty I would eat to the point I came. Wow, what a feeling! I also realized that an acceptable form of size was when a man worked out and became large muscularly so I decided to join the football team and work out. This I did in high school. Both my parents were thrilled and my father actually encouraged me to eat more.

By the time high school ended I was a strapping 6 foot tall, 280 pound hunk, if I do say so myself. I was big all over and knew this was good as I could support a lot of weight once I started to really get fat. I was accepted to a good college and played football there, continuing my weight gain and working out. At the end of my fourth year, I was a huge 6-foot, 385 pounder. I loved the feeling of all that bulk, but I still felt skinny. Most people would have seen me as a man of extreme size and bulk. My thighs were like tree stumps and my arms were huge over 22 in size. My gut was also expansive to the point it overshadowed the rest of me and measured a healthy 58 inches. My family was becoming concerned about my size; they never dreamed that I would get this big; they had no idea that this was just the beginning. I decided now that I had a good solid foundation to build on and my own place that it was time to become the man I wanted to be.

Once out of school I accepted a position in a company where basically all I did was sit. This is when my weight jumped and I continued to eat constantly. By the time I was 26, my weight was somewhere over 600 pounds. I loved it and felt great, but still felt skinny. My company suggested I see a doctor to verify my health, which I did. This is where my life as a truly fat man began.

The doctor turned out to be a very voluptuous, very beautiful woman who was in her early thirties. Doctor Sarah Givens. Sarah, what a beautiful name. She had the kind of beauty that only Mother Nature can supply. She wasn’t perfect, but her flaws made her perfect in a way. She was very healthy looking with big full cheeks and incredibly fullllll lips. Her blue eyes were strong yet understanding, and the color blue was so deep like a clear night in the summer, almost a cobalt blue hue that contrasted perfectly against her black hair. Her hair was straight and short; she kept it pushed behind one ear and left the other side framing her gorgeous face. Up to this point in my life I had always been aroused by food, but now this woman aroused me.

She began her tests, which included weighing me. The thought of being weighed excited me, as I wasn’t sure how much I weighed. I know it was over 600 pounds, as the last time I was weighed I was 585 pounds, and I know I had gained since then. The digital scale read the numbers I wanted to see.648 pounds. 648 pounds of beautiful sexy sensual fat. I thought I would come right there. I was so happy with the news, and I think the doctor understood that. She then asked me a lot of questions concerning my size. She wanted to know my complete weight history and spurts of weight gain and when they happened. I could tell she was asking way too many questions about my fatness, and then she asked the big question. She said that there are many reports of men who prefer to be of size and that when they lose weight they lose their confidence and basically feel bad about the weight loss. She also wanted to know if I felt that I was amongst the men that feel that way.

Something came over me; perhaps it was the trusting look in her eyes, and perhaps it was the fact that I felt submissive to her and wanted to tell her everything. I opened up to her and let her know all my feelings about the strong need and want I had to be the fattest man that ever lived, and that food was entirely linked to my libido and that the thought of growing fatter every day for someone was the way I wanted to spend the rest of my life. At this time I was feeling something I never felt before; I was hard as a rock without eating but the thought of being so fat I couldn’t move drove my body to wild and exotic places. We talked for hours, and after all the tests were done she said I would have to see her again in two weeks to get the results.

The next two weeks went by very slowly. I have to admit: this woman mesmerized me, and all I could do was eat more and more each day. My orgasms became explosive, and my eating capacity grew with each day. I even began weight gain shakes and drank them 4-6 times a day along with all the food. The day finally arrived when I was to see her again. She put me on the scale and the digital read out showed how I really felt inside and who I am. 678 pounds! I had gained fifteen pounds each week all on my own just for the love of getting fatter.

I was quite proud of myself, and she seemed a bit intrigued by this. Actually, she seemed very intrigued by this. I was rock hard again, and I noticed her nipples were very, how should I put it, erect. She then told me all the test results showed a very healthy 26-year-old man outside of the fact that I was almost 500 pounds overweight by the charts. She said that her reports would go to my place of employment and that she would now recommend that I switch physicians for regular health care. I was shocked, why would she want to have me change physicians, I was hoping to see her at each visit. I asked her why she felt that was best and her reply was because, to me, it is unethical to be seeing a patient socially.

I was floored to say the least. I had all sorts of thoughts running through my head, but my forefront thought was: I want to get really fat for her. I want to grow for her everyday for the rest of my life.

We started dating, and soon the months went by; with each passing month my weight climbed. Sarah and I would talk for hours about both our dreams and goals, and it turned out she always wanted to fatten a man to unheard of proportions and just love every new pound he grew just for her. It seems we were the perfect matches. My employers were none too thrilled, and my parents were appalled by me to the point where they started making fun of me and then told me I wasn’t welcome in their home because I would break any furniture they had. People can be so small (pun intended). But what do I care about furniture when my life is now devoted to growing fatter every day?

My weight soared over the next six months, and when Sarah weighed me, we both were really pleased at the results of our fattening. I had become 765 pounds of pure man fat, growing fatter every day. Sarah was so excited that we agreed it was time to make this permanent. She asked me to marry her, and I said yes. We discussed our goals, and both knew I was going to become the fattest man that ever lived. This is what we both wanted, and this is what we both needed to be completely satisfied, completely happy. This is where things start to get a little freaky for most, but seemed most natural to us.

We moved into her place, and she began to make plans. Each day was filled with my over eating and drinking weight gain shakes, getting rock hard, and then Sarah would pull up my huge apron of fat and sit on my rock hard dick and ride it until we both came. Three months went by, and my weight soared. My body was weighing in at 880 pounds, and I was still very mobile because of my past working out. Sure, I wasn’t as normal with my mobility; it was a strain to get around, but I still could. Sarah suggested I quit my job and devote my entire life to her and my fattening, which I was only too happy to agree to. I was finally starting to feel a little bit normal.

At this point my family had basically deserted me, and Sarah became my life, my reason for living, my reason for getting fatter every day. And every day was filled with greatness; I never really thought it could feel this good, but it does. Every time I stuff myself and we come. I just want to keep doing it, growing fatter every day. Sarah came up with a date for our marriage and suggested that a few surgeries were needed for me before that date because after we were married I would do nothing but grow fatter for her every day. We agreed, and three months later the surgeries were completed. I had a full colostomy, which would make my waste care a very low maintenance issue which would be important after I became to large to move on my own. Also, my gall bladder was removed so that if it became inflamed at a later date, surgery would be difficult. My appendix was removed for the same reason. My teeth were extracted, and permanent replacements were put in so that dental care would be low maintenance. I knew she had really big plans. I realize this may seem to be really overboard with the modifications having taken place for my weight gain, but when one’s feelings are as strong as mine to obtain this type of size and the trust I have in Sarah, it only felt natural and the right thing to do. I can only thank her for having the foresight for these arrangements. She thinks of everything and knows the difference between fantasies and the reality of having the fattest man in the world in her life.

The day we wed I was weighed, and, happily, I was 918 pounds. Our scale was specially ordered from Ample Stuff and went up to 1,000 pounds. We knew when we ordered it that I would outgrow its needs and that I would soon be over a half ton. Not a bad size to be, but I was still excited at the thought of how big I would become. I was still quite mobile and walked Sarah out of the church to the car. She had to help me in to the full size car, because of my size, but we both were thinking how great it would be when I couldn’t fit into any car. I love her and what she has helped me become. Our honeymoon was spent in our home with me being fed 24/7 between naps and lovemaking.

I finally started to feel like a man of size. My thighs had three rolls of fat, the closest one to my groin forced my legs to spread apart, similar to a sumo wrestler look, the third roll hung below my knees and I knew someday they would meet the floor. It was a wonderful feeling just to walk a few feet and feel that much fat forcing my legs apart. My ass cheeks bounced up and down with heavy movement with each step I took, and I swear I could come just by walking; the feeling was so magnificent. My gut was another story. It was huge and swollen all the time. It started at the spine and wrapped itself around my body, encasing it in a permanent hold. Once around to the front it became three beautiful folds of flab sticking out to the point a normal door was impossible to go through. This manly gut hung down with pure pride reaching my knees. My only thoughts when it swayed while walking was when would it become so big it actually touched the floor? My tits were another story. They were pure huge erotic man tits, surrounding my entire body and resting on my beautiful gut and yet still large enough to force my arms to remain at an upright position. My upper arms fought against this and would just surrender to the rest of the fat, and they would spread widely and hang from the elbows.

This growth created a very sexy look and an even sexier feeling. My head sat on top of three glorious chins, which offered great support and comfort. My facial cheeks just sat on those glorious chins as if to say, You go ahead and hold these perfect cheeks for all to see. Sarah would just look at me and feed me, both of us hoping I get even fatter. Over our honeymoon she was having the three-car garage converted to what she called, my feeding room. I was not allowed to see it until it was completed. I was more than excited with anticipation of this. This caused me to eat nonstop; all I did the next month was eat, drink weight gain shakes and sleep. Of course, Sarah would make love to me at all the right times. Sarah then suggested it was now time for me to get off solid foods and drink my calories instead. This would allow the body to absorb more of the calories with a lot less work. At the end of the month it was time to be weighed and time to enter the last room I would be in for the rest of my life.

The time had come for the weigh in. I must admit it was difficult to get out of bed, and I was truly starting to feel the fat surrounding my body and the weight of it pulling down as I stood. What an incredible turn on. Walking, actually shifting my bulk from side to side to gain forward motion, was difficult, and I grew hard from this. I knew I always wanted to be at least this fat, but the real experience of it is incredible. I never thought I was into bondage, but this is bondage in its most perfect and permanent form. I knew I was close to becoming immobile and welcoming that milestone greatly. After all, once I became immobile, it no longer mattered how big I became. The bigger and fatter I grew the better after that point. Both Sarah and I agreed. All I kept thinking while I approached the scale was that I wish I weighed over 1,000 pounds and that I wished to keep growing for Sarah.

The scale greeted us both with very happy news. It registered 1,018 pounds! I was now 28 years old and weighed over a half ton. What would 30 bring? 35? 40? All I knew was I was going to be the fattest man that ever lived, and I was welcoming it with open arms. I cannot explain the true happiness this brought me. I had never felt so happy or confident about myself and Sarah just breathed a heavy sigh of relief and completeness of mind at the thought she had grown me this large. We both knew this was just the beginning. Sarah began to fondle me in ways she never had before, and all I could think of was how lucky I was and that I wanted to be fatter for her. She began to help me toward the door to the room I would never leave, my feeding room. This was a difficult stroll as my stomach now swayed to-and-fro and hung so perfectly well past my knees; it kept hitting both legs as I strode forward from side to side. Walking at this point was strenuous, and I was in heaven feeling this pressure. The walk was slow and cumbersome, and at the same time one of the most sensual experiences I had ever experienced. I was about to walk into my future, into my life, and become what I was destined to be.

When we reached the double door, Sarah opened it and I saw a huge expansive space. Nothing fancy, almost industrial, but very clean and high tech. Once entering the room, Sarah began to explain what she had done. The room had been designed for weight gain, and nothing more. Actually, I wouldn’t need any more past this point. All the walls and floors were ceramic tile with a drain in the middle of the floor. This, she explained, was to ensure cleanliness and that hosing the walls off with disinfectant would ensure a healthy room. There was a small swimming pool in the middle of the room. It was meant to be a place for me to spend time in to relieve my gravity at times. After all, when you are this fat and getting fatter, you need to relieve your body from that weight from time to time. There was also a hoist similar to the ones used for lifting whales and other large objects out of the water. The hoist was on wheels and could be moved from the pool to the bed, which are the two places I would spend the rest of my life. On the hoist there was a scale attached digitally so it could weigh me at all times when I was on it. The scale went up to 6,000 pounds. We knew that the heaviest human ever reported weighed a little over 1600 pounds, but what about the ones that weren’t reported? In any case we knew 6,000 pounds was a weight that a human would never obtain, but at least we had a scale that would measure me no matter how fat I became.

The hoist had a canvas sling attached to it that was strong and would hold at least two tons. There were four male attendants there; Sarah explained they were there to ensure I was comfortable at all times. They would help with my hygiene and keeping my skin absorbed with vitamin E to help with the stretching and massaging my muscles so I stayed healthy for a very, very long time. Sarah and the attendants helped lay me on my stomach in the bed next to the pool. The canvas was lying beneath me and after some time and the correct adjustments were made, the strap was then placed to the hoist. They all left at this point so I could become accustomed to my new room. Sarah kissed me goodbye and said she would return shortly.

At this time in my life I would have been considered a hugely obese person by anyone’s standards; after all, there aren’t many people who weigh over a half ton, and yet the bed I was laid in seemed huge, certainly large enough to hold a person at least three times my size. I felt comfortable and very happy with the thought that one day I would fill this bed. I looked over at the pool and saw it too was built to handle someone much larger than myself. In front of me was a complete entertainment system that was controlled by one master remote that was easily obtainable by my right hand. There was a computer but no Internet available. I noticed a tube coming from the ceiling leading to the right of me. I didn’t know what this was, but I had enough faith and love and trust in Sarah to know whatever it was would be for the good of our common goal, to make me even fatter. It was then that my lovely wife entered the room again. She placed a chair in front of my bed and sat down so we could be eye level with each other.

She began her conversation and started by saying I could not interject any opinions; it was my time to lie there and listen and follow instructions. It was my time to become what I was destined to be, the fattest man in the world. She began by saying this was the last room I would ever see, the entertainment system was there for my enjoyment to use whenever I wanted it. There would be four attendants taking care of me, to ensure I was properly fed and bathed. She said the pool was for me to spend time in to give my body a break from time to time as I grew fatter because the weight would be too much 24/7 and lying in the water would ease that. She explained that there was no Internet because she didn’t want me to be in the outside world because I would become so fat that the world would hunt me down for interviews and pictures.

This somehow made sense to me and at that point I knew that this was my destiny, this had become my reality. Most people would think this would be a lonely life to lead. I, on the other hand, had wished for this for so long; it is the perfect life for me. She then pointed to the tube and said, this is going to become your lifeline. It is a feeding tube and will be installed permanently to ensure you receive enough calories every day that you grow fatter with each passing moment. When I heard those words, I came just laying there, anticipating the growth I was about to experience. There came one last order from her. Each and every morning for the rest of my life I had to ask her to fatten me more. That way she would know this is what I truly wanted and that way she would know when I had grown enough. Ask and you shall receive, she kept saying over and over. I asked her to fatten me, and with this the feed tube was inserted, and I am happy to say I have grown every day since then.

That was some time ago. I am now a very happy, completely satisfied man of size; actually I am of extreme size now. No one has measured me lately but the last measurements were: neck: 64, arms: 88, chest: 240, stomach: 300, thighs: 120, calves: 86. Of course please realize that I haven’t been measured in over a month, so I am bigger than that now. My weight is current as the digital scale works well every day for my time in the water. I weigh 3,860 pounds. We never thought this was possible; we never thought a man could even get this fat; she proudly announces daily now that even if I was to lose a ton, I would still be one of the fattest recorded humans that ever lived.

I just like knowing I am the fattest human and, no, I have no desire to lose any weight. Yes, I know that weight is extreme and dangerous. I have tubes going everywhere, and I use oxygen 24/7 and am completely immobile. I can’t even move a toe! I can’t explain the feelings I have. All I know is I feel wonderful, and I would not change a thing except for the fact that I still want to grow fatter. With each moment passing, I can feel the fat surrounding me constricting me and yet, I want to get fatter. There is no sexier feeling in the world to me than trying to move any part of my body and not being able to because of the tremendous weight of the fat holding me down 24/7. If anyone reading this has been into bondage, all I can say is this is the most perfect, most permanent type of bondage anyone could realize, and I thank my wife and whoever else out there who may have been responsible for us meeting and creating the mountain of fat I have so fortunately become.

I have filled the bed and the harness, and although I can’t move a bit, I feel great. Sarah told me I could write this and she would determine whether or not she would submit it to gaining organizations for inspiration. All I can say is I hope someone is reading this and feels the same way I do, and others who feel the same way Sarah does. It can happen if you reach out, tell the truth and find the right person. All I know is this is the best life for me, and I would never be happy being anything other than who I have become, and that each and every day I ask Sarah, Please fatten me more, and her reply is always, Ask and you shall receive, and then the tube is once again inserted. Today she told me that it was time to get a larger bed and wider hoist and harness.

I love that woman, and will grow fatter for her each and every day for the rest of my perfect life, happily.