Ample Angela

Ample Angela By Lucky Luke

Part One

Raven-haired Angela is driving her late model luxury sedan in the late afternoon. Outside the temperature is over 100 degrees. Inside her temperature-controlled car, she keeps from perspiring at a cool 62 degrees. The windows are tinted. Angela wears dark sunglasses, a see through black scarf over her opulently styled hair, a low cut leopard spotted long sleeved blouse, and a three quarters black blouse with leopard spotted shoes. She is decked out in stunning gold jewelry. She is wearing earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, and toe rings. Keeping her left hand on the steering wheel, she uses her right hand to pile candies in her mouth. She is also sucking on a large milk shake spiked with vodka. Angela is heading to a rendezvous with her married boyfriend. Angela is 5 foot 3 inches tall when she can stand long enough to get measured and weighs over 350 pounds. Young, beautiful, bold, wild and corpulent, Angela is a goddess in the fat lovers' underground.

Kevin, her millionaire early middle aged boyfriend, is already at the motel room. As Angela pulls her car to the spot in front room 134; Kevin exits the room to get Angela’s car door. Even with Kevin’s help, Angela struggles and grunts to get her colossal rear out of the car. Her massive thighs rub together as she waddles with Kevin’s assistance into the motel room.

Kevin gets her the desk seat just before her flabby legs give out from under her. Kevin then lights Angela a menthol cigarette and gives her a pint bottle of peach schnapps. Angela, gasping from the short walk, takes a drag from her cigarette and a big gulp from her bottle. Her chest is heaving underneath her tight blouse. As she continues to drink and smoke, her puffy face gets more color while her chins stop quivering.

Angela, the dominant in this relationship, takes great pleasure in telling her new economy rich boyfriend what to do. This is especially gratifying because technically Kevin owns the company Angela allegedly works for. Angela has not put in a full day’s work for several months. Kevin continues to keep her on the payroll and also makes many more payments to her.

Kevin, when are you going to start feeding me those pizzas?

Kevin, I need another bottle of schnapps, now!

Kevin, kiss me all over.

Kevin, take off my skirt and panty hose and underwear. Then eat me.

If you insist, you can make love to me.

That was okay. Light me another cigarette.

Get me that box of chocolates. Now feed then to me!

Kevin, totally in control of the rest of his life, takes pleasure in the wild and weird relationship he has with Angela. He had first met Angela about a year ago. She worked in one of his departments. Already a chubby 170 pounds, Kevin began to secretly date her. She took advantage of the situation and was able to get easier job assignments and large pay increases. After a few months, she started demanding large gifts like her car, condo, jewelry, fur coats, and a credit card with a large limit. Kevin, turned on by Angela’s buxom appearance, encouraged her to eat like no one ever had. Most of the large gifts were tied to weight gain milestones.

To keep Kevin happy and her in luxury, Angela spends much of her time on her appearance. Beauty appointments and buying & fitting tailor made cloths takes up much of her time. She also has to be ready to meet Kevin on short notice.

Today’s encounter is between an afternoon meeting for Kevin with his IT staff and a dinner with a sales rep from one of his biggest vendors. A quickly as it began, it ends in after an hour and a half. Angela, with the help of Kevin, gets back in her outfit and puts on more make-up. Kevin starts up Angela’s car and five minutes later, he escorts her to her now cooled car. They quickly kiss & hug. Then Angela, bloated and a little drunk, departs.

On her way back to her condo, Angela gets a call from Stephanie, another sexy overweight sex kitten in the fat lover’s underground. Stephanie, thirty, stands at 5'5 and weighs 380 pounds, is a mentor of shorts to Angela. Blond, busty and fleshy, Stephanie has connections with several rich men with a lusty taste for well-endowed big beautiful women.

Hi Stephanie, what’s up?

Stephanie replies, Angela, Howard wants to meet me for dinner and bring a friend. There will be some other activities. Dinner is eight o’clock tonight at that steak house Howard usually takes me to. Can you meet us around seven thirty for drinks?

Angela responds, Sure Stephanie, thanks for thinking about me. I’ll see you then.

Angela stops by a fast food drive through on her way home and gets a large chocolate shake to help hold her appetite till dinner. She then pulls into the underground parking garage. After struggling out of her car, she huffs and puffs her way to the elevator and finally back to her luxurious condo.

Inside her condo she only has 45 minutes to get ready. Angela bathes and gets made up while drinking another pint of peach schnapps. Looking through her closet, she finds a red low cut cocktail dress with a deep v-shaped back exposed her ample backside. She keeps her hair up and matches the dress with red pantyhose and red shoes. The dress barely fits her enormous body. She puts on matching pearl earrings, necklace, bracelets and anklets. Despite the still hot temperature outside, Angela puts on her light blue trench coats and struggles out to catch the cab she had called.

Angela, her massive rear end well sunk into the backseat, instructs the driver were to go and starts her third pint of peach schnapps that night. Puffing on a menthol cigarette, Angela continues to drink out of the pint bottle. By the time the cab arrives at the restaurant, the bottle is empty, and Angela is in a controlled state of drunkenness. With the help of the cab driver, Angela struggles out of the back seat of the cab and enters the steak house bar were she meets Stephanie and Howard. The cab driver notes the sexy sway of Angela large rear encased by her blue trench coat as he drives away.

Angela enters the bar area of the steak house and instantly sees Stephanie. Stephanie, seated with Howard, is wearing a stunning low cut sleeveless green cocktail dress with dazzling gold jewelry. Stephanie has applied a heavy amount of makeup and her hair is highly styled. She is wearing green fishnet stockings. Stephanie’s ample bosoms, with the help of a steel reinforced bra, are protruding way out. Stephanie sees Angela coming into the room and waves at her. Stephanie’s flabby upper arm flaps as she waves.

Howard, a puffy faced fifty something businessman, is wearing a well-tailored suit over his flabby body. His gut hangs over his belt. Even in the air-conditioned room, he is perspiring a little bit. Overweight, out of shape, the multi-millionaire Howard eats too much of the wrong foods and is a heavy smoker and drinker. Howard has had a couple of heart attacks and quadruple bypass surgery but refuses to slow down. His wife constantly nags him about his lifestyle and tries to get him to behave. That is what drove him to Stephanie. Stephanie is fun and carefree. She encourages him to have fun. Howard loves being with Stephanie and has come to hate being with his skinny nagging wife. He looks up to see Angela walk towards the table.

Wow, tonight I have two beautiful ladies. Angela, what can I get you to drink?

Angela responds, Well how about a vodka martini?

As Angela unbuttons her trench coat exposing her own enormous breasts and extremely ample mid section, Howard orders another round for the table. Howard is truly excited about this night.

After another round, they are escorted to their private dining room for the night. Howard helps Angela take off her trench coat, which exposes the low cut back of the dress. Flabby sections of flesh almost hang over the back section of Angela’s dress.

Each person orders and eats a delicious five-course meal with red wine, rare steaks and large desserts. All three of them are stuffed and bloated from the meal. Stephanie suggests they go back to her place for a nightcap and some fun. Howard’s wife is out of town so it’s okay with him. Stephanie had also taken a cab to the steak house so they all get in Howard’s car. All of them groan getting into the car. Howard, driving, and Stephanie are in the front seats. Angela is seated on the passenger side. Howard wants Stephanie to turn in her seat and fondle him but she is so fat and bloated that she can only sit forward and use her left arm to stroke Howard between his legs. Both girls talk dirty to Howard.

Howard is ready for action when they get back to Stephanie’s house. A one story with a three-car air-conditioned garage, Stephanie uses her cell phone to call her live in maid to open the garage and get ready for them. They all struggle to get out of the car. Both girls are perspiring from the struggle to get out of the car, while Howard has sweat running down his face. Several whiskeys followed by multiple bottles of red wine along with all the food he consumed will do that to a guy.

Stephanie leads all three to her bedroom. Her maid has prepared three glasses of brandy and snack food cakes for the threesome. The girls, breathing hard from their efforts, start stripping Howard down. They take off his suit jacket, then tie, then shirt, then belt, then shoes and finally his pants. They then push him on the bed and partially strip themselves out of their dresses, shoes and stockings. Both girls leave everything else on, down their brandy and pick up the finger cakes and start to eat and caress Howard. Finally, Stephanie and Howard have intercourse while Angela eats her cakes, watches the two in action and talks dirty. Howard is now exhausted. All three smoke afterwards. Howard then passes out on Stephanie’s bed. The girls slip on sexy, comfortable nightgowns and go out to the living room.

Stephanie’s maid prepares the girls big bowls of ice cream. Stephanie and Angela plop down the oversized sofa and go to work on the ice cream. Both girls moan with sexual delight at how wonderful the ice cream taste.

Angela, feeling that her nightgown is too tight, comments, Stephanie, isn’t this the same nightgown I left here about a month ago? It feels so much tighter, did it shrink in the wash?

Stephanie, laughing, Angela, first, my maid does all the domestic work around here. And second, you have really put on a lot of weight. I wasn’t sure if that dress you were wearing was painted on or what.

Angela responds, Stephanie, as of this afternoon, I weighed 350 pounds. Get this, Kevin is willing to pay me $50,000 to gain 50 more pounds. But I have to do it in a month! I have never gained more than 20 pounds in a month and that was this past month. That explains why this night gown is feeling so tight.

Stephanie replies excitedly, Stephanie, that is a lot of cash and no taxes to pay on it! You have got to do it. Do you realize how much better off you’ll be? And you love indulging yourself. You can and must do it.

Angela, burping, I’ll try, right now I’m stuffed.

Stephanie calls for her maid, Get me a joint now and prepare two more bowls of ice cream.

Both girls, already drunk and stuffed, proceeded to take several hits off the joint and then polish off another bowl of ice cream. Both girls then pass out on the sofa. The next morning, it is Angela’s turn to do it with Howard. The two girls afterwards shower together to please Howard. Then after a big breakfast, Angela and Howard leave separately from Stephanie’s. Angela takes a cab wearing her underwear and bra, nightgown and trench coat.

Angela spends the month constantly gorging herself on food and drink or pleasing Kevin or going on beauty appointments or hanging out with Stephanie. She calls into work everyday to her skinny bitchy boss to report her status. Her boss knows what’s going on but keeps it to herself for the time being.

Two days before her weigh-in with Kevin for the $50,000, Angela calls Stephanie concerned that she still has to gain 10 pounds. Stephanie tells her to come over and Stephanie will ensure Angela makes it to 400 pounds.

Angela arrives wearing a new pink and white striped-buttoned sleeveless blouse with a matching mid length skirt. Angela barely makes it to the sofa in Stephanie’s living room before her massive flabby legs give out. While not immobile yet, Angela can only last, at best, a few minutes standing or walking.

I still have ten pounds to go and only two days. I’m eating as much as I can. Help me Stephanie and I’ll cut you in on the prize.

Stephanie, lying on another sofa with her head and back propped up by numerous pillows gasps and replies, Okay, I want 20% and you must do what I say.

Fine, replies Angela.

Stephanie then calls for her two servants, the cook and maid, and gives them specific instructions. The stuffing of Angela begins immediately. Stephanie’s maid brings out chocolate candies and a root beer float for Angela’s mid-afternoon snack. Stephanie also gets large portions of everything Angela gets. Neither beautiful woman even gets up from her respective sofa.

Stephanie, wearing a tight low cut black sweeter with a gray skirt, calls two friends in the large women admirers underground to come in at different times to relieve her maid and cook.

Both women groan with pleasure at the chocolates and floats. Both smoke like they had just had sex. Then they nap till their dinner.

After their naps, the maid wakes first Stephanie then Angela. Both freshen up and are seated at the dinning room table. What awaits them is a gluttonous feast even for these big girls. Each dish was prepared with as much calories and fat as possible. The meal includes rolls with extra butter and fat, deep-fried chicken steaks, T-bone steaks cooked rare, potatoes au gratin, fried onion rings and bottles of red wine. While Stephanie feeds herself, she has her maid actually feed Angela. All Angela has to do was chew and swallow. Dessert consists of a cheesecake for each bloated buxom wench. Heavily creamed coffee with brandy is also served.

Stephanie’s maid notices that the love handles hanging over Stephanie’s skirt encased by the tight black sweeter had never looked so large. Stephanie’s neck had never had so many large rolls. Her chins have not looked so soft or her breast so full. Angela was even more shocking to the maid. Angela’s large, flabby upper arms just hang by her side while she eats bite after bite. Her rear, while always having been big, hangs over the dining room chair on both sides. She could not have fit in a chair with armrest. While Angela is eating, the maid noticed that she is always gasping for air between bites like she was exercising. The maid could not guess which one is more out of shape.

After dinner, the ladies are assisted first to bathrooms to freshen up and then to their sofas. They both sit around eating salty snacks, drinking more wine and watch TV. At eight, the maid and cook were relieved by the first of Stephanie’s contacts. Ron, a handsome hunk who loved big women, finds plenty of fattening snacks left by the cook to feed both girls through out the evening. Again, while Stephanie feeds herself, Ron feeds Angela.

Finally, late in the evening, Angela groans, Ron stop, I can’t eat anymore.

Ron, a veteran of numerous feedings, knows just what to do. He retrieves a joint from Stephanie’s stash and proceeds to allow both girls to take numerous hits. He also massages both girls' bellies to loosen them up. Finally, he brings out chocolate milk shakes laced with extra sugar, ice cream, lard and weight gaining formula. Both girls consume a shake, rest, take more tokes and consume another. Finally, Angela passes out.

Ron now gets his reward. Ron helps Stephanie off her sofa to freshen up and then gets both of them brandy drinks. Stephanie, with Ron assistance waddles into her bedroom and lays on the bed with her legs spread still fully dressed. Stephanie is wearing crotch-less panties. Stephanie, lying on numerous pillows to keep her head slightly up, looks dazzling. Her blond her is spread out over her top pillow. Ron notices that her beautiful facial bone structure is totally engulfed with her facial flab. All he can see besides her eyes, nose and mouth is her puffy fat face and numerous chins. Only when she strains to lift her head does her high cheekbones become exposed. After kissing and caressing her all over, Ron penetrates her. Ron loves the power of watching Stephanie’s totally fat body move as he thrusts back and forth. Both orgasm. Stephanie smokes an after sex smoke and passes out on her bed. Ron covers her with a blanket and returns to the living room to monitor Angela.

At midnight, the relief person for Ron arrives. Her name is Sam. Sam stands 5'10 and weighs 200 pounds. A bull dyke, Sam, unlike Stephanie and Angela, is more muscle than fat. Strong and fit, she is excited about her time to spend with these two physically wimpy women. Sam will stay till the maid and cook arrives in the morning.

Before leaving, Ron goes over the plan with Sam. At 1:00 AM, they both awaken Angela as planned. After assisting Angela to freshen up and return to her sofa, Ron and Sam start to feed the sleepy Angela. Angela initially can only eat a little. Ron gives Angela another joint to smoke and massages her stomach. That loosens Angela up and she downs two more calorie-filled shakes, watches a little TV and dozes off again. Ron then leaves.

Sam lets Angela sleep through the rest of the night. When the maid and the cook arrive, Sam assists them in setting the table. At 7:00 AM Sam gets Angela up. Angela is grumpy and starts to bark out orders.

Angela yells, What the hell are you waking me up for? What time is it? Are you crazy, bitch?

Sam, being a bull dyke, does not tolerate Angela’s bullying personality. Listen, you fat, lazy, good for nothing slut, you are going to get up now and do as I say or else!

The look on Sam’s face terrified the physically weak Angela. Angela let Sam help her up, freshen up, put on her silk bathrobe and be seated at the table. Sam lit a cigarette for Angela and let her smoke it for a couple of minutes. Then Sam begins forking food into Angela’s open mouth. Angela chews as fast as she can. Sam is feeding her chocolate pancakes, sausages, bacon, steak, butter filled grits, eggs, hash browns, donuts, and creamed beef. Angela washed down her breakfast with cream filled coffee and vodka spiked orange juice. When Angela can eat no more, Sam keep her at the table and wakes up Stephanie. Stephanie joins them for breakfast and starts to consume mass quantities of the same calorie filled items. Sam then made Angela eat more. Angela complies till she claims she can eat no more. Then Sam lights Angela a joint to increase Angela’s appetite. Sam then gave both girls milk shakes. Sam leaves.

This stuffing process continues for another day and a half with the regular staff during the day and early evening and Ron and Sam during the night.

The day of the weigh-in, Stephanie brings in two beauticians to get the girls looking their best. Kevin and Angela have not seen each other for a few weeks. Kevin’s wife is getting very suspicious. Angela wants to make sure she looks her best. Angela has not purchased any clothes in the last three weeks. Everything she brought over to Stephanie’s seems tight. Angela is able to squeeze into a full-length blue, with white dots, front button shirtdress. When she stands it hugs her body just right; however, when seated, the front buttons strain around her breast, midsection and behind. Gaps appear between the buttons exposing her fleshy body. Her butt appears to be even bigger than ever before. It sways tremendously when she moves her short distances. Her blue trench coat can not close around her anymore. Her nails are long and ornamentally decorated and her hair is very lavishly styled. She is of course heavily made up as well as decked out in jewels from her ears to her toes.

Stephanie, a very interested spectator, is also totally styled out. Stephanie is also wearing a very tight outfit for she too has put on some weight in moral support of Angela. Stephanie’s strapless white cocktail dress makes her look spectacular. Stephanie has Ron and Sam helping them.

Ron drives Stephanie’s sedan to the closed warehouse Kevin has recently purchased. The warehouse is somewhat inconspicuous in an old industrial part of the city. The warehouse has a scale for pallets that is calibrated to weight up to five thousand pounds with a two-pound error margin. Ron pulls the luxury sedan into the one open door of the warehouse. Kevin is waiting there next to the scale. He is very excited.

Ron gets as close to the scale as possible.

Good luck, Angela! Stephanie says.

Angela, still stuffing herself with chocolates and milk shakes is still somewhat stoned. Kevin opens her door. With Kevin pulling her up from outside the car and Sam pushing Angela’s huge derriere, they are finally able to get the bloated wench out of the car. Stephanie also receives help from Ron and Sam to get herself out.

Kevin helps take off Angela’s coat and helps her to the scale. The temperature in the warehouse is higher than what Angela is used to and she perspires heavily.

Kevin, hurry up, I know I’m over.

You look huge, and wonderful. Let’s see the toll you put on your body. Replies Kevin.

Angela waddles with help from Kevin on the scale.

410 pounds! Kevin states.

Everyone is excited. Angela has just put 60 pounds on in a month. Stephanie, who has always been heavier than Angela, wants to check her weight increase. She weighs in at 410 pounds also. A thirty-pound weight gain in a month.

Both Ron and Kevin are excited. The two fat women want to leave as soon as possible since it is so drab and hot in the warehouse. Angela leaves with Kevin while Ron takes Sam and Stephanie out to celebrate.

As Kevin and Angela drive away, Angela reminds Kevin, Remember, it was $50,000 for the first 50 pounds and $2,000 for each pound afterwards. That’s $70,000.

No problem, I’ll transfer the money with my cell phone, remarks Kevin. And he does while they are driving.

Kevin, I hope we are going to a nice hotel this time. I’m getting hungry and I sure could use a drink. I’m also very horny for you, Angela purrs.

Meanwhile, as Kevin drives Angela to their hotel room, Kevin’s wife with a private detective is tailing her adulterous husband and the fat vixen that came between them. Could this be the obese strumpet’s showdown with the enraged wife?

(To be continued)