A Full Moon

A Full Moon

Chapter One

2020 Nanotech Executive Suite Columbus, Ohio

Stan Lartskowsky looked at the Board of Directors with a quiet smile. Stan said, “I know everyone called this special meeting because they think I am off my rocker. But I assure you I am not. I see in the acquisition of Lunar Technologies, Inc. as the opportunity off a lifetime.”

Jason Edwards, one of our newest board members, said, “Stan, how can that possibly be? Lunar is about to go under because they could not pre-sell enough of their rooms for the new hotel. No one wants to spend $40,000.00 for a trip to the moon. It is still too exclusive to make money as a vacation venture. Also anyone can display the Earth in phase on their plasta-wall screen. Remember, you invented the damn thing.”

Stan returned, “Jason, as usual you are not thinking BIG enough.” At this point, Stan pointed to his assistant to start the slide presentation. “First of all, we have plenty of leverage to buy Lunar Tech. Now here comes the neat part. The next slide shows the front page of the Times back in 2002. 60% of USA considered Obese. Now here is the headline from the good old Times from two weeks ago. 95% of USA considered Obese, 60% morbidly so. So you see everyone, why it is so vital that we acquire Lunar Technologies now.

Lew Roth scratched his head and retorted, “So Lunar’s important because we are all getting fat; I don’t see the connection.”

Bill Hamilton looked completely stunned and shouted out, “It’s brilliant! Why, Stan, I can’t believe I never saw it before. Of course, we need to vote and acquire Lunar right away. We can even split off some of the travel income to a friendly third party, before the government splits us up as a monopoly.”

Stan quietly said to the whole board, “After the acquisition, I want to put Bill in charge of the whole Lunar project. Before the week’s out, I want a list of people to head up your old post, my friend.”

Jason Edwards stood up and sputteres, “Would someone tell me what is going on and why we are all going to agree to buying a bankrupt company.”

Bill looked thoughtfully at Jason. Bill said, “Think about it, Jason, why would you want to go to the Moon, what would be affected by traveling there?”

Jason looked thoughtful “Let’s see, I would want to see the Earth in phase, and, well, I guess the only other thing I would want to do is jump around and see what it would be like if I weighed less.”

Bill looked at his girth and said, “What if you weighed 400lbs, wouldn’t it be nice to only weigh 49lbs? What if you were 600lbs like my wife, wouldn’t it be great to only weigh 100lbs? It would be wonderful and all without any diet, exercise, or surgery. Can you imagine the demand for a product like that? Since the diet craze back in the 1960’s, people have been doing everything to lose weight, and none of it has worked so far. Technology invents a new weight loss med, and people’s bodies circumvent it. This could give people their lives back.” A pause for thought. “Stan, I would like to start working on this project right away.”

Stan looked at his partner thoughtfully. “I thought you might. There will be a Lunar Shuttle leaving Kennedy Space Port tomorrow - be on it. And now those in favor say Aye.”

With that vote, Stan Lartskowsky made the deal of the century. Lunar was acquired one month later. A year later Lunar’s Hotel was transformed into “A Full Moon: Lunar Apartments and Condominiums.” Their first customer was a 900lb woman named Shirley, who sold her home and bought a Lunar condominium. She loved lunar living and she became a news sensation as she walked around the A.F.M. common areas. She weighed 150 lunar pounds and her doctor agreed she was in perfect health with the reduced gravitational pull.

That was all the advertisement Stan and permanent lunar resident Bill Hamilton needed. Who wanted to diet or exercise when they could enjoy the benefits of Lunar living? Soon there was a steady stream of shuttles heading to the moon and to the lunar apartments and condo’s Nanotech had built. Because there was such a demand, Lunar agriculture and commerce increased with every visitor. Around the Condo’s and Apartments there were bars, restaurants and everything you would want

The only thing that was different than Earth was that Large or actually Very Very Large people were the norm. Doors, chairs, shuttles and buffets all were built to accommodate the bountiful Lunar residents. This was the true Genius behind Bill’s planning.

One thing people noticed was no one really lost weight when they made the lunar jump. But if you weighed 400 Earth pounds and you gained 400 more Earth pounds you still only weigh 132 lunar pounds. Shirly now weighs 1300 Earth pounds and she still feels great weighing in at 216 lunar. No one really wants to diet or exercise when they do not have to, and because there was such a fat friendly atmosphere on the Moon, people just enjoyed themselves.

That was all the advertisement Stan and Bill needed, so by the second year of operation they expanded their project three times. Soon they were acquiring more land to make further exponential expansion of the project.

Chapter Two

2024 Moon: A Full Moon Sea of Tranquility Hotel

Sheilla Hamilton started unpacking her smallest bag, and there was a loud knock on the door. She tuned and opened the door. On the other side of the door was a very large woman. Sheilla was immediately enveloped in a big hug. “Hey, Mom, you can let me go now. Why don’t you come inside while I unpack?”

Dolores Hamilton walked slowly into the room and settled herself down on one of the room’s many spacious armless chairs. “You know, Sheilla, this is what I think is especially nice about lunar living, my butt no longer gets wedged into any more uncomfortable chairs. Now, of course, your Father has never owned an uncomfortable chair, and he does not buy any butt huggers for any of Nanotech’s Developments. Oh, I’m rambling again. Sheilla, I am so glad you have decided to leave Columbus and are going to settle down and help your father.

Sheilla sat down on one of the King Size Bed’s (Standard Lunar Room) and sighed. “Well, I guess Mom it was inevitable. How much do you weigh now?”

Dolores gave her daughter a scathing glace “Why is it important what I weigh? I am happy up here and I am free from any constraints the Earth put on my body. I have gained some more mass that’s true, but I am in perfect health as of my last checkup.”

Sheilla looked at her mother and got up and gave her a hug. “I did not mean to pry, Mom, but I see myself turning into you in a few years. Especially with the positive image fat women have on the Moon, why should I want to kill myself dieting and exercising anymore? That is why I am here. I weigh 400lbs now, and I am only 29 years old.”

Dolores looked lovingly into her daughter’s eyes and said, “Honey, you will always be my beautiful little girl. Also, up here, you are rather petite so do not worry your little head. Yes, I would weigh 1100 in Earth pounds, but on the Moon I feel very light at 182 lunar. You are a rail at 66 lunar pounds. Be careful you do not launch yourself into the ceiling accidentally. It is padded for a reason. Now, let’s go out and eat a nice dinner. It will be such a pleasure to have your company. Your Father and I have missed you since we made the decision to live here.”

Sheilla sighed and said, “I know I have missed you both a great deal. Your old house is very lonely for one person. I am looking forward to picking out a condo up here. You know: strike out on my own. I am also looking forward to meeting some new friends. At least now maybe I won’t be the fat girl out of the bunch.”

Dolores smiled at her daughter, “Let’s go get some food, imp. Now help your mother get out of this chair.”

Sheilla pushed herself off the bed and went lovingly over to her mother and gave a hand to help her out of the chair. Dolores rose like a queen and preceded her daughter out of the room. All of her 1100 Earth pounds jiggled in the reduced gravity, and they went arm and arm down the hall.